15 Times Octavia From The 100 Was The Ultimate BAMF

A show set up in a dystopian future where teenage delinquents were sent to Earth is the perfect premise to introduce very strong, independent and well-crafted characters. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind when watching The 100 who its ultimate BAMF is: Octavia Blake. Whether it's standing up for her ideals, her incredible abilities with a sword, or her epic Shakespearian-like romance with Lincoln, Octavia has proven herself as the strongest individual in Arkadia.

Even though we can all agree Octavia is the ultimate BAMF, here are her best moments to remind us of what exactly is so engaging and powerful about the girl that used to hide under the floor in the Ark station, and who never shies away from a fight.

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15 She Leaps Into The Unknown

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Who in their right mind would jump into unknown waters? Remember those first moments on the Pilot episode of The 100, when we were still getting to know all of our favorite delinquents who had just reached a deserted planet Earth? Mid-way into the episode Octavia sees a lake and true to her mind-set of acting first and thinking later, undresses and jumps head first into the water. She is then attacked by some kind of lake-serpent-monster and saved by Jasper. But that would mark one of the only moments in the entire series up to season 4 where Octavia Blake would need to be saved, as she was the one usually doing the saving from that point on.

14 She Does Not Compromise

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Octavia's BAMF ways go a long way when it comes to not compromising on her ideals and what she believes in. Upon learning that Clarke knew all along about the bomb threat on TonDC but did nothing to warn her people in loyalty to Lexa, Octavia blasts her and ends their budding friendship which had been developing since early season 1 after they joined forces to save Jasper. By standing up for her beliefs, Octavia proved to be the moral compass of the group in contrast to Clarke, who is considered a leader, but who has made questionable decisions throughout the show's run. Octavia does get over their differences by joining Clarke in saving their friends, once again, doing what she judges to be right.

13 She Risks Her Life For The Ones She Loves

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Octavia is not scared of risking her life to save the ones she loves. Time and time again through the show's run she puts herself in the path of danger for those she cares about. In season 1, after witnessing Clarke, Raven, and Bellamy torturing Lincoln for the antidote to cure Finn who was infected with poison from Lincoln's blade, Octavia uses the blade to slash her own arm. With this act, she forces Lincoln, who is already taken by Octavia, to agree to get the antidote for Finn and herself, as well as stopping the group from torturing him in return. Or what about the time she stayed behind to find Bellamy in the mines in season 2, leading Indra to say she was not her Second anymore? Total BAMF.

12 She Believes In Peace Between The People

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Octavia shows herself as different from the rest of the Sky People by being the first one to accept the idea of that the Grounders were only trying to defend their territory, believing the Sky People were there to conquer them. By living her whole life hidden under the floor of the Ark with only her mother and brother Bellamy by her side, Octavia was destined to be an outsider. When she finally got the chance to be around more people she sympathized with the Grounders as well as the Sky People. She attempts to set peace between the two groups by arranging a meeting. Even though it didn't come to that and Octavia has grown further and further from the Sky People based on leadership decisions clashing with her beliefs, the character clearly does not view people as different and stands up for that ideal, even if she is alone in that belief. That makes a very strong individual.

11 Her Immunity To Illness

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On season one episode I Am Become Death, many members of the Sky People were affected by an hemorrhagic fever after Murphy, who had been banished a few weeks before, returns to camp after being contaminated with a horrible virus by the grounders. The episode depicted the seriousness of an illness taking over teenagers who grew up in the safe and contained environment of The Ark. After Clarke, Bellamy, and the others fall victims to the illness, Octavia stands alone in taking care of them as she remained healthy. By making Octavia immune to the biological weapon of the Grounders, or metaphorically to the Grounders themselves, we see that Octavia's heart was in the right place in wanting to join the the Sky People and the Grounders. Octavia is also immune to other's opinions, in this case the Grounders' anger towards the Sky People.

10 She Is Not Afraid To Speak Her Mind

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Multiple times throughout the series, Octavia has challenged Lincoln, Bellamy and Clarke for the greater good. When she learns that Lincoln had developed an addiction to the drug that turns the Grounders into Reapers, she challenges him to give it up and fight. The same goes for when she decides to start a relationship with him knowing how that would be seen by the rest of the group and her brother. When Bellamy and the rest of the Sky People torture Murphy on season one, Octavia attempts to make them stop. She calls Clarke out numerous times when she makes a decision she doesn't agree with. She even decides to leave her own people behind after being disappointed time and time again.

9 She Is Not Afraid Of Threats

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In season 2, after Lincoln's gone missing, Octavia takes Nyko as a hostage in order to use him as leverage for an exchange. This moment marks one of the first exchanges between Octavia and Indra who would later come to be her mentor and first in command. Indra does not take Octavia's act lightly and orders her killed. Even though she runs away for the Grounders, she follows their trail closely as they lead her to Lincoln. The fact that she did not fear Indra's order of her death, which does not mean she didn't take her lightly, only makes her strength more evident to the viewers. This mirrors early season 1, when she ignored the danger of being found by guards in The Ark, landing herself in prison when they discovered her.

8 Her Epic, Shakespearian-Like Love

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Octavia really stands out as someone special on all counts. Of course she would only fall in love in an epic scale with someone worthy. Lincoln, the Grounder, and Octavia of the Sky People first connected when he saved her after she took a tumble off a steep incline, and nursed and hid her from the other Grounders who at that point would probably kill her. From that moment on, Octavia and Lincoln's hearts were inseparable even when they were separated by their respective people. Octavia's ultimate choice to fight for her and Lincoln's love along with fighting for their people's understanding, proves once again she is not even afraid when it comes to opening her heart and following her true self.

7 She Doesn't Take No For An Answer

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Again in season 2, Octavia wants to strengthen herself by becoming a warrior. She decides the best way for that is to be trained by the Grounders, as a Grounder. As she begs Indra to train her, she gets a straight no. But Octavia being Octavia, she does not take no for an answer and attacks one of the Grounders, forcing him to attack her back. Even though he is much bigger than her, and she is obviously losing the fight and getting hurt with every blow, she refuses to stand down. For every hit, she counter-attacks, and for every fall, she stands up once again. After watching her, amazed, Indra finally gives in upon realizing Octavia's inner power, saying she will train her and making the girl her second. Not bad.

6 She Stands Up To Her Brother

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One of the best dynamics in the show is Octavia and Bellamy's bond. From their days at The Ark, you could see how incredible their relationship was. Bellamy used to be Octavia's only friend, and his mother gave him the task from an early age of being his sister's protector. That's exactly why Bellamy ends up on Earth, in an attempt to get Octavia out of the drop ship. Upon reaching Earth, and finally being able to live in the open, Octavia begins to rebel against Bellamy's overprotectiveness, becoming her own person. This comes to a climax in season 3, when Bellamy joins Pike's forces and Octavia stands strongly against it stating that she doesn't recognize him anymore and later holding him responsible for Lincoln's death. Hopefully this is something they will be able to work out as the siblings' love for each other is unbreakable.

5 She Does Not Grieve Until The War Is Over

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In season 3, Octavia is left to face ultimate grief after Lincoln sacrifices himself to save their people. However, she stands up in the face of her pain and, instead of grieving, claims that the warrior does not grieve until the war is over. The fact that this is also a breaking point in Octavia and Bellamy's relationship as she blames him for Pike killing her lover, is just horrible to watch. The moment Octavia needs her brother the most, is when she cannot have him as it is his fault Lincoln is dead. After that occurs, Octavia grows even thicker skin than before, which shields her from her emotions, even emotions towards her friends from The Ark.

4 She Avenges Her Loved Ones

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After Lincoln is killed by Pike, and after she tells Bellamy she does not consider him her brother anymore, she swears to avenge her loved one's death. In season 3's final battle, Clarke is out cold in the City Of Light and a small group of allies are her only protection as she tries to destroy ALIE. Among that group are Pike and Octavia. The latter waits for the perfect moment, after the battle appears to have been won, to seek her revenge by slicing Pike in the stomach. One minute they were fighting together towards a common goals (destroying ALIE) and the next she is able to kill him in cold revenge for the death of her beloved. Talk about cold, pragmatic decision making. It's the perfect outcome for her grief of Lincoln's death, and a defining moment for how much she has evolved from the earlier seasons of the show, leading to her becoming an assassin on season 4.

3 She Is Not Scared Of Being Alone

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Octavia is not scared of grief, or standing up to her brother, or fighting for her loved ones or her beliefs. She is not sacred of threats or to risk her life. But even though a lot of characters in the show can be equal in all of the above categories, they are different from Octavia as she is not even scared of being alone. Going back to her childhood, Octavia had to be alone most of her sixteen years when Bellamy and her mother were not at home. That, surely added to her inability to fit in with a specific group, leads her to be unafraid of being alone. Be it leaving the Ark and telling Lincoln she doesn't have a home, or staying behind for her brother in the mines and being left by Indra's group, her own fierce nature is enough for Octavia, she was an outcast from the beginning.

2 She Does What Has To Be Done

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Octavia never shies away from what has to be done. By being a person who is extremely independent and seeing in black and white, she only takes what she believes to be the best resort into consideration. In order to Keep Roan of Azgeda in power, Octavia transforms into a full blown assassin in season 4. The character is currently going through a dark period after losing Lincoln, doing whatever she needs to to cope with the pain of losing him. The character's journey is getting darker before it gets lighter, according to the big bosses at The 100, but Octavia is still as powerful as it gets.

1 She Was The First Person To Walk Back On Earth

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Or so they thought, as Earth was habitable and the Grounders were already there. But it doesn't take away from the fact that, on season 1, after someone calls her the child that was hidden under the floor, Bellamy gives Octavia the chance to be remembered as something else. After Clarke says radiation might kill them if they open the drop ship's door, Bellamy states that is that is the case, they are already dead, and follows by opening the window to a new world for the delinquents. Octavia, not slightly afraid, swiftly jumps off the ship, being the first one to walk back on Earth. We can all agree, that is the ultimate badass moment.

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