15 Times Nickelodeon Was Inappropriate AF

For those of us who grew up in the 90s, there was nothing better than coming home from school, getting a snack, and watching our favorite Nicktoons; Rugrats, Ahhh Real Monsters, Doug, Hey Arnold. There were a lot of them. They shaped us into the people we are and taught us about humor and a few others things. Some of those things may not have been okay. Cartoons in the 90s were a lot different than they are today and while we might think some of the cartoons our kids are watching are a little weird, if we think about the stuff we watched, we realize modern kids shows aren’t that bad. Check out these 15 times Nickelodeon was inappropriate. It’s okay to be a little embarrassed, we can always blame it on our parents for letting us watch them. .

15 Dirty Old Slug

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Who didn’t love watching Rocko’s Modern Life? It was a refreshing cartoon that wasn’t exactly for adults, but also wasn’t as babyish as other Nickelodeon cartoons. The only problem is, the writers often snuck some adult jokes and content in on us innocent children and we didn’t even know it. Some of us may have caught on to the fact that certain things were funny, but most of us missed the little things like this. This slug is clearly taking some time off work and enjoying a little soft-core slug porn. Did you know there was a slug version of Playboy? Neither did It. I guess it only exists in Rocko’s crazy and strange world. Watching this scene now makes you a little uncomfortable doesn’t it?

14 No Thanks Grandpa!

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Arnold’s grandpa sure was a nice guy. He raised Arnold, helped out the folks at the boarding home he owned, and never hesitated to hand out some advice to Arnold or his friends. He was also a bit of a pervert. He had this cute and funny away about him that made it hard for us kids to realize the things he was saying weren’t exactly appropriate for our little ears. Arnold’s Grandma was just as dirty. Nobody wants to try sausages cooked up by an old man. If you saw a sign like that on a street corner in real life, you would run the other way. We just thought it was funny when we were youngins. How many other dirty jokes on Hey Arnold did we miss? Turns out, a lot.

13 We All Know What Happens If You Do

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Who would have thought that we would get a lesson in prison life from SpongeBob? His show was funny and unique and all of the characters had really strong personalities. Surely such a creative cartoon wouldn’t need to be dirty. It may not have seemed like it to us kids, but there were some pretty adult moments on SpongeBob Square Pants like this one for example. Poor Gary is about as clueless as the kids who watched this episode. He doesn’t understand why dropping the soap would be a problem. But us adults do. I wish i could just keep on watching cartoons and being innocent. I wonder if Gary was just playing dumb or was really as clueless as the rest of us at the time? Ignorance is bliss in this situation.

12 Teach Kids About Circumcision At An Early Age

Rugrats was everyone’s favorite Nicktoon. It was about talking babies, how bad could it be? It may not have been as bad as some other cartoons, but it definitely had its moments. In the Rugrats movie, the babies in the nursery are all singing about being born. One baby notices she doesn’t have her umbilical cord anymore and seems concerned. Another baby is quick to remind her that she should consider herself lucky because he was also missing something he was born with; his foreskin. Most kids don’t know what circumcisions are and many aren’t even aware of genitalia at all, so this didn’t come off as strange to them. I bet a lot of parents not only laughed but also cringed a little bit when they saw this scene.

11 How Do You Choke A Chicken?

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Watching this as kids, we just thought it as a funny name for a restaurant. As adults, we know it’s a funny name for something else. Something that has nothing to do with fried chicken. The Chokey Chicken was a common scene for some of the best Rocko moments, and us kids were so used to seeing it that we never even dreamed it meant anything dirty. A lot of adults probably didn’t put too much thought into it either since it was an actual chicken restaurant. At least they tried to make it better by making an episode where Heffer actually choked on the chicken served there. Nice cover up! Would you eat a restaurant with a name like this? Yeah, me neither. Just look at that gross menu!

10 Perverted Little Sea Sponge

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It looks like SpongeBob is really enjoying that show on his television. Oh look, here comes Gary to watch it with him. Wait, why is SpongeBob so surprised to see Gary and why did he turn the TV off so fast? Is it because he was watching porn? It sure seems that way. Why else wouldn’t he let Gary watch it with him? Whatever it was obviously wasn’t appropriate for Gary’s young eyes. He sure was enjoying it though He was even sitting on the edge of his seat. I wonder why the writers didn’t realize that a scene like this was also not appropriate for young eyes. Hopefully most kids didn’t understand what was happening. I bet a lot of parents were pretty nervous about it though.

9 Stop It Grandpa!

Even as children, we knew that the Rugrats parents and grandparents weren’t very responsible and probably shouldn’t have had children. Sure those rugrats were ornery and always escaping their baby gate and getting into trouble. That may have not happened so often if the parents were actually paying attention to them. Grandpa seemed to be the least responsible and he was always falling asleep when he was supposed to be babysitting. Grandpa sure didn’t have sleep on his mind in this episode. He was just worried about entertaining those tots and wearing them out so they would go to sleep and he could watch his adult movies. We may not know exactly how adult it was, but the title is enough to figure out that it didn’t belong on a kids’ television show.

8 Kids Don't Need To Know About This

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This dirty joke is one of the better hidden ones on Rocko’s Modern Life. Poor Rocko is just trying to find a new bowl for his dog Spunky and makes a trip to the mall for that purpose. When he arrives at the dog bowl store, he is greeted by an overly excited salesman who isn’t about to let him walk out the door with a cheap, plain bowl. He wants Rocko to tour the store and checkout all the bowls they have in stock. That meant he had to get down on his hands and knees in the “doggy style” position to ride through the store. Did they really need to call it that? Couldn’t they have gotten a little more creative and maybe not talked about sex positions in a cartoon?

7 He Seems A Little Young For That

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The look on Jimmy Neutron’s parent’s faces says it all. They know exactly what their son is planning on doing in his room, alone, with that roll of paper towels. While our kid minds were racing trying to figure it out for ourselves, our parents knew too and probably had the same looks on their faces. Why would they put this line in cartoon? They had to know there were some teens or parents who would think it was dirty. Sure, there could have been another reason he didn’t want to be disturbed while he was alone in his room with paper towels, but we all know the obvious one. This one probably caught a lot of people off guard because it was an otherwise pretty tame show.

6 That's Not A Berry

This is one of those scenes where if you weren’t watching carefully, you might have missed how inappropriate it really was. I have a feeling more parents missed it than kids though. Rocko is trying to pick some berries, but that big, plump one he tries to pick, isn’t a berry. It’s attached to someone and that someone isn’t very happy that Rocko tried to squeeze it. He holds his painful groin as he runs out of the bush and far away. Yes, Rocko accidentally grabbed another characters genitalia. Oh you didn’t know that? Think about it. What else could it have been? He isn’t grabbing his foot when he runs away. Chances are your parents didn’t realize it either, otherwise it would have probably been the last episode of Rocko you got to enjoy.

5 Why's That Grandpa?

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It’s never a good idea to expose children to drug culture and it’s also not a good idea to make it look like fun in a cartoon. Sure, most kids don’t know anything about Woodstock or what went on there, but that doesn’t make this anymore appropriate. Grandpa was a little kooky and Grandma was no better. Both of them seemed to have a pretty weird way of looking at things. They also didn’t have very strong grips on reality. I guess this explains a lot when it comes to those two. They lost all their brain cells while doing drugs at Woodstock. I wonder how many kids started asking their parents about Woodstock? There are better ways to scare kids from using drugs. Poor Grandpa!

4 This Needs Censored

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Do my eyes deceive me or does this say what I think it says? All of the other letters and words are pretty clear so we can’t really try to say that this is actually a letter “G.” Why? Why would you put this on a kids show? Why would the Rugrats parents buy this and give it to their babies and toddlers. This is gross and awful! Luckily, a lot of kids who watch Rugrats can’t read and the majority of them who can read, aren’t going to bother worrying about what this word means I feel sorry for the few parents who did have smart little readers with questions. Is this why the show got canceled? This one made my stomach hurt a little bit and it’s not from laughing.

3 Umm What Are They Doing?

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Ren and Stimpy was probably never intended for children to watch. How it ended up on Nickelodeon is beyond me. It aired right along with our other favorites that may have had a few adult moments, but were nothing compared to The Ren And Stimpy Show. This show was gross and crude and yeah, it was funny but also downright filthy. There were a lot of suggestive scenes, a lot of dirty language and a lot of gross habits shown that no parent would want their child to learn. Everything about this show was inappropriate and while we all laughed our asses off at it, most of us didn’t really get all the jokes. This is just one of the adult scenes where the duo is attempting to cut wood but it sure looks and sounds like they are doing something else. I can’t believe our parents let us watch this stuff.

2 Ohh Patrick!

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This one isn’t that bad considering some of the other dirty jokes that writers sneak into cartoons and it’s actually kind of funny. Still, is it appropriate for the age group the show is directed towards? Some would say no. I mean it really leaves a lot to your imagination, but it also gives curious kids a good enough hint that they can figure it out. It’s all fun and games until your kids start running around the house referring to their genitals as their genius. Patrick can get away with is because he’s an idiot but it’s not so cute when kids start looking down their pants in real life. What happens if someone asks your kid if he’s a genius and he unzips his pants? Let’s hope it doesn’t happen at school.

1 Those Are Some Busy Bunnies

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If you weren’t watching closely, you might have missed this scene in Rocko’s Modern Life. A lot of parents probably held their breath every time it aired and hoped their children wouldn’t ask why two bunnies went into the tunnel but a whole family of bunnies came out. That would have been tough to explain to a bunch of little kids. Most kids don’t even know what a tunnel of love is and most parents want to keep it that way. How long were those bunnies in that tunnel anyway? As a kid we just thought it was a magic trick. Now we know those bunnies were getting naughty in the tunnel. In fact, I think everyone who went inside it was getting a little too physical. Shame on you Nickelodeon!

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