15 Times Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough Were Everything

Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough have been close friends for several years now and Nina can often be seen in Julianne's Instagram stories as well as in photos on her Instagram feed. The two are always there for each other during major events in their lives such as birthday parties, bachelorette parties and weddings. Nina was even one of Julianne's bridesmaids at her wedding.

We've compiled a list of times when Nina and Julianne's friendship showed us how amazing friendship can be and basically made us envy their awesome relationship. Every brunette needs a blonde best friend and these two are a great example of how to support and always be there for your friend.

Enjoy reading through these awesome moments and go and give your besties a hug!

15 When Nina wished Jules a happy birthday

Julianne was away on her honeymoon during her birthday, but that didn't stop Nina from appreciating her best friend on the day of her birth. Nina posted a photo of Julianne from her bachelorette party that she had been saving for months just so that she could post it on her birthday. Is that BFF material or what? The photo is of Julianne on a beach in a bikini, with a "bachelorette" sash on and a wine glass in her hand.

Nina also posted a long caption on the photo, saying that she loved her and missed her while she was away with her new husband. She went on to add that "rays of sunshine and positivity always shining through" Julianne's smile and her aura.

14 When Julianne celebrated Canada's birthday by posting a photo of her BFF

In honor of Canada's 150th birthday, Julianne posted a photo of her soon-to-be husband at the time and her BFF Nina on Instagram. She said that they were two of her favorite Canadians. Nina reposted the photo and said "Eh'nt that the truth!" Ha.

Nina has said that from day one, Brooks had her stamp of approval. In the photo posted by Julianne, Nina and Brooks appear to be laughing. It's a great photo and shows how well the two of them get along. It's always important to have your BFF's stamp of approval on a significant other, as your best friend always wants the best for you.

Julianne definitely knows how to celebrate Canada's birthday; with two awesome Canadians by her side!

13 Nina was a bridesmaid at Julianne's wedding

Nina was a bridesmaid in Julianne's wedding, of course! Julianne had a lot of bridesmaids, because she has several sisters and female friends in her life that are important to her. Derek, the only brother she has, took a photo of all of the bridesmaids lined up on the side of the road in front of a bus in their dresses and holding bouquets of flowers while they stuck their thumbs out as if they were trying to hitchhike their way to the wedding.

Nina posted the photo as a throwback Thursday one week on Instagram and said that bus problems weren't a problem for them and that they got picked up and found their way there. Ha! Of course we know she was joking, but the picture was still pretty awesome anyway.

12 When they goofed off together during Julianne's bachelorette party

When Nina and Julianne were on a vacation together with the rest of their girlfriends for Julianne's bachelorette party, Julianne posted a video to her instagram of the two attempting to be sexy but really just looking incredibly silly.

The caption of the video that was edited in slow motion read "Beach please. These girls DEFINITELY know how to have fun." This referenced the song playing in the video, which was Cindy Lauper's "Girl's Just Want to Have Fun."

This video clearly shows why these two are the best of friends. From their social media posts over the years, it is clear that Julianne and Nina are both very silly people and have no problem making fools of themselves for all the world to see. Life is too short to be serious all the time, right?

11 When Julianne attended Nina's themed birthday party

La La Looch! πŸ’™πŸ’› πŸ’‹#ninasthemedbirthdayparty #lalaland

A post shared by Julianne Hough (@juleshough) on

Not long after the movie La La Land became popular, Nina Dobrev threw a birthday party that was La La Land themed. Julianne posted several photos on Instagram from the party, including one of her and Nina dressed in solid color dresses. There was also a photo of Julianne and Derek, who was doing his best Ryan Gosling impression. Ha.

Not only is Julianne best friends with Nina, but her brother, Derek, is also good friends with her. Nina and Julianne are also both friends with Aaron Paul and his wife, Lauren, who were also at the party. They all looked like they had a great time at Nina's party and had a lot of fun dressing up for the theme. Julianne even got to wear her favorite color, which is yellow.

10 When Julianne supported Nina's Harper's Bazaar issue

Nina Dobrev guest edited an issue of Harper by Harper's Bazaar and appeared on the cover. The magazine threw a party to celebrate Nina's cover and of course her best friend Julianne was there to celebrate with her, with her husband and brother in tow.

Julianne posted a video to her Instagram story showing herself in the car sitting next to her husband saying "date night! We're coming, Nina!" Julianne then showed Derek sitting in the backseat, third wheeling it, which was pretty darn funny.

Nina and Julianne spend a lot of their time together hanging out and goofing off with their group of friends, but they also don't pass up the opportunity to support each other's professional lives. Whenever one of them has accomplished something, they are always there supporting each other.

9 When Julianne was excited to see Nina at the premiere of her movie

When the premiere of Nina's movie, xXx: The Return of Xander Cage happened, can you guess who was there to support her best friend? Yep, it was Julianne.

Julianne posted a photo to her Instagram of her hugging Nina on the red carpet with the biggest grin on her face. In the photo, there are fans in the background that look excited to see Nina, which is why Julianne's caption of the image says "when you're not the only one excited to see your best friend on the carpet of their new big movie!!" The caption also says "so beyond proud of you baby girl!" Julianne also added a few hashtags for good measure, including #stoletheentireshow and #proudbff.

In a world where women are often encouraged to compete with each other, it's such a great thing to see these two women supporting each other so fiercely in everything that they do.

8 When Nina posted about Julianne's wedding

Once news broke about Julianne's wedding, Nina was so excited to finally be able to post about it on her Instagram page. She posted a video of Brooks' reaction to Julianne in her wedding gown along with an incredibly long caption.

Nina gushed about how Julianne and Brooks were so lucky to have found each other and how much Brooks knows he has a "special human by his side and doesn't take it for granted. Not one little bit." She also said that Brooks is the kind of strong man that Julianne needed in her life and that he brought out the best in her and "balances her in the best way possible."

Nina went on to say that she was so grateful to have been a part of her best friend's special day. We're not crying. You're crying.

7 They celebrate Christmas together

Not only do Nina and Jules celebrate each others birthdays together, but they celebrate Christmas together, too. Let's be real, Nina is practically a part of the Hough family. Nina joined Jules, Derek, Derek's girlfriend and some other friends in a cabin over the holidays and celebrated together by cooking, socializing, snowmobiling and playing games.

Nina actually called this time together "Friendsmas" in the caption of one of her Intagram posts from the vacation.

From all of the posts on everyone's Instagram pages, it looks like they had one heck of a good time together and enjoyed the time off from their regular and busy lives in the entertainment industry. Derek posted a photo of the entire gang and captioned it "snowmobiling tribe." Nina isn't just a part of their family; she's a part of their tribe.

6 Friends that jump together stay together

Friends who snowmobile together stay together, obviously. Nina posted a video to her Instagram of her and Julianne each jumping off of their snowmobiles at the same time in slow motion. The caption said "friends that jump together... stay together." Adorable.

The two jumped off of their snowmobiles, trying to look as fierce as possible, but didn't land so gracefully in the snow. They both kind of fell over in the snow and Nina got herself up and did a pose with her arms as if to say "ta-daa!" Ha ha.

Just another example of how silly these two ladies can be when they get together. They are both such fierce and fun women and we bet they would be so much fun to hang out with!

5 Nina is included in holiday photos with Julianne and Brooks

We told you Nina is basically a part of Julianne's family. Here is further proof. Over the holidays one year, Nina did a little photobooth session with Julianne and Brooks, who she was engaged to at the time. Nina posted the photos on Instagram and captioned it with "Mr. + Mrs. Klaus and their Naughty Little Helper." Nina couldn't just let Jules and Brooks do a photobooth without her. That would be crazy. They made quite the hilarious trio and Nina fit in well with the vibe they were going for.

With the red nose on Nina, we can't help but wonder if the naughty little helper was Rudolph in disguise. Either way, these photos are perfection and they make us happy. That's all that matters, right?

4 They present together at award shows

Always 😁ing when I'm with my partner in crime. #AMAs @AMAs

A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on

One year, Nina and Julianne got present at the American Music Awards together, which they were obviously thrilled about. Nina posted photos of them on stage at the awards show looking fabulous on her Instagram and captioned the post with "always smiling when I'm with my partner in crime."

That's right. You heard it from the horse's mouth, guys. Julianne and Nina are not only best friends, but they are also partners in crime. We can't say we're surprised. They both do seem to have a devilish side to them, especially when they are together. Who knows what those two are capable of.

All joking aside, these two women are pretty freakin' awesome and we definitely want to go on a best friend date with them.

3 When they got ready for an event together

... After Glams.

A post shared by Nina Dobrev (@nina) on

Julianne and Nina spent time getting ready together for an event one day and Nina posted the before and after photos of the "glam" session they went through, also known as hair and makeup as well as a wardrobe change.

The after photos are so freaking adorable, we can barely stand it. Best. Friend. Goals. The joy on their faces whenever they are together is just proof of how much these two women love and adore each other. Every brunette needs a blonde best friend and Julianne is definitely Nina's. They are practically two peas in a pod and they mesh together so perfectly. Everyone definitely needs a Nina to their Julianne or a Julianne to their Nina, are we right?

Also, the shoes. The shoes are nice, too.

2 When they reunited and spooned

When Julianne and Nina reunited after a while on a vacation together, they got Julianne's husband-to-be at the time to take a photo of them spooning in a sofa on a porch of a cabin somewhere.

In the photo, Julianne is the big spoon and has her arms wrapped around Nina who is cuddling up next to her as the little spoon.

Nina captioned the photo with a hashtag that said "#SpoonFriendsAreTheBestFriends."

Those two are so close and we love it. Even though Julianne has a significant other in her life, she still makes time for her best friend and loves whenever she gets to see her. We just hope that Brooks isn't jealous of their perfect relationship. Ha ha. We're just kidding.

1 When Nina doodled on one of Julianne's magazine covers

What is a best friend if she doesn't doodle a mustache on your magazine cover photo? Nina took the issue of Shape magazine with Julianne on the cover and drew on her face to make her look like the devil. She's a really great friend. She also drew a fake tattoo on Julianne's abs of a skull and crossbones. She's just the best. To top it all off, Nina posted the photo of her masterpiece on Instagram with a caption that read "there she is. That's my girl! Mrs. Captain Morgan." Ha ha ha. Oh, Nina.

Nina did make up for her evilness by including a hashtag that said "#bodygoals." Julianne's body is pretty fabulous. She works hard to stay in shape, so she definitely deserves kudos for that.

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