15 Times We Were Obsessed With Lili Reinhart And Camila Mendes

In case anyone lives under a rock and hasn't fallen in love with The CW's Riverdale yet, actresses Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes portray Betty Cooper and Veronica Lodge. But honestly, I'm not here to talk about their amazing show or the characters they play. I'm here to talk about the friendship that has developed between the two since the start of filming (which only took place about a year ago, but still).

Lili and Camila are just 21 and 23 years old, respectively, and they are taking over the world at the moment. From joking around as co-stars, to living with each other, to supporting one another via social media — these two seem closer than the average co-workers.

Luckily for us, these two are the embodiment of the modern woman. They're strong, independent, and are always uplifting and supporting other women (and each other in the industry). They may be young, but they've got this whole Hollywood thing underwraps. Many young stars that find fame in such a quick way find it hard to have a voice or know their audience. But these two gal-pals? They've got this handled.

Here are 15 moments fans were obsessed with Lili Reinhart and Camila Mendes.

15 They Did Not Apologize For How They Looked

A few months ago, besties Lili and Camila were asked to star on two different covers for the Philippines version of Cosmopolitan. As many readers of Cosmopolitan know, the magazine covers everything from fashion, to advice, to beauty, love, and politics. The magazine is loved (and disliked) by many. And while Cosmopolitan thought Lili and Camila's covers were gonna be a hit, they became a hit for the wrong reason.

Lili noticed right away that her figure was Photoshopped to appear similar — as was Camila's waist. To make sure fans of theirs knew they weren't as perfect as pictured, Lili shared her feelings on Instagram.

"Camila and I have worked incredibly hard to feel confident and comfortable in the bodies that we have," the Betty Cooper actress wrote to her fans. "It's an every day battle, sometimes. And to see our bodies become so distorted in an editing process is a perfect example of the obstacles we have yet to overcome," she stated.

"So we cannot stop fighting. Out battle has only just begun. We are [expletive] powerful, beautiful, and strong...we aren't going to hide behind Photoshop to conform to beauty standards. That's why I'm calling out @Cosmopolitan_Philippines. It's sad that [they] felt our bodies needed to be slimmed down. But Camila and I are [expletive] beautiful. As is. And [they] can't 'fix' us." Reinhart ended.

14 Their Love For One Another Is Genuine

After Riverdale took off in 2017 and really started to succeed, the cast and crew hit up a few comic-cons and press releases so that people could get to know the actresses and actors behind the characters. Considering they're all talented, young, and beautiful — the world was dying to know these stars a little better. And right from the start, it was clear that Lili and Camila hit it off.

After a person asked Lili "What has it been like filming with Camila Mendes, who plays Betty’s new friend Veronica?", Lili couldn't help but answer honestly. And to be honest... it's kind of tear inducing.

"We are so happy that we get to tackle these characters together. There’s no Betty without Veronica and there’s no Lili without Cami. We really care about each other and are good friends in real life. So I think that helps translate to our B&V duo and the chemistry that we have. We can’t play our characters well without having each other."

LIKE, if someone doesn't have a friend like Lili or Camila — THEY NEED TO GET ONE. It's so rare to like someone that we're that working with, let alone adore them so much to hang out off set.

13 Their Live Feeds And Snapchats Are Everything

If you're a fan of Riverdale, then you probably follow the stars on social media. And if that much is true, then you've noticed how much time this cast spends together. Lili and Camila seem to aways be having some much needed girl time off set, and love doing casual things that many people their age also do. Some of these things, of course, is posting on social media and referring to the current slang; such as daddy.

Yes, for some reason, the term "daddy" has been circulating over the past year. It's pretty much another term for someone being bae or someone being major. 

It does not actually mean they are someone's father (very confusing, I know). The crew of Riverdale hopped on the daddy-bandwagon and started seeing who was more "daddy" than the other. The crew literally had a daddy-war. A daddy-off, if you will. KJ Apa (Riverdale's Archie) says HE'S the one who started the whole daddy-war, but who really knows? All that matters is Lili and Camila have made it their own mission to be the daddiest (that's now a word) of 'em all. And as much as the word annoys me... I kind of love that these two besties are trying to out-daddy the other.

12 When They Work Together OUTSIDE Of Work

If you work in an office setting, think of your best friend in the office... Are you guys really that close? Do you guys hang out outside of work? Do you do fun things on the weekends? Do you have sleepovers? If you do — GOOD FOR YOU. You're one of the lucky ones. But most of only hangout with our work besties at work. Hanging out outside of the office is kind of foreign territory. But I think it's safe to say it's different for actors and actresses. Their jobs are strenuous, yes, but they tend to be closer since they spend SO much time together day after day during shooting.

One of the things that I applaud Lili and Camila for are working together OUTSIDE of Riverdale. The two were asked to be the faces of Bongo Jeans once their show took off in 2017. And honestly, there's no other paid I'd rather see showing off denim.

Lili and Camila are the definition of friendship goals. Can you imagine showing off fun fashions with your bestie? I don't even know if I can call that work.

"This campaign is all about female friendships that are positive, which is something that we continue to promote on our show, and also Lili and I have gotten very close through this whole experience of being on the show together," Mendes quoted about working with Bongo. Camila continued saying "These confident, carefree women are something we endorse and want to be a part of."

11 They Weren't Always This Close

Although Lili and Camila seem inseparable nowadays, their friendship wasn't always as tight.

Lili Reinhart started acting in 2010 but she wasn't a well-known name like she is today. The same can be said for Camila Mendes, Riverdale was her first REAL acting gig. And although these two lovely women are in their 20's, I wouldn't be far-fetched saying the two are growing up in the industry together.

“Our friendship wasn’t instant,” Camila told J-14. “Once the walls came down and our inner goofballs began to reveal themselves, we were unstoppable, and now it’s almost like we speak our own language.”

The fact that these two shook off their nerves and became their real selves with one another is a testament in itself. Spinning off of what Camila said, Lili added "Camila and I instantly got along but obviously like any friendship it took time to build a bond and get really close to one another. She and I are very different people."

I love how honest they are about their lives and their friendship. Instead of saying they became best friends immediately, they admitted it took some time for they to warm up to each other. And honestly, that's refreshing since so many young actresses don't team up because they're technically competition in the world of Hollywood.

10 When They Took Down Bullies Together

The thing I love most about these besties is they have NO qualms with calling people out on their BS. They give credit where credit is do, support fans who support them, but they also call out those who bully them.

One of the biggest issues with the Internet, and social media in particular, is bullying. And a branch of bullying is body-shaming.

For whatever reason, there are a lot of people who call themselves fans—and those that dislike people—who bring down popular stars online. People seem to think that since stars have thousands of likes and comments, that they don't take the time to read through every comment. And while that's probably true, that doesn't mean they don't see some hurtful things written about them from time to time. One of these body-shaming moments was recently, when "fans" started a rumor claiming Lili was pregnant.

Lili immediately shut down the rumor and noted she was bloated in the picture, and that she would never apologize for how her body changes (YAS GIRL). Camila, jumped in on the opportunity to support her bestie and also talk about inspiring others instead of ripping them down.

Who run the world? Girls.

9 They Dined Together

In January of 2017, the two besties teamed up to attend the Elle Women in TV Dinner. The event showcases all the heavy-hitters and new-comers in Hollywood, the show's their in, and the work that's been going down behind camera. And since these two are, in fact, women in TV, it was a delight to see them invited.

The two stars were filming Riverdale in Vancouver at the time and took a small break from filming to spend an evening supporting each other and other women in their field. In such a male-dominated world, it's personally beautiful to see so many smart and talented women together in one room.

Lili shared on social media “So incredibly humbled and honored to have been a part of the 2017 Women in Television issue for ELLE. And to have my beautiful friend by my side to share it with.” 

I feel a strange emotion when I look at these two. Part of me wants them to be besties for life who never not work with one another. And another part of me wants them to date. They're just so in-sync, so united, so supportive — isn't that what anyone would want in a significant other?

8 When They Quote One Another

I'm sorry, but anyone who brings back the pleasure and love of a bowl of Fruity Pebbles is the kind of person I wanna meet. And considering Camila and Lili seem to be on the same page — they're both people I need to be besties with. And honestly, speaking as someone who's not in the public eye, isn't that all we want from those we see and admire on a high-platform?

Aren't we looking for realness? Aren't we looking for people who could be your best friend's neighbor — people we would never suspect were famous but are low-key millionaires? Those are the kinda people I admire, and it just so happens Camila and Lili fall in that category.

Since the two film Riverdale in western Canada, it makes sense that most of their time is spent in the land up north. And while most of Canada is attached to the U.S., it's still a different country with different foods, brands, and cultural favorites. However, when I think of things I'd be craving, Fruity Pebbles is not one of those things, but the fact that Lili even mentioned it makes her a person I need to be friends with. She just seems like such a girl's girl. And the fact that Fruity Pebbles responded to Camila's retweet shows us that the brand PROBABLY sent them boxes of the cereal. Let's be real,  I don't think many people tweet about the cereal, so when an up-and-coming star does, they probably took advantage of it.

7 But Seriously... Their Love For One Another Runs Deep

Being of Italian and Brazilian descent, Camila Mendes is breathtaking. Known for her olive skin and dark (and luxurious, might I add) eyebrows, Camila's look is undeniable. She's striking. Her good looks are obvious, of course, as Lili obviously agrees with the rest of us.

However, there's more to Camila than just the fact that she's a dark skinned beauty. It's her heritage that she wants to be known for. Speaking fluent Portuguese, Camila is a proud Latina who is influenced by such. 

“I have so much appreciation for how those two cultures have created who I am. I’m a full-blooded Brazilian, with an entire extended family of Brazilians, but I was born and raised in the U.S.. When I go to Brazil, I feel like an American, and in the U.S., I always notice the traits that make me Brazilian.”

That being said, it appears the two things these two besties preach about most are personally specific. Lili has no tolerance for body shaming and often calls out trolls who say negative things. Likewise, Camila does the same, but she's also quite vocal about being Latina and how there needs to be more people of color in TV and film.

6 When They Kept It Real And Supported Their Castmates

The stars of Riverdale have snapped one another on and off set quite often. Considering they just wrapped up season two, this cast is more popular and dedicated than ever. However, that's not without sacrifice.

Back in September of 2017, it was noted that the young actors were working 16-hour work days in Vancouver (though Warner Bros. have disputed these claims). The long workdays were so tiresome that Archie Andrews' KJ Apa got into a car accident on his ride home from the studio to his home. Apparently, the young star lived 45 minutes away from the set and fell asleep at the wheel.

As horrifying as this is, the young stars bonded together over this and used it as a reminder to not push the limits in their new stardom. Instead of forcing yourself to stay up and battle it out, it's better to listen to your body and be safe.

Showing off how the cast relaxes on their downtime on set, of course, is Lili snapping Camila doing a puzzle. Seeing how these stars do puzzles on their downtime is kind of adorable. They could just be chilling out, stalking social media accounts, butt they can only do that for so long: in come the puzzles.

5 They're The BFFs We Want To Be

I always think I have amazing friends. I feel like they would do anything for me, but at the same time, when I see these small moments between Lili and Camila, how can my friends even COMPETE? These two are constantly giving each other shoutouts and support in more ways than one.

I mean, even the way they look at one another... WHY DOESN'T MY BFF LOOK AT ME THE WAY LILI LOOKS AT CAMI?

After Riverdale took off running, Lili talked about being surprise in becoming besties with Camila and the rest of the cast. "I grew up with a very small, select group of friends that I kept my whole life. And when I joined [Riverdale], I literally got, like, 10 new best friends. I got all these people in my life that genuinely cared about me and I cared about them. I kind of finally felt like I had a group where I belonged, and I wasn’t an odd man out and so, honestly, just being in such a supportive, family-like group is my favorite part. They’re my people. They’re my family." *TEARS*

Likewise, Camila told Seventeen Magazine, "I've learned from Lili that the true value of a friend lies within their ability to listen. A good listener goes a long way."

4 Their Sarcasm

Since Lili and Camila seem to do everything together. When they're not working with each other, they're having girls nights in or going to Coachella together or showing off their love for Bongo Jeans. These two are inseparable. For this reason, the two often team up together for interviews and promotions.

Back in October of 2017, the two teamed up for an interview with J-14, where they sat down to talk about their friendship.

"Camila and I instantly got along but obviously like any friendship it took time to build a bond and get really close to one another," the Betty actress said. "She and I are very different people, but in a lot of ways it makes us feel more connected in the sense that we can learn from each other. Friends push each other to leave their comfort zones, and Camila has definitely encouraged me to come out of my shell in social situations. She's a social butterfly and I'm more introverted. It's a good balance."

Balance is right. The love between these two is obviously mutual as they can't help but pump each other's tires. "Our friendship has only gotten stronger since the show's release. Everything is so new for the both of us, and we're so lucky to be able to experience the chaos together. It definitely makes it a lot easier for us to cope with the changes."

3 Same Tho

One of the best parts about being so close to someone is being able to pick on one another without taking it so seriously. The same is especially true for Camila and Lili since they spend endless hours a day with one another for work.

(Time out: does anyone else worry about what life will be like AFTER Riverdale? Shows don't go on forever, so when will we ever see Lili and Camila together again? Or KJ Apa and Cole Sprouse. Will Lili and Cole continue dating?! I never want to see this crew breakup!)

Camila Mendes' best aspects facially are her eyebrows. While eyebrows are so *in* right now, hers are so distinct. They're not just pitch black, they're very long and full — reaching almost to her nose. She might look annoyed, but it's just those luxurious eyebrows that I cannot get enough of! I'm sure Camila is quite aware of the love her eyebrows get, and the fact that Lili compared her to Marie from Disney's Aristocats is kind of amazing. What's friendship without a little rough-play, right?

Side point: this is also super relatable for me considering my love for coffee as well. I don't think I NEED coffee, it's just a routine in the morning that really sets my day up right.

2 The Newly-Wed Game

2018 is definitely the year of the female. Women have always had the power to be whatever they wanted to be, but with the help of heavy-hitters in Hollywood, they're making the path clear for young stars like Lili and Camila. Likewise, these two are doing the same for stars younger than them.

Showing unity, the two teamed up with Cosmopolitan to play "The Newly-Wed Game." Are they married? No. Are they even dating? No. But are they best friends who know the answers to one another's thoughts... Most likely.

As a fan of the two, this was one of my favorite moments.

When Cosmo asked what Lili found most attractive, Camila thought her answer would be "Daddy" (OF COURSE), but Lili's real answer was "humor." (Sorry, Camila... you were so close.) When asked what the last thing Camila splurged on—the two thought about this quite quickly—they both wrote "Bathing suits!" After both giggling about getting the answer right, Camila explained how they were together during her splurge. If anything, this is just an example of a game we should all play with our besties to see how well we know the other. I mean, I doubt yours will be published for Cosmo, but you can try...

1 They Explore Together

Now, I have no idea what Lili and Camila are referring to in this snap (they snap each other quite often), however, can we just appreciate how close and relaxed these two are in this moment? Little to know makeup, totally relaxed, and in their moment. I appreciate this so much.

It's snaps like this that make me wonder what the two do for fun on their downtime. I know they prank their co-stars and do puzzles together, but what else?

To be honest, these two are so inspirational on social media, I wouldn't be surprised if they just didn't continue having ground-breaking conversations about feminism and friendship. 

"I think growing up, the female friendships that I saw on television were portrayed as catty and vicious," Lili told Seventeen. "Betty and Veronica are both very supportive of one another on our show, which has been important to us from the very beginning. Before we even started filming Season One we knew that we wanted these girls to be best friends and to always there for each other. It wasn't going to be fake."

Since these two grew up in different state (Lili being from Ohio and Camila living primarily in Florida), it's beautiful knowing they can connect on so many things besides work. These are two young stars on the rise, being known for more than just their acting capabilities.

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