15 Times Pokemon GO Totally Trolled Their Players

Playing Pokémon GO is all the rage for people of all ages. Whether you're young or old, it is a lot of fun to run around your neighborhood trying to catch cute animated creatures or testing your strength against other players by sending your Pokémon out to battle in a local gym.

However, Pokémon GO has a lot of bugs and there are times where we'd swear that the game was trying to troll us. If you've ever gotten frustrated with Pokémon GO, then you'll definitely get a big kick out of these stories, which explore how the game totally trolled unsuspecting players.

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15 Drunken Players Do Not Like Being Trolled Into Boredom

ITS BEEN 3 WEEKS Y R U LYKE DIS #pokemon #pokemongomemes #pokemongo

A post shared by Morbid Memes (@morbidmeme) on

"The reason catching Pokémon feels so botched is because there's no way for us as a player to increase our chances of getting a Pokémon outside of using three different balls and tossing a berry.

I don't like how that is literally every single battle. No matter what I do as a player, my max chances of catching [__ insert Pokémon___] will always be Ultra Ball + Razz Berry. I don't like how we can'y use our Pokémon outside of gyms to increase our odds and add some more depth of skill with a health/combat system. Kind of like what made the first games so great? Like you were making a difference. Like you and the Pokémon you collect could get better. Pokémon GO has many of these concepts in place, just not tied together and it's unbelievably frustrating.

I don't like how the enemies are designed so that they flee more often and break out of balls more the higher level you are, and that's all there is to it, so now you've gotta get them Pokéstops or stop by the Pokéshop to get more Pokéballs in this non-skill cyclical, boring, and poorly thought out mid-endgame!! Sorry for the mouthful, I'm a bit inebriated."

Many Pokémon GO players, such as Sethream, are getting sick of the game trolling them by being glitchy and boring. C'mon Niantic, try to spice it up a little, otherwise people are going to drop Pokémon GO like a hot potato!

14 The Exeggutors Are Teaming Up To Take Over The Town

Unfortunately, Bacon_is_not_France learned the hard way that Pokémon GO likes to troll players by NOT offering a wide variety of Pokémon to catch while you're out hunting:

"Exeggutors are seriously everywhere where I live. Every gym has one, it's ridiculous. Living near the ocean, we're surrounded with tons of water Pokémon too, so the only real counter you can get here is Flareon. Edit: Flareons to counter the Exeggutors, not the Vaporeons."

Clearly, Niantic hasn’t heard the phrase “variety is the spice of life.” Sure, it’s fun to prank players by offering the same Pokémon over and over again from time to tie, but if they keep doing that, they’re going to wind up angering players. Then again, maybe it is all part of a conspiracy to help the Exeggutors to take over Bacon_is_not_France’s town. Maybe the water Pokémon are in on it too, and they’re helping the Exeggutors with their nefarious plot.

13 Guess Pokémon GO Wants To Make You Feel Like You’re Right At Home.

Via: ifunny.com

"Living in the big city, surrounded now not only by real pigeons and rats, but also Pidgeys and Rattatas."

We feel terrible for Painted_Sky. Pokémon GO SHOULD be a fun experience where you get a chance to explore your city and hang out with friends while hunting for adorable animated critters as a nice change of pace, but NOOOOO. Niantic CLEARLY thought it would be a great idea to make Painted_Sky feel right at home by populating their neighborhood, which is already filled to the brim with both pigeons and rats in real life, with freakin’ Pidgeys and Rattatas. NOT COOL, Nianatic, NOT COOL. Plus, it’s so stereotypical: oh, you live in a big city? Well, we’ll troll you by surrounding you with Pidgeys and Rattatas, even though you see their real-life counterparts every.damn.day. UGH. How infuriating!

12 Niantic And The Weather Are Clearly In Cahoots

Via: facebook.com/pokegoteam

"I'm stuck at level 9 and get nothing but 10K eggs that I can't hatch because even in the middle of the night, it's hot as hell here and I don't want to walk around the neighborhood just so I can get all sweaty and not even catch anything in the process."

Poor UndeadBread. Not only are they stuck at Level 9 in Pokémon GO, but despite their best efforts, they can’t even hatch 10K eggs due to the weather being as hot as Mordor. What the heck did Niantic do, make a deal with Sauron in Lord of The Rings? Did someone resurrect the Dark Lord and he infused his will into Pokémon GO, a la the One Ring? Come to think of it, that would explain why the game is so popular. Niantic is in cahoots with Sauron to troll plays by making the weather beastly hot AND keep them stuck at certain levels!

11 Someone Give This Poor Player An Eevee!

Via: facebook.com/pokegoteam

"Level 16 and I haven't caught or EVEN SEEN one f**king Eevee. F**king hell, I just want an Eevee, goddamnit. It just took me like 20 minutes in the heat to take over a gym with a 1200 Vaporeon. I had to use two 1200 Arcanines AND a 1300 Lapras to beat it.

I want an Eevee :("

Ravenman2423 is truly a brave soul to go out in a million-degree weather in order to digitally enter a gym with a 1200 Vaporeon. With a little help from two 1200 Arcanines and a 1300 Lapras, they defeated the mighty Vaporeon. In order to thank them for their bravery, Niantic should stop trolling poor Ravenman2423 and give them a damn Eevee. They could’ve suffered from heat stroke while trying to duke it out in the gym, the least the company could do is let a wild Eevee appear in their path the next time they go out hunting.

10 Pokémon Change Right Before Your Very Eyes

"I encountered a Growlithe, but it showed up as a Poliwag after I captured it. At first I thought that maybe two Pokémon were really close to each other and I tapped a different one without realizing it, but it was definitely a Growlithe during the encounter."

Muhahahahaz was definitely surprised when Niantic decided to swap out one Pokémon for another. Was the company bored and decided it would be a good laugh if they changed the Pokémon right in front of their eyes?! Not that Muhahahahaz should really complain, of course. Poliwags are durable little suckers, but a Growlithe is a) a heck of a lot cuter and b) it has a keen sense of smell. It’s kind of like the Beagle or the Bloodhound of the Pokémon world: Growlithes have an awesome nose and they use it to literally sniff out others’ emotions. Where do we sign up to own one?!

9 Why Are All The Eggs Disappearing?

"My eggs just disappear when they’re right about 2 hatch and I have no information about the Pokémon I got or if I even got one! LUL"

We feel your pain, IKronnos, we totally feel your pain. One of the best parts about playing Pokémon GO is, theoretically, grabbing eggs, stardust and experience from Pokéstops. It SHOULD be egg-citing and rewarding to hatch eggs in Pokémon GO: after walking all those miles, you FINALLY have the chance to add a cool Pokémon to your Pokédex. But NOOOOOO. Niantic just HAD to mess with players like IKronnos by making their hard-won eggs disappear right when they are about to hatch. What a total letdown! We’d cry if we were in IKronnos’s position, especially if we had walked for ages and were totally looking forward to acquiring a new Pokémon. It’s not nice to mess with Pokémon GO’s players emotions, Niantic. Sheesh!

8 A Wild Porygon Appears

"At about 1 in the morning, I was heading home and checked my Pokévision for any Eevees en route, and saw a Porygon with about four minutes to despawn. I had to park at a location and traverse some stairs into an open area because driving around would be slower, and barely got to it in time.

Then to my surprise, I saw two people hurriedly running with their noses in their phones as I turned the corner on the exit of the cul-de-sac. Sadly, only one of the two got to the Porygon in time, with even more cars pulling up. Presumably they were there for the same reason, as it was an otherwise vacant area, but they started showing up just a little bit too late."

One of the downsides to playing Pokémon GO is that you have to be quick in order to catch ‘em all, as 1l1kn3bac0n learned while hunting one night. Unfortunately, the latecomers quickly learned that Niantic giveth, and Niantic taketh away while laughing hysterically at their misfortune.

7 Bring Back The Tracker, Niantic!

"Without a tracker, there is no way to really find something without stumbling around blindly. This takes almost all of the fun out of the game and honestly, it is way too pointless now because as a rural you aren't going to find anything this way without a serious time investment, and the game is not rewarding enough."

Like many other Pokémon GO players, SLEEKYx16 is NOT thrilled that Niantic trolled all of the gamers by removing the trackers. Does the company enjoy watching the poor rural players stumbling around blindly as they hunt for the ever-elusive Pokémon?! What do players like SLEEKYx16 need to do, perform a ritual to lure Pokémon to their neighborhood? Removing the tracker from the game was NOT COOL, NIANTIC, NOT. Even regular scavenger hunts are easier to solve than Pokémon GO is nowadays, and that’s sad. Stop trolling players Niantic and actually let them go forth and look for some animated critters, sheesh!

6 Rattata Laughs At Your Attempts

Via: makememe.org

"I wasted 10 Pokéballs on a Rattata because its refusal to be caught infuriates me."

We know that feel all too well, Jackalackan. We won’t lie, there have been plenty of times when our Pokémon have escaped and we’ve fallen to our knees, screeching curses at Niantic and shaking our fist at the sky. We’re almost positive the company is goading the Pokémon into doing everything in their power to try and escape the Pokéballs. We wouldn’t be shocked if they get a big kick out of seeing the players cry or scream in frustration when the Pokémon escape the Pokéballs and peace out.

However, we give Jackalackan credit for not giving up, even in the face of Niantic and Rattata’s trolling efforts. Honestly, they should get a reward just due to their sheer stubbornness and refusal to back down in the face of trolling. Not everyone would have the patience to hunt that sucker down-we sure wouldn’t!

5 Niantic Has Truly Created The Golden Egg

NO CHILL #pokemongomemes #pokemongo #pokemon

A post shared by Level Up Fast in Pokemon GO (@realpokecoins_pokemongo) on

"Halfway into Level 19, 39 eggs hatched, 448 Pokéstops visited, 510 Pokémon caught and I have not seen a single 10km egg. I see people on Reddit and Facebook hatching Snorlaxs, Aerodactyls, etc. and I'm stuck here trying to evolve Eevees and other high CP Pokémon that I caught trying to keep up. My highest Pokémon is a 1150 Exeggutor that I evolved from a 400 something Exeggcute that I caught myself.

At this point I am convinced either 10km eggs don't exist and the entire world is trolling me or my game is broken. Never lucky."

Poor PoopScoopPoop. For this user, Niantic has truly created a mythical golden egg. However, instead of searching for gold, all this player wants to do is just get a damn 10K egg of their very own but NOOOOO. The game clearly likes to frustrate its users instead of throwing them a bone.

4 Pikachu Laughs At Your Recovery Efforts

Via: makememe.org

"I've never played before but I think I've got the outline of a Pikachu near my house in sandy springs. But I can't walk due to surgery so I can't go get it."

That's COLD, Pokémon GO. Reddit user Ggrieves had surgery and is brand new to the game, and you taunt him with the outline of an adorable Pikachu? We can practically hear the Pokémon screeching “Hahahaha! You can’t catch me!” while dancing around outside Ggrieves’s window and just to add more salt into the wound, blowing raspberries at the poor injured player. Although seriously Pikachu, have a heart. The poor Reddit user is still in recovery, you can’t find it in your heart to take pity on the gamer and let them have a good shot at catching you? That would give them something to smile about as they recover from their surgery.

3 Now The Pokémon Are Ignoring Incense

Via: twitter.com/pokemongophers

"I live where nothing spawns so I used an incense and only got one Pokémon every five minutes. Caught six total. Also, they were weak Pidgeys, Rattattas, Weedles and some other common ones. I would not recommend using incense while standing in one place where no Pokémon spawn :("

Now THAT is a low blow, Niantic. Theoretically, lots of Pokémon should smell the incense and follow their noses to players such as Reddit user Danny_5000 so they can snatch them all up. If a player is REALLY lucky, then some super-strong Pokémon will appear and be easily caught. Clearly though, that wasn’t the case—Niantic must have made sure that Danny_5000’s incense would only attract weak Pokémon such as Pidgeys and Weedles. Perhaps they think it is funny when players’ eyes bug out and start screeching at the game because they used their incense and all they got in return were Pokémon that they didn’t want.

2 Even Ghost Pokémon Enjoy Playing Pranks

"Despite walking a half mile in any direction, Gastly never got any closer. I'm convinced he was just trolling me. By the way, literally nobody in my area has a ghost Pokémon... so much salt!"

Poor gt_H1zz. All they wanted to do was catch a super-rare (well, for their neighborhood, anyway) ghost Pokémon but NOOOO. The darn thing just HAD to troll them by literally disappearing. We can’t help but wonder—where the heck did it go?!! Did it run and hide from gt_H1zz in the nearest creepy cemetery? Did it go back to the underworld with the other ghost Pokémon? Did it quite literally disappear in a puff of smoke just to avoid the player? Inquiring minds want to know!

However the Pokémon escaped, we can’t help but feel bad for the poor player. They had a great opportunity to catch a rare Gastly, but alas, it was just not meant to be.

1 Where Have All The Pokémon Gone?

"I live across the street from two Pokéstops, I never see Pokémon here unless I use incense or a lure."

Of all the epic trolling Niantic and Pokémon GO have done, this has to be the worst. Poor dubbs2112 came down with a case of seriously bad luck with this game. You would think that having the good fortune to live right across the street from not one, but TWO Pokéstops would help them catch a lot of Pokémon, right? WRONG. Unless poor dubbs2112 uses incense or a lure, it is like a desert out there in their neighborhood: no Pokémon as far as the eye can see.

Just.WOW. Epic fail, Niantic. Isn’t the whole POINT of Pokémon GO to go outside and catch Pokémon in the real world? How do they expect players such as dubbs2112 to catch Pokémon if they aren’t any out in the wild and they have to keep using incense or lures?

Sources: Reddit, and Pokedex.

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