15 Times Pokemon GO Fans Won the Internet

At this point, it’s safe to say that Pokémon Go has broken the Internet. It’s impossible to log on to any social media, news, or entertainment site without being bombarded with statuses, images and articles about the game. It took 20 years for John Hankel – the game’s creator – to get his creation released, but less than 20 days for it to take over the world.

Fans of the game haven’t just taken to the streets in enthusiasm; they’ve also taken over the digital world.

Here are 15 of their best online moments:

15 The Craigslist’s Entrepreneur


Considering that you can buy belly button lint and human-sized hamster wheels on Craigslist, it’s no surprise to see an ad like this. Everyone is on a mission to catch them all, but getting around to find the rarer Pokémon requires more effort than a walk around your apartment building. Enter the Pokémon tour guide. All you need to know is where others have found the Pokémon you’re looking for and this guy will make sure you get there.

And if you’ve got your hands on an egg that will only hatch after 20km, he has a solution for you too: He’ll drive you around at walking pace to increase your distances. It’s the perfect solution for lazy people! Why walk when you can be driven around in a car built in 2013 – apparently the only year when ACs were installed in cars. Thank goodness a car full of people driving slowly around a parking lot doesn’t look suspicious at all.

14 The Torn Criminal

When you and your tour driver inevitably gets pulled over for driving slowly around a bank's parking lot, you’re going to have some explaining to do. Unless you get lucky and encounter a policeman who is also a Pokéfan, you’re going to look even more suspect when you lift your phone up and start swiping wildly in an attempt to catch the Pokémon that has appeared by his feet.

We’re not sure what this guy was pulled over for, or whether he managed to catch that (weak) Rattata, but – as any good Pokémon nerd would do – he found the time to screenshot the entire thing. A story isn’t a good story unless you can post it to your Twitter account. The only question we have for this guy is whether there are any rare Pokémon in prison. What? Like you wouldn’t consider a night in jail if you knew there was a Charizard in one of those cells?

13 The Good Student

During the summer vacation, kids are expected (unfairly) to go out and achieve things. Sitting on a couch for three months is not an acceptable way to spend your childhood. That is an achievement reserved exclusively for adulthood. So parents ship their kids off to camps, put them in summer school, or take them on trips they didn’t want to go on in the first place.

This kid has shared his plans for the summer with Tumblr, and they’re way more epic than any skiing trip to the Alps or tour of Europe: He plans to hunt down Pikachu. Owning that ball of fur and lightning has been every Pokémon fan’s dream since we heard his first, “Pika, Pika!” Parents and teachers might not agree with his choice of vacation time, but who needs s'mores, "kumbayah," and family photos when you’re going to be the first to catch them all?!

12 The Fearless Explorer

As usual, Tumblr is the best place to find like-minded people. If there’s something with a fandom, you’ll find it there – from the obscure to the obvious. Pokémon GO fans have taken over the site and have been sharing tips, experiences and ideas since before the game was even released. It’s where you’ll find others who are as obsessed invested in it as you are.

Hopefully this guy wasn’t being serious, but if there were a Zapdos in a power plant, there would be at least one person who’d attempt to catch him. The start up screen in the game warns you to stay aware of your surroundings (clearly, they knew their target audience well), but when there’s a Pokémon to be caught, this warning is easy to forget. Social media is full of tales about fans who have taken the hunt too far. But what’s a little bit of possible electrocution if it means you can catch a legendary Pokémon?

11 The Genius Cyclist

There are lifetimes' worth of information on the Internet. There are websites that exercise your brain, alternative media outlets that expose you to interesting news and opinions, and videos showing you how to achieve a million things you would never know how to do otherwise. But that was all before Pokémon GO. Now that the game is out, the web is full of ideas on how to improve your Pokémon trainer skills. There are location tips for where to find Pokéstops, ideas for speeding up egg incubation time and hacks for time spent on the hunt.

This is the one of the best we’ve seen. Since walking takes too long, a bike is the best tool for hunting. Who needs expensive GPS exercise tracking devices anymore? Now you can use Pokémon GO to monitor your activity. It’s easy: The more Pokémon you catch, the more calories you’ve burnt. And here’s how to make sure that you can – just attach your phone and a spare battery pack to your handlebars and you’re good to go.

10 The Smart Solution

Finding rare Pokémon in the wild isn’t easy. There’s a better chance of getting one of them by hatching an egg. The higher the amount of walking needed to incubate the egg, the rarer the Pokémon. Unfortunately, this means you have to do a lot of walking. 20 km is a long way to go for a Pokémon – even if you’re a marathon runner. Fortunately, lazy people are always the most inventive. If there’s a way to avoid doing too much work, they will find it.

The game knows if you’re attempting to do the distance by car – eggs only incubate when you’re moving at a slower pace than it’s possible to drive (They seem determined to force people to go out and do something. Ick.). But this genius kid shared his idea to overcome this challenge with his dad. And his dad shared it on Facebook so that the rest of us could take advantage of his genius. Beat the summer heat in two ways: By avoiding the outdoors and using a fan! Win-win!

9 The Obsessed Fan (That’s Just Like You)

Social media is essentially a bunch of different support groups. Some people use Facebook to communicate about the challenges of parenting. Some use Twitter to connect to people as obsessed with cats sports as they are. One of the most useful things from social media is that you can commiserate with people about how your obsessions are taking over your life, whether you’re looking for them to help you overcome them or to feel accepted by others experiencing the same thing you are. This is what Tumblr does best.

It’s not like Pokémon is a new obsession though. If you are in your 30s now, you’ll remember the craze that hit the world when the card game came out. Some of you will even remember being kicked out of class for playing Pokémon when you should have been sleeping through algebra. If your addiction to the game ever feels like it’s getting out of hand, there are people – like this Tumblr user – to connect with.

8 More Excuses To Take A Selfie

People spend hours waiting in line to get a photo taken with their favorite celebrities. Others (ahem, Kylie Jenner) spend hours taking photos of themselves. How would we know what was happening in the lives of the rich and famous if we didn’t get a Snapchat of their clothes every four hours?

Pokémon fans are no different. We’ve been waiting for decades to be able to take photos with our favorite stars – even if they happen to be made up creatures that live inside golf balls. And after the long wait, Pokémon GO has finally provided us with the perfect photo opportunity. If you’re one of us, don’t even pretend that you aren’t just like this guy and haven’t thought about Instagramming a picture of yourself dancing with your favorite Pokémon. Unless you don’t have it yet. In which case, what are you doing?! Stop posing, get out a Pokéball and start swiping!

7 The White House Creeper

There is no garden as well guarded as the one outside the White House. We’re willing to bet that even the ants need security clearance to get inside the walls. But if there were any group that would find a way to get into the Oval Office, it wouldn’t be terrorists. Or Russian spies (Why are they always Russian?). It would be Pokémon fans.

Rattata is not the best reason to get thrown into prison for breaking and entering, but this comic makes a very good point: If the Pokémon was rare enough, a real trainer would stop at nothing to get it. It’s only a matter of time before a report about a Pokémon fan breaking into a classified CIA base appears on the news. But as long as the person in question has managed to capture Zapdos, we’re sure they won’t be too concerned about getting a permanent record.

6 Trumpemon


Memes are this generation’s version of satirical political comics. How else are we supposed to deal with the ridiculousness of a world that’s supposed to be taken seriously? And of the people we’re supposed to consider the most seriously, Trump is the most ridiculous. He does a good job of idiocy himself, but there’s always someone ready to share it on the Internet.

And whoever made this meme has drawn the perfect comparison: If you were to ask Trump which Pokémon he’d compare himself to, he’d probably say Mewtwo or Moltres. If there’s one thing he’s good at, it’s blowing himself out of proportion. Fortunately, we know the truth. And so does the creator of this meme. Trump is definitely Mr. Mime – the most annoying Pokémon to ever Pokémon. And his goals in life are exactly the same as Trump’s: Make a wall that keeps people out. And never admit to being bald.

5 This Not-So-Bright Guy

If you’re ever worried about your intelligence, all you need to do is log onto the Internet and you’ll find a million people that will make you feel really good about yourself (This video of Jen – our favorite English rocket scientist – explaining Pokémon GO should work pretty well to boost your self esteem on bad days).

These things make their way to social media via our own friends and family. Like poor Martin, who asked a genuine question, got the right answer and then made a total fool of himself. This may have been a private iMessage conversation, but – luckily for the rest of us – his friends were on hand to screenshot the moment so that it could live on forever in the digital world. 100% sure he’ll never live this down. It could be a joke too, but we’d rather believe that this actually happened – we can always pretend it’s for for educational purposes and not because we like to laugh at other people.

4 Forget FitBit. We Have Pokémon

Baby boomers and older generations have been complaining about the laziness of Millennials for years. Their argument is that Millennials don’t work as hard as they did but expect more. They’re wrong, of course, but that’s an argument for a day when the Pokémon GO servers are down. They’re not entirely off base when it comes to video game enthusiasts – it’s a way of life hobby that, with the exception of a tantrum or two, requires little movement.

The people who point fingers at gamers for being lazy are the ones who probably won’t understand Pokémon, so seeing “those lazy kids” running around the streets must come as a shock. Little do they know that this newfound love of physical activity has nothing to do with health benefits and everything to do with the need to catch them all. Like this fan points out, former couch potatoes would enter a triathlon if it meant they could catch Charizard.

3 The Cheating Boyfriend

Cheating isn’t just a heartbreaking thing to do to someone. It’s also really time consuming. It’s amazing that anyone has the energy to organize having a thing on the side – especially when there’s so much good TV out there. Or, you know, so many amazing games. Like Pokémon GO. In fairness though, it could potentially take up more time than a relationship and a side fling combined. If that’s the case, your significant other’s irritation is fully justified.

Not that it should stop you from being the very best, of course. First prize: Convince your person to join the fun (but make sure they never find the Pokémon before you do). Second prize: Find someone who checks social media as often as you check Pokémon so that you have a counter argument ready to be used. Because if you don’t, you could end up being named and shamed on YikYak for your obsession with a game based on a children’s TV series. And anyway, it’s not really cheating if the characters aren’t real.

2 The Excuse


We’re pretty sure Pokémon GO is going to cause some relationship drama. Couples will fight because one of them thinks it’s a silly thing to be doing. Others will fight because the one of them caught a Scyther before the other. There will definitely be problems when someone pretends to be busy so that they can go Pokémon hunting in secret.

To keep the drama at a minimum, take this guy’s cue. Don’t make up excuses or pretend you’re doing something important when you’re supposed to be spending time with your other half. If there’s a Snorlax blocking the way to your boyfriend/girlfriend’s house, and you’d rather be catching him than cuddling, be honest. If they love you, they’ll be proud of you for being so dedicated to your Pokémon trainer calling. What? It’s definitely a thing.

Relationship advice: Pick the same team (Unless you’re looking for a good reason to break up with someone).

1 The Biologist

Do you need a reason for why Pokémon GO should be allowed in school? Or are you trying to justify paying for more data? Easy: Remember that it’s a tool for education. While you’re out exploring the world, you’re discovering interesting things by visiting Pokéstops. Who knew the post office down the road from your house was a landmark?

While you’re at it, you’re learning things about the natural world that you can share via social media. The world needs to know why you can only find Gyrados near the river. It also needs to know about the aboriginal artwork where you caught your first Oddish. The guy that created this meme knows what’s up: He’s even learning how to communicate with other animals. Now that he’s figured out the motives behind his horse’s behavior, maybe he’ll be able to use Pokémon GO to solve the most mysterious force in the world: Cats.

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