15 Savage Parents Who Absolutely Won At Punishments

They say parenting is difficult, and they say parenting is rewarding. Can’t it be both? Hilariously, it can. Parents seem to find ways to make the difficult part of disciplining their offspring easier on everyone, and they even let us in the fun by sharing these hilarious moments with the internet.

These parents are not only using creative punishments, but they’re also inspiring the next generation of parents to think outside the box. Getting down to their level is not a new concept, but it has a new meaning. When they were children, you would take a knee to talk to them one on one about a mistake. Now, though, they are the same height or taller so 'getting down to their level' has to be thought about an entirely different way, and these parents nailed it. Pranking is the new form of discipline, and the internet is so thankful.

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15 Social media psyche!

via: http://nedhardy.com

These parents are taking ‘embarrassing kids in public’ to a whole new level! They may have appeared to let their child off easy, but they are pushing back in another way. Facebook is all about how you want to be perceived and putting content out that caters to the image you are trying to create. You spend hours sifting through hundreds of thousands of websites, posts, and images waiting to stumble across one that rings true for you and that you know your friends would love. Your page is a shrine to all things 'you' and speaks directly to your vibe. So, when these parents shook that all up by posting 'embarrassing' photos all of their daughters wall to teach her a lesson for something, punishment ensued.

14 The medieval way

via: http://nedhardy.com

Beliebe in the stocks! Nothing in this scene would be fun to experience, unless you were the one who came up with this genius form of punishment (or should it be called torture?). It’s harmless, but it’s definitely one of the most traumatic (and by that, we mean ‘hilarious for everyone else’) punishments out there! It is quite possible that this is pushing it a little bit far, with the public shame of it and everything, but the addition of the Justin Bieber music sort of adds that bit of humour, maybe enough for the social services lady to giggle.

And where did they get the contraption? Did they make it specifically for this punishment or was this just something they had laying around in case their child needed to be taught a lesson? Did they make it? Was is ordered online? No matter how it came to be, these parents put thought into it.

13 The classic get along shirt

via: http://nedhardy.com

An oldie but a goodie. This would make any fighting siblings give up. Humiliation trumps all when it comes to laying down the law. We wonder, when these siblings grow up, will they still fit into the shirt? When kids fight, the last thing they want is to be glued together, but keeping them close to work out their issues is really the root of the solution here. These two may be too young to sit down and chat about it, but eventually they will put aside their differences and begin to play (or "get along") again. Too bad it's not called the 'get along pants' because that would be a whole lot more entertaining for everything (ignoring the obvious dangers of that tactic).

The best way to avoid this next time is to just get along!

12 The son became the roommate!

via: www.goodtoknow.co.uk

Kids don’t realize how much work goes into keeping them alive, and they can get a little ungrateful and snarky at times. This is a great way to teach them a lesson, pocket some extra cash, and let them know who is boss! The responsibilities of adulthood are never fun and it may be better they learn sooner than later while there is still time to have a little freedom.

Looking back, life was pretty great as a kid. There were no responsibilities, there seemed to be unlimited electricity, water, internet, and food, and you were always warm and dry in your cozy bed under your parents roof. There was no sense of what it meant to work and pay bills and you were pretty sure bank machines just spat out cash from a money tree. But when that all came crashing down as an adult, or sooner for the kid in this example, life got real.

11 There’s no ‘punishment’ without ‘pun!'

via: http://giveitlove.com/

Instead of a lump of coal in the stocking at Christmas, why not be a little more inventive? This gift is perfect on so many levels: it’s a joke, a delicious lunch, and a fond memory of the sad look your child gave while unwrapping the paper. Best of all, it’s just so much pun! Kids sometimes forget that christmas is coming and believe that they can act however they feel, treat others how they would not like to be treated, and still ask for hundreds of dollars worth of gifts. Entitlement is strong in youth and putting them in their place and reminding them that you are both in charge and hilarious is the best way to handle a kid struggling with boundaries. These beets are healthy and will probably do them good so you are thrilled that they asked for them.

10 Crank up the roar!

via: http://millionpictures.co/

Epic is as epic does. Enjoy the satisfaction of terrifying your children awake every single morning with the loud rawr of the animal kingdom. Some people are already pre-planning out their punishments, and this one is definitely a lot of fun… although, it might ruin The Lion King for that particular child. It’s a double-edged sword. There is absolutely no build up to warn your child of the impending jungle about to break loose in their room, and the instant boom of music is sure to energize them for the entire day. These african beats really should be prescribed for every kid in the morning because the speed at which they probably got out of bed would have been record-breaking. "NAAAAAAAAAH ZAAAAAABANYAAAAAA" loosely translates to "it is time to wake up my beautiful spawns, the world awaits," or at least, that is how you imagine it.

9 Conspiring with the Tooth Fairy

via: http://millionpictures.co/

It looks like the parents and the Tooth Fairy had a meeting and came up with a plan of action to get this little rascal to clean up her room. It’s an honest day’s work for an honest tooth’s pay! We foresee good oral hygiene practices as a result of this. It really is a persuasive way to get their butts in gear for a cause that everyone can get on board with. The tooth fairy has to be safe doing her job or the money she gives out will instead be spend on rehabilitation for her sprained wing. She even offers up mom as a helper so it couldn't be mom who wrote the note. It really is a convincing letter with the blue script font and the clear details laid out. Heck, every mom should use this just as an easy way to avoid a fight and get some order back to the house... maybe the tooth fairy couldn't even get in the front door!

8 B-mergency

via: www.cheezburger.com/

B-grade phone.

The ultimate punishment. This isn’t just having your phone taken away for a day, it’s having it taken away until your grades improve, which can be a fair bit of time between evaluations. It’s the long, anguishing wait until the next report card comes out that makes this so painful. How is this kid meant to concentrate on his studies with this evil box looming for what could be months. And don't kids use their phones for research and setting up study sessions with classmates? At least that is the excuse I would certainly use if it came down to it. This kid has some pretty cruel parents who clearly don't understand all of the repercussions that come from not having a phone.

7 No exceptions!

via: www.mommyish.com

Parents always fall back on the: “This hurts me more than it hurts you” line. Hmm, we’re betting that sleeping on a solid wooden deck out in the open elements hurts a little more than sleeping in a warm and cushy bed. But, rules are rules! This kid woke his parents one too many times and likely will never wake them after curfew again. We can only hope that this kid lives in a nice neighbourhood and that they are of a respectable age or this could certainly be bordering on neglect. At least they provided a blanket for him/her or it really could go horribly wrong. It is safe to say that these parents don't believe in empty threats and now the kid has to up his game, or else who knows what's coming next.

6 You don’t get something for nothing

via: www.goodtoknow.co.uk

‘Paying for your mistakes’ has taken on a whole new meaning with this set-up. This is a win-win situation: either the kids pick up after themselves, or another chore gets done. Whoever came up with this is brilliant. It’s a no-nonsense approach to keeping the kids in line. Heck, this tactic makes you WISH they would leave stuff around. Having them clean up around the house far outweighs needing to pick up a sweater or plate, and we bet the kids know it, too. Never again will they leave their hoodie laying on the couch because they know they will end up scrubbing toilets. Never again will they leave a dish in the sink because they know they'll be mopping the floor. Nope, they are starting to understand the weight of consequences and you're getting a clean house as they do.

5 Fighting hate with love

via: www.goodtoknow.co.uk

While not as fun as the prospect sounds, she gets to pick her own punishment! What a luxury! A great lesson in decision-making, making amends, and contributing to the household. Although this daughter would probably rather be playing sports, rather than doing chores AND math, it's better than a predetermined amount of time! With this method, you could be ungrounded by the next morning if you work fast enough. The laundry seems like a pretty good deal. Five loads with homework and TV in between and you'll be out with your friends by the next morning. This list could also be customized for each punishment with varying points needed to be ungrounded, depending on the severity of the mistake the child made. It really is a win all-around.

4 Tony Hawk

via: www.buzzfeed.com

Celebrities don’t just name their kids weird names, they also have unconventional ideas on discipline. No mess, no fuss; when his daughter needs a lesson, she is taped to a wall. Who hasn’t been taped to a wall? This is totally legit, but only because it’s Tony Hawk. Care to give it a try? Make sure your kid is smiling or you may have some unwanted child services knocking at your door. If they're on board, try out a few different tapes! Sometimes when kids get sent to the corner, they get up constantly and you have to keep putting them back. This method avoids all of that hassle and you can walk away knowing they won't be following you. You may hear them, but at least they will be in the other room.

3 Eeeeeeexcellent

via: www.pinterest.com

The newest buzz in town for making kids think about what they’ve done is the old man haircut. Hopefully it’s just with boys' hair. We can’t even imagine the anarchy if a little girl’s golden locks were snipped into this crowning glory. Mr. Burns, is that you?

"If you're not going to wash it, ill cut it off" is a common phrase among parents everywhere, and this parent followed through. Maybe it wasn't even related to hair and they just wanted to make a point. Maybe they were being grouchy so they said, "If you're going to act like a grouchy old man then I'll make you look like one," and that was that. Whatever the reason, it's pretty funny, harmless, and can be easily fixed by shaving off the sides, so in the end, there shouldn't be too many tears shed—unless they are of laughter.

2 Videogame punishment

via: www.pinterest.com

Oh, this mom has completely and utterly nailed it. How many times have you heard kids say: “I don’t care if I get grounded, I have my Xbox in my room?" Hit 'em where it hurts the most, and make them witness their ‘geekoid’ cred just slip away. Kids work harder on their gaming profiles than they do anything else in life. If they spent half the time and passion they spend gaming on homework, they would likely be applying for Harvard at age 12. So this mom is about to take all that hard work and throw it out the window. Reputation is huge in the online community and this kid is going to have to start from the bottom again after this mom is done. Maybe she can use some of Tony Hawk's tape to hold her son to the chair and tape his eyes open so he has to watch in horror.

1 You know you’re a pro when they punish themselves

via: http://themetapicture.com/

This aunt doesn’t even need to lift a finger! Punish one kid, and the rest will follow. Excellent! They call it “solidarity," we call it “winning." And at least this family knows that they’ll always look out for one another. It’s rather touching, actually. Not only did they get the point across with punishment, but they are learning valuable lessons of empathy and support while they go. This learning/punishment duo could be the very best in parenting and this aunt is ahead of her class. Which one was the first? We may never know. But she got the full range of ages to take part, which sure says a lot about how these kids were raised. Keep up the good work, and put on a workshop for new moms!

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