15 Times Sam Winchester From 'Supernatural' Made Us Blush

Fans of Jared Padelecki’s Supernatural character Sam Winchester have long swooned over the handsome hunter. What’s not to like? He’s adorable, dorky, in great shape, can kick butt and take names, and he’s smart to boot.

Of course, either because he took his shirt off or got himself into an embarrassing situation (or started a mortifying prank war with his older brother Dean), many loyal fans of Sam Winchester have found themselves blushing or cringing on behalf of their favorite character. Whether it was his intense connection with the werewolf Madison or his attraction to the demon Ruby, Sam’s fans have often felt their cheeks tinge red while watching the CW’s hit television show.

If you adore all things Supernatural and can’t keep your eyes off of Jared Padalecki, then you’ll giggle with glee as you read our list of all the times Sam made his fans blush during the show.

15 When Sam Found Dean In His Apartment During The Pilot

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Okay, let’s admit it, who didn’t blush and squeal over how handsome Sam/Jared Padalecki looked in his pajamas in the pilot episode of Supernatural? I generally swoon over Jensen Ackles/Dean because I’ve been a fan of his ever since he played the X-5 known as Ben on Fox’s now defunct television show Dark Angel, but even I had to admit that Sam was a total cutie in that scene. Even though she died a terrible death at the hands of the Yellow-Eyed Demon, Jess was definitely lucky to have dated such a handsome guy like Sam. Plus, I think every Supernatural fan felt just a tad bit envious of Adrianne Palicki for having the opportunity to film a scene next to two handsome actors. You go, girl!

14 Sam's Awkward Attempts At Flirting With Meg

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Before it was revealed that Meg was a demon in Supernatural season one, she pretended to be a human that was romantically interested in Sam. I was so embarrassed for him when he attempted to awkwardly flirt back. Oh Sam, you are basically just a ginormous, adorable puppy who has no idea how to flirt and it is absolutely adorable. I just wanted to hug Sam and squish him because he is too damn cute for words, especially back in the first season when he was still young and not jaded by the hunter’s lifestyle. Heck, I’m sure my fellow Supernatural fans also cringed and started giggling at how hilariously awkward Sam was in terms of flirting. How on Earth did he ever get a girlfriend? Did poor Jess have to just bluntly go “I think you’re cute, let’s go out on a date?”

13 His Prank Wars With Dean

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Even though Sam is the more serious one of the two brothers, he definitely has a devious mind when it comes to implementing pranks to pull on Dean. I laughed hysterically when he set the Impala’s radio station to blast music that poor Dean would never, ever in a million years ever listen to. I also cracked up when Sam came up with the BRILLIANT plan to put super-glue on Dean’s beer. As funny as his pranks were, I won’t lie, I got a big kick out of the scene when Dean gets revenge on his little brother by putting itching powder in Sam’s underwear. I’m pretty sure I laughed for five minutes straight at that one. Poor Sam—how embarrassing it must have been to be out-pranked by his older brother.

12 Madison's Short-Lived Romance With Sam

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It is a long-running joke in the Supernatural fandom that every woman who has ever had a romantic relationship with Sam Winchester somehow dies, and Madison the werewolf is no exception to that rule. However, before Madison made the decision to have Sam end her life in Supernatural season two so that she wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone ever again, she had a passionate (but short-lived) affair with the handsome hunter. I think every Sam fan started swooning and pretended to fan their face when he FINALLY decided to give in to his attraction to Madison. The scene where he takes his shirt off? SWOON! Let me tell you, the actress who played Madison was one lucky lady. I bet she STILL brags to all her friends that she had the opportunity to see Jared Padalecki shirtless up close and personal.

11 Sam's Romantic Relationship With The Demon Ruby

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I think every Supernatural fan’s jaw dropped when Sam and Ruby FINALLY hooked up in season four. We knew that the two were flirting like mad in season three, but it was still surprising that Sam would have sex with a demon, especially since the second body she was possessing was that of an unnamed woman who recently passed away and whose soul had departed. That is SERIOUSLY squicky, Sam. I get that he was in a bad place after Dean was sent to hell and high on demon blood, but have some standards, dude. Although it is pretty hilarious that Jared Padalecki met his now-wife Genevieve on the show, as she played Ruby’s second vessel. Now that’s a great story to tell friends and family—“How did the two of you meet?” “Oh, you know—on a show where her character manipulated my character to free Lucifer. The usual.”

10 When He Told Dean That He Was The Better Hunter

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In Supernatural season five, episode 14, Sam and Dean hunt a siren that caused the murders of at least three people in a small Iowa town. Not only does Sam have a short-lived romance with a pretty doctor named Cara Roberts, but both brothers get infected with the siren’s venom and are forced to fight to the death. I was mortified for Sam and Dean when the former told the latter that he was “the better hunter.” But it just got worse, as Sam taunted Dean about how he was “weak” because he felt guilty for being forced to torture souls while he was in hell. Sure, some of it was the siren’s venom making the two brothers say things they wouldn’t say otherwise, but some of it was from Sam’s unconscious.

9 When Amy Asked Sam To Run Away With Her

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What Supernatural fan didn’t blush on Sam’s behalf and squeal a little when a younger Amy Pond (who was the daughter of the kitsune that John and Dean were hunting) asked Sam to run away with her after she’d killed her mother in order to save her love interest back in 1998? It was so sweet, although very impractical. Even if Sam had said yes, he would always have to hide Amy from other hunters. Plus, I’m sure John and Dean would assume that the kitsunes had taken him hostage, and I KNOW that neither of them would rest until Sam was home safe and sound. Even though Amy ultimately died at the hands of Dean, she lived a lot longer than she would have if she had successfully convinced Sam to run away with her all those years ago.

8 When Sam Had Explain To Dean What Slash Fiction Is

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I felt embarrassed and mortified for the Winchester brothers when they discovered that there was an online fandom dedicated to “Carver Edlund” (AKA Chuck Shurley) and his books about the two hunters. However, I nearly fell over laughing when poor, poor Sam had to explain to Dean about the different factions in the Supernatural fandom. Not only did this include “Sam” girls and “Dean” girls, but also “Slash” fans too—especially those who wrote Wincest fiction. I would love to know how Jared and Jensen didn’t burst out laughing when they read the script and saw that scene. I imagine it probably took them a few tries to film that scene because the two of them likely kept giggling and breaking character when Sam had to explain the finer points of slash fiction to a confused Dean.

7 When Soulless Sam Told Dean That He Doesn't Really Care About Him

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I was squirming in embarrassment for poor Sam when the soulless version of himself coldly told Dean that he didn’t care a whit about him. My heart also broke during that scene because you KNOW when Sam regained his soul, he was probably mortified and felt absolutely terrible for saying such horrible things to his big brother. Sam must have also felt awful because he knew that when he made the statement, it WAS true—without his soul, he was sociopathic and didn’t care about anyone or anything. Dean knew that, and it probably broke his heart. No wonder Sam had mental health issues after the mental wall that was constructed in his head came crashing down—he must have felt so guilty and anxious for what he did when he was without his soul.

6 When He Was Drugged With A Love Potion

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I won’t lie, I was mortified for Sam in Supernatural season seven, episode eight when he gets “married” to the super fan Becky Rosen in Las Vegas. I also felt terribly sorry for Sam in that episode too. After all, he WAS drugged with a love potion against his will and forced to marry to someone who was pretty much an obsessive stalker. That’s pretty creepy, although thankfully by the end of the episode, Becky found out that Guy was a crossroads demon and she let Sam get an annulment. He must have been so embarrassed when he realized what happened—goodness knows I was blushing on his behalf during the episode. I’m sure Sam was also cringing in season nine when he found out that his ex-wife Becky was publishing the Supernatural books under the screen name “BeckyWinchester176.”

5 When Sam And Amelia Bonded

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Sam and Amelia’s relationship in Supernatural season eight WAS pretty cute, especially their awkward attempts at bonding. I was rolling when Amelia side-eyed him for calling the adorable Australian Shepherd “Dog” instead of naming him like a normal person would. Sam’s embarrassed expression was absolutely hilarious. What made the scene even funnier to me was knowing that in real life, Jared loves animals and owns an adorable German Shepherd Dog mix named Sadie. Thank goodness Sam FINALLY came up with a regular name for the poor pooch. I’m sure Riot was thrilled to finally have a name of his own, instead of being called “Dog” all of the time. Too bad Sam didn’t take Riot with him when he left, it would’ve been awesome to see him and Dean train the dog to help them hunt monsters.

4 When Sam Called Dean Out On His Actions After He Was Possessed By Vance

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In Supernatural season eight, episode six, Dean gets possessed by the specter of a vengeful Confederate soldier named Vance Collins and raged at Sam for not looking for him while he was stuck in Purgatory. Dean was also furious that Sam took a year off from hunting to live a normal life with Amelia and added that he’s still not over all of Sam’s betrayals from the previous years—including his relationship with the demon Ruby and drinking demon blood. Unlike his younger self, Sam stayed strong and when Dean was himself again, actually called his older brother out on what he said while possessed. He also called Dean out on his own mistakes and hypocrisy. I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of Sam’s wrath, and how Dean didn’t start cringing during the talk is beyond me.

3 When Sam Admitted That He Admires His Older Brother

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After eight seasons of lying to each other and withholding information, it was very sweet to see Sam admit to Dean that he believes his older brother is “the best damn hunter” that he’s ever seen. Heck, Sam even added that he truly believes that Dean is a far better hunter than their father John ever was, which is high praise considering how bad*** he was. I won’t lie, I started squealing with glee when Sam admitted at the end of his little speech to Dean that he believes in him. I almost started yelling at my television “It’s about damn time the two of you started opening up to one another and admitting that you are each other’s heroes. It took you two what, all of eight seasons to get to this point? Good grief.”

2 When Sam Had To Cure Dean Of Being A Demon

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I won’t lie, my heart was in my throat while watching Supernatural season 10, episode three and Sam was performing the ritual to cure Dean of being a demon. Although I snickered when Sam told Dean that “he doesn’t get to quit” and that this is Sam’s way of pulling Dean’s “lame a** out of the fire.” Even though Dean was technically a demon at that time, I’m shocked he didn’t at least chuckle at those lines. Although knowing Dean, once his memory of the cure finally returned to him, he was probably very proud that his stubborn little brothers kept persisting in his attempts to turn him back into a human. I’m sure he also got a good chuckle about how Sam called him “lame” too.

1 When Sam Saw The Fan Fiction Musical Based On The Winchesters

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I was ROLLING around on the floor laughing hysterically when Sam and Dean saw the high school musical that is based on their lives. I’m shocked Sam didn’t run out of the room screaming from embarrassment when he saw Siobhan pretending to be Dean and singing The Road So Far. I was also cracking up when Sam kept teasing poor Dean about the “Destiel” and “Sastiel” shippers. I’m actually surprised that Sam didn’t try to explain to his older brother about the hilarious ship wars that often occur between fans of rival relationships in fandoms, although I think that information would melted Dean’s brain. Knowing Sam’s prankster side, he’s probably saving THAT information for a better time, when the reveal would really make poor Dean squirm.

Sources: Supernatural. Wikia.

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