15 Times 'The Big Bang Theory' Gang Were #SquadGoals

The Big Bang Theory has been be on TV for 10 seasons. And for 10 seasons we have gradually grown jealous of the squad that is combined of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, Howard, Raj, Amy, and Bernadette. Oh and let's not forget about Steuart - he would be pissed about that. What makes this fabulous group so squad worthy is what they each bring to the table. They're all minor geniuses and bring their own brainy humor to everyday situations. We love how this group has transformed and grown throughout the years and we cannot wait to see what this group gets themselves into next. Try not to get too jealous as you scroll through these 15 moments from The Big Bang Theory that are totally #SquadGoals.

15 When They Had A Friend Scavenger Hunt

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After watching this episode, it made me wonder why my friends and I have never created our own scavenger hunt. One person is the rule maker and you set up all these little clues and puzzles to see what pair of friends wins it all.

In Season 7, Episode 3; Raj becomes upset that no one RSVP'd to his 'murder mystery' dinner party (another fun idea!). When the gang asks when the dinner is, Raj explains it already happened and that no one showed up. But no worries, Raj had something better in mind: his scavenger hunt. He breaks down the rules and the group decides how to break up into pairs. Bernadette suggests couple vs. couple, but Leonard suggests picking names out of a hat. Which, of course, enrages Penny because she thinks Leonard doesn't wanna be with her because she's not "smart." But in the end, the pairings couldn't be more perfect. It was Sheldon and Penny (YASS!), Leonard and Bernadette, and Howard and Amy (whom became better friends than they expected.) #SquadGoals

14 When They Held Their Own Murder Mystery Dinner Party

We told you Raj loved murder mystery parties! In Season 7, Episode 18, the gang were all hanging out in Leonard's apartment trying to figure out what to do that evening. Unexpectedly, Steuart shows up to their little gathering - which has everyone scratching their heads. But minutes later, Steuart collapses to the ground and "dies." The group is collectively trying to help him until Raj breaks it down in his Raj way that Steuart has been "murdered" (DUN, DUN, DUN!). The group all roll their eyes because they know they have been coerced into Raj's little scheme.

It was during this game, and trying to figure out who the murderer was, that the group started discussing what life could be like in the future. It was a fun episode that shined a light on deeper dreams of each character. Along with making us viewers completely jealous of their dinner party idea.

13 When They Held Their Own Prom

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It seemed inevitable for this group to have their own prom. Considering most of them are all geniuses who graduated high school at like, thirteen, means most of them skipped prom or never had the opportunity to go. This episode breaks down how prom was for each character. Sheldon was clearly too smart and too busy with science to give prom a second look. Penny went to seven proms. Bernadette's date was more attracted to her friend, and poor Amy danced with a mop she borrowed from the janitor. Since prom was a disaster for most of them, Bernadette offer's a "prom do-over" and The Big Bang Theory prom commenced!

It was really sweet to see each beloved character get ready for their big night with an actual date. We saw some really sweet moments between Sheldon and Amy and well, learned that Howard once slept with his second cousin who turned out to be Stuart's date.... So, you could say it was an episode filled with tender moments between the friends.

12 When They Have Weekly Dinners

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A scene that happens in every episode is the gang's weekly dinners. This is something a lot of viewers take for granted. No matter how busy each person is or what argument is going on in the group - they still always meet up at Sheldon and Leonards (or now is it Leonard and Penny's?) for dinner. Now, of course, the type of food that is served depends on what day of the week it is, but nevertheless, it's a weekly tradition that is done without being said. You never hear them say "are you coming over for dinner?" Or "we're getting takeout, you're more than welcome to join." It's an unsaid event that takes place and it's something we're totally jealous of. If you live nearby to your group of friends, a weekly dinner at one of your homes is needed - ASAP.

11 When They Had Girls vs. Boys Nights

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We saw quite a memorable #SquadGoals episode in Season 8. After the guys figure out they have been a little distracted lately since the girls have entered their lives, they decided to have a "boys only weekend" and created a science retreat to get back on track in the world of science. The girls are not upset by their dismissal in the slightest and take the opportunity for a girls trip to Las Vegas! But in traditional Big Bang Theory form, nothing goes the way they thought. The boys are loving their open schedule and seem to be more focused on movies and gams than science. While back in Vegas, Penny ends up having to stay in the hotel and study for work while Bernadette and Amy go out drinking.

It's a classic episode where we get to see each male and female group do their own thing and the kind of mischief they get into. But at the end of the day, it's obvious the girls are not the ones distracting their men. Back to the Future, Dungeons and Dragons, and Star Trek are.

10 When They Gave Howard A Helping Hand

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In a very emotional episode called "The Leftover Thermalization," Howard is distraught after the loss of his mother. He becomes inconsolable once he realizes the last prepared meals his mother made (that were stored in the refrigerator) were going to spoil due to a blackout. Instead of tossing the last meals his mother ever made—which was enough to feed an army—he invited the entire gang over for one last meal in his mother's honor. They met at his mother's former home, cooked every single meal, and ate together in harmony. It was an emotional episode that proved how close the bond in this group really is. Even Steuart was invited! Well, then again, he was living in Mrs. Wolowitz' home, so his presence was inevitable.

9 When They Officiated Howard And Bernadette's Wedding

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We love seeing our favorite couples progress in their relationship! As soon as Bernadette agreed to going on a date with Howard, we were all hoping he didn't screw it up with his perverted one liners. Thankfully, the two of them hit it off when they brought up the topic of over protective parents and the two end up marrying.

Now, Bernadette and Howard's wedding didn't go quite as planned. After planning an extravagant wedding, their plans changed when Howard was invited to travel to space which would interrupt their nuptials. Bernadette didn't want to wait to marry Howard after his return from space, so they put together a little makeshift wedding on a rooftop and had the whole gang ordain the wedding. It was a touching way to include their friends in their big day. Also - who can forget Leonard and Penny's awkward moment at the alter throwing some major shade to one another!

8 When They Played 'Never Have I Ever'

This was one of my favorite episodes! After Sheldon tries a virtual nature experience, Amy and Penny offer the idea of renting a cabin and enjoying the actual outdoors. After conniving Sheldon of a fun weekend in the woods, the four of them ventured to Big Bear! Leonard even brought a Hufflepuff baseball cap for an "outdoor feel."

Once they're in the cabin, it starts raining cats and dogs which leads the four of them canceling their hike and hanging inside by the fire instead. To pass the time, the foursome decided to play a drinking game of "never have I ever." Everyone goes around and says something they've never done. If another person in the group has done the thing, they take a sip of their drink. Although this scene brought up some uncomfortable topics between Leonard and Penny, the game really worked out well Sheldon and Amy. These two were smitten kittens talking about "never have I ever canceled a dentist appointment before."

7 When The Gang Flew To Texas To Bring Sheldon Home

Since this is an article on how much we love the Big Bang squad, we had mixed feelings around the opening episode of Season 3. We were pumped the guys were back from their science experiment in the North Pole, and we were ecstatic that Leonard and Penny finally had the kiss we were all hoping for! But we were bummed out that the guys admitted to fiddling with the results of Sheldon's experiment. Sheldon thought he made ground breaking news in the world of science. But, it was the apparent work of Howard, Raj, and Leonard. Sheldon was distraught when he heard the news and flew down to his hometown of Texas to be with his mom. And as annoying as Sheldon can be, the boys flew down to Texas to bring their boy back home.

Thankfully, Howard broke the ice by wearing an identical image to Woody from Toy Story.

6 When They Played Pictionary

Murder mystery dinner parties, scavenger hunts, Pictionary, is there anything this group doesn't think of? Sure, they have their nights of crowding around the TV and watching Indiana Jones or Star Trek, but it seems they're always doing something fun and interactive as a group - which is nice to see these days.

During a classic girls vs. boys game night, Penny and Amy took the lead after Amy guessed Penny's drawing correct. Leonard, of course, failed to see the point of Sheldon's drawing, so they continued to the next drawing. And as you can see from the scenes above, Amy and Penny crushed Leonard and Sheldon once again. C'mon Shelly, you have to dumb it down when it comes to Pictionary, bud. Not everyone in the world is going to know what a quark-gluon plasma is...

5 When Penny Teaches The Guys How To Hook A Fish

Many people would assume that Penny has nothing to teach the brains of Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj. But on the contrary, she does. The guys might know the ins and outs of Science, the universe, and the breakdown of gravity. But Penny is street-smart and can teach them about human emotions, what's appropriate on a date, and how to fish. Since this farm-bred gal grew up in Nebraska, she knows how to hook a fish. Which is exactly what Howard needed to know for his upcoming fishing trip with his rugged and rude father in law. Instead of skipping the trip or not participating in the act of fishing, the guys asked Penny to give them a hand. And in true Big Bang fashion, Penny taught the boys how to gut a fish while they gagged watching.

We adore how the show proves you can learn a little something from everyone no matter how smart or not smart you think you are.

4 When Sheldon Creates A Scholarship For Howard's Daughter

It's no surprise that Sheldon wasn't the most supportive person in the group when Howard and Bernadette announced they were having a baby. Sheldon doesn't really know how to process raw emotion and thinks a baby in the group could mess up the group's weekly activities. But, as well know, Sheldon hates change and would have to get over it.

After Howard has a meltdown over his finances, he decides to file a patent for the superfluid helium project they were working on. The only problem is, Sheldon would write up the contract and Howard was dreading the entire process due to Sheldon constantly demeaning him on a daily basis. The two end up coming to a conclusion that Sheldon cannot insult Howard anymore, and it was then that they noticed another addition to the contract. "25 percent of Sheldon's share of any profits will go into a separate scholarship fund for Howard and Bernadette’s first child ." Sheldon believes an education was more worthy than money and did it out of the good of his heart. Now that's true friendship.

3 When They Went As The 'Justice Leauge' For Halloween

How happy does this Gif make you! In a New Year's Eve to remember, the gang dresses up as the Justice League for a costume contest down at the comic book store. They, of course, were not the only people dressed up as characters from the Justice Leauge, however, they had Penny dressed as Wonder Woman, so you know they were a shoe-in for the winning spot.

Although this episode was a tad dramatic dealing with the romance between Penny and Leonard, and Penny's minor meltdown about being around her friends and her current boyfriend, it was a great example of true friendship. You know you're tight with your friends when you'd rather dress up united as a group instead of flying solo. Oh, and seeing Sheldon portray Flash was just too good to miss.

2 Literally Just Raj And Howard's Bromance

There's not too much to say about the friendship between Rajesh Ramayan Koothrappali and Howard Joel Wolowitz . The two have a bond like no other on the show. I think it stems from their younger days when they were both single. They relied on each other for comfort and support when they were constantly being denied by women. In fact, there are actually a lot of theories out there on the Internet that Raj and Howard could have had a potentially gay partnership. However, now that Howard is happily married to Bernadette, we all threw that theory out the window. But we can't help but think about it now and then by how close the two are and how Raj pretty much lives at the Wolowitz' house. Granted, he's usually helping the couple around the house or watching baby Halley, but we love seeing the way these two take care of each other and the shenanigans they find themselves in.

1 When Sheldon Helps Penny With Her Dislocated Shoulder

In Season 3, Episode 8, we finally saw the soft and endearing side of Sheldon Cooper.

Leonard, Raj, and Howard end up taking a trip to the desert for observations, leaving the girls and Sheldon back at home. It was when Sheldon was on the phone in his apartment that he heard Penny screaming from inside her apartment across the hall. Did Sheldon rush into the apartment to make sure she was okay? Not quite, he first knocked three times before entering the apartment only to find Penny had slipped and fallen in the shower and could not get up alone. After warning Sheldon that she was naked, Sheldon blamed her fall on not having a proper bath mat or "adhesive duckies" on the bottom of her tub. He ends up taking Penny to the hospital and taking care of her once they're home. It was a really sweet moment between friends and we saw a deep friendship building between the two. Sheldon even ended up singing "Soft Kitty" to Penny!


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