15 Times Pokemon Perfectly Photobombed Pets

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm and despite the nay-sayers, it is bring people of all ages, ethnicities and background together on a cool scavenger hunt that allows them to explore their neighborhood.

The AR mode in the game has also allowed Pokemon to appear as if they've showed up in real time, which has led to some pretty hilarious photos. From Pokemon appearing to taunt pets to Pokemon standing on someone's head, the pictures will make even the grouchiest person cackle with glee.

If you're a fan of Pokemon GO and love animals, then you will definitely get a kick out of our list of the 15 times Pokemon perfectly photobombed pets.

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15 This Cat Is Baffled By A Pokemon

We don’t think this adorable cat's owner explained to their pet what the deal is with Pokemon GO. The look on this cat’s face says it all. He’s probably thinking to himself, “When the heck did this tiny little bird sneak in here? How did I not hear it? Damn it, now I have to try and kill this thing for having the gall to invade MY territory.”

We’d love to see an epic battle between this poor bewildered cat and the Pokemon that has invaded on his home turf. The tiny ball of fluff would probably pass out from shock when he realizes that this is no ordinary bird, but a creature with immense power that could totally kick his a**. After a few rounds, the cat would probably turn tail and hide under the couch until its owner caught it. Sorry kitty-cat, but your claws and fangs are no match for the fearsome Spearow!

14 Cats: Afraid Of Cucumbers And Anime Characters

We’ve all seen the YouTube videos where an owner decides to prank their furry feline pal by placing a cucumber behind them while they are contentedly munching away on their food. The minute the cat finishes their snack and turns around to see the lone cucumber, the item triggers their startle response and they perform incredible feats of acrobatics to get away from it.

As a rule, cats are very suspicious of the unknown and this goes for the Pokemon their humans are obsessed with capturing.

This adorable tabby cat is no exception from the rule and can be seen arching its back like a stereotypical Halloween decoration. Poor thing was probably minding its own business when its owner decided “Hey, let’s light some Pokemon incense and attract a whole bunch of critters to our home” and now it has to deal with some bizarre-looking bird thing that the wacky human seems dedicated to capturing.

13 Ma Look! I Helped You Catch A Pokemon

Unlike some of their feline friends, canines love their owner’s Pokemon GO obsession because it means that they get to go on longer walks while their owners hunt for magical creatures on their smartphones.

This beautiful fluffpup is definitely going to get lots of treats tonight because he bravely helped his momma hunt down a wild Bulbasaur that was roaming around their neighborhood. Judging by the look on the dog’s face, he’s very proud that he was able to help his owner track down a Pokemon.

Unfortunately for Bulbasaur, its days in the wild are over. Perhaps with enough Bulbasaur candy, the dog’s owner can have their new Pokemon captive to evolve into an Ivysaur and then later on, maybe even a Venusaur.

Should the dog and his owner eventually level up and start battling others in gyms, the Bulbasaur will be able to help them win fights by using their Power Whip special attack.

12 Pidgey Versus Weenie Dogs, Round One

We can’t help but feel a little bad for these two poor Dachshunds. All they wanted to do was go for a long walk with their owner and wander around sniffing the grass so that they can stay up-to-date about the latest doggie gossip in the neighborhood.

Unfortunately, their owner just HAD to start playing Pokemon GO and a wild Pidgey interrupted their leisurely stroll.

Judging by the look on the two weenies’ faces, they are not pleased with this bird showing up in the middle of their walk. Pidgey had better watch out because Dachshunds may be small, but they are tough dogs and they have no qualms about turning him into a chicken McNugget if he bothers them when they’re trying to sniff.

Thankfully, the two Doxies won’t have to show off why their breed was originally created to hunt down and fight badgers, as we imagine their owner quickly captured the lone Pidgie that interrupted their walk.

11 A Wild Doduo Has Been Tamed By A Labrador Retriever

Dodo on Scooby #pokemon #pokemontrainer #pokemondogs #lab #labrador #dog

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Who needs Pokemon incense when you have an adorable Labrador Retriever that will help you lure all of the critters to your yard?

Labradors were originally created to hunt birds, but this gentle pooch doesn’t seem to want to hurt the Doduo that seems to have taken refuge on his head. If anything, he seems excited that his owner has invited this weird bipedal two-headed bird into their home. At least now this adorable pup has a playmate!

Perhaps if the laid-back Lab befriends the Doduo, the Pokemon will start to trust him and eventually divulge where others of its kind are hiding. Should the Doduo eventually evolve into a Dodrio, we’d love to see the adventures this cute pooch would have with a three-headed bird. If the Lab had to deal with bullies at the dog park, all he’d have to do is give a shout and the Dodrio would be able to frighten away all those who are picking on him.

10 Uhh, Why Is That Crab Dancing Mom?!

The look on this dog’s face when she stumbled across a dancing Krabby is absolutely hilarious. Her expression says it all — she can’t figure out why this Pokemon critter is performing such an embarrassing dance — or why it has an underbite. “Ma, can you PLEASE stop playing Pokemon GO? This is like the fourth weird looking critter I’ve stumbled across and his dancing is embarrassing. I really don’t want to be associated with such a weirdo.”

However, we can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for poor Krabby. All he wants to do is make friends with the cute fluffy dog before he’s trapped inside of a Pokeball and she wants nothing to do with him. Perhaps he was hoping that if he befriended the dog, he wouldn’t get caught and could spend the rest of his days as a pampered pet and hanging out with his new canine pal.

9 In Which Cats Help Their Owners Hunt Pidgeys

Cats are superb hunters, although sometimes we can’t help but speculate that they often kill small animals such as birds and mice and leave the corpses as gifts for us because they think that we humans are too helpless to catch our own food.

Now, Pokemon GO has allowed felines and humans to team up in order to catch small magical creatures. This adorable cat is thrilled that her human is finally learning how to hunt prey all by herself. Her pride is akin to that felt by a momma cat when her kittens realize that yes, they have claws and fangs too, and they can use them to devastating effects.

However, this pretty feline can’t help but show off a little and is clearly very proud of the fact that she managed to corner a wild Pidgey all by herself. Now all her owner has to do is capture it and voila! They have another Pokemon for their collection.

8 Someone Please Get This Stupid Creature Off Of My Head

Figs has a Pokemon on his head 😅 #pokemongo #pokemoncats

A post shared by Figs (@figscat) on

We can’t stop cackling at this long-suffering feline’s expression at discovering there’s a bird on the top of his head. This tiny jaguar must be related to Grumpy Cat, because he’s definitely got the exact same “NOPE NOPE NOPE” expression on his face. Honestly, if looks could kill, this Pokemon would be dead and buried six feet under before he could even blink. We’re pretty sure this cat is mentally cursing out his owner for playing such a stupid game and inviting all these creatures into their humble abode. If this feline could talk, we’re pretty sure he’d urge his human to drop the phone and play a more sensible game, like Scrabble.

This Pokemon should really count his lucky stars that this lazy feline would rather glare grumpily at his owner for posting this embarrassing photo rather than attacking the critter that has taken to standing on his head.

7 It's Next To Me, Isn't It?

Unlike some other felines, this Bengal is amused that both of his owners were huge Pokemon fans back in the day. He seems to take their anime obsession in stride, although he appears to be rather surprised to find a real-life Pokemon standing right next to him.

Even though the Bengal owner’s Pokemon GO obsession has invited all sorts of odd-looking creatures into their house and the neighborhood, the cat isn’t mad about invaders on his turf. Instead, he’s ticked off that his owners aren’t paying attention to him 24/7. After all, humans were created to be slaves for cats, right? When this Bengal meows for food, he expects his owners to jump up immediately and head for the cupboard. Cats don’t like to be kept waiting, as a rule. Why should they hunt for food when humans have two hands and opposable thumbs to open up a can of Fancy Feast?

6 I Am Going To Hunt Down The Eevee

This kitty is NOT happy that a rogue Eevee has been lured into her home because her stupid owner is now obsessed with PokemonGo and has lit some incense in order to capture some of the creatures. Personally, this feline doesn’t get her human’s obsession with the game. Why can’t her owner just play with her? She’s waaaay cuter than a Pokemon, right? If her owner keeps it up, this poor cat is going to feel a bit left out and under appreciated.

To make matters worse, the stupid Pokemon that was lured into the cat’s house has now made itself home on her favorite chair and now she’s stuck sitting on the table. What horror!

Unfortunately, this cat’s owner won’t let their four-legged friend hunt down and kill the Pokemon. Much to the cat’s chagrin, they are getting ready to launch a Pokeball at it so they can level up in the game.

5 Even Shiba Inus Love To Hunt For Squirtles In NYC

This Shiba Inu doesn’t mind helping his owner hunt Pokemon because hey, it means going out for extra walks and all of their steps will be logged onto Wooftrax, so they can help shelter dogs. In theory, this isn’t such a bad deal, right?

Unfortunately, Squirtles keep appearing right in front of this poor Shiba and want to challenge him to a fight. They don’t seem to realize that no, he’s NOT Pokemon — he’s just a pampered, spoiled house pet.

Maybe the Squirtles are envious. After all, once they’re caught, they have to stay inside the Pokeball until the Shiba’s owner unleashes them in a battle. The Yellow team has a reputation defend, dontcha know? In contrast, the Shiba lives a life of royalty. He gets multiple walks a day, lots of toys, tasty treats and his very own doggie bed. Who has it better than man’s best friend? No wonder the Squirtles keep trying to pick a fight with this adorable canine—they are just jealous!

4 Labs Catch Birds... And Water Pokemon

Labradors love the water and hunting for birds, so it was only natural that this Lab reluctantly overcame her dislike of water in order to help her mother hunt down a water Pokemon. After all, she’s a loyal pooch and would do anything to help her owner out.

Judging by the Pokemon’s shocked expression, it wasn’t expecting to be cornered by such a great hunting duo. Sure, it could try to escape the Pokeball and attempt to make a break for it, but Labs are pretty good hunting dogs. They may not have the nose of a Beagle or a Bloodhound, but they were literally designed to take down waterfowl and bring them back to their owners. This little fish can try to flee, but the Labrador’s instincts will take over and she will easily catch the fish without even breaking a sweat. Sorry, tiny Pokemon, but you’re caught — there is nowhere else for you to go. Better luck next time!

3 Please Get Charmander Off Of My Back KThnxBye

Siberian Huskies are a pretty independent lot, and this one isn’t thrilled that a random Charmander has hopped on her back. We can practically hear here yelling at the Pokemon “Hey, get off my back NOW. I am a DOG, not a HORSE! If you want a ride, then round up a few other Huskies, a sled and some harnesses and I promise we’ll pull you around, if that is what you want. Just get off my back, dagnabit!”

However, this Charmander doesn’t want to be pulled around by a sled team of Huskies like it is the Iditarod dog race — he wants a furry buddy that is totally cool with letting him hitch a ride on his back. Sorry Charmander, but you’d be better off with a gentle Bloodhound or a ginormous Great Dane — Huskies are too contrary and too proud to let a Pokemon use them as a mock horse!

2 This Pup Is Not Happy With The New Addition

Many older dogs become jealous and resentful when their owners decide to get another dog or cat. Some of them are afraid that the new addition will take up all of THEIR human’s time (and money) or that their beloved owner will throw them to the side, as if they were trash. Thankfully, most dogs get over their jealousy issues and realize that having a little brother or sister to play with isn’t too bad. Plus, they have a new partner-in-crime to help them steal treats — as well as someone who can take the fall for their mischief. What’s not to like about THAT?

Unfortunately, this pooch is not thrilled with the random Pokemon that just showed up in their house because she’s afraid that her owner will want to keep Pidgey for their very own. The dog is definitely going to breathe a sigh of relief once she sees her owner capture Pidgey with their Pokeball!

1 Uh, Guys? I Think We're Going To Run Over This Wild Beast

Unlike some of his other feline brethren, Felix the cat clearly does not mind seeing the great outdoors by being walked around inside of a stroller. Cats view humans as their servants, and what feline wouldn’t like to be taken out for a walk with their two-legged benefactors? Not only do they get a bit of fresh air, but they also stay protected from the boiling heat and the bitter cold too.

However, Felix is very alarmed at the wild Pokemon that had the nerve to interrupt his leisurely stroll. Not that he couldn’t leap up out of the carrier and attack, of course. No, this pampered feline is simply irritated that his owner is not doing his job of being chauffeur and instantly reached for their phone in order to trap the Drowzee inside of a Pokeball. Felix can’t believe that his human would rather trap weird-looking creatures instead of catering to his every whim.

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