15 Times Movie Stars Got Seriously Injured On Set

Given the fact that most movies are sold to audiences in large part based on the popularity of their stars, it makes sense that they are of the utmost importance to producers. As a result, not only do movie stars get paid a lot for their work but most of the time producers go to great lengths to keep them safe.

Despite the fact that experts work tirelessly to eliminate on set danger and stunt doubles are brought in to handle the most extreme stuff, things still go wrong from time to time. In fact, over the years there have been several examples of famous actors getting hurt during the filming process. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 times movie stars got seriously injured on set.

15 Zazie Beetz – Deadpool 2

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Arguably the best new addition to the cast of Deadpool 2, Zazie Beetz’s turn as Domino was fantastic in virtually every way. Sadly, she suffered for her craft as she now has a scar on her chest because a stray bullet shell landed on her after it was fired and burned her flesh

14 Daryl Hannah - Blade Runner

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Even though Blade Runner largely launched Daryl Hannah’s career, that doesn’t mean she enjoyed every aspect of making the movie. For example, at one point in the movie, her character can be seen slipping while running. Not meant to happen, during that moment, she slammed into a vehicle window which resulted in her chipping her elbow and slicing her arm in eight different places.

13 Brad Pitt – Troy

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Without a doubt, the most amusing entry on this list, during the filming of Troy Brad Pitt suffered an injury that is said to be extremely painful but the nature of it is something for the ages. Cast as the Greek mythological character Achilles in the film, Pitt actually tore the Achilles tendon in his ankle which is a body part that is named after that same fictional hero.

12 Uma Thurman – Kill Bill

In 2018, Uma Thurman first told the world that during the filming of Kill Bill, she felt bullied into performing a driving stunt that she’d refused to take part in. Sadly for her, things went horribly awry when she lost control of the situation and drove into a tree. Thrown violently around in the car, as a result, Thurman suffered a serious concussion, had to wear a neck brace, and badly hurt her knees.

11 Harrison Ford – Star Wars: The Force Awakens

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As millions of Star Wars fans sat in anticipation of Harrison Ford’s return to the franchise prior to the release of The Force Awakens, things weren’t going so smoothly for the actor. Severely injured when a hydraulic door on the set crushed and snapped his leg, it was mere millimeters away from the actor’s face and he was pinned to the floor by his pelvis.

10 Jeremy Renner – Tag

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Despite the fact that Jeremy Renner has starred in many action movies, it was when he worked on a comedy movie named Tag that he badly hurt himself. In this movie about adults playing tag, Renner’s character climbed up a stack of chairs that were twenty feet high. At that moment, the chairs that were rigged to stay in place somehow broke free and fell over which resulted in Renner breaking both of his arms.

9 Channing Tatum – The Eagle

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During the filming of a mostly forgotten film called The Eagle, Channing Tatum experienced something he described to US Magazine as “the most painful thing I have ever experienced in my life". Filming outside in the cold, Tatum and his costars stayed warm by pouring hot water down their bodysuits. However, when a crew member went to warm up Tatum, he forgot to dilute the water which resulted in scalding hot liquid burning the skin off Tatum’s private parts.

8 Halle Berry – The Call, Cloud Atlas, Gothika, and Die Another Day

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As it turns out, Halle Berry is an accident-prone person. After all, she slammed her head onto a concrete floor while making The Call, she broke her foot on the set of Cloud Atlas, and twisted her arm during the filming of Gothika. Worse yet, she broke bother her arm and foot during the filming of Catwoman and got a shard of glass in her eye on the set of Die Another Day.

7 Jackie Chan – Police Story

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As any movie fan likely knows, Jackie Chan is known for performing his own stunts. For example, during the filming of Police Story Chan jumped, jumped to an extremely tall metal pole, and slid down it. In the process, he broke through many strands of decorative lights and once he reached the bottom of the pole he fell through a large pane of glass. As a result, he suffered second-degree burns, dislocated his pelvis, and seriously injured his back.

6 Daniel Craig – Spectre, Quantum of Solace and No Time To Die

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Based on all the times Daniel Craig has been hurt on the set of Bond films we don’t blame him wanting out of the role. For instance, he sprained his ankle on the set of Skyfall and he is said to have fallen badly while filming No Time to Die. Worse yet, while making Quantum of Solace he cut off the top of one of his fingers, tore his shoulder, and had to undergo minor plastic surgery after a cut to his face.

5 Sylvester Stallone - First Blood and Rocky IV

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Despite the fact that the original Rambo movie featured very little bloodshed, Sylvester Stallone got hurt while making that film as he broke several ribs after falling into some trees. Far more seriously hurt on the set of Rocky IV, while filming one of the boxing scenes, Stallone was punched in the chest by Dolph Lundgren so hard that he nearly lost his life due to his heart swelling.

4 Jackie Chan - Armour of God

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During the filming of Armour of God, a stunt called for Jackie Chan to jump into a tree where he was meant to hold on to a branch. Sadly, during the second take the branch he grabbed broke and according to the actor, he almost passed away. That is the case because one of his bones broke and it managed to puncture his skull which resulted in him needing brain surgery

3 George Clooney – Syriana

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When George Clooney decided to star in Syriana, he had to know it would be an intense experience. However, he never could’ve guessed he’d spend two weeks hospitalized after smashing his head into the floor when the chair he was tied to for one scene was thrown to the floor. Actually, an injury that nearly cost him his life, his spinal fluid turned out to be leaking which hurt so badly that Clooney has said he briefly contemplated ending his own life.

2 Brandon Lee – The Crow

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When it comes to on-set injuries, what happened to Brandon Lee during the filming of The Crow was outright tragic. During a scene in which his character was supposed to be shot several times, things went very wrong and Lee was struck with a real bullet to the abdomen which led to his untimely demise.

1 Vic Morrow - Twilight Zone: The Movie

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Absolutely the worst-case scenario when it comes to on-set accidents, during the making of Twilight Zone: The Movie things went incredibly wrong. During the filming of a stunt sequence with a helicopter, the flying vehicle crashed on top of famed actor Vic Morrow and a pair of child extras, all of whom passed as a result.

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