15 Times "Pug Life" Was a Real Thing

Pug with gold chain and hat

When you think of a thug, crook, tough guy, robber, hoodlum, hitman, or boss, do Pugs come to mind? If your answer is "no", you are are bound to change your way of thinking after seeing the fifteen pugs below, because they are living the "pug life."

These Pugs bring to the table hoodies, hats, sunglasses, pools, gold chains, and big attitudes. They know that living the pug life isn't always easy, but that doesn't stop them from taking the lifestyle head on! Get ready because these Pugs are serious about the message they are trying to get across and it will leave you rolling on the floor in laughter!

Sorry Pugs, as intimidating as you are trying to be we aren't buying it.

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Pug in tan hoodie
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15 They call me the O.P.G. (aka "original pug gangster") and I'm here to introduce all the other ladies and gents living that pug life!

Pug in tan hoodie

14 What do you mean you don't have my money?


13 If anyone has a question about who runs the streets of New York, you tell them to call me and I will fill them in!

Pug with New York hat

12 It's hard living the pug life but somebody has to do it!

Pug with sunglasses

11 You send them in to my office and tell them the boss wants to see them!

Pug in chair

10 The pug life isn't all about poppin' bottles by the pool, but it certainly is one of the benefits!


9 Don't mess with me, man, the pug life has made me crazy!

Pug with crazy eyes

8 Getting ready to conduct some business, the nature of which cannot be discussed!

Pug in black suit

7 The pug life has got me ballin' all day errdayyy!

Pug with ball

6 Oh you know, just hanging with the homies!

Pug in orange hoodie

5 When the pug boss tells you to keep off, you better believe you listen!

Pug with keep off sign

4 You want to know what happens if you don't follow the pug life rules? This!


3 I've got two chains on my neck at all times!

Pug in blue hoodie

2 The pug life is exhausting. You have to take a break to watch some T.V. but... still have to remain gangsta. #gangsta4eva

Pug in red hoodie

1 Just another day in the pug-hood!

Pug in beanie

After seeing these fifteen pugs it's safe to say: the wrinklier the face, the bigger the personality. These fifteen pugs have no regrets and offer no apologies for living the life they choose: the "pug life." Don't let the tough attire and attitudes fool you though, underneath it all these pugs are just as lovable as the next pup!

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