15 Times Rachel Green Was Relatable AF

Rachel Green was arguably one of the most relatable characters on Friends. She was basically all of us when it came to adulting. The series began with Rachel running out on her wedding and by doing so, was forced to grow up and support herself. She was a spoiled girl whose daddy paid for everything and the idea of supporting herself was a bit of a foreign concept to her. Monica told her at the end of the pilot episode, "welcome to the real world! It sucks. You're gonna love it." A lot of us can relate to this moment. That moment when your parents no longer pay your credit card bills. Growing up and adulting isn't easy and Rachel Green showed us that even though the real world may be tough, we can get through it.

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15 When Rachel cut her credit cards.

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Rachel's first step to adulting was to cut her credit cards so that she could no longer use them. Judging by her hesitance to cut them when her friends urged her to, doing this wasn't easy. She had just decided to leave her fiancé at the altar and would no longer be financially supported by her parents. She was forced to grow up and live in the real world where she would have to support herself financially. This change is a huge one and the idea of having to support yourself is a scary one, but it's a moment everyone has to accept when they grow up. Rachel was all of us when she cut her credit cards in half. She was saying goodbye to her past and hello to her future in the real world.

14 When everyone is getting married or pregnant except Rachel.

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Rachel started out her adult life by getting a job as a waitress at the Central Perk coffee shop in the gang's apartment building. Hey, everyone's gotta start somewhere. A quote that Rachel says about her job that many people can identify with is when she compares herself to everyone else she knows that is her age. She says "everyone I know is either getting married or getting pregnant or getting promoted and I'm getting coffee. And it's not even for me!"

Sadly many people know what Rachel feels like. It's hard when everyone you know in life is passing you by. However, everyone moves at their own speed and it's important to remember to not compare yourself to everyone else and what stage of life they are at.

13 When Rachel confessed that being single sucks.

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Anyone who hates being single can relate to Rachel when she's without a person in her life. In one particular episode around Christmas time, Rachel confesses to how much being single sucks, especially around that time of year. Chandler tries to fix her up with a guy from his work, but things don't go so well after he tells the guy that Rachel is looking for a serious relationship. Chandler is clueless and is unaware of the fact that Rachel didn't want the guy knowing that because that always scares men away. Trying to find a significant other often sucks and can be stressful. Rachel's relationship woes are something that a lot of people can relate to. Luckily for Rachel, even though her dating life was often a mess, her friends were always there for her.

12 When Rachel makes a mess at Joey's apartment.

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While at Joey's apartment one day, Rachel discovers that it's okay to drop food on the floor and make a mess. She is thrilled by this revelation, because while living with Monica, who is a neat freak that loves to keep things clean, Rachel isn't allowed to make a mess whatsoever. Rachel soon realizes that she enjoys hanging out at Joey's place more than Monica's. In one scene, she puts some spaghetti on her fork and drops it on the floor on purpose and rather than get upset about Rachel getting food on his carpet, he tells her not to waste food. Rachel is all of us when we just don't give a crap if we make a mess. You only live once, right?

11 When Rachel defends herself.

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When Rachel was pregnant and had braxton hicks contractions, she thought it was something more serious, so she got Joey to take her to the hospital. Ross showed up to the hospital and when he found out she just had braxton hicks contractions, he shrugged it off like it was no big deal and said "most women don't even feel them." Rachel then defended herself and said "no uterus, no opinion." You go, girl. Braxton hicks contractions are false contractions that don't bring on labor, but they may be uncomfortable and/or feel like menstrual cramps. Rachel also defended herself by saying that she had half a mind to contract her doctor's uterus because he said braxton hicks contractions only caused "mild discomfort" and she disagreed. Ha! Gotta love Rachel for sticking up for herself.

10 When Rachel didn't want to take out the trash.

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In an episode where the gang is eating breakfast in Monica's apartment, Rachel puts an empty carton in the fridge and Monica, the neat freak that she is, is horrified and calls Rachel out on it. Rachel says she put the empty carton back in the fridge because the garbage can is full. Monica then asks Rachel if she has ever taken out the trash. Rachel responds and says she has, but then Monica asks her if she's done it since she's lived there and Rachel responds with "well, I uh thought you liked doing it." Ha. Rachel then takes the trash bag from Rachel and proceeds to open the door to take it out. Rachel pauses, however, as she doesn't know where the trash chute is, so Monica has to tell her. Yep, Rachel is basically every one of us who hates taking out the trash.

9 When Rachel reacted to Monica and Julie's friendship.

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There are just some things you shouldn't do to friends. For instance, it is frowned upon to go after a friend's ex-lover. If you're a friend of Rachel Green's, you should never shop at Bloomingdale's without her, or worse, with someone she despises. In one such scenario, Monica went shopping at Bloomingdale's with Ross' girlfriend, Julie. Rachel was so horrified by this, she reacted as if Monica was cheating on her. Technically, Monica was cheating on their friendship with another woman. The horror! Almost anyone can relate to being jealous when a super close friend starts hanging out with someone new. Especially if they end up doing things that you and your friend usually do together. It's understandable to be jealous. Rachel was just like anyone who has ever felt that way about a friend.

8 Rachel thinks she can cook, but really cannot.

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One year for Thanksgiving, Monica makes the mistake of telling Rachel that she can make dessert that year. Chandler is surprised by this, because he doesn't believe Rachel can cook. Rachel defends herself and says that she can. Chandler then says to her that "offering people gum is not cooking." Ha! Rachel tries to prove him wrong and decides to make an English trifle for dessert Unfortunately, the pages of a cookbook get stuck together, so Rachel ends up making half an English trifle and half a Shepard's pie. Yep, she put in a layer of beef sauted with peas and onions. If you're not used to cooking, it can be a bit difficult. Poor Rachel. It wasn't totally her fault, but many people like Rachel just don't have the natural gift of cooking like Monica does.

7 When she finds someone attractive.

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Rachel needs to hire an assistant at work and rather than hiring a candidate who is fully qualified for the job and has an excellent resume, she hires a very cute young guy who doesn't have the most experience and definitely isn't the best candidate. Rachel is describing the guy who's name is Tag, to Monica and says that he is so pretty, she wants to cry. We feel you, girl. Sometimes good eye candy is hard to say no to. Rachel ends up dating the guy for a while, so she didn't just hire him for nothing. He was definitely not hard to look at when he was on the show. When meeting Tag, Rachel was definitely all of us when we develop a crush.

6 When Rachel freaks out over babies and responsibilities.

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In a scene where Rachel is looking for Monica's earring that she lost, she dives behind the couch to look for it and Monica asks her what she's doing. Rachel's excuse is that she can't watch what's on TV because it's too scary. Monica tells Rachel that a Pampers commercial is on. Rachel then responds by saying "oh, you know me, babies, responsibilities... ahhh!" Rachel pretends to be all frazzled by the thought of babies and responsibilities to cover the fact that she's looking for Monica's earring, but pretending or not, Rachel's quote is highly relatable to anyone in their 20's who isn't ready to have children. Even though down the line Rachel did end up becoming a mother, Rachel was very much a work in progress as she attempted the world of adulting, which is something many people can relate to.

5 When Rachel is afraid to eat alone.

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When Rachel can't find someone to try out a new restaurant with her, Monica convinces her to go by herself. Initially, Rachel is hesitant about the idea but actually ends up really enjoying herself. Pretty much anyone can relate to being afraid to eat alone or go to the movies alone. It's understandable that one might be afraid of what others will think of you if you are out by yourself. Rachel herself said the idea of eating alone would make her feel self-conscious like she was on display or something. Of course Chandler finds something wrong with this idea and says there must be something wrong with any woman who eats alone. Thanks, Chandler, but nobody asked you.

4 Rachel's mid-life crisis on her 30th birthday.

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When Rachel turns 30, she kind of goes through a quarter life crisis. She realizes that she wants to have kids someday and that in order to do so, she needs to start getting serious about the guys she dates. She comes up with a timeline and realizes that she needs to start dating someone now so that she can develop a proper relationship with someone over a few years before she gets married. Naturally, it's understandable to have a little freak out when you turn 30. Especially if you want to settle down someday and are still single. It's perfectly acceptable to goof off in your 20's, but by the time 30 rolls around, a lot of people who are still single find themselves wanting to settle down. Rachel is basically a lot of single people in their 30's when she has this epiphany.

3 When FICA takes Rachel's money.

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After getting a waitressing job at the Central Perk coffee shop, Rachel was super excited when she was handed her first paycheck. However, her excitement is quickly diminished when she sees how much she's earning, which isn't as much as she was hoping for. She then asks "who is FICA and why is he getting all my money?" This is probably how a lot of people feel when receiving their first paycheck. Taxes are no fun! FICA is a tax that is taken from worker's paychecks to pay older Americans their Social Security retirement and Medicare benefits. Even though Rachel didn't make a ton of money on her first paycheck, her friends were nice enough to give her generous tips because they felt bad for her. Aww.

2 The hurt Rachel felt when Ross cheated on her.

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Almost everyone has had their fair share of heartbreak at certain points in their lives. Rachel has had her fair share, too. The first man she ever really fell in love with cheated on her and that is something that any person would be deeply hurt over. Being betrayed by someone you love and trust is probably one of the most emotionally painful things in the entire world. The way Rachel handled her emotions was very real and relatable. She told Ross that he was a completely different person to her after what he did, because she used to think of him as someone who would never ever hurt her, which is completely understandable. After someone you trust betrays you like that, it's hard to ever see them the same way. The way the writers wrote that scene was perfect. It was hard not to feel the pain that Rachel felt in that moment.

1 When Rachel had a steady hand.

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When Rachel and Monica lose a bet to Joey and Chandler and end up having to switch apartments, Rachel acts all tough and tells Monica that they aren't going anywhere. She tries to show her steady hand to Monica, but her hand is shaking, leading to laughter from the audience. Rachel has no problem sticking up for herself, but at times she gets a little freaked out in certain situations. Keeping your cool during stressful times like losing your apartment to a couple of guys can be hard and Rachel reacted the way most people would in that situation. Even though Rachel's hand was shaking, showing that she was worried, she remained tough and stood her ground and refused to give up their apartment.

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