15 Times Scott Disick Was An Absolute Savage On 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians'

If you’ve ever watched the seemingly never-ending reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you know all the family members have their own role in the family. Kim is the pop culture icon, Khloe is the joker, Kendall is the hard worker, Kourtney is the super mom, Rob is the outcast, and Kylie is the it girl. They all bounce their individual energy off of each other, and that’s what makes the show so entertaining. While the sibling dynamic already provides viewers tons of action, the show wouldn’t be complete without Scott Disick. Scott Disick fills the role of the savage. He is unfiltered, narcissistic, and loves the limelight. While Scott has definitely had a string of difficult person issues over the seasons, he has also given us plenty of witty one-liners and crazy antics that have made us burst out laughing since season one.

15 The Time He Shaded Kim About Getting Excited Over Freebies

Come on, Scott! We all love a good free item. Who could blame poor Kim for getting excited over a free yoga membership even though she has a million trillion dollars? Let her live! Scott’s the type of guy to get a free steak dinner and then send it back to the chef for not cooking it well enough. We kind of love that, though. He doesn’t need free things because he’s Scott Disick, he’ll put it on his card. Or Kris Jenner’s card. This is also why Scott hated so much when Kourtney was obsessed with couponing. He wants to spend that coupon saved money. If Scott could pay for a free item, he probably would just to show off. He’d probably throw in a hefty tip along with it.

14 The Time He Literally Became A Lord

When we were little, a lot of us had big dreams of being a member of the royal family. Whether you wanted to be a beautiful princess, or the knight in shining armor that saves the kingdom from impending doom, the desire was definitely there. Scott has these dreams of being of such status too, but unlike us he took initiative. Classic Scott. He buys the knight title online and then proceeds to get knighted as British royalty during a trip to London with Kim Kardashian, Rob Kardashian, Kanye West, and Jonathan Cheban. Scott even refused to take photos with fans at a nightclub later in the trip, referring to them as “commoners.” Oh Scott, how you have forgotten the little people- but it’s okay, because who needs those peasants!

13 The Time He Called Out Kris About Forgetting Her Granddaughter’s Birth

We all know that Kim K is obviously mommy Kris’s favorite and she takes up all her mental energy, but damn, you would think she would at least not pick favorites among her grandchildren! That being said, Penelope is definitely not number one in (Grand)mommy Kris’s eyes. When Kris was asked in an interview what her favorite day of the last year was she rushes to answer that it was when Oprah visited her. Scott is shocked and doesn’t bite his tongue, saying, “not the day when Penelope was born? You heartless wench.” That’s right Scott, hit her where it hurts- in honor of Princess P! We know Kris’s back up answer was probably Kim’s birthday, or last week when Kim took her out to Nobu, or yesterday when Kim sent her a long email, or two weeks…

12 The (Multiple) Times He Made Fun Of Kris And Kim’s Marriage

Even though Scott and Kourtney have plenty of relationship problems themselves, and have also never gotten married even with much conflict over the subject, Scott never passes up an opportunity to hate on Kim’s marriage to Kris Humphries. Even before their lovely 72 day marriage called it quits, Scott realized it couldn’t last. When Kourtney discusses Kim and Kris’s fight in this scene, Scott does not seem shocked and said “it’s tough when you’re married that long… a week or two.” Ouch, Scott. Absolute savagery. We wonder if all this ragging on their marriage added to Kim and Kris ending their marriage. Like, if Scott Disick was constantly ragging on you as a newly wed, wouldn’t you look a little closer at your marriage too? Maybe Scott pushed Kim to see something she was missing. He’s like a… insightful savage!

11 The Time He Tried To Embody The Notebook

Ah, The Notebook. When it hit theaters in 2004 it became the pinnacle for romance movies. Also for romantic standards. Not all of us can embody Ryan Gosling’s tearjerking performance as Noah Calhoun. Yet Scott Disick tried to embody the Nicholas Spark’s protagonist in an effort to rekindle his romance with Kourtney. By doing so he decided to partake in the most rugged male activity which is apparently posing as a professional handyman by fixing blinds shirtless on a hot summer day. Kourtney was confused at this, since they are millionaires you can hire people for this, and their house is already in tip top shape. Scott took this opportunity to shout a few slightly tweaked lines from the movie, including “I wrote you 98 times over text. I love you! Don’t you get it?” Damn.. only Scott.

10 The Time He Was Obsessed With Canes

All of the great fashionistas of our time know that the trick to completing a fierce look is not only in the clothes but in the accessories. If you have a statement accessory, that’s even better. Statement accessories capture the eye of trend followers and give your look that personal touch. Scott, being the absolute savage he is, decided to pick the classy accessory that is the cane. Perfect for wannabe pimps, or for having a wannabe limp. Scott paraded around the streets of New York City with his cane during his time in Manhattan while shooting Kim And Kourtney Take New York. That is some definite street style if we’ve ever seen it! Screw the girls, someone please give Scott his own fashion line. Scott’s Threads: perfect for pretentious golfing events or for simply rolling around in your piles of money, now available at your local Target.

9 The Time He Commented On Kourtney’s Never-Ending Pregnant State

Shocking as it may seem, there was once a time when Mason Disick was the only member of the next generation of the Kardashian klan. Seven years later, and Mason is now running around in stylish joggers leading his surplus of siblings and cousins. For some reason, it seems like Kourtney is always pregnant. Maybe it’s because she’s so obsessed with her kids, and being a super fun and fit mom. She definitely embodies the mother role more than Kim (no shade to Kim, she’s a great mom too). Not only have the public noticed this but so has Scott. While he loves his kids, overtime Kourtney announces she’s pregnant, Scott has a minor freakout. We’re totally not surprised to him saying “isn’t she always?” in response to Kylie asking Kourt if she’s pregnant again.

8 The Time He Made His Own Cuba When Kourtney Was On Vacation In Cuba

You may not know what FOMO means, but you’ve definitely experience it. The ‘fear of missing out’ syndrome is classified by when all your friends and/or family are hanging out and you can’t go. More recently, this disease has been amplified by the viewing of fun Instagram shares or captivating Snapchat stories. Scott definitely had some major FOMO when Kourtney and the kids went to Cuba without him. Scott decided to do the reasonable thing and bring Cuba to him. Scott and Khloe’s then boyfriend French Montana rent a Cuban style car, wear fedoras, smoke cigars, and try to speak in scarface-style accents. Scott gets Kris and Kylie Jenner in on the action, yelling out “who needs Cuba, we got it right here!”

7 The Time We Realized How Obsessed He Was With Being Stylish

Not only does he know the lefts and right of accessorizing, noting the cane phase, but he loves an overall look as well. He knows that there is no wrong time to looking good. You always got to know what you’re looking for, and you’ve always got to be prepared to serve a look. That’s why he doesn’t hesitate to blurt out that he has already packed a tuxedo for his beloved future daughter Penelope’s birth. What did you expect? For Scott to not meet his daughter looking his best? That would be insulting. Obviously he’s got to come decked out in a tuxedo. We’re honestly surprised he didn’t schedule a quick hair and makeup touch-up before the contractions start kicking in. C’mon guys, there will be cameras!

6 The Time He Mocked Kourtney’s Healthy Mom Lifestyle

We all have that one friend that is trying to force SoulCycle and Kombucha onto us. They tell us how much better organic, local products taste, and are really annoying to go out to eat with. For Scott, this is his baby mama Kourtney Kardashian. Kourtney is the super mom of the Kardashian klan, always forcing healthy food on all those around her. Scott knows Kourtney like the back of his hand, so it probably isn’t a far stretch when he gives her a quick roast on what she was thinking about. Give her a break Scott, she’s just trying to be a good-hearted, environmentally-friendly, health and body conscious mother! In the wise words of Kourtney: you’re literally being so rude right now.

5 The Time He Did A Bathtub Radio Show With Khloe

Nothing like taking a bath with your baby mama’s sister, right? Scott Disick sure thinks so. Scott and sister-in-law Kourtney come together, bubbles and all, to film a segment in the tub. A podcast segment titled “Lord and the Lady.” How on point of them. Khloe had a little radio background, from her Khloe after Dark radio gig, but she was definitely not prepared for what Scott had in store for them this time. Khloe goes in a little nervous about getting electrocuted from the microphones falling into the water. Scott promptly responds with a shrug, “we can die, but that’s part of it.” Don’t worry nothing weird went down, Khloe made sure to point that out, but Scott wore a life jacket just in case “things got tough” in there.

4 The Time He Was Injured But Still Had To Be Trendy

Okay so we all know how much Scott loves himself. By loving himself, he also loves the way he looks. When you love the way you look, you love fashion. This whole narcissistic thing is like one big chain reaction. Due to this love of fashion, Scott would never let an injury hurt his look. Instead, Scott uses his injury to his advantage. The knowledge of good accessories will always help you in the long run. When Scott paraded on the beach with his family in this monogrammed black and white eye patch, we couldn’t help but admire it. It’s like trendy pirate meets white privilege- that’s so on trend in Calabasa. It almost makes you want to point your own eye out- for fashion!

3 The Time He Demonstrated How Bad He Is At Social Media

Scott, we get it- you want to be able to keep up with the girls. They are all social media queens now, just look at their follower counts. Having a high following on Instagram gives social media icons a hard job- being a brand ambassador. This often means smiling holding up a bag of detox tea or protein powder. Ugh, work can be so difficult. Scott took his swing at this line of work, and completely missed. Scott was so lazy, that when he copy and pasted the caption from his PR guy, he forgot to take out the PR’s message to him. Now everyone knows that Scott is being paid to advertise BooTee UK at 4 pm eastern standard time! Ugh, we never would have guessed that.

2 All of The Times He Was Todd Kraines

Possibly one of the funniest running jokes on Keeping Up With The Kardashians is Scott’s Todd Kraine’s impression. Todd Kraines is a close family friend of the Kardashians. Todd’s mother Joyce Kraines is one of Momma Kris’s good friends. After many years of the prank, Todd Kraines makes an appearance in Vail, Colorado during a family ski getaway, to which Kim snapchats Scott doing the impression with the real Todd. Scott said during the episode, “a long time ago when we started pranking Kris with the whole Todd Kraines thing, I never even knew who the person was. And then it became an on-going joke. But I never thought I'd go on a ski trip with him!” The legendary Todd Kraines has finally appeared on the show, but we hope this isn’t the end of Scott’s pranks on Momma Kris.

1 The Time He Pointed Out How Much He Loves Money

Some of us deal with our troubles by flopping down into bed and binge-watching an entire season of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Other deals with it by taking baths in a tub full of hundred dollar bills. We are not totally certain on this, but we assume Scott is the later. Scott Disick loves his money so much, and he loves to spend it even more. He came from a rich suburban area in Long Island, so he’s always been at least upper middle class. Then obviously getting inducted into the Kardashian Klan profited him millions. We’re not sure what his actual job is now though. Has anyone ever heard him talk about his job on the show? Or is he just constantly sitting around making jokes about how much money Kim’s butt makes his family?

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