15 Times Nathan And Haley Were Relationship Goals

One of the greatest parts of the beloved series One Tree Hill was the relationship between Nathan and Haley which lasted through pretty much the entire series. These two had their ups and downs, of course, as the series ran for 9 freakin' seasons, but they were totally relationship goals. We have put together a list of moments that prove they were an amazing couple. Mark Schwahn, the creator of the show, said that Nathan and Haley were the oldest story in the book; a bad guy changes for the love of a good woman. Nathan started out as a bad guy when the show began but turned good because of his relationship with Haley. It should also be noted that the chemistry between James Lafferty and Bethany Joy Lenz was off the charts, which made Nathan and Haley such a joy to watch onscreen.

15 When Nathan and Haley danced on the roof at prom

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After what Haley considered a disastrous prom, being pregnant with an injured leg on the mend, Nathan surprised her by taking her to the roof of Karen's Cafe, which is where she often spent time with her childhood best friend, Luke. Luke and Haley would write predictions for the future and store them behind a brick on the roof. This time, Nathan takes out a prediction that he made the night before the first day of their senior year. He predicted that him and Haley would be together again by graduation. His prediction was correct. Nathan then asks Haley if she's up for a dance, but she says her leg is still a little stiff. Nathan doesn't let that stop him, though, as he picks her up and carries her in a dance. Haley replies "it's my lucky night!"

14 When Nathan found out he was going to have a son

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When Haley was pregnant for the first time in season 4, she wasn't feeling well, so she went to the doctor to get checked out. Nothing was wrong, but Haley got to find out the sex of their baby. Nathan was playing in a basketball game that night and she didn't hesitate to tell him that they were having a boy. The joy on Nathan's face when he found out the news was everything. Nathan had asked her if playing in the high school basketball state championship was the best it ever got for him if that would be enough for her. She told him yes, it would be, as long as he was a good husband and a good father to his son. She told him that one day his son would tease him for playing like crap at the state championship if he didn't turn it around and start playing better. Nathan did just that.

13 Nathan and Haley's second wedding

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Nathan and Haley's first wedding was simple and shown in flashbacks. They got married on the beach with Haley's parents as witnesses. Their second wedding, however, was a much bigger affair. There were tents set up and everything. During their vows, Haley said to Nathan that she finds a stillness and a bravery within herself with him and that he makes her brave. Nathan then reassures her that their love will never waver and his love for her grows stronger each day. Even though the two shared hard times over the years, they never stopped loving each other. A rare thing to see on television is a couple that lasts as long as they did. Their love was tested many times and they always found their way back to each other.

12 When Nathan jumped into the bath with Haley

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When the gang was away for a cheerleading competition, Nathan finds himself in a hotel room with Lucas with only one bed. He comes in one night to find candles lit all over the room and says "very funny, Lucas. You're still sleeping on the floor." He then makes his way into the bathroom that has even more candles lit and finds Haley in the bathtub. She says "surprise!" as Nathan looks very happy to see her. Haley tells him that Bevin was a mastermind and switched the rooms so Haley could stay with Nathan. Nathan then gets into the tub with her, fully clothed and kisses Haley. And the most adorable couple award goes to... you guessed it. Nathan and Haley win all the awards for best couple.

11 Nathan and Haley's first kiss

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Nathan and Haley pretty much win at everything when it comes to relationships. Their first kiss was amazing. It started with Nathan throwing rocks at a window at Haley's house. Turns out he was throwing them at her parents' bedroom window. Oops. She walks up behind him and tells him so. The two were having an argument and Haley told Nathan that she kept putting herself out there and he kept screwing up. She says there is nothing he could say or do that would surprise her anymore and then he kisses her, proving her wrong. The kiss definitely took her by surprise. The best part of this moment was when she kissed him back as "Dare You to Move" by Switchfoot played over the scene.

10 Their kisses in the rain

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If Nathan and Haley were known for anything, it was their kisses in the rain. They basically owned rain kisses, ever since their first kiss in the rain in front of Haley's house when they made up after fighting over pictures of Peyton that Nathan had on his computer. Another memorable rain kiss of theirs is the one in the storm after Haley discovered that Nathan had kept news clippings of her while she was on tour. They also kissed in the rain in the series finale just for the heck of it as a treat for the longtime fans of the show. They even made a joke about their love of kissing in the rain as they left for their honeymoon in London. Luke said "doesn't it rain a lot there?" to which Nathan replied "oh, yeah."

9 When Jamie was born

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When Haley gives birth to Jamie, Nathan tells her what a great job she did and she looks at him lovingly and says "you're a dad!" Then Nathan exclaims "we have a son!" as he looks at her in disbelief. The love these two had for each other was amazing. The way they marvelled over the fact that they had a son was just adorable. Haley says "welcome to the world, James Lucas Scott" as she holds her son in her arms for the first time. She then looks at Nathan and says to Jamie "it's your daddy!" So cute.

Later, Nathan shows a picture of Jamie to Peyton and she said "nice work." Nathan then points to the picture of his son and says "I made that." Ha.

8 When Nathan made it to the NBA

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When Nathan told Haley that he got called up to be the new point guard for the Charlotte Bobcats, Haley's reaction was pretty much perfect. After all Nathan had been through over the years, his dream finally came true. Because Nathan was badly injured and in a wheelchair for a while, he became depressed and watched his dreams of one day being in the NBA die. So when that moment finally came where his dream came true, Haley started crying happy tears and gave her husband a hug. Nathan told Haley "thank you for believing in me." Haley responded by saying "thank you for being worth it!" The journey those two had been on in regards to his basketball career was incredibly bumpy, but it was totally worth it just to witness that moment.

7 1940's Nathan and Haley

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What's better than present day Nathan and Haley? 1940's Nathan and Haley, of course! Their storyline in the episode that Chad Michael Murray wrote was straight out of a classic romance movie. From their slow dance at the club where Haley sang to their kiss in the rain when Nathan left to go to war, each scene with them was pure perfection. Even though the entire episode was a dream that Lucas had, it was still such a treat for fans of the couple. In fact, Nathan and Haley in Lucas' dream were even more perfect than they were in real life. There was no drama between them in the episode; they were just blissfully in love. Sigh. If only real life was like that.

6 When Nathan gave Haley the bracelet

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Early on in season 1, Nathan got Haley to tutor him in math because he needed to get good grades in order to continue playing basketball. He also wanted to stick it to Lucas by hanging out with his best friend. One morning when they were studying before school, Nathan brings a cracker jacks box with him and finds a plastic bracelet inside. He gives it to Haley and says "don't say I never gave you anything." This became an iconic moment between the two as it was the first romantic gesture between them and even though they didn't know it at the time, it sparked a lifetime relationship between them. The bracelet made several appearances over the years and Haley kept it as a reminder of how much Nathan meant to her.

5 When they recorded their outgoing voicemail message

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Okay, so, landline phones are mostly a thing of the past, but back in season 2 of One Tree Hill, after Nathan and Haley got married, one of their first duties as husband and wife was to record a joint outgoing message on their answering machine. Nathan says that a joint message is something only cheesy couples do, but then Haley reminds him that they are a really cheesy couple, to which Nathan responds "you have a point." Ha! After a few attempts at recording a message, they finally settle on one that is a bit raunchy. Nathan starts by saying they can't come to the phone right now and then Haley finishes his sentence by saying it's because they are having sex. Nathan then climbs on top of Haley and then they roll over and fall off the bed together.

4 When Nathan comforted Haley when she was in labor

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When Haley was in labor with her and Nathan's second child, she asked Nathan to distract her from the pain she was feeling by telling her a story. First he tries to tell her a story about a high school clown, which was a total fail because she hates clowns. Then he says "the high school jerk!" Nice save. He ends up telling a story about them. While Nathan is telling Haley this story, we see flashbacks of their relationship over the years. He then ends the story by saying that the couple ends up having a son and soon they will have a daughter. "And they live happily ever after," Nathan says. It was nice to look back on their many great moments together as a couple and the way Nathan did anything he could to help his wife through her labor was very sweet.

3 When Nathan gave up Duke for Haley

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One of Nathan's goals in life was to play basketball for Duke University. Unfortunately, just as his goal was about to be realized, Haley told Nathan she was pregnant. After struggling with what to do for a while, he made a decision and announced it at a press conference that was aired on television. He announced that even though it was a longtime dream of his to play ball for Duke University, he had to turn down the offer from them because his wife, Haley, was pregnant. He also had a message for Haley that she watched at home on the TV. He looked right into the camera and told her "I promise you I've never been happier, everything's going to be okay and I love you." Haley says back to the TV, "I love you, too."

2 When Nathan said he wants a daughter just like Haley

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When Haley gets pregnant for the second time, Nathan is laying in bed with her and tells her that he wants a daughter just like her so that when he looks into her eyes, he can feel his heart break because she reminds him so much of her beautiful, kind and strong mother. Yep, these are quite possibly the most amazing words ever spoken. Nathan Scott, why you so perfect? Haley then asks Nathan "what if we have a boy?" Nathan says "then we'll sell him and try again." Nice one, Nate.

Nathan ended up getting his wish. Haley did end up having a daughter, which they named after Haley's mother, Lydia. They were basically the perfect family. James Lafferty has often joked that Nathan and Haley probably have a lot more kids now.

1 Nathan and Haley's first "I love you"

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When Nathan learns that Haley got a tattoo of his jersey number on her lower back, he realizes that their relationship means a lot to her. He confesses to Haley that this fact scares him. He tells her that he doesn't want to do anything to pressure her or drive her away. He says sometimes he can't help but do that, just like he can't help that he fell in love with her. He says "I love you, Haley. It scares me a little bit, but there it is." Haley looks stunned as she says "wow, there it is." She proceeds to kiss him before she says "I love you, too." Nathan looks her in the eyes and smiles back at her. Relationship goals.

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