15 Times Pokémon GO Captured Our Real Life Fails

Pokémon GO has literally dominated every aspect of our lives with the sometimes cute, sometimes strange, but all-around catch-worthy pocket monsters. However, after some intensely dedicated play of Pokémon GO, a lot of us trainers started to realize that these snaps created situations that were relatable AF. Notably, our fails just seem a tad bit more bearable, even funny, when shown with one of our favorite pocket monsters nearby. So here are 15 times when Pokémon GO capture snaps and memes were literally all of us.

15 When you’re trying a new diet and you forgot to tell your friends before you went to the party

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Trying to be super dedicated to your diet while still remaining social is a feat in and of itself. You may run into a little situation like this:

You just started your new diet. You are only a few days in, but you already feel like this is the lifestyle change that will get you the results you are looking for. You are inspired. You are motivated. You are ready to commit to this lifestyle change more with each passing day.

Later in the week, you get an invite to a friends house for a weekend “kick back." The people who invited you are people you enjoy being around. You know, in your head, that this will be a party, but for whatever reason, you have not fully considered all the implications of a party (i.e. party food, wine, desserts, also known as diet wreckers) You whip up a fancy salad in a pretty bowl, put on a cute outfit, and head to the shindig.

However, once you have arrived and enter the hostess’ home, you are already regretting your decision. You are greeted with plates and platters of every kind of foods and treats and things you cannot eat. You are left with a choice: either abandon ship on your “oh so dedicated diet” or retreat to the corner of the party, being the only one eating your salad.

14 You thought you only had to go number 1 and you didn’t bring you phone

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This is something we can all relate to:

You are home. You are mid-text or mid-YouTube beauty tutorial when you suddenly begin to feel that “silvery” feeling. You find yourself running to the bathroom (because all of those vanilla sweet cream cold brew coffees, green juices, and perfectly tempered iced water (in your super cute S'well bottle, of course) have finally caught up to you. Kudos for trying to stay hydrated.)

You leave your cell phone, your avenue for entertainment, education, and connection, on your bed or table, or somewhere out of your reach. After sitting down, you discover that what was supposed to be a quick trip is turning into a much longer ordeal because, well, number one is not the only one that wants to come out. You may start getting feelings. You may feel lied to. You may feel thrown into a panic of the impending boredom of being forced to count the bathroom tiles that is about to swallow the next 15 minutes of your life.

Either way, this meme says it all.

13 When you keep getting approached by the same type of guys

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You have no idea why you keep getting approached by a certain type of guy. You know the type: the kind who likes cargo shorts more than any type of pants, owns (and wears proudly) clothing with profanity or some alcoholic beverage printed upon it, publicly scratches or adjusts himself without even blushing. That type. Basic.

He is what would be equated to all of those Weedles you find all around Pokémon GO. They are everywhere, and while they are cute when you are first starting out, after a while, you have outgrown them.

However, there are those rare Pokémon that you’re trying to catch. Those would be the powerful, strong, uncommon pocket monsters that cause stampedes in central park and will help you conquer those Pokégyms, like Vaporeon. Translate this to guys and this is the type who holds the door for you, not because you cannot hold it yourself, but it is one small way he honors you as the woman in his life. He encourages you to pursue your dreams. He loves you both with and without makeup. He looks to complement, not complete, you because he knows you are already whole without him.

You know your worth with a Vaporeon. You’re better than all those Weedles, girl.

12 Looking for something you lost in your place like…

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Why is it that the one thing that you go to look for is always the one thing that takes the longest to find? Typically, most of us are pretty good with putting things where they belong. However, you always have that one incident when you decide, for whatever reason, to loosen up on your typical, borderline obsessive tidiness and toss that oh, so important thing somewhere random. Now, you have forgotten where that important thing is. While you know it couldn’t be far, the idea of it being so close is driving you bonkers.

Yeah, you are not alone. We have all been there.

11 When you’re regretting every bite of that bean salad you ate earlier for lunch

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You are a few hours back at work from lunch, and you're still proud of yourself for making a very healthy choice for your mid-day meal. When all of the sudden, you feel an unusual twinge in your nether regions. That sudden twinge becomes a steady and growing bloat that relentlessly fills your belly until you can barely stay seated at your work station any longer.

As quickly as your now-distended body can manage, you make an exit before you fill the quiet and currently pleasant-smelling office with noises and odors that no co-worker would be happy about.

10 You forgot to take out the trash and critters came to help you dispose of it

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Trash day was a few days ago, but you, being the busy productive adult that you are, forgot to take out the garbage. You think “Eh, what can a few more days hurt?”

Little did you know, that unwrapped bread from the dinner party you hosted last week, has invited a few hungry little friends to host a little party of their own. Yuck! You grab your rubber gloves to avoid touching anything and carefully drag it through your apartment and to the garbage outside. Then, you wash your hands clean and promise to never let something so gross happen again, but a few days later, laziness sets in...

9 When people hog public transit seats with their stuff

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You are stepping onto your choice mode of transportation for your morning commute. The bus/train/ trolley/ is packed to capacity. You look up and see that there appears to be one seat still available. You shuffle through the crowd of fellow riders, carefully navigating yourself while trying to remain upright on a moving vehicle.

Finally, you reach the area where the open seat is, only to realize that the seat is taken up, not by a person, not by a child, but by a bag (or several bags). The person to whom they belong either seems aloof about the situation, or worse, they are completely indifferent to your plight, meeting your polite glance that silently requests the seat now being occupied by his or her crap with a nasty face and an attitude to match.

In the end, you decide you would rather stand than sit next to someone who could sit on a full mode to transportation and still not care to share seats.

8 When you catch your sibling wearing your stuff

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That moment when you catch your brother/sister wearing something of yours and you get all offended like they stole it. You are not exactly sure of when you either lost it, left it, dropped it, or forgot it. You may have left it at his or her place or in his or her car the last time you hung out. Hell, you could have loaned it to them for all you remember. And honestly, you may not have even thought about the thing since you left it.

But, that is not the point here. The point is the next time you hang with your sibs, you notice your stuff on their body, like, as part of their outfit for the day. Whoa, fam. Not cool. Come up off of that, please.

7 When the alarm doesn't go off

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You are seriously getting some of the best sleep of your life. Slowly, you start to rejoin the land of the living. As you are blissfully waking up, you roll over to check the time, impressed by your newfound ability to wake up before that jarring, obnoxious, yet effective alarm sound.

As you lift your phone from the night stand and bring it to your face, your blurry eyes slowly adjust to the time. Then, you blink, thinking that you surely read it wrong. Then... you panic, almost falling out of your bed. Your alarm has failed you. You are late.

6 When the know-it-all comes to the party

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You are hanging with a bunch of buds and acquaintances at a backyard function. Music is rocking, people are laughing; it's a good time.

You clearly are slaying in the cooking department (made obvious by the fact that anything you make is usually devoured as soon as you set it out) when the dreaded Know-It-All of the crew shows up. After saying salutations to everyone else, s/he walks over just as you are handing over your signature dish and proceeds to offer you some advice on better ways to make it. Try not to glare as you keep doing you, boo.

5 Whoops...

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You do not understand why stores make such towering displays of essential items. But that does not stop you from attempting to get one of the one’s from the top (because who wants one that everyone else could have grabbed and toughed. Ew, germs.)

You knew you should not have tried to get the one off of the top shelf. Something told you that this has all the makings of a public disaster. But you will not be deterred. Boosting yourself up onto your tippy toes, you stealthily reach upward, thanking God for every bit of height you have.

You actually manage to get the top one down in one piece. But you did not account for your elbow tapping one of the others on the way back down. Uh-oh. Now, here they all come with the noise and commotion a bunch of falling things in a public place can have. Whoops. Clean up on aisle four.

4 That beach pic wasn't as cute as you thought it was going to be

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You just got this new suit from a shop online and you are determined to wear it before the end of the summer. It just so happens that you and the crew are taking a road trip to the nearest beach. You slide into your new suit, load that cute beach bag, slide on your flip flops, and you and the pals hit the sand.

While playing in the water, someone in the crew whips out the phone for a quick pic. You, in your new suit, loaded with confidence, pose for your best Instagram-worthy snap. You continue on, enjoying your beach day, forgetting all about the picture.

The sun sets, and you make your way home. While scrolling through your feed, you come across what turns out to be the pic taken of you earlier in the day, bathed in sheer disappointment. Your “Instagram" pic turns out to only be worthy for the delete file. You look less Kendall Jenner and more Steve Urkel. Time to beg your bud to take that disaster down.

3 When that one person you're avoiding is the one you run into

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We all have that one person who just rubs us the wrong way. This person may work with you. For whatever reason, you just really, really do not want to talk to this person.

You managed to get through a full day without any interaction from them. No emails, no calls, nothing. Cheerfully, you go about the rest of the day, forgetting all about that one nag of a person. It comes time to head home for the day. You grab your bag, snag your jacket, and make your way to the elevator. You have had a very good day. You step on and press the down button, smiling about your non-annoying day.

That is, until that big, metallic door slides open and who should step on, but that one person you really did not want to see today. Enjoy your elevator ride.

2 That harmless creeper who keeps following you

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Creeps are never cool. Especially the kind who do not take a hint.

You are minding your own business, walking through the market, grabbing some of the essentials. While grabbing something from a low shelf, your eyes meet a guy’s from across the aisle. You smile to be polite and continue on with your errand. Moving onto the next aisle, you look up, and there is the same guy again, now with a smile for you. You, um, try not to make this awkward, grab what you need from this aisle, and move on.

This happens a few more aisles until you manage to get some distance between you two as you retreat to the produce section. But just as you think you are in the clear, you catch him slowly peering from behind a pillar. Exasperated, you make a beeline to the check out and to your car, not even attempting to glance at anyone else.

1 That Pinterest recipe that didn't turn out so well

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While scrolling through Pinterest, you found this amazing recipe and cannot wait to share it with your guy. You call him up, make plans for him to come by and tell him to pick up the wine.

You get dinner started. So far, so good. The veggies come out picture perfect, the sides look like something Martha Stewart brought over. Feeling proud, you dive into the entrée. You follow the recipe to the letter, making sure even the tiniest detail is followed. Finally, you are finished.

But something is not right. You look at the photo, back to your dish, and then back to the photo. Yours isn’t as pretty. In fact, it looks like something that should end up on Pinterest fails. Let’s hope it tastes better than it looks. Otherwise, there’s always takeout.

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