15 Times Mulder And Scully Were Relationship Goals

The X-files had it all; aliens, ghosts, mythological creatures.. Scully and Mulder are proof that love can make it through anything!

Anyone who loves paranormal mysteries and science fiction is likely a fan of the X-Files. The X-files had it all; aliens, ghosts, mythological creatures, government conspiracies and a steamy love story? As much as Scully and Mulder were focused on finding the truth, they were also focused on each other. They were more than just two detectives who happened to be partnered up and worked well together, they were best friends and lovers. When they weren’t going up against the FBI, they were trying to make a relationship work and they dealt with everything normal people go through with relationships and more. There were times when they didn't always get along or agree, but they always found each other in the end. We watched their friendship grow into something special. In fact, Scully and Mulder are proof that love can make it through anything and are an example of the kind of relationship we all hope to have. Sometimes other people can make us realize what we want in our own lives and even help us set goals for the future. X-Files fans aren’t the only ones who will appreciate these 15 times that Scully and Mulder were relationship goals.

15 Being Able to Hangout Together

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They may have gotten off to a rough start, but eventually Mulder and Scully became best friends and then lovers. Working so closely with someone for so long and experiencing the crazy things they experienced together can easily create an unbreakable bond. Even after they started a relationship together and had a child, they still remained close friends. They confided in each other, protected each other, but more importantly they had fun together and actually liked being around each other. Those feelings don’t last too long for most people and after the honeymoon phase of a relationship wears off, a lot of us are bored with our significant other. Maybe we just need to chase aliens together to rekindle that flame.

14 Giving Each Other Cute Nicknames

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When it comes to pet names, you either love them or hate them. Some couples think they are terms of endearment and others think they are annoying. Certain ones are cute and others are just ridiculous. The key to using pet names for your significant other is knowing when to use them. Scully and Mulder may not have the best pet names for each other but they definitely know when to use them. Maybe they don’t call each other poopyhead and honeybunch regularly, but when they’re in a bind, they aren’t afraid to pull out all the stops. Scully should probably spend a little more time coming up with her pet names for Mulder though.

13 Taking Care Of Each Other

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We watched both Mulder and Scully struggle with their share of health problems. Some of them were natural and others were caused by aliens. When one was sick, the other was at his or her side and when they couldn’t be, he or she was off searching for a cure or a way to make the other better. They took on the government and even visitors from other planets to help each other. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a love like that? I mean I don’t need anyone to get abducted to help me feel better when i’m sick, but it would be nice to have someone who would run to the store to pick up some orange juice and chicken noodle soup.

12 Teaching Each Other New Things

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When Mulder and Scully first met, they couldn’t be more different from each other. In fact, that was the reason they assigned Scully to the X-files. They hoped that her rational and scientific thinking would balance Mulder’s extreme views and beliefs. It worked and the two were able to close many cases by working together and seeing each other’s points of views. They were also always teaching each other things. Scully was always Mulder to use logic and Mulder was always teaching Scully to keep an open mind. Let’s not forget the time Mulder helped Scully swing a bat better. Aww so cute! Everyone wants someone who is patient enough to show them something new.

11 Being Able To Make Each Other Laugh

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As serious as Mulder and Scully were about their work, they also made time to have fun together and were always capable of making each other laugh. Whether they were stuck out on a rock in the middle of a lake or in an elevator, one of them always knew what to say to cheer the other one up and conjure up a chuckle. This is one of the most important things we can look for in a person when we are planning on having a relationship with them. You should always be able to have fun together and make each other laugh. There will be plenty of hard times in every relationship, but if you can laugh at yourself and each other, you will make it through them.

10 Actually Agreeing On Directions

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What’s one of the biggest things couples fight over? You got it, directions. If you have ever been on a road trip or a long car ride with your partner, you already know this all too well. Maps and GPS are helpful, but sometimes you just want to be right and you don’t care if you go an hour out of the way to prove it. Scully and Mulder also had their fair share of disagreements about directions and what they should do in certain situations, but they always found a way to compromise and get through the problem. We should all take a lesson from them and learn to listen more and argue less. The next time you are in the car and arguing about the GPS, ask yourself, "What would Scully and Mulder do?".

9 Being Weird Together

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It’s always good to be yourself and when you are looking for someone to start a relationship with, it’s a good idea to find someone who accepts you for who you are. Even if you happen to be a stone cold weirdo. That all any of us want; to find someone we can be weird with. When Mulder first met Scully, he probably didn’t think she was going to accept him for the weirdo he can be sometimes, but he was pleasantly surprised. As time went on and they spent more time together, they begin to accept each other’s quirks and feel more comfortable being themselves around each other. It turns out, Scully was just as weird as Mulder. She was just a little better at hiding it. Thank goodness they didn't have to hold their weirdness back any longer.

8 Having Each Others Backs

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Mulder and Scully always had each other’s back. Not only did they keep each other covered on the job, but also in their personal lives. Even before they had a romantic relationship, they were always supportive of each other. That’s what every couple should be like. You should always have your partner’s back and be supportive, even if you don’t necessarily agree with them. Communication is a big problem in most relationships so your partner may not always be able to tell you what’s wrong or even want you to know. The best way to keep your relationship flowing smoothly is to simply be there when you are needed. If your guy or girl doesn’t have your back, time to find someone who will.

7 Tuning Out The Rest Of The World

Everyone wants to have a love where the only thing that matters is each other. Mulder and Scully were often on their own against the world and that never mattered to them. As long as they had each other, they could handle anything that came their way. They didn’t care if people scoffed at the idea of an alien conspiracy. When you love someone, you should be so completely wrapped up in that love that nobody else matters quite as much. Don’t confuse love and obsession though, find a nice balance. Just remember to stay loyal to each other and don’t let other people intrude on your relationship. In a room full of people, Mulder and Scully only saw each other.

6 Teasing Each Other

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Sometimes it the little things in a relationship that make you feel the best. Teasing each other is one of those things. When you tease your partner, you are telling him or her that you are thinking of them and pay attention to the silly things they do. Mulder and Scully were always teasing each other, which is what made their relationship so playful and fun. You have to be able to joke around with each other if you are going to last as a couple. It keeps conversations going and helps you make each other laugh. Teasing can lead to play arguments and those arguments can lead to making up...in whatever way you choose. Not everyone can tease like Mulder, but it never hurts to try.

5 Exchanging Romantic Emails

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Scully and Mulder both had a way with words. They would sometimes recite poetry about one another in the openings of the episodes or as the closing lines, and they even exchanged romantic emails and voicemails. We can’t all be as poetic as Scully, but it’s always nice to try. Doesn’t it feel good to get a nicely written email or text from your significant other. We should all take the time to do it more often. Then again, maybe the reason we appreciate them so much is because we don’t get them often. Don’t wait for an argument to send a sappy text telling your partner how much you love them, do it for no reason at all and watch how happy it makes them.

4 Knowing What The Other Is Thinking

One of the things that made Detectives Mulder and Scully successful as a team was their ability to know what each other was thinking. It didn’t have anything to do with the paranormal, they were just so connected that they had the ability to understand how each other’s thought processes worked and therefore know what was on the others mind. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a partner who already knew your every want and need without you having to say anything? You might not ever have a relationship like that, but you may get lucky and find someone who shares your sarcasm and knows when you are thinking something naughty or even mean. Just be careful, sometimes being able to know what your partner is thinking can actually cause more harm than good.

3 Accepting Each Other's Flaws

Scully and Mulder were very different in their beliefs and their personalities. Scully was always using science and reason to come to a conclusion and Mulder was quick to accept explanations that were a little out there and didn’t follow mainstream thinking. Neither of them ever got mad at the other for thinking differently and once they accepted each other they began to work together better and a romantic relationship started to grow. Mulder didn't care that Scully was a little too serious at times and Scully didn't care that Mulder was hell-bent on chasing aliens for the rest of his life.We all hope to meet someone who will love us for who we are and accept us when we are at our worst. Unconditional love means loving someone no matter what. Sure we want to receive that kind of love, but how many of us are actually willing to love someone like that?

2 Knowing How To Kiss Each Other Just Right

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Anyone who watched the X-files got about three episodes in before they started noticing the sexual tension between Scully and Mulder. Sure it was a while before they acknowledged it themselves, but all fans really wanted was to see them kiss. When they finally did kiss, it was perfect and everything we had hoped for. Kind of like how we hope our first kiss with our love interest or date will be. Kissing is important and believe it or not, not everyone knows how to kiss the right way. If your kiss doesn’t feel right, chances are the relationship isn’t meant to be. What does your kiss say about your relationship?

1 Meeting For The First Time And Feeling That Spark

From the moment Scully introduced herself to Mulder, there was a spark. Sure they got off to a rough start and had a hard time seeing each other’s point of view at first, but that quickly changed. Their mutual respect for each other soon turned into more and we all rejoiced when they finally declared their love for each other. Sometimes you meet someone and you feel that same spark. Many of us ignore it or don’t even understand at first, but if we are open to the feeling, it can be a sign that the relationship might go somewhere. Then again, a lot of people feel that spark after a few shots of whiskey, so just use your best judgement when you are out there looking for love and hope for the best.

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