15 Times The Characters Of 'Shameless' Were Actually Shameless

The latest show that is everyone’s guilty binge-watching pleasure is Shameless. The show centers around the Gallagher family, headed (but not really) by their father Frank Gallagher. Frank is the epitome of alcoholic, and throwing in the nice touch of being the biggest asshole ever. Frank is pretty much an absentee father, leaving his eldest daughter Fiona to raise his other five children, who are trying to get by day to day on Chicago’s South Side. Living in poverty, the characters the show revolves around have to get on by any means possible. By that we mean these characters will do anything to get out of a tough situation, with no shame at all. Living a shameless life, these characters have gotten themselves in some pretty bad situations. Here are the 15 most unapologetic moments for the characters yet.

15 When Karen Became Daddyz Girl

Karen brings teenage rebellion to a new high in this episode. After her Christianity-obsessed father bribes her into going to a ‘Purity Ball’, Karen feels like she can come clean about all her past sins in front of everyone there. Well, it apparently wasn’t as much of a safe space as she thought, and her father essentiality bugs out and slut shames her very aggressively in front of everyone. Karen is ready to get revenge after this, transforming her pristine, blonde hair to a shaggy, black cut. She also gets various piercings and dresses in all black to complete the look. Unlike most rebellious teens, this isn’t where she stops. She lures Frank Gallagher, her ex-boyfriend’s father and mother’s current boyfriend, into his basement and pretty much rapes him. Oh and she films it all, and sends out the video, titled “Daddyz Girl” to everyone (including her father). Karen really had no shame with this one.

14 When The Gallaghers Stole An Elderly Woman From A Nursing Home

The Gallaghers are faced with a dilemma in this episode, where they need to find their Aunt Ginger. Except by “find Aunt Ginger”, we mean find an old, unsuspecting woman to pass as their Aunt Ginger when the government worker comes to investigate. Why is the government poking their nose in? Oh, because the real Aunt Ginger died over ten years ago, and Frank has been cashing the social security checks. He also told nobody that she died, and has been pretending she’s in a nursing home in Michigan. The Gallaghers come up with a plan to pose a woman as Aunt Ginger. This wouldn’t be as shameless if the woman they got was in on the hoax- instead they go to where Veronica works- a nursing home- and stole a woman. So basically, they are stealing government money, stealing people, and stealing from work. But, is anyone surprised?

13 When Kevin and Lip Turned An Ice Cream Truck Into A Weed Dispensary

Nothing like a refreshing, vanilla soft serve cone on a hot July day, right? Oh yeah, also throw in a couple blunts with that- that is, if you are getting your treats from Lip Gallagher and his neighbor Kevin’s beat-up truck. In their latest financial scheme, Lip and Kevin scrap together a few extra bucks by selling ice cream, alcohol and weed in their local park. They do have some standards though- you need to be at least fourteen to purchase and you must show a valid form of ID. I guess that means they have some kind of moral compass.. right? Oh, and Kevin also his his ex-amish foster kid growing hundreds of marijuana plants to stock the truck. Can’t have a true Gallagher scheme without mixing in a little bit of child labor in there.

12 When Grammy Gallagher Set Up A Meth Lab in The Basement

Ah, Grammy Gallagher. The only Gallagher family member to put even Frank to shame on levels of shameless-ness. Grammy Gallagher, Frank’s mother, gets out of a jail (well, on medical furlough) but is not yet ready to get out of trouble. More specifically, she’s not done with the meth business. Immediately following her release, she barges in on her ex-partner and demands the thousands of dollars he owes her. She feels a bit guilty for not being their as a grandmother, so she buys the kids love with a bunch of gifts. She also tries to repay them by getting them involved in the family business. She gets little Carl involved in her meth schemes, but he ends up blowing up the whole lab- which was, unknowingly to Fiona, stationed in the Gallagher basement. Well, we guess Carl and Grammy Gallagher were not the Breaking Bad level duo they were hoping to be.

11 When Debbie Threatened To Say Cousin Patrick Was A Child Molester (When He Wasn't)

Debbie Gallagher really did not hold back at all with this one. With their house on the line, the reality of being homeless was not something Debbie wanted to face. So, instead of facing that reality, she made up an alternate version of reality: that her dear Cousin Patrick molested her. Cousin Patrick was the one taking the house from them due to Aunt Ginger’s Will arrangement the Gallaghers didn’t quite look over- because Patrick forged it. Did you expect any of these Gallaghers to have morals? Duh, this is Shameless. Debbie’s statement gives Patrick no choice but to come to an agreement with his cousins: the house will stay in his name, but they get to rent it out for a cheap price. Nothing like family coming together!

10 When Liam Became Ransom Bait Because Frank Owed Debt

In regards to the earlier statement we made about Gallaghers having morals, we have one exception: Liam Gallagher. Well, at least for now. He is still too cute to have developed any bad traits yet. Frank often uses Liam as a prop to get himself some quick cash, often posing him as an orphan from Africa on the side of the street. Gets him a couple bucks from time to time. In this particular scenario though, he actually ends up losing both Liam and his own money. In a gambling loss of a whooping $10,000, Frank’s opposition takes Liam as ransom till Frank can acquire the money. Frank didn’t really care that much though, until Fiona found out and unleashed hell onto him. This is why you don’t gamble when you don’t have money- or morals.

9 When Kevin Had Sex With Veronica's Mom... So Him and Veronica Could Have A Kid

Kevin and V at least had good intentions with this one. Veronica finds out that she can not have any kids, which is very upsetting to both her and Kevin. Obviously, they do technically have options- adoption and surrogates. But, those are not really options to people surviving on paycheck to paycheck on the South Side. V also really just wants the baby to have her genes! This is why apparently V’s mother Carol is the best option to cover the child- completely free and keeping it in the family! After many failed tries of trying to inseminate Carol artificially, they realize the surefire way is to have Kevin has sex with his girlfriend’s mother. Of course, Veronica is there to watch it all go down. That’s definitely a new angle on family bonding.

8 When Mandy Hit Karen With Her Car

What’s worse- being jealous or crazy? Mandy Milkovich agrees with Beyonce on this one: she would definitely rather be crazy. Still, it came as a shock to all of us when Mandy literally went as far as faking a meet up with Lip to Karen via text message and then hitting Karen with her car to get her out of the picture. To Mandy’s dismay, Karen doesn’t die- she’s just pretty much all out of whack now. She is physically capable of going about, but extremely mentally-handicapped now, leaving her no future with Lip. Mandy shows true shamelessness when her brother, Mickey ,sees her cleaning hair out of her car and asks her what she hit. She keeps a blank expression and says simply “girl at school.” Mandy Malkovich literally gives zero fucks.

7 When Steve Marries Estefania (His Brazilian Druglord Boss's Daughter)

Steve, a character we once thought would be a crutch to Fiona, has really turned out to be shameless af. Also known as Jimmy-Steve due to his hidden personalities, Jimmy-Steve is constantly lying about his personal life to all of those who get tangled in it- including the Gallaghers. He’s known for disappearing and coming back months later, with all new problems to involve others in. One of Jimmy-Steve’s most shameless moments was when he got married to the Druglord boss’s daughter, Estefania, who he only married to please his boss by getting her away from her real lover back in Brazil. He tries to balance out his marriage to Estefania by getting her lover, Marco, back so he can be with Fiona. His boss eventually finds out, and comes to the States only to shoot Marco right in front of Jimmy-Steve and Estefania, and makes Jimmy-Steve help dispose of the body. He is constantly being dragged back into his life of crime, especially after his boss puts a watch guard figure on Jimmy-Steve to make sure he is behaving right. Nothing like being a grown man with a babysitter to classify yourself as shameless.

6 When Liam Gets Into Fiona's Cocaine

Jeez, can the just leave Liam out of things?! Poor Liam gets in some serious danger, when Fiona, V, and Kevin are partying in the living room with some cocaine Fiona just acquired to blow some steam off. Everyone is having a great time, until Debbie finds little Liam passed out with a white powder plastered all over his face. Things suddenly turn into panic mode, as the ambulance is rushed to help Liam. Liam recovers from his overdose, but Fiona is not let off the hook. She is sent out to prison under possession and child endangerment charges. While obviously Fiona did not mean to put her brother in any harm, she did leave a bunch of cocaine on a table when there is a three year old wandering around. Maybe this isn’t so much shameless-ness as it is blatant stupidity. SMH, Fiona.

5 When Carl Literally Wants To Go To Juvie

Most kids Carl Gallagher’s age are hoping to get onto the school’s sports team, get a lead part in the school’s play, or make the honor roll. The really ambitious ones are already hoping to get into a certain college in the near future. But Carl Gallagher has a very different goal in mind: he just really wants to go to juvie. This is why he listens to none of Fiona’s advice during his hearing on drug charges, instead he is just a blatantly rude brat to the judge and gets sent to juvie. This makes him really happy, because he’s super excited to go in there and get some street cred. He is just really unashamed of the whole process. Well, at least he knows what he wants. That has to count for something.

4 When They Open The Rub'N'Tug Upstairs of The Alibi Room

While there are enough shameless moments in operating a bar in a seedy area, Kevin takes seediness to a new high when he enlists Mickey Milkovich and his prostitute wife Svetlana to run and operate a brothel through the bar. They call their little prostitution ring the Rub’N’Tug. Catchy name for a shameless business. There is some construction going on in front of the bar that is off-putting to potential customers, and Kev and V have four kids on the way they are going to need to support soon. This side-business brings more that the bar desperately needs, and so do Kev, V, and Mickey. Kevin defends his shameless business plan though, saying that “now I'm having 4 kids and if that means I gotta turn out some Russian whores to feed my family and pursue the American Dream, that's how it's gotta be.” Eloquently spoken, Kev.

3 When Debbie Got Pregnant.. On Purpose

We had high hopes for Debbie in her younger days. She had a positive outlook on life and a big heart, paired with a great work ethic she was a force to be reckoned with. Then she became a teenager. Sigh. Debbie started getting interested in boys and it all went downhill. One particular flame, Derek Delgado, really catches her interest. She meets Derek’s sister-in-law, who has a young child from Derek’s brother. Debbie is really envious of his sister-in-law’s relationship with Derek’s family, inspiring her to start a family with Derek herself. You would think living in an area full of unhappy pregnant teenagers would steer her in the right direction, but Debbie ignores the birth control her sister gets her. She tells Derek she is already on it, thus getting her pregnant. Derek flips out at Debbie when he finds out and leaves the state, and then Fiona is on Debbie’s back to get an abortion. It is a mess after Debbie’s scheme to get locked in the Delgado family goes haywire, but at least Debbie is persistent in her struggle to keep her baby. Take this as a lesson: always wear condoms, kids!

2 When Frank Masturbates On Bianca's Grave

We think Frank might have meant well with this one, but it is just so, so wrong. Frank meets Bianca while at the hospital, a young doctor who has just found out she has pancreatic cancer. She’s very educated in the impact of her cancer due to her job, so she isn’t very hopeful for trying to cure it. She basically has a breakdown while at work with Frank as her patient, and basically quits her normal life to set out to do all the things she wants to before she dies. With Frank as her mentor, some of these things include buying $10,000 whiskey, crack-cocaine, playing Russian roulette, and running off to Costa Rica. Bianca runs off into the ocean in the middle of the night, killing herself before her cancer could. This leaves Frank completely distraught in the next season, and with a new outlook on life due to how Bianca changed his. Though he tries to think and act differently, he is still a definite qualifier for being shameless, as he masturbates on to Bianca’s grave as if to proclaim his love for her in some weird yet pathetic Frank Gallagher way.

1 When They Turn The Bar Into A Hipster Hot Spot

One of the lowest lows for the characters is actually when they begin to appeal to, wait for it, hipsters. Kev notices that hipsters love the authentic, South Side grunginess of The Alibi Room. He begins to work off it, despite to the other characters loathing for the gentrification that is beginning to set in their character. His plan backfires though, and The Alibi Room becomes a bit of a sell out spot for hipsters, displacing them to other “authentic” bars. Svetlana introduces V to her boss at a Speakeasy, who tells them they lost customers because they advertised themselves as “the best shittest bar on the South Side.” Duh, guys! People liked The Alibi Room because how it was naturally, not after they stopped acting like themselves. Seriously guys, do everyone a favor and just go back to acting shameless, that’s why we all watch after all!

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