15 Times 'Supernatural' Broke Our Damn Hearts

Supernatural has become the longest-running American fantasy series, which is a clear indication that it won the hearts of the fans. Some will argue that it should have ended several seasons ago, while others are hoping it never ends. Either way, it's an amazing show that people have really connected with. The main reasons for the show's popularity are the endearing characters, the shocking plot twists, and of course, the emotional moments. Supernatural is known for pulling on the heartstrings of the audience and honestly, we love to feel pain. And that's why we put ourselves through the torture of rewatching the most heartbreaking scenes just to feel what the characters feel. Here's 15 moments that made us feel so many feelings.

15 When Sam died in Season 2

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Whenever one of the brothers die we try not to get too emotional because it's guaranteed that they will be back. I mean, on Supernatural, does anyone ever actually stay dead? Apart from Charlie, Kevin... but let's not mention them. Even though we've seen them die so many times it still doesn't get any easier. In All Hell Breaks Loose, one of the earlier episodes, Sam's death was definitely one of the most heartbreaking scenes on the show. It happened so quickly and so brutally that none of us came prepared with the tissues. Possibly the saddest moment is when Dean cradles his brother's body while repeating "no" and as soon as the tears came from his eyes, that's all it took for me to bawl my eyes out, too.

14 When Sam found out Dean sold his soul

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This scene depicts what the show is all about: the love between two brothers. It's definitely one of the most memorable moments on Supernatural. Dean couldn't let Sam die and he was going to do whatever it takes to stop that from happening, even if that meant sacrificing himself. Dean begged Bobby not to tell Sam, but of course, these things find a way of coming out. Understandably, when Sam finds out he isn't happy with Dean and he makes his feelings known. This scene is so sad because it shows just how far Dean is willing to go to protect the people he loves the most. And the way he helplessly looks at Sam and says "don't get mad at me," is so heartbreaking. I'm not crying, you're crying.

13 When Dean told Sam about Hell

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It must have taken a lot for Dean to finally open up about his time in hell. It seemed like he was desperate to talk to someone about it, but he knew that as soon as he said the words out loud, everyone would know what he did and they would think less of him. This scene is incredibly moving because Dean starts explaining in detail about how he was tortured and then forced to torture others just to escape the pain that was being inflicted on him. And when he said, "I wish I couldn't feel anything Sammy. I wish I couldn't feel a damn thing," it hit everyone in the feels. Honestly, if anyone who watches that scene says they didn't cry, they're a goddamn liar.

12 When Dean met Cas

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The first time Dean and Castiel met is one of the most memorable moments in Supernatural. In fact, I can recite this scene word for word. Maybe it’s the way the angel makes a dramatic entrance, or maybe it's how it becomes evident from the very first meeting that they would become a big part of each other's lives. Of course, the audience had no idea that this would be the start of "Destiel", the most popular ship on the show. I know I'm not alone in saying that as soon as I heard Castiel spoke, I instantly fell in love with him. The iconic line "I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition" is one of my all time favorite moments on Supernatural.

11 When Dean called Sam a monster

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Possibly the biggest, most emotional fight that has ever been shown on Supernatural was between the brothers. I guess this is what they call brotherly love. The fight started when Dean confronted Sam about Ruby, where he accused her of manipulating him and turning him into something that he's not. But Sam, who doesn't want to part ways with Ruby, refuses to listen to his brother's concerns. Obviously, this doesn't go down well with Dean and an argument ensues. For Sam, being called a monster is what pushed him over the edge. And hearing those words come from someone who he genuinely loves and cares about makes it so much harder to cope with. It's incredibly heartbreaking to watch but it also captures the deep bond between Dean and Sam.

10 When Bobby died

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Let's be honest, Bobby was more of a father to Dean and Sam than John ever was. He was one of the greatest characters on the show (always will be)  and that's what made his death so much more emotional than anyone else's. In this scene, the Winchester brothers are standing by Bobby in a hospital bed, after he was shot by Dick Roman and lapsed into a coma. They are hoping that the man who they love and look up to will pull through, but deep down it's apparent that he's not going to make it. Right before he dies, Bobby has one final thing he wants to say to the boys, and that is delivered in one word:"Idjits." And cue the tears. This is, without a doubt, one of the saddest deaths in TV history.

9 Dean returns from Purgatory

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In the first episode of Season 8, Dean finally returns after spending a long, tough year in purgatory. Although he's clearly devastated that Cas didn't make it, he's still relieved to be reunited with his brother. That is until Dean realized that Sam didn't look for him when he was gone. It's difficult to pick a side because I can see it from both points of view. If it were the other way around, Dean probably would have tried harder to find out if Sam was still alive. But Sam thought Dean was dead, so naturally, he decided to leave everything behind and start again somewhere else. Of course, Dean finds it hard to accept that his brother simply gave up and that's what makes it so emotional. Why must Supernatural cause me so much pain?

8 When Cas told Dean he wanted to stay in Purgatory

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Oh god, this scene really tugs at the heartstrings. Dean has been giving himself a hard time because he wasn't able to get Cas out of purgatory, but what he doesn't realize is that it wasn't his fault. Dean doesn't remember it correctly, so Cas decides to set things straight by showing Dean what really happened in purgatory. In the flashback, we see Dean yelling at Cas to hold on to his hand so he can pull him out, but instead, Cas pushes him away and tells him to go. And if that wasn't the most heartbreaking part, Cas then explains to Dean that "nothing you could have done would have saved me, because I didn't want to be saved." Right in the feels!

7 When Cas attacked Dean

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This scene is memorable for two reasons. 1) It's one of the most "Destiel" moments to ever happen on the show and 2) It's heartbreaking. Under Naomi's control to get the angel tablet, Castiel starts attacking Dean. It's truly painful to watch because it's clear that Cas doesn't want to hurt Dean but he feels like there's no other choice. Naomi's influence is so strong that Cas almost ends up killing Dean. When it looks like he might be about to die, Dean makes one last effort at getting through to him by saying, "we're family, we need you. I need you." And that's all it takes to break the connection. Naomi gives Cas an ultimatum and in the end, he chooses the Winchesters. Now, that's what love looks like!

6 Sam's final trial

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No matter what, I always cry at the Season 8 finale. Sam is about to complete the final trial to close the gates of Hell, but luckily, Dean turns up just in time to tell him to stop. Dean goes on to explain that going through with the trial will cost Sam his life, but Sam, who is emotional at this point, tells Dean that his greatest sin was how many times he let him down. It's incredibly moving but so painful to watch. Dean proves his love for his brother by explaining that he would do anything for him. His exact words are,"don't you dare think that there is anything, past or present, that I would put in front of you." Eventually, Sam agrees, and the brothers hug it out.

5 When Dean dies in Season 9

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Another death, another heartbreak. Dean and Sam's relationship is strained up to this point as the mark of Cain continues to affect him. Dean believes that he's the only one who can kill Metatron, but when a fight ensues between them, it's Metatron who ends up stabbing Dean with the angel blade. Unfortunately, Sam arrives just a little too late. Heartbreakingly, Dean tells Sam that it's better this way because he doesn't like what the mark is turning him into. Of course, Sam won't give up on his brother and he carries him until Dean can't go on any longer. Right before he dies, Dean tells his brother, "I'm proud of us." And if you listen really closely, you can hear the sound of my heart shattering.

4 Dean nearly kills Cas

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Under the influence of the mark of Cain, Dean doesn’t hesitate when it comes to getting revenge on the Styne family. When Cas finds the dead body of an innocent kid who begged for his life, he tells Dean that it won’t be long before he becomes the monster. Dean gives Cas the option to leave, but Cas makes it clear that he’s not going anywhere. Although Cas tries his best to get through to Dean, he refuses to listen and it escalates, into a violent, one-sided fight where Dean takes out all of his anger. The moment no one was prepared for is when Dean picks up the blade. And the sound of the blade literally made my heart stop. Not Cas. Anyone but Cas. But then there's the pure relief when we see that he's actually still alive; thank Chuck! This scene had me feeling all kinds of feelings.

3 Dean nearly kills Sam

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This is, without a doubt, one of the saddest moments on the show. Honestly, I don't know what the most heartbreaking part of this scene is. Maybe it's how Sam barely puts up a fight, or maybe it's how he simply agrees to die, but one thing I know for sure is that it makes me bawl my eyes out every time. It’s so heart-warming to see that even though Dean isn’t really himself, his love for his brother still shines through. The moment he said, “Sammy, close your eyes,” I’m sure every single person watching shed a few tears. Despite everything, Sam knows his brother better than anybody and he knows that he's a good person. He hands Dean some photographs of them and their mother when they were younger, so they can act as a reminder of what it felt like to love. I didn't need my heart anyway!

2 Cas calls the Winchesters his family

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Even though Cas has called the Winchesters his family before and vice versa, there's something about this recent episode that gave me all the feels. When Cas realizes that he probably won't make it, he says that knowing them has been the best part of his life. Despite knowing that this isn't the end, it's still emotional to see Cas in so much pain and despair. It might seem out of character to hear Cas say the words, "I love you," but that's just proof of how much he genuinely cares about them. And it's not one-sided either. When Cas urges them to leave and save themselves, they remind him that family doesn't get left behind. Oh, my heart.

1 Dean tells Mary he forgives her

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Dean and Mary's relationship has always been a complicated one. Let's face it, Mary has been absent from their lives for so long that they never really got to know her. They could only ever depend on each other. Even though Dean should have been enjoying his childhood, he had no other choice but to grow up fast. He had a "job" to look after Sam. Understandably, Dean blames Mary for every bad thing that has happened to them, as he believes that if she had been there, their lives would have turned out differently. Despite Mary trying to fix her relationship with her sons, it seems that Dean is having a hard time forgiving her for the past. In this scene, Dean tells Mary exactly how he feels and it’s heartbreaking. “I hate you… and I love you," and here come the tears.

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