15 Times 'Parks And Recreation' Was Just Too Relatable

For seven seasons, Parks And Recreation brought a wonderful dose of humor and reality to our lives. Many working professionals could easily relate to their office candor, relationship troubles, and to the hilarious and random characters that were brought to life by this amazing ensemble. And for everyone else, it was just one of the most enjoyable and witty shows we could watch on network TV. And we miss it dearly.

Even though the show ended in spring of 2015, Parks and Recreation continues on in our our hearts and Netflix screens. Here are fifteen Parks and Rec moments that weren't only hilarious, but were almost too relatable.

15 Tempers fly

If you're a true Parks and Recreation fan, then you know this classic TV moment. During The "Stakeout" episode, Leslie Knope throws down the best temper tantrum of her life. So big in fact, that the digital world turned it into a million different meme's that flooded our social media sites for years.

After watching this epic showdown, you couldn't deny that a part of you felt a pang of jealousy that she actually got away with it. The way Leslie quivered her lip and stomped her feet, made us all wish that we could do the same thing. Because in reality, we have all had our moments. And we're allowed to be mad when things don't go our way. Especially if we feel stuck in the corner without any known way of getting out. So, don't worry, you're allowed to throw a temper tantrum from time to time. You have our permission.

14 Treat yo' self

"Treat yo'self," Truer words have never been spoken, ever!

When Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle graced us with the most quotable reference of all history, they reminded us that it's OK to be selfish from time to time. And they taught us that self-care is necessary for our health and happiness. So, waiting for the excuse to do something nice for ourselves is ridiculous. Just do it!

Have you been eyeing that hat in the department store for far too long? Treat yourself! Been wanting to take a much-needed day trip to the spa? Treat yourself! Want to eat that doughnut, but worried that it will hurt your diet? Psh, treat yourself! Seriously, go ahead and treat yourself! You know you want to!

13 Identity crisis

Via: meatyswanson.tumblr.com

We're all aware that Tammy 1 and Tammy 2 were BAD news for Ron Swanson. They were a deadly combination that had a weird effect on our usually sullen Swanson. His ex's had this strange ability to change Ron in many different ways and never for the better.

But we can all relate, can't we? Maybe not on this level, but we have all been there. There is always that one relationship, or ex-lover, that somehow morphed us into someone else. And this usually happened right before our very eyes with very little warning. And we would usually deny, deny, deny, that someone had the ability to do so. But I guess that's what love does, doesn't it? Swoops in, takes us on a journey, and somehow drops us on the other end. Then, leaves us with a slight case of identity crisis.

12 Beauty is pain

Most women know that beauty often comes with a little pain. Unfortunately for Ben, when he went to the spa with Tom and Donna, he had to learn that lesson the hard way.

When Donna emerges from the back room of the spa with acupuncture needles all over her face, Ben is horrified. And it's her comeback to Ben's question and horror that we can all relate to, "Needles in yo' face, pleasure in yo' base." Beauty and pain, often come together and in the end, it's well worth it. Well, we at least hope so. Especially if you look and feel so much better than you did before. This moment was just another wonderful reminder to, 'treat to'self!Thank you Donna and Tom, we're on it!

11 Online dating

Dating is hard. It's really, really hard. Especially for working professionals, who are also slight workaholics like Leslie Knopp.

In this clip, we see Ann trying to create an amazing dating profile for Leslie. The only problem is, Leslie is making it incredibly difficult for Ann to make her sound good online. For example, Leslie's favorite place is a mural on the second floor of her building that she likes to sit in front of. Not Paris or Rome, as Ann would like to mention. This scene is relatable AF. From time to time, many of us will have to learn how to sell ourselves. Whether that's for potential mates or business opportunities. And when that time comes, we may realize that we're a bit more boring than we had originally thought. Watch the clip above to see it all hilariously pan out.

10  Working out sucks

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Ugh, working out. I don't know very many people that truly love working out. And the people that say they do, well, I just don't trust them. Because let's be honest here, working out sucks! And usually, for most people, if you start to work out, it's because you're being driven by some outside influence.

In this case, Tom Haverford was trying to win back his wife when he decided to do some crunches. But like most of us, he quickly realized how painful and boring that was. The biggest lesson we learned from Tom's situation was to be with someone who likes you for exactly who you are. Not because you work out. Not because you look ripped or thin, or done up. Be with someone who likes your little invisible six pack, just the way it is. Holla!

9 Food poisoning

For anyone who has ever had to endure the pain of food poisoning, you will definitely be able to relate to this hilarious and real moment on Parks and Rec.

When the boys get food poisoning from dinner the night before, they all turn into a bunch of worthless, sick, and whiny employees. Chris is writhing on the floor when Ben walks in saying that he is dying. They both can hardly even speak when Ron comes in feeling the exact same, but is somehow still controlling himself way better than the other two. The best part is when they try to call Tom Haverford on the phone, to check on him, and Ben has to try and dial the number with his nose. Surprisingly, Tom is completely fine and in the best mood ever. Which is exactly what makes this scene hilarious. Watch the video above now and see for yourself.

8 "I can do what I want..."

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There is no better feeling in the world then when you finally have enough authority to literally do what you want. Of course, many of us will never personally know that feeling. But we can all imagine and somewhat relate to Ron Swanson when he created his own permit that simply stated, "I can do what I want." And you know what? He could do what he wanted because he had the political authority to do so. Lucky man.

For the rest of us, when and if we move up in our careers, we may one day be able to relate to that feeling. The feeling of being able to set the rules, make the rules, or in many cases, even break the rules. And when you finally get to that point, you'll remember this exact moment. And then, you'll hoot and holler because it really is the best feeling in the world.

7 Accidentally drinking too much

Not only is the above clip hilarious, but it's beyond relatable for anyone who has ever been a little too drunk at a work event. Which I think we can all relate to at least once in our lives, right?

The entire Parks and Recreation office drinks too much snake juice at a work event and because of this, we got to see everyone's inner personality. Leslie, who usually has it together, just happens to be a crier. Tom is somehow even more random and hilarious when he drinks. Ben, who is normally overly professional and serious, turns into a pile of mush. Andy isn't much different except for his intense love of music. April refuses to speak in anything other than her native tongue. And Ron Swanson somehow turns into a dancing fool/party animal. But, the last few seconds of the clip are best. Watch it now and feel free to reminisce on your own drunken safe ride home story.

6 Shame

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When Jerry accidentally dropped his burrito into the river and broke his arm, he told the staff that he was mugged. Understandably so, he was ashamed. In fact, I would bet that most people have told little white lies to cover up their true, embarrassing, and ridiculous real stories. Because sometimes fiction is better than reality, isn't it?

Shame, shame. We know your name, Jerry.

Sadly, Jerry was caught on park surveillance and his cover was blown by the staff. So, the biggest and most relatable lesson here is to just tell the truth. No matter how ridiculous it makes you look. It's better to come clean from the get-go. Because you never know who may be watching you. And it's better than having your cover blown, right?

5 When wine is the answer

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April was probably one of the best characters on Parks and Rec. Her unenthusiastic personality was equal parts charming and hilarious. We could all easily relate to her, or her anti-social antics, on more than one occasion. From not liking people from time to time, to feeling bored at work, or in love with the funny guy who cleans shoes in the hallway, she was our spirit animal in human form. But what she ultimately reminded many of us of was that even when things seem to be falling apart around us, even when you are stressed to the max, there is always alcohol. And alcohol can truly save the day.

We're not condoning alcohol here, but you can't deny that having a glass of wine after a long day is like the best feeling ever. Relatable? Heck, yes! Now, go pour yourself a glass. You truly do deserve it.

4 Adulting is hard

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OK. Many of us know that you don't cook Ramen in the coffee pot. But then again, we are all entitled to make some mistakes once or twice, right?

If Andy taught any of us anything during his time on Parks and Rec, it was that adulting is hard. Like, really, really hard. And he also reminded us that it's OK if we didn't know how to do something, or everything actually. It's perfectly fine to be clueless and it's OK to ask for help when we need it. We are all capable of making mistakes, sometimes even more than once. OK, maybe even more than a few times. In the end, we learn and grow, and then move on. That's all part of the process. So, you keep doing you, Andy. Just like April, you're our super relatable spirit animal who teaches us that life is about making mistakes and feeding into our childlike enthusiasm.

3 Fart attack

There are very few moments that can unite all people, in all areas, in any and all languages. And one of those moments just happens to be farting.

We can all relate to accidentally farting when we, or anyone, least expect it. In fact, farting often times comes as a surprise to us and those around us. In this clip, Ann and Leslie decide to scare Tom Haverford when he exits the bathroom. Little do they know that Jerry is the first one out and the first one to get scared by them. So scared in fact, that Jerry has a heart attack... and a fart attack. This health scare moment quickly turns hilarious when Tom exit's the bathroom mid-fart attack and asks, "Jerry, did you eat farts for lunch?!" Trust me, even if you don't like a little fart humor, this clip is a must watch.

2 Friendship is forever

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These two professional, busy, and beautiful ladies have created a friendship/love story to last the test of time. Leslie and Ann created a friendship built on honesty, humor, and equality. They were supportive of one another. They helped one another out and were never jealous or vindictive of one another. And they were there for one another, no matter what stood in their way.

For those of you that have an amazing friendship in your lives, like theirs, we know that you can relate to the deep bond these two ladies shared with one another. Most friendships come and go, but when you find your person, they're usually here to stay. Forever. Watch their best moments from every season here. And while you're at it, share it with your BFF.

1 Blame it on the alcohol

I don't know anyone who doesn't have a, "I did this when I was drunk" story. We all have one. And chances are, it's hilarious. Like Ben and Leslie, we can all relate to having that one drunken night where we may have made a bad decision. Or, maybe the best decision ever, depending on how you look at it. But in the end, it still makes for an excellent story, right?

For Leslie and Ben, that drunken story was getting a tattoo in a pawn shop. The owner used ink from broken pens. Yes, pens. These two may not have been able to walk very straight, but they were fully aware of what they were doing, right? Regardless, this episode is not only relatable, but also hilarious. Watch the clip above and see how it all plays out.

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