15 Hilarious Times Scott Disick Was Savage Towards The Kardashians

Keeping Up With The Kardashians is one of the best (and worst) shows to watch. You get an inside look at what the Kardashian family goes through on a day to day basis and sometimes, feel a bit guilty for binge-watching their life story. We've been with the Kardashian's since the dawn of time, it seems, and can't help but feel like we're part of their family. Though, we can't say we'd necessarily want to be part of their family at all times. There's so much drama floating about their household and we're not sure if we'd be able to take it. However, if we were in the Kardashian family, we feel like we'd be like Scott Disick. Snarky, hilarious and full of insults, it's hard to not relate to Scott and the things he says. We've compiled a list of the 15 most savage things he's said to the family (so far).

15 Email works, right?

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Nearly everyone in the Kardashian family is tech-inclined when it comes to supporting their family (or friends). Unless their family members are in a horrible car accident (or really, really need their help in person) you can almost guarantee that they'll send a "get well soon" text to whoever needs it. Is this a negative quality? Not really; at least they're still showing that they care! However, they're not exactly there for whoever needs them in person, which can sometimes be a downer. In this frame, Kris is trying to get Scott to come with her to support her daughter. Scott's not exactly down for this, so he bluntly says that an e-mail would be sufficient. While he's not wrong, an e-mail would be sufficient, we're not sure this was the proper thing to say to Kris at this moment. Ah, well. You live and you learn. Right, Scott?

14 He's got a point

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You've seen those amazing Snapchats from the Kardashians about the food they eat on their cheat days, right? If not, where have you been? If there's one thing that we know for sure, it's that these people can eat. Most of the time, the food they eat makes our mouths water because of how delicious it looks. Not to mention, they always talk about how delicious their food is, too. Kourtney, for example, is talking about how good her croissant was and Scott replies with a seriously snarky comment about how it damn well better be, because they were in France while they were eating. The look on her face makes us feel like she wasn't too amused with his answer. He could have said, "Yeah, it was delicious, wasn't it?" Someone's got to joke around 99 percent of the time, right?

13 If that's not sentimental, we don't know what is

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Oh, Kourtney. Sweet, sweet, Kourtney. Is your multi-million-dollar net worth not enough to be sentimental about? You were basically raised in one of the richest families in the country, yet you have the nerve to say that you've never received a sentimental gift. You could literally go out and buy yourself any gift that you've wanted! As always, Scott has something incredibly hilarious to say to her. He did give her two kids (three, now) and we'd say that holds some sort of sentimental value, right? Kourtney looks so done with Scott in the second image, it's beyond hilarious. Let's hope her new boo is buying her all sorts of sentimental gifts. What Kourtney wants, she gets! Scott obviously bought her sentimental gifts while they were together, but it's easy to forget the gifts you receive when you buy yourself anything and everything you want daily.

12 Sweet Jesus, too far

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Is it too soon to call it quits? This one has us dying! There's no way for Scott to say something funnier than this, is there? Let's take a moment to talk about Kourtney in this picture. She really does look like a portobello mushroom, but in her defense, she was kind of forced to have this haircut. Parents always cut their children's hair in the worst ways. Not to mention, it was the early '90s! This mushroom cut hair-do was totally in. We're not sure if anyone could rock it quite like Kourtney, either. We'd love to see some baby pictures of Scott, now that we're thinking about it. He probably looked worse than Kourtney. We love how Khloe is just sitting there dying of laughter, too. If you can't laugh at yourself (and your siblings), what's the point?

11 Time for the talk

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This moment was seriously so funny, we can't forget it. This meme gave us an instant flashback to watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians in our bedroom under the covers. What a wonderful time in our lives. When Kris and Scott were talking about the age gap between Kourtney and himself, he got a bit defensive (as well as funny, of course). Clearly, Kris wasn't trying to push him on Kendall or Kylie, but the fact that he even had the balls to say this makes us laugh. We think Kris has had a vendetta against Scott since she first saw him. He's not exactly well-liked in the Kardashian family right now. Cheating on Kourtney multiple times will do that to a person!

10 Well, he's not lying

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Kylie is known for her amazing lip kits and for good reason, too. They're friggin' phenomenal! However, Kylie tends to overdraw her lipstick. She's been caught applying lipstick over her skin above and below her lips (which looks kinda terrible, but who are we to judge?). When Scott was watching her apply her lipstick, he made sure to give her some quick tips, one in particular: to have her lipstick nearly touching her nose. While he said this as a joke, we can't imagine Kylie finding it funny. It's no secret that she has her lips filled (they used to be as thin as dental floss). Her lips are probably her biggest weakness. Leave it to Scott to be a total jerk (a totally funny jerk, that is). Let's hope Kylie can take a joke!

9 Who are you to talk, Kim?

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One thing you should know about the Kardashian family: they're suckers for love. They'll fall for literally anyone in any amount of time. Okay, not everyone. They do have high standards. Because they all share this trait, none of them really have any right to tell each other how slow they should take their relationship. Scott, on the other hand, has a right to say what he feels (mainly because he'd been with Kourtney for a while and didn't go after every single woman he saw). When Kim was explaining to Scott that she was worried about her mom's relationship with Corey, he spat out a comment that really wasn't needed. He explained to Kim that she basically doesn't have a place to say anything because she's the exact same way. Like mother, like daughter, right? We feel like Scott really helps the Kardashians grow with his truth bombs.

8 Totally not funny *sarcasm*

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Kim is known to wear some pretty risqué things. Whether she's wearing a cut-off top or lingerie in public, you can bet your bottom dollar the paparazzi will be all over it. When this "#1 must see look" came out, Scott had something to say (like always). He told her that it'd be a bit odd if he left the house with his crotch open (which, yeah, it'd be a bit odd) and questioned her outfit choice. Clearly, Kim's crotch isn't out and about, but she is revealing the goods. Nearly everyone thought Scott's comment was funny, except Kim. She knows that Scott's always out to get the last comment and, by now, is beyond used to his sarcasm. We honestly wish we had someone like Scott in our lives. Maybe he'd help us avoid any wardrobe mistakes we'd make.

7 Burn, baby burn!

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Kourtney has been known to be a loose cannon at times. She's rebelled against her parents (and family in general) and has given nearly every single person attitude. When Caitlyn Jenner (then Bruce) told Scott that she felt as though no one could handle her, Scott decided to stick up for her by saying he handled her well enough to get her pregnant. Nice, Scott! We're pretty sure Caitlyn came to you for help, not sarcasm. Either way, this is hilarious and we're glad Scott stuck up for her in such a funny way. What's even funnier than what Scott said is what he's wearing. We feel like Scott is portraying the "I'm rich, I own a boat and I'll screw all of your wives" card perfectly. What a tool! His slicked back hair doesn't really help anything, either. Thank goodness he grew out of this wardrobe phase.

6 Married life is hard AF

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We don't want to overstep our boundaries here, but Kim used to have a serious problem when it came to dating. In fact, we're pretty sure everyone in the Kardashian family had this problem. They're notorious for rushing into relationships and, ultimately, hurting themselves in the end. Scott notices everything and, unlike most people, he's not afraid to voice his opinion on the matter (no matter how sensitive). When Kourtney told Scott that Kim and Kris were arguing, Scott flat-out said how hard it is to be married for a week or two. He was totally on Kim's side, here. Sarcasm, people. Get with it! Unless you're ready to hear the honest-to-goodness truth about an issue, you may want to avoid asking (or telling) Scott anything. Don't expect him to hold back.

5 Don't break the bank, Kim!

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If there's one thing that everyone knows about the Kardashian family, it's that they're rich AF. They can literally buy anything they want to buy at any given moment and, if you're like us, you're super jealous. God, the things we'd buy if we only had the money... a new wardrobe, new home furnishings... the list could literally go on and on. When Kim received a free yoga membership, she was excited! That is, until Scott said something snarky and downright hilarious. He's no stranger to how much Kim spends in a day and when he heard her say the word "free," he expressed just how he felt about it. Obviously, Kim can afford a yoga membership, but it's nice of the studio to give her a free one! Thanks, Scott, you ruined this awesome moment for Kim. She looks 100 percent done with him.

4 Wow, thanks, Kris!

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Kris is probably one of the funniest TV icons of the 21st century. There are tons of people who hate her and some have even begged the producers of the show to take her off of it. But we're so thankful she's still around. She's known for her hilarious comments like this. Like everyone, Kris doesn't really think before she speaks and decided to say that her favorite day from the past year was when Oprah came over to the house. Scott, being the hilarious person he is, pulled a comment out of his butt in no time. He immediately called Kris a heartless wench for saying that, because his and Kourtney's baby, Penelope, was born that year. While we're sure she was thrilled by that, you can't really beat Oprah coming to your house. We're going to side with Kris, here. After all, it's not every day you get someone like Oprah to come hang out with you.

3 We literally can't right now

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This comment could be taken many ways. Some people believe that Kim's career happened after she started modeling. Others, however, believe it happened after her sex tape went viral. Whichever you choose to believe, you've got to admit that, without Kim, the Kardashians would not be as famous as they currently are. Kim (and the entire Kardashian family) has learned how to better handle their mistakes within the past few years and they've actually calmed down a lot, too. When you look back at super old episodes, you'll notice them bickering, fighting and cursing each other out a lot more. We feel like we've grown up with the Kardashians and feel as though we owe it to them for making us into the sassy people we are today. Thanks, Kim and co! Next time, take us on vacation with you.

2 *Gasp* did he just say that?

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This one is, by far, our favorite. Scott and Rob decided to go into a museum and didn't really appreciate the beauty found within the pictures, statues and figurines. When Rob came across a painting of some witches, Scott saw the perfect opportunity to bash the Kardashians like he never had before. We remember watching this episode while laughing our butts off. We obviously don't personally know the Kardashians, but there have been many moments on their infamous show where we thought they were being a bit witchy. They're known to talk smack about each other behind their backs, fight with each other and insult each other at the worst times. Perhaps Scott is right about this one, yeah?

1 Are you for real, though?

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As you probably already know, the Kardashians and Jenners have bucket loads of money. To hear that they simply "can't afford" something sets our blood on fire. Especially when it's something as cheap as a mani-pedi! Since Scott's in the family, he's really no different. After watching (and reading) this, we felt insanely irritated. Like, how dare Kourtney say that they're unable to afford something! First of all, spending $800 on a robe is absolutely ridiculous. We don't care how soft and fluffy it is (or isn't). Nor do we care if it's designer-made. We had trouble convincing ourselves to buy a $50 robe from Victoria's Secret. Sigh. We honestly don't know what these people would do if they were poor. Like, would they even survive one day?

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