15 Times The 'Doctor Who' Fandom Was The Best Thing On Tumblr

If you love pain and you have a desperate desire to have your heart broken repeatedly by a bunch of fictional characters, then, boy howdy, do we have the perfect show for you. Doctor Who is about an alien from the planet Gallifrey who has two hearts, a time machine disguised as a blue police box and an inherent need to protect all living things. "The Doctor, along with his companion(s), travel through time and space, meeting interesting people and aliens, and are always always saving the day. And if they wreak a little havoc and stir up some mayhem in the process, well, that just makes for better television.

The Doctor Who fandom is one of the biggest and the best in the Tumblr universe—and you don't have to take our word for it. Just check out these 15 times the Doctor Who fandom was the best thing on Tumblr.

15 The Doctor is a prehistoric squirrel? Seems legit

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Huh. We never thought of it that way. It never crossed our mind that the Doctor would bear such a striking resemblance to Scrat from Ice Age. And yet... oh, yeah. It's there. They look like twins in this expertly put together Tumblr post. That comparison isn't wrong in any way, shape or form. Not only does this picture of the Doctor trying to protect his fez look just like Scrat trying to protect his acorn, but they both seem to have similar attention spans.

Yep, it looks like the Doctor is a lot like a prehistoric squirrel. But, to be fair to the Doctor, he's way smarter and cleverer than any bushy-tailed rodent. And he's definitely a lot cuter. But, as die hard Whovians, maybe we're biased on that one.

14 Oh. That's, uh, funny. We guess

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It's too early in the day to deal with such brutal posts! Oh, wait. It's actually 7 p.m., so, technically it's not "early in the day." Still, any time of the day is too early in the day when it comes to painful jokes like this one. We're going to need a pretty big band-aid to cover the wound on our heart where this Tumblr post stabbed us.

Okay, okay. We hear you. "How did this hurtful Doctor Who post from Tumblr make it into this blog about Doctor Who being the best fandom ever?" The answer is... well, we don't really have a good answer for that. If we're being honest, this is incredibly painful for any Whovian. But, hey, we can hold back the tears long enough to appreciate this killer joke.

13 Holy fish fingers and custard

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A head cannon that features a Doctor Who/Disney movie crossover? Sign us right the hell up for that! OMG, y'all! How is it that this didn't occur to us before now?! This post shows just how important Tumblr is for fandoms. Not just the Doctor Who fandom, but every fandom ever. If we didn't have a site like Tumblr, we might never be able to share these earth-shattering discoveries, and we would never have learned that Mr. Fredricksen from Up is really the Eleventh Doctor.

Let's all give a nice round of applause for Tumblr. *Claps* Woo hoo! Tumblr, you guys are so amazing. Okay, we're going to stop clapping now. We have to go watch Up followed by every season of Doctor Who. But, rest assured, we're still clapping in our hearts.

12 How to make a Whovian pee their pants

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Here's one thing you need to know about Whovians: if they ever see a statue, they will stare at it unblinkingly. And there's a very important reason for that. It's because Whovians know that all statues are actually Weeping Angels, and that the minute they take their eyes off them, those stone lunatics will zap them back in the past and feed off of their potential energy.

The Weeping Angels made their debut in "Blink," and if you thought they were scary then, just wait until you see "The Time of Angels" and "Flesh and Stone." After you've seen those two episodes, you'll have a better understanding of just how savage the Weeping Angels are. And then, when you see this Tumblr post, we guarantee you will pee your pants.

11 Physics!

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Thought the Up/Eleventh Doctor crossover was the only head cannon you were going to get in this post, eh? Well, think again, buster. We've got another jaw-dropping head cannon for you, and you can thank the good folks over on Tumblr for it.

Remember the episode "School Reunion"? You know, the one where the Doctor and Rose stumble upon a school where the teachers are all these giant bat/alien things? Yeah, well during that one, the Doctor pretends he's a teacher. We all get the impression that he doesn't know what he's talking about, because all he says is "physics" over and over again. But, that's silly, because we've heard the Doctor go on long tangents about physics and science-y stuff a million times before, which gives a lot of credence to this head cannon.

10 Group selfie

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Sheesh. And you thought your bathroom selfies were complicated. Get to the back of the line, punk, because it's clear to us that you have no idea what really qualifies as complicated. Maybe your selfies are tough to take, but they will never compare to the Doctor's selfies. Apparently, the Doctor's selfies are actually group photos. 'Course, we guess that makes sense. There are multiple Doctors, so there would have to be multiple Doctors in the Doctor's selfies. It's just that we never thought about it, is all, and our world is being rocked a little bit, now.

This makes the Doctor's selfies a lot more impressive, too. It makes all of your #NoFilter and #Flawless selfies look sad and pathetic. Maybe your pictures wouldn't look so dumb if you were a Time Lord. #Sucks2BU

9 100% accurate

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Ha ha! That picture is so hilarious! Gosh, we love Eleven and Amy, don't you? Hang on a minute. Let us read the post. Aaaaaaaannd, done. Huh. The second blogger is right. That is the most accurate description of a person that we've read ever since that Adam Sandler biography we read two years ago that just said, "Adam Sandler is not funny. What the hell are you even doing reading a biography about Adam Sandler anyway, you big buffoon?"

Like we said before, we're a bit biased when it comes to Doctor Who. But, seriously, everything that Matt Smith does—whether it's speaking baby, or flipping a toothpick in his mouth or looking like an enthusiastic raptor—is literally the most precious thing, and it's all because of how great he played the role of the Doctor.

8 Ten always has the perfect advice

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When David Tennant says that you don't have to do your homework, you don't have to do your homework. This is non-negotiable. If your teacher has a problem with that, just show them the image above. If that doesn't satisfy them, tell them that they can come talk to us. We'll put a stop to that nonsense, and we'll do it via Doctor Who memes (which is the best way to win an argument, in our book).

But this isn't the only thing David Tennant says that we don't have to do. We bet if we asked him if we had to clean the house, he would say, "Nah," in that same adorable way. Unfortunately, "Nah," is probably also his answer to "Will our feels ever get better after watching Doctor Who?"

7 Another head cannon accepted

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Alright, so maybe this fan theory isn't cannon. But we like to think that it is. In the series, we've discovered that Clara Oswin Oswald is the impossible girl who traveled all throughout the Doctor's time line, constantly saving him from many disasters. But why couldn't she still be the girl from "Silence in the Library" and "Forest of the Dead"? We mean, if Steven Moffat can figure out a way to justify why the Twelfth Doctor has the face of the Caecilius from "The Fires of Pompeii," he can figure out how to link Clara and the library girl.

Honestly, like, how could they not be the same person? They even look alike! And check out the killer argument lined up by this dedicated Whovian Tumblr user. This is indisputable, as far as we're concerned.

6 Eh. Close enough


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Oh, Rory. You precious darling. Where would Amy be without her patient Centurion? Where would Eleven be without a comic relief to question him? And where would the audience be without your surplus of adorableness? Rory Williams is the unofficial/official 100% pure cinnamon roll of the entire series. In the beginning, he wasn't much of a protector. He was only a nurse whose girlfriend just happened to be Amelia Pond, the girl who waited.

Rory was truly caught up in the crossfire. He didn't ask for the Doctor to come into his life and shake things up. But he quickly learned how things work in the Doctor's world. And, after he got killed a few times (and then a few more times), he turned into the protective boyfriend—and, yes, it was super attractive.

5 The pun to end all puns

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Inside jokes. They're one of the many benefits of belonging to a fandom—right up there with inconsolable grief and irreparable emotional damage. We've seen quite a few inside jokes that pertain to Doctor Who. All of them were wonderful. But, we have to say, this one takes the cake.

The best part about this Tumblr post is we can't tell if the original poster was steering the conversation in a Doctor Who direction or not. Like, all they said was that if your heart starts sounding like the drums, you should see a doctor. Then, here comes the Doctor Who fandom, mutinying the post, and reblogging it with a picture of the Master. The jury is out on whether this inside joke was deliberately Whovian. But, whatever the case, we're so glad it ended up that way.

4 Santa Who

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Well, well, well. So the truth is finally revealed. Turns out we've known the name of the doctor all along! It's not John Smith, or just "The Doctor." His name is Santa Claus. You know what this means, don't you? It means the writers are going to have to change the title of the show. After more than fifty years, Doctor Who will soon become Santa Who (or possibly Kris Kringle Who). And we expect that there will be some other changes, as well.

It's only a matter of time before the Doctor regenerates into a fat right jolly old elf. He'll trade his TARDIS in for a sleigh with a bunch of reindeer. He'll swing by Gallifrey to pick up a bag that's bigger on the inside so he can carry all of those toys. Hm. Do we smell the premise for the next Christmas special?


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NO. STOP. THIS IS NOT OKAY, DO YOU HEAR US? HOLD ON. Whoa, sorry. Our caps lock button got stuck. We think a Jammie Dodger crumb got lodged under there. No biggie. A little canned air, and it popped right on out of there. Anyway, back to what we were saying about the Tumblr post above: NO. STOP. THIS IS NOT OKAY, DO YOU HEAR US? You can't just bring up hurtful fictional related injuries like this and expect us to sit idly by and do nothing. We'll get you for this! That is, we will as soon as we stop sobbing profusely.

Ever since we watched "Doomsday"... we just haven't been the same. We've never really stopped crying about what happened. But, we're hopeful that one day, we will recover. Maybe we need to see a Doctor.

2 *Cries, drowns in own tears*

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Being a Whovian is great. No, it really is. We have fezzes, and fish fingers and custard, and bananas. But, when you've been in this fandom for as long as we have, you start to wonder what it's like to feel anything other than pain and suffering. Like, is it even possible for anyone to "have a good time" and "enjoy life"? It's getting harder and harder to believe in those fairy tales.

Okay, this post started out fine. But then some killjoy swooped in with the "Donna doesn't" comment. Look, ya little toad, we know Donna can't remember. But we don't like talking about it, okay? Now, go sit in the corner and pretend you don't see us crying our eyes out. By the way, if it looks like we're drowning in our own tears, don't save us. We can't take the feels anymore.

1 Yep. That's what it's like

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Pfft! You think that we Whovians actually like having our hearts torn from our chests? You think we enjoy watching Steven Moffat drink our tears and laugh as he inflicts even more emotional damage on us? Hell no, we don't like it! Let us see that post. *Reads post* Dammit. They're right. This is exactly what we do. We each put our sensitive hearts in the hands of those bastard writers, and then we act all surprised when they kill off characters and make them suffer.

This Tumblr user is also correct in saying that we like it. We do like it! We have an addiction to the suffering. But, the funny thing is that as harmful as it might feel to watch the show, stopping is not Doctor recommended.

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