15 Times Online Shopping Destroyed All Hopes And Dreams

As brick and mortar sales begin to decline, more and more people take to the Internet for their retail shopping needs. However, as convenient as it is to shop from home, there’s a certain risk that comes along with it. Every time anyone makes a purchase online, we’re essentially making a bet that what we see is what we will be getting. Most of the time, those purchases work out great. Then there are times when our order goes horribly wrong. Whether the items are sized terribly, come broken, or the item that was delivered is something that looks nothing like what was ordered, we sometimes let great deals get in the way of our better judgment. Just a head's up: remember to make sure that the company you buy from has great reviews and an even better return policy. You've been warned. Here are 15 of the worst online shopping fails.

15 Rug Size

Always check the product description before buying something online. We can’t stress that enough! In retrospect, yes, it would have been a good idea to check the size and/or dimensions of the rug you’re purchasing online. However, in all honesty, it’s just a rug. How small could a rug possibly be? Well, as it turns out, rugs can actually be small. Like really, really, really small. Our first instinct would be to think that this guy accidentally ordered a dollhouse rug, but if you were looking to purchase a regular size rug, wouldn’t you see in the name of the product if it were doll size? Hopefully this guy will at least be able to get a refund for this faux pas. Otherwise, it looks like his pens and pencils will have the fanciest rug out there. I wonder how much he spent on that thing anyway.

14 Caveat Emptor

You have to be careful when ordering clothes online. A lot times, different brands have sizes that run differently. One company’s size medium can be another company’s size small. However, having said that, we’ve never seen anything like this next online shopping fail. It turns out that the size was the least of this girl’s troubles when it came to this sleeveless Jumpsuit. The color, the style, the design, there is just so much wrong with this outfit. How does this company have the nerve to use that image on the left as the display product and then send that utter monstrosity on the right? The only thing those two jumpsuits have in common are that they are both considered jumpsuits. That’s it. Also, did the outfit even come with the belt?

13 Before And After

Who doesn’t love color changing coffee mugs? When you pour your morning cup of coffee in it, the heat changes the design of the coffee mug. So judging by the display image of the product, everyone would think that you would be purchasing a black coffee mug that says Merry Christmas and that it would change color to a blue coffee mug with a Christmas scene. Unfortunately, it seems that this company takes things very literally because when this customer got their coffee mug, it was just a plain coffee mug with the display image printed on the mug. We really have to hand it to the company that makes this coffee mug. Clearly, no one would EVER purchase this product if they knew what they would really be getting. So if this was done on purpose, they were able to pull a fast one.

12 Used Phone

If you were to buy a phone off of eBay, what’s the last body part you would ever expect the seller to touch the phone with? If you guessed the man’s private parts, then you are just as sick as this eBay cell phone seller. We are going to go ahead and make a bold prediction that this guy is not a Verizon authorized retailer. The obvious question here is why would this guy do this to something he is selling online? The next obvious question is, did he not think the person who purchased the phone would see the man’s imprint on the screen? And if he had hoped the buyer would see it, what the hell? Is there some sort of online seller fetish we’ve never heard of before? If this is the way this person ships their electronics, we’d hate to see what they would do to fruit they sell.

11 Asos 32” Jeans

Some guys like to buy their jeans an inch or two longer then what their normal leg size is because they like to let it hit the floor when they walk so the jeans naturally fray over time. It's also nice to have them long if you're taller. However, Asos seems to have taken that concept and ran with it. These 32” Asos jeans dwarf their normal 32” counterparts. This guy’s feet aren’t even close to coming out of these pants. So the real question is, are the jeans defective or is this a new style? We actually looked into this because those jeans just were not sitting well with us. It turns out that there is actually nothing wrong with those super long 32” jeans. Apparently, it’s a new style that is supposed to be bunched up at the ankle. Whether these jeans are on purpose or not, we don’t recommend you buy them. That;s a lot of bunching that would have to be done.

10 Who Wore It Best?

I love this cat! In this next installment of Who Wore It Best?, we have a crocheted halter top worn by a cat and 16 year old girl. We have the halter top shown on a cat. However, we are not able to show you what it looks like on the girl because, like the mother of the girl who bought it says, if they were to show you what this looks like on her daughter, it would probably be illegal. If this halter top is able to fit a cat perfectly, there’s no way it will ever fit a 16 year old girl. How could the manufactures of this top ever think that a top that fits a cat would be good for teenage girls? Yes, the cat does look fabulous, but that’s not the point. FIO retailers.

9 Wolf Tail

Nothing compliments a Halloween fancy dress like a fur wolf tail. So it was only natural for this girl to order a fur wolf tail off of eBay. The only problem was that once her order arrived, something definitely seemed off with it. We’re sure that you guys are looking at this wolf tail wondering how would it even be possible to attach this to a fancy dress? And the answer is actually quite simple. It’s not possible. You see, while this is indeed a fur wolf tail, it also happens to be a butt plug. We’re not sure if the seller knew whether or not this was a butt plug because it seems that the product name was “fur wolf tail for Halloween fancy dress.” Either way, this gives trick or treat a whole new meaning.

8 Pajama Party

This pajama set is a full on Monet. For those who may not know, a Monet is like a painting, see? From far away, it's beautiful, but up close, it's a big old mess. We can thank Cher Horowitz from Clueless for those words of wisdom. While this pajama set appeared really cute from far away, once you got close to it and saw the pattern, it’s cuteness went away real fast. What seemed like an innocent pajama pattern turned out to be some sort of Ménage à trios/ group sex scene. The girl who bought these pajamas must have not known what kind of company Ann Summers is because it turns out that they are a sex toy and lingerie store. We guess you really do get what you pay for.

7 Bite Men

Normally, a one letter error on a shirt might not seem like such a big deal, but this next online shopping fail is actually a pretty big mistake. Just think about it for a second. “Bite Me” is something you say to push people away from you. It’s sort of like telling someone to f**k off! Then you when you add the letter “m” to bite me, you get “Bite Men,” which is something completely different. When people see “Bite Men,” they might interpret that as, “I want random men to come up to me and talk to me.” It makes it seem like you enjoy biting men, which is probably a vibe that not a lot of people want to give off. And if that is a vibe you want to give off, you would never have intended to purchase a “Bite Me” shirt instead.

6 Surprise!

What genius working for that company saw that the special delivery instructions were to make the package not seem like it is party supplies and then put that note on a big white sticker for everyone to see? The thing about this is that this daughter probably didn’t even need to write that as a special delivery instruction because no one would know what’s inside the box unless you actually open it. Unless her mother knew what the company sells, she would never know that it's party supplies. The daughter just wanted to be on the safe side since she and her mother live together. And wouldn’t you think that a company that sells party supplies would try to be discreet about this sort of thing. They are called “surprise parties” for a reason.

5 “Blonde” Girl

You can’t fault the cake makers for this next online shopping fail. We’re sure that the cake makers were a little perplexed by this order, but how do you ask the people who ordered it if this was a mistake or not? You don’t want to offend the people by asking if they really meant to put a blind girl on the top of their cake. However, if you think about it, why would you put a blind girl on top of a cake with a walking stick? Not to be rude, but it’s not as if the person is going to see it. Why not just choose a different topper? You can’t see the details in someone’s eyes on a cake figure to begin with. Let’s just hope the cake at least tasted good.

4 Genuine Crystal

Most people know what a rock looks like. We’re saying “most” people just to be conservative because you never know. So it's pretty safe to assume that the people who know what a rock looks like can tell the difference between a rock and a genuine crystal. So it came as a surprise when this next customer ordered genuine crystal and instead received a spray painted rock. In case any of you we’re skeptical about it being spray painted, we know it was because it was only spray painted on one side! Did this company think that no one was going to notice that first, it was not a crystal but a rock, and second, that only was side was colored in? Again, let’s not forget to mention that crystals and spray painted rocks look nothing alike. Remind us never to purchase diamonds from that place.

3 Flowers

Have you ever heard the expression, “you had one job?” Well that’s what 1-800-Flowers had. They had one job. They specialize in flowers. Heck, it’s in their name. So you would think that if the specialize in flowers they would get their designs right. But you would be wrong. From the looks of the display product, it seems like this is supposed to be a bouquet of flowers that looks like a lion. You’re probably saying to yourself, “maybe this lion flower bouquet was ruined because of the shipping carriers?” However, you can tell that this is not the case because the flowers are not damaged and the green leaves aren’t at all bent. In the display image, the face of the plant stands up straight so you can look at it, while the one this person received faces upward. This is just a complete mess.

2 Unstuffed Teddy Bear

First things first. After looking at that teddy bear I think we can all agree that this unstuffed teddy bear is one of the creepiest things we’ve ever seen. Second, how does this online shopping fail even happen? It’s a giant stuffed teddy bear. The two things that go into making the product are in its name: stuffing and teddy bear. It’s not as if there is a lot of construction involved in making a stuffed teddy bear. Does this mean that every teddy bear that is sold from this company is unstuffed or it was only this person’s order? We may never know. Either way, wouldn’t the person putting the order together realize that something is missing from this defective teddy bear? We can’t help but wonder if the person who bought this read any reviews on the teddy bear before buying it.

1 Sack Dress

Just when you thought you have seen it all, we present to you the “baggy sack” dress. Normally, when someone buys a bodycon dress, you would expect it to hug your body. However, if this bodycon dress fit this girl perfectly, we wouldn’t be talking about how big of an online shopping fail this is. We don’t even think the article of clothing on the left legally qualifies as a dress. It looks like someone took a used mattress sheet and a pair of scissors, folded it in half, and cut it in order to make symmetrical shapes. This girl would have been better off if the company took her money and sent her a picture of the real dress that she intended on buying instead of the horrible dress they sent her.

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