15 Times Nicole Richie Was the Fashionable Mom We All Hope to Become

From the simple life to the glamorous life, reality star, actress, author and fashion icon Nicole Richie has done a complete 180 over the past decade. The mom of two has forgone her partying, socialite ways and never-ending rotation of hot pink crop tops to become one of the most fashionable and badass moms in the industry with the resume to match. Whether she’s tending to her chickens as her alter ego Nikki Fre$h, embarrassing her children in public on Snapchat, or dominating the fashion world with her clothing line House of Harlow 1960, I think we can all agree that Nicole Richie is the fashionable, outspoken mom that we all hope to one day become. It’s safe to say that Paris Hilton is probably hella jealous, right?

Here are 15 times Nicole Richie ruled as a mom and looked insanely good while doing it.

15 When she and the kids looked absolutely fab decked out in all black.


The family that wears black together stays together. The Madden family is the definition of chic in this all black ensemble, right down to the matching hats and, yes, the insanely innovative pirate eye patch belt that Harlow is rocking. I sense a future fashion designer in the making? Someone call Heidi Klum, ASAP. Black is nothing but fierce and any good mom knows that it’s an excellent color for hiding those pesky stains that are bound to make their way onto your clothing throughout the day. My guess is that her black leather purse is full of snacks, expensive lip-gloss, and endless packs of gum making it both fashionable and fully mom-functional. No word yet if her husband, Joel Madden, was in on the matching outfits, but based on his fashion track record I’m going to go ahead and assume that yes, he totally was.

14 When she rocked purple hair and this adorable airport chic outfit.


A 16-hour, international flight with two young kids and Nicole still manages to look like the chicest, trendiest mom on the planet. Can you say mom goals? Considering her husband is a coach on The Voice: Australia, it’s safe to assume that she’s mastered the art of the international flight, but the girl still deserves some well-earned praise for looking like an absolute goddess, even with two kids in tow. Her outfit is the perfect combination of mom-casual and classy, which is exactly what you need when you’re sitting in a tiny airplane seat one minute and then being photographed for the tabloids the next. It’s my strong opinion that if you can rock bangs (let alone purple ones) then you can rock anything and Nicole Richie is no exception.

13 That time she was the hottest mom at the Coffee Bean.


Any mom who can get through the day without a cup of coffee in hand should be considered an absolute hero and earn a spot in the mom hall of fame (if such a thing were to exist). Seriously, I don’t even have any kids yet and I still need to drag myself out of bed every morning to find coffee after hitting the snooze button five times. Plying your kids with caffeine, however, is an even bolder and riskier move than forgoing your morning coffee altogether. If there’s anyone who can pull that off though, it’s Nicole Richie. Her vibrant personality and never-ending stream of energy could give any caffeinated kid a run for his money any day of the week. Even if she does end up chasing around two hyper kiddos for the rest of the day, at least she’ll look damn good while doing it! The girl knows how to work a bold stripe, that I know for sure.

12 When she posted this vintage, Paris throwback with her super cute son.

9/9/9 Happy Birthday Sparrow James Midnight Madden 💙

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It’s no wonder they call it the “City of Love” because I’m seriously in love with this outfit. I’ll have everything she’s wearing, s'il vous plait, right down to the knit beanie and the delightful baby on her arm that's giving me a serious and devastating case of baby fever. Little Sparrow is the definition of lovable.

This picture just goes to show that even in the earliest stages of her career as the coolest mom on the planet, Nicole's sense of style was très magnifique (as the French would say). She's got some really lucky kids – after all, how many babies can boast that they've traveled the world before they could form a full sentence?

In the words of another famous Paris, Paris Hilton, I have one thing to say about this outfit: “that’s hot.”

11 When she proved that cat ears aren’t just for Halloween.

Seriously, this look couldn’t be anymore purr-fect (excuse the terrible pun, but the moment clearly called for it). Nicole Richie proves that cat ears can be appropriate attire for any situation – brunch with your girlfriends, a summer wedding, a day at the park, a spontaneous garden photo shoot, a casual interview with Cover Girl – as long as you wear them in the right way! Nicole has the sophisticated style of a mom with the whimsical flare of girl who’s still young at heart. It perfectly captures her carefree vibe and free spirit! Just imagine her wearing a matching pair of cat ears with her daughter Harlow. Talk about adorable! All I know is that I need this outfit, like right meow. Okay that was the last cat pun, I swear (just kitten…it’s not).

10 When she and her family were the definition of vacay-chic.


Everyone knows that one of the best parts of a vacation is the insanely fashionable and photo-worthy vacation outfits you get to bring along with you. After all, what’s a vacation without a little pre-vacation shopping trip to start it off? A bad one, that’s the answer. It seems as though Nicole packed well for her family trip to St. Tropez because I’m dying over here at her amazing scarf and gorgeous eyewear. She gets an A+ on vacay preparedness and an A++ in vacay style. I can’t say I’m digging husband Joel’s outfit quite as much, but let’s be real – there’s only room for one style icon in this family.

9 When she took a night off for a mom’s night out.

Nicole and famous pals Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow proved that sometimes moms have the most fun. These three blonde beauties took a break from mom duties for an exciting night out on the town complete with Instagram-ready group photos and the cute ensembles to match. If her Simple Life days showed us anything it’s that Nicole knows how to make the most of a party so I can only imagine the kind of fun these three had together (e.g. a lot of it). Can you imagine if this was the mom-crew you got to go out with on the weekends? Talk about hitting the friend jackpot. Add Blake Lively, Chrissy Teigen, and obviously the queen bee herself, Beyoncé, to the mix and you’ve got yourself the ultimate mom-squad. Now that is the type of squad goals I envision in my life.

8 When she absolutely slayed at her Paper Magazine shoot.


Can we take a second to talk about how absolutely STUNNING Nicole looks in this picture?! Suddenly I want to go out and buy a tiny umbrella to pair with all of my current and future outfits. Is it possible that tiny, fashionable umbrellas could become the newest trend to take the fashion world by storm? I’m not saying Nicole has that kind of influence, but…who am I kidding, she totally does. Nicole’s look here is sophisticated, ethereal and totally unique – a far cry from her jean skirt/tube top wearing days of The Simple Life. Who knew that that girl would one day end up being a responsible mom wearing the most gorgeous dress known to man in a famous magazine. I’d probably have to sell a kidney in order to buy this dress, but hey, I’m not saying that I’m not open to the possibility. I mean, have you SEEN this dress?

7 When she attempted to get her tramp stamp removed.


Look, I get it – “tramp stamp” and “fashionable mom” aren’t exactly two phrases you’d naturally put together in a sentence, but this is Nicole Richie we’re talking about here. Anything is possible! On her show, Candidly Nicole, Nicole goes in for a tattoo-removal consultation looking fabulous as usual. She can rock a leopard print better than any Kardashian-Jenner circa 2008 and her hat game is so advanced that even Pharrell Williams is a little jealous. She never ended up getting the tattoo removed once everything was said and done, but it’s okay – if there’s any mom in the world who can rock a tramp stamp it’s definitely Nicole Richie.

6 When she took this selfie with Khloe Kardashian way back in the day.


Remember the days before Snapchat filters existed? It’s hard to imagine someone taking a selfie now without a pair of dog-ears or an ethereal flower crown appearing on their head. Ahh technology.

Even before Khloe Kardashian got her revenge body, dyed her hair blonde, and upgraded her wardrobe from eek to chic, Nicole Richie was on top of her style game. As of late, Nicole has ditched her blonde locks for her now signature colored ones, but I have to admit – she looks good natural, too! Khloe and Nicole are both badass women who aren’t afraid to speak their minds and stir up a little trouble. They’re the definition of confident ladies and I think we could all pick up a few tips from them on how to rule the world and look amazing while doing it. Khloe may not be a mom, but she’s an aunt to five (soon to be six!) adorable kiddos, so I think she knows a thing or two about how to be mom-chic. After all, her own mother is one of the most fashionable mom’s in the business!

5 When we realized even her casual wear was fashion forward as hell.


I think we all wish on a daily basis that it was acceptable to wear sweats for any and every occasion. Then again, who ever said pajamas couldn’t be fashionable? Nicole sure didn't! She proves once again that her signature all black color palette can make even the baggiest of clothing look high end and stylish. Part of me is starting to believe that she's some sort of fashion wizard. She and the kids stopped for a coffee run in Sydney, Australia while visiting Joel Madden while he was filming The Voice: Australia. This outfit looks incredibly comfy and perfect for a mom on the go. Plus I’d like that beanie in every neutral color imaginable, please!

4 When she kept it chill for a day with the fam.


In my opinion, a nice, knit turtleneck sweater should be a staple in any woman’s wardrobe. They’re comfortable, fashionable, sophisticated, and so warm and cozy for a cold, fall afternoon. Pair that with a pair of ripped, denim jeans and a cool pair of black converse and you’ve got yourself the perfect outfit for a day out with the family. Nicole’s look is incredibly versatile and she proves it yet again with this down to earth ensemble. She can be a high-end fashion goddess one minute, and then turn around the next day and rock a casual pair of jeans and a sweater just like your run of the mill Suburban mom. Again, she must be a real life fashion wizard -- it's the only explanation!

3 When she rocked her daughter’s name as a fashionable accessory.

When you name your daughter something as amazing and different as “Harlow” you’ve gotta let the world know! These gold hoop earrings are insanely cool and utterly unique. Granted they’re almost as big as Nicole’s tiny little face, I can’t deny that I’d buy them in a heartbeat (you know, if my daughter’s name just happened to be Harlow... or maybe even it wasn't). Nicole’s accessory game knows no bounds and she’s known to always rock the most fabulous of earrings. Rocking a loved one’s name isn’t a new thing for Nicole either. She also has a matching “Sparrow” earring and has been seen sporting a classic, black sweatshirt with the words “Mrs. Madden” across the front. It seems as though Nicole has found a way to combine two of her greatest loves – fashion and family!

2 When she let the world know how naturally awesome she is.

Batter up! The life of a mom is unpredictable and hectic so, yes, sometimes you run out of the house literally the same way you woke up. Luckily for Nicole, she’s a natural powerhouse and doesn’t need much assistance to make her presence be known to the world. Nicole took a note from another fashion queen/superstar/celebrity mom, Beyoncé, and let everyone know that, heck yes, she woke up like this and she's damn proud of it – her flawlessness is no joke.

1 When she and her family chose the most amazing Halloween costumes.

The Madden Family 👻

A post shared by Nicole Richie (@nicolerichie) on

They're creepy and they're kooky, mysterious and spooky, they're all together ooky, the Madden family.

Move over scary ghosts and creepy skeletons – there’s still room for fashion on Halloween! The Madden family executed one of the most stylish portrayals of The Addams Family I’ve seen in years and I’m a big fan of this look. At this point, we know that this family is a fan of rocking the all black look, so this is without a doubt the perfect costume for them. I’m officially convinced that Nicole could rock any hair color under the sun because this long black wig is slaying the hair game. It may all be a costume, but I have to say – I think this look is fresh to death (literally).

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