15 Times People LITERALLY Got What They Asked For

We have all asked for something at some point only to get something completely different, but how many of us have actually ever gotten exactly what we asked for? Chances are when we do, it still isn’t what we wanted. Some people take things too seriously and too literally and don’t even realize they are being ridiculous. These 15 people asked for something and clearly fate decided to grant their wish in the most literal way possible. Just goes to show that we need to be careful of what we ask for, because we might just get it. That might sound like a good thing, but these photos show, it’s really not. Is there any way to avoid such a scenario in our own lives? Probably not. All we can do is hope for the best and try to be specific in our requests. Even then, we still might end up with something else.

15 Good One Mother Nature

When you are dealing with mother nature, you never know what you will get. You may be hoping and expecting one type of weather and getting something completely different. This guy simply said he couldn’t wait for double digits. He didn’t say they couldn’t be negative ones. I guess he got what he asked for, but maybe not what he wanted. At least he can rest assured that warm weather will be there someday. He may have to brave the ice, snow and cold for a couple months, but eventually he will get the double digits he was hoping for. The rough winter will make the summer that much more enjoyable. He will probably be complaining about how hot it is the first week of summer.

14 Expecting Something Different?

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The only thing worse than guys who beat around the bush about things are guys who are annoyingly blunt and honest. This guy wasted no time asking this girl to send him a photo of herself in a bra. Of course, we all know he wanted to see a picture of her wearing a bra, but that’s not what he said right? She definitely gave him what he asked for, even if she knew it wasn’t what he wanted. I would like to see the rest of this conversation and how this guy responded after getting the photo. Hopefully he left the poor girl alone and stopped trying to harass her online. If not, I hope she had plenty of other sarcastic responses ready to send to him. Would her parents be mad if they saw this or proud?

13 I Don't See The Problem?

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Ever look back on your childhood and question if your parents really loved you or not? Those awful clothes, that crazy hair, if they loved you they wouldn’t let you run around like that would they? This poor girl is probably wondering about her own mother after seeing this photo and realizing what a mistake she made. When you are young, you trust that your parents always know best. It’s a little scary to think that they might not. This girl’s mom didn’t know what a half up, half down hairstyle was, but she sure tried her best to make it happen. I guess if it was a problem the dance instructor would have asked her to change it right? There’s nothing wrong with being a little different.

12 Did That Do It For Ya?

We have all gotten at least one text like this where someone wants us to talk dirty to them or send them a dirty photo. Its how we respond that is a true testament of our characters. Some of us indulge them and tell them what they want to hear. Others simply ignore them or even go as far as to delete or block to contact. The really brave and smart are willing to go that extra mile and same something sarcastic.. This guy or girl wanted to hear something hot and global warming is about as hot as it gets. It must have done the trick for him or her because the reply wasn’t too awful. It’s probably just a couple being silly but I would almost rather it be a random conversation between two strangers.

11 Ask And You Shall Receive

Sometimes you just have to wonder what the hell is wrong with people. Why would someone go out of their way to do something that was so wrong. They couldn’t have seriously thought that this is what they meant? Go easy on the mustard means just a little bit, not write the word on it. But I guess in a world where everyone takes things literally, this is as good as it gets. I guess this guy can’t complain too much, he still got a little bit of mustard on his hotdog. It’s still edible and not a total loss. It took more effort for the guy who wrote this message to do it wrong than to just have done it right, but maybe he was just trying to be funny and make someone else laugh too. Can’t blame him for that.

10 The One Time They Got Your Order Right

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It seems like fast food restaurants aren't very good at getting orders right. I mean sure, the employees are only human and sometimes they make mistakes, but if your order is always wrong, it’s more than just normal human error. It figures that the only time they actually get an order completely correct, they take it too literally and do it wrong. They had to know what this guy meant when he placed his order. Either someone working there was really dumb or really funny. Maybe it was just a slow and boring day and they needed something to make them laugh. I can just imagine the employee snickering as they put together this sad effort and sent it off. I bet the person who got this sandwich wasn’t laughing.

9 Matt Might Be A Little Upset

If you are going to talk crap about someone, you better be careful who hears it. The person ordering this cake probably thought he was being hilarious and maybe he was, but the cake decorator had the last laugh, that's for sure. Poor Matt is now going to find out via birthday cake that everyone at the office calls him a dick. What’s worse? Just coming out and calling someone a dick or saying it and then trying to take it back? I bet they still served this cake and had a nice laugh about it. Hopefully Matt is an easy going guy with a fun sense of humor and didn’t mind the writing. He can always get revenge on his friend’s next birthday. Personally this is the kind of cake you want to get. Sure beats the other boring and sincere messages.

8 Why Is This Even A Thing?

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Google is a pretty helpful search engine when it wants to be. Sometimes it helps us find exactly what we want and other times it takes us on a crazy ride into the brink of insanity. It really makes you wonder about the human mind when you see some of the suggestions that pop up on Google based on what other people have searched for. When you find out the weird things that people have searched for actually exist, it gets even stranger. Why do images like this exist? Who made them and who is searching for them? Is it just an expression of art? A joke? Maybe someone just made them so when a person searched for these terms, this would pop up. I can’t look away but I'm so disturbed.

7 Better Than Not Doing It

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Getting kids to do chores is one of the hardest things a parent has to deal with. They whine, they cry, they downright refuse and most of the time it’s easier for the parents to just do it them themselves. This little girl may have put her shoes a little too close to the door, but at least she did exactly what he was asked to do. Most kids wouldn’t have even picked them up when they were asked. Hopefully this kid continues to do what she is asked as she gets older but something tells me in a few years she won’t be picking up her shoes or anything and this mom will regret that she ever complained about this. Do you think the other kids put their shoes in the right spot or did mom do it?

6 Bet She's Still Drinking

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Is this girl just doing what the guy’s shirt says? He sure seems to think that she is. He must really believe he has a chance with her, because he is patiently waiting until she is done drinking. I wonder if she even knows what’s waiting for her? That poor girl has dived into that glass of beer so she is either trying her best to make it happen for this guy or just hoping she drinks enough to be taken away from the situation, even if it’s in an ambulance. This guy’s shirt is probably speaking his mind and he may think he is going to get what he wants, but something tells me he just ended his night with vomit on his shoes.

5 Mean But True

I hate to even talk about this because it’s so sad and so mean, but it’s also a prime example of why you should be careful what you ask for. Young Simba just wanted to be king so he could be his own boss and do whatever he wanted to do. Of course, he didn’t want his father to die and probably did even think that in order to become the king, he would have to wait until his father was dead. Nonetheless, a short time after Simba sang this upbeat and fun song, his father died in a horrible accident and he technically became the king. Had he not have run away he would have ruling that same day I’m sure he would have gladly traded his crown for his father’s life though.

4 At Least It Went To The Right Address

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It’s stressful when you aren’t home and you know a package is going to be dropped off. Will they leave it if you aren’t there? What if someone steals it before you get home to take it inside? Luckily, most delivery services allow customers to make requests about when a where they want their packages left if they are not home. This customer made a fairly simple request and had the package not have been gigantic, it may have fit. The delivery guy must be under the assumption that the customer is always right and he wasn’t about to question it. He did exactly what he was told to do. Hope the customer was satisfied. I’m not sure the package was hid well, but not too many people are going to mess with something like this.

3 It Was A Weird Request

This girl should know better than to ask this guy to help her with any Photoshop needs. Especially one as silly as this one. Why would anyone need to be turned into a unicorn? Has she never seen this guy’s work? Doesn’t she know what he can do? His skills are amazing, but he is like a genie and always gives people exactly what they ask for, even if he knows it isn’t what they meant. He turned her into a unicorn alright, but not the kind she wanted. I wonder if she is happy with it? I guess the next time she asks for something like this she will be a little more specific and make her requested a little more detailed. Probably still won’t help though.

2 Raising Them Right

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You have to wonder if this kid did this on purpose or really was confused. Is his mom more mad or concerned. I hope she didn’t need that hung out to dry for any upcoming event, because I have a feeling she won’t be wearing it. There; always a chance that this kid knew exactly what the note meant and was just messing with his mom. He probably hung the shirt out too and just took a photo of the note to tease her. Because moms don’t have a enough to stress and things to worry about right? If this kid really did hang up the note instead of the shirt, I hope his mom is searching for a good tutor or something. Poor guy needs a little help.

1 Think She Was Embarrassed?

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We have all gotten caught up in a moment and done something silly or said something stupid. That’s probably what happened with this lady. She wrecked her car and was likely shaken and upset and now she has to send pictures. I mean the insurance adjuster didn’t specify what she wanted photos of, so how was this lady to know she meant the car? I bet she felt pretty embarrassed after she realized what she had done. I wish we could all see the text she sent back. Maybe she didn’t even bother to reply and just sent the photos of the car. I bet she was the laugh of the insurance office for a few days. I'm sure this poor mom’s children won’t ever let her forget about this moment either.

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