15 Times Popeye The Foodie Dog Made Us All Hungry

Here's another adorable dog to add to the list of cute animals you're following on Instagram. This one is especially interesting because Popeye, a rescue mutt from the Los Angeles area, absolutely loves to enjoy some yummy food. No, I'm not kidding – this dog is a bigger foodie than all of us, and he is damn proud of it. He shares his delicious daily meals with us on his Instagram account (well, they may not all be his but you can bet he gets a piece of them every once in a while, I mean just look at his puppy eyes). Anyways, you need to follow this cutie, because besides having the pleasure of enjoying his lovely little face everyday, you will also get daily food inspiration (or envy). Basically, you can only win by clicking that follow button.

And if that wasn't convincing enough, here are 15 times Popeye the foodie was pretty much all of us.

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15 Meet Popeye!

Isn't he just the cutest? I know, I know, I wanna steal him and smother him in kisses too. Popeye is such a stud, and the fact that he's obsessed with food makes him even more adorable (and relatable, let's be honest here). Popeye is the perfect food companion, because he know all the trendy food places, and he knows where you can get the most delicious meals. That's no wonder really, since he has tried pretty much everything there is when it comes to yummy lunches, desserts, and even beverages. But what you gotta keep in mind is that Popeye leads a very active lifestyle, and he makes sure to run and exercise a lot, so that he can indulge in his food guilt free. Actually, now that I've put it this way, Popeye is kinda my role model, his lifestyle is pretty much #goals.

14 Here he is all excited for a lovely piece of rainbow cake.

You know Popeye is always game for some cake. Especially if it's an amazing rainbow-looking cake! Look at that tongue action happening – Popeye clearly can't wait to devour this one (little does he know he probably won't get to enjoy it, since dogs can't eat cake, but hey, let the fella enjoy a happy moment). Can we all take a moment to appreciate how adorable his little dress shirt is? It's literally to die for! It even kinda goes with the rainbow food theme he's got going on. You can count on Popeye to always be fashionable for when dessert is served. Actually, he's always fashionable, regardless of what course we're talking about.

13 Look at that pure In-N-Out bliss.

Today is an important day. #nationalfrenchfryday

A post shared by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) on

Obviously Popeye only eats at the most popular places. And In-N-Out is definitely one of the best places to get your burgers and fries. And well, since it was National French Fry Day, Popeye obviously had to go and get some. Its not like you celebrate fries everyday, so when you do, you gotta make it special. Not that Popeye needs any excuses to go and get some fries. Because he doesn't. And look at how cute he is with his little In-N-Out hat and his tongue licking his nose! Pups are always precious, but Popeye is a bit too adorable to handle. I mean come on, he's looking at the food, and licking his tongue, and being all fluffy and adorable! Tell me that you can handle it and I definitely wouldn't believe you.

12 And this genuine smile.

Bluebarb pie @thepieholela, now open in Hollywood! 😋

A post shared by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) on

Happy puppies are the cutest puppies. And puppies that are looking at food are always happy. Even if they don't get an actual bite of that food. Just the thought of it pretty much makes their day. Don't you kinda wish we were the same? Anyways, look at Popeye, he is basically the epitome of happiness. How could he not be? Do you see that delicious bluebarb pie? Seriously, writing this post without andy food nearby was a big mistake, and I am regretting the whole thing now. I mean, my heart is happy because I get to stare at this cute fella, but my stomach is definitely miserable. Maybe I should've warned any hungry readers about this?

11 Look at that ear!

😍 Waffle from @republiquela in Los Angeles.

A post shared by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) on

Who doesn't love them some yummy waffles? Popeye definitely does, and he goes all out with his, he likes some yummy berries, bananas and a bit of powdered sugar and maple syrup. Sounds delicious, doesn't it? Yeah, no surprise really, because Popeye is a food expert after all. A true foodie. And look at how appreciative he is! He is pretty much in love with that waffle (so am I tbh). But unfortunately for him and his lovely waffle, the highlight of this whole photo is clearly Popeye's raised ear. Just look at that adorable little thing! That only happens when the food is extra yummy, and when Popeye is very hungry. Uhm, actually, that's probably always, so I guess they might not always catch it on camera. Either way, this pic is absolutely perfect!

10 Here he is having the perfect morning.

Isn't that the most perfect start to a morning? As a night owl, I can assure you that mornings can often be stressful and somewhat hectic, but that's nothing a lovely croissant and a cup of hot coffee can't cure. Now that I think of it, there's pretty much nothing those two can't cure. And Popeye knows it, because between all his appearances as a pup celeb and constantly working on his Instagram poses, having a nice, relaxing breakfast is an absolute must. It's just that time of the morning when he can relax, and take care of himself (and that croissant). Well to be fair, he doesn't really eat it or drink that coffee, but he sure does imagine a world where dogs are allowed to eat all those lovely human treats. And for now, imagining that is enough for him.

9 And look at him spending time with his cousin.

You thought these pics of a dog and some yummy food couldn't get any better? Well you thought wrong, because adding an adorable baby to the mix makes it all so much better. That adorable little girl is his cousin, Paige, and the two are kinda inseparable. He loves hanging out with her, and she loves eating yummy food in front of him. Here, for example, they were posing with some delicious ice cream, and you can bet Popeye even got a lick or two out of it. Paige is clearly having the time of her life too – just look at that adorable smile. Maybe I should've warned you, this is the ultimate cuteness overload and not everyone can handle it.

8 No, for real, these two are the cutest!

Hanging out with Cousin Paige at @lemonadela in Pasadena.

A post shared by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) on

Look at them here! Isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? The two are having a lovely picnic together, and are enjoying some refreshing lemonade. Beyoncé would be proud. Isn't Paige's snapback perfect? Not everyone can pull of that whole hat-to-the-side thing, but she definitely can. And how adorable is Popeye with both of his ears perked up, listening whether someone will tell him where his treats are? Or maybe they are listening to Beyonce's new album? I guess we'll never know. Honestly, though, where can I sign up for a day like this? Because a picnic in the sun, with a baby and a pup, sipping on some lemonade sounds like the perfect day.

7 Look at that sushi life he's living.

Obviously Popeye loves all kinds of food. And when it comes to sushi, he does not discriminate; any sushi goes for him. Just look at him lovingly staring at that sushi collection in front of him. Isn't Popeye really, really relatable? Like don't you kinda see yourself in him when you look at him staring at all this yummy food? I sure do. Popeye's love for delicious meals is real, and he is that type of dog who appreciates it all; the look of the food, the taste of it, the ingredients – everything. Honestly, he should be a judge on one of those cooking shows, because Popeye knows what food is all about. If any TV show producers are reading this, please get on that, a dog as a judge would get in all the views!

6 And of course, pizza couldn't be missing either.

A different type of pizza face. Custom pizza at Blaze in Alhambra. #pizza

A post shared by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) on

You can't do a Popeye the foodie post without including pizza. Pizza is the universal language of food love. Everyone loves pizza, and Popeye is no exception. How delicious does his pizza look? If you're currently hungry, I am so very sorry, I probably should've warned you about it in advance. But on the other hand, have you read the title, what did you expect? Obviously, the post would include only the best the world of food has to offer. Now, let's go back to Popeye, look at how happy he is, his tongue is sticking out and his ears are all perked up and ready for that delicious first bite. I wonder if Popeye would share his pizza with someone, or devour it all by himself?

5 Here he is getting himself into some donut licking shenanigans.

Got tricked by the clear box. 😆 Donuts from UJelly in Fountain Valley.

A post shared by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) on

Isn't this just the perfect photo? It's almost borderline scandalous, kinda like that whole Ariana Grande donut licking drama... but Popeye is so innocent (and much cuter! – sorry, Ariana), we wouldn't even mind if he licked our donuts. Again, the tongue and ear actions are on point, and he clearly can't stare at those beautiful donuts for long enough (who could really blame him, I've been looking at them for way too long too). I wonder which one Popeye would go for first? I think he might be a strawberry donut kind of dog, but then again the one with the purple icing and colorful sprinkles looks super fun! Tbh, I wouldn't be able to choose between the four either.

4 There's nothing a lovely banana split can't cure.

Look at how excited little Popeye is for this show-stealing banana split! Doesn't it look amazing? If you've never had a banana split, what are you even doing? You've been living your life all wrong this whole time! A banana split with some cherries on top is literally the perfect summer dessert, and Popeye clearly knows that. I just can't get enough of this cute little fella and all his food adventures, and I have no shame in saying that he is my role model. Popeye's life is the life I strive towards. And yes, I have to mention his ear again, because I swear, his ears somehow have a mind of their own, they're just all over the place, all the time. And it's so darn adorable!

3 And sometimes even Popeye has to go super healthy with his food choices.

Spicy pineapple dole whip... 😋😋 @zerodegreesco in Westminster

A post shared by Popeye the Foodie Dog 😉 (@popeyethefoodie) on

He is a role model to the hundreds of his Instagram followers after all. And all jokes aside, Popeye is very well aware of what a healthy and nutritious dies looks like. To be fair, most of this food isn't even his, but he can't say no to a good photo opportunity once he sees one. Anyways, he wants his followers to know that indulging in your guilty pleasures is OK from time to time, but in general, eating a healthy diet with lots of fruits and veggies is the way to go. And Popeye wants his followers to always know that he makes sure to eat well. Like on this day, when he was having a fresh pineapple smoothie! And it was super delicious and refreshing, because healthy doesn't mean gross.

2 But sometimes you just gotta order that spaghetti.

Spaghetti is the universal feel good food, and obviously Popeye is a fan of it too. He especially loves his when some seafood is involved. That always makes his ears perk up real high. Again, his outfit is absolutely beautiful, and even though we can't see it completely, it's Popeye, so of course it's amazing! Don't you just wish you could go out and have dinner with Popeye? He seems to know of all the best places to get delicious dinners! Plus, he definitely is great company. Doesn't that sound like the best way to spend an evening? Popeye, please, let's go grab seafood linguini together sometime. Call me, I'm free whenever.

1 Popeye is a cutie, and he deserves all the food (well, at least the one he's allowed to eat).

Look at him here, ready to enjoy some dog-friendly pancakes at a fancy hotel suite! He's definitely living his best celebrity dog life, but he also absolutely deserves it all. And with that, we've come to the end of this Popeye and his food list. I really do hope that you follow him on all his delicious future endeavors, because missing out on Popeye's life is something you would definitely regret. He's just so much fun, he's definitely fashion forward, and he knows his food like no other dog on Instagram. Hopefully you enjoyed this list as much as I did making it, and if it made you hungry (which I'm sure it did), I am very sorry. But hey, that means you have a legit excuse to go cook yourself up a delicious meal!

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