15 Times The Gilmore Girls Revival Made Us All Say “YASSS”

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15 Times The Gilmore Girls Revival Made Us All Say “YASSS”


Before you read any further, please note that there is a huge [SPOILER ALERT] for all stories, characters, plot lines, and everything else to do with Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life. If you have not watched all four episodes of the Netflix revival already, all of the secrets will be revealed below. So go ahead and watch the series. We’ll wait.

Now that you’ve finished your trip back to Stars Hollow – welcome back! We’ll admit that the revival was far from perfect. There were some parts that absolutely made us cringe (did you see that musical?). And some characters were treated like scum (sorry, Jess). But there were also a bunch of beautiful gems that made us want to curl up with our Pop-Tarts, cup of coffee, and hit replay!

15. Hep Alien Still Rocks


Via HuffingtonPost

Thank goodness Lane and Zack are still together. I was terrified that they may have split up over the years. But nope, Lane, Zack, Kwon, and Steve are all one big happy family! But, do you know what’s even better? Hep Alien are still together and rocking once more. Sure, Zack has a day job but as soon as he gets home, it’s oThank goodness Lane and Zack are still together. I was terrified that they may have split up over the years. But nope, Lane, Zack, Kwon, and Steve are all one big happy family! But, do you know what’s even better? Hep Alien are still together and rocking once more. Sure, Zack has a day job but as soon as he gets home, it’s off with the tie and on with the rock n’ roll. I had the biggest grin on my face watching Lane, Zack, Gill, and Brian practice in the living room. And that song was pretty catchy! Plus, we got to see them in action again as the house band at The Secret Bar. And how much do we love that Lane and Zack are thirty-something year old parents of twins and are still finding the time to follow their passion for music? A whole lot, folks. ff with the tie and on with the rock n’ roll. I had the biggest grin on my face watching Lane, Zack, Gill, and Brian practice in the living room. And that song was pretty catchy! Plus, we  got to see them in action again as the house band at The Secret Bar. And how much do we love that Lane and Zack are thirty-something year old parents of twins and are still finding the time to follow their passion for music? A whole lot, folks.

14. Ed Herrmann Had A Huge Presence


Via TheAtlantic

And we literally mean huge – did you see the size of that painting on the wall? But more than that, you could feel the dearly beloved and departed Ed Herrmann in almost all of the scenes. We got to watch the tragic funeral and the family dealing with their grief afterwards. We sobbed right alongside Emily, Lorelai, and Emily. And then we watched as they worked to pick up the pieces after he was gone. So many times could we have used a wise word or supportive line from Richard Gilmore throughout the revival. But unfortunately, he wasn’t there to deliver it. And so we continued on without him. But everyone found their way back eventually. Even Rory, finding the perfect place to write in Richard’s office. Hold me while I shed another tear.

13. Emily Becomes Her Own Woman


Via Bustle

Emily Gilmore was far and away the best part of the revival. It was so amazing to see her deal with such a tragic loss and come out stronger and better than ever on the other side. She really became her own person. Who would’ve thought that we would see Emily Gilmore, the original Real Housewife of Hartford, get a job? And how great did she look doing that demo at the Maritime Museum? I would be on all of her tours. Not only that, she sold her house and moved to Nantucket. The woman looked absolutely in her element in that oversized cardigan with a big glass of wine sitting on the bench outside. I guess leaving the DAR was a good move on her part. And most impressive of all? Emily had one maid the entire time!

12. Rory’s Men Are Looking Fine


Via PlayBuzz

Gilmore Girls has been off the air since 2007. That’s nine years worth of time for skin to wrinkle, hairlines to recede, and blondes to turn gray (here’s looking at you, Zack). But you know who still looks amazing? All three of Rory’s ex-boyfriends! They don’t look like they have aged a day. In fact, you might say that they look better in the revival than they ever did in the show. Did we see Jess’ biceps? Rewatch that scene of him lifting up his duffel bag and you’ll see what I mean. And Logan? Yum. His topless scene was a pure delight. Even Dean with his hipster hair was definitely in the DILF category. So, even though the relationships may not have worked out, it sure was nice to see those three gracing our screens again. Can we get a second revival that just follows the boys to the gym?

11. Kirk Has A Pig


Via EOnline

How perfect is it that Kirk and Lulu have a pet pig? We’re so glad these two adorable quirky characters are still together and now raising their own pig child, Petal (absolutely love the name). The idea that the town got nervous when Lulu wanted a family, and Kirk would need to procreate, so they decided to raise money and gift the two with a pig – it’s just so perfectly Stars Hollow! Because a pet dog or cat would’ve been far too normal for Kirk and Lulu. And Petal even goes on to star in her (his?) very own short film. What a talented pig! We’re sure Kirk and Lulu are very proud pig parents. Once the novelty of having a pig wears off, what’s next? Will the town have to come together and buy them a duck or some other farm animal? Here’s hoping.

10. Lorelai & Emily Are FINALLY Good


Via BtchFlcks

This was a long, long, loooooong time coming. Lorelai and Emily have always been at each other’s throats and have had many ups and downs in their relationship. The revival started off pretty icy. In therapy, there were quite a few screaming matches and insults traded back and forth. But it all came together when Lorelai called her mom from her “hike.” That may have sealed the deal on their relationship. And while Lorelai was nervous about her mom selling the house, dipping her toe into the dating pool, selling her possessions, and sticking with a maid she couldn’t understand – Lorelai was supportive in the end. She and Luke will be spending three weeks a year at Emily’s Nantucket property in exchange for a loan to expand the inn. It’s a new version of Friday night dinners.

9. Luke & Lorelai Are FINALLY Together


Via Bustle

THANK GOD. This relationship was seven seasons of will they, won’t they, get together, break up, etc. We couldn’t take it anymore! So thank goodness these two are finally together. The most impressive thing is that they have spent this entire nine year break living together and being in a relationship. That sounds like a pretty big commitment to us. But since Emily insisted this only made them roommates, Lorelai and Luke decided to seal the deal (about time, you guys!). They gave us the wedding we have all been waiting for. And even if Rory was in her pajamas and a few important people missed the actual ceremony (Emily? April? Jess?), it was perfect. Any version of Luke and Lorelai ending up together is a version we’d be happy with. And that speech by Luke when Lorelai got back from her big hike? We fell in love all over again.

8. The Life And Death Brigade Lives On


Via GilmoreGirls.Wikia

How fun was it to see Colin, Finn, Robert, and Logan back with their old shenanigans and full-fledged lifetime members of the Life and Death Brigade? Rory clearly needed a little pick me up and the LADB boys delivered. The music, the costumes, the lavish amount of money that was spent – it was all such a perfect throwback and an important night for Rory. Sure, it ended bittersweet but like Rory said, at least she wasn’t bored. Because we can only imagine that working at the Stars Hollow Gazette could get pretty dreary. Rory needed to mix it up and decide for herself what she wanted to do. And it was also nice to see that Finn’s liver was still in tact after all those years of heavy drinking!

7. Rory Writes


Via Refinery29

Okay, so Rory does seem to spend the majority of the revival panicking about her career (or lack thereof) and not doing much writing or journalism work. But she does do some writing. And the writing she does is important. Not that book about the whale and rabbit (or was it a mouse?) she was trying to write while in London. Rory moves back home (but she’s not back!) and takes over as Editor In Chief for the Stars Hollow Gazette. The job pays nothing, the staff does nothing, and all the town cares about is whether or not a poem makes the cover. But Rory is the Editor In Chief! And she’s the editor of her hometown paper – the paper she loves. It’s a pretty sentimental moment. And then there’s her other big project. Was it cheesy to have a “Gilmore Girls” book inside of a Gilmore Girls show? Absolutely. But it was also perfect for Rory to be writing her life story. Full circle.

6. April Wasn’t The Worst


Via JustJaredJr

So, back when April first got introduced into the story line, fans were outraged. They blamed her for Luke and Lorelai breaking up. Well, I’m here to drop some truth bombs: Luke and Lorelai did not break up because of April. They broke up because they didn’t know how to communicate with each other and never asked for what they needed in a relationship. Would we ever tell children of divorce that their parents split because of them? Of course not, because that’s not the problem. So it was never April’s fault. But still, the fans hated her. And many were worried about what mayhem she would cause in the revival. Luckily, April was just an anxious college student with a brilliant mind who could use a much-needed vent session with her big sister, Rory. Crisis averted.

5. All Of Lorelai’s Dreams Came True


Via GilmoreNews

This was actually really nice to see. Lorelai deserves for all of her dreams to come true. She has worked hard over the years as a single mother, business owner, daughter of Emily and Richard Gilmore. She has had a lot on her plate! And she managed to balance it all with wit and flair. So yes, she deserves to have her happy ending. It’s very fitting hat she gets to marry her soulmate in an intimate ceremony in the town gazebo. And it makes sense that she is doing so well at the inn that she can expand and buy a new property. Things should be going well between Lorelai and her mom, along with her relationship with Rory. This is all good news. And after everything Lorelai has overcome, she could use some good news. But no word yet on whether or not she considers becoming a grandmother good news…Stay tuned.

4. Stars Hollow Is Still The Best


Via Boston

One of the best parts about Gilmore Girls, besides the rapid-fire dialogue and wonderful characters, was the charming and quaint town of Stars Hollow. Within the first few minutes of the revival, we have Lorelai taking Rory on a town tour and catching her up on everything that makes Stars Hollow perfect. And how we have missed Stars Hollow! The international food festival, where Taylor and Kirk were busy re-assigning countries and being as non-PC as possible was absolutely hilarious. Taylor’s crusade against the septic system was a joy to watch. The movie theatre, where you can blatantly bring in your own grill and birthday cake, made me want to book the next ticket to Stars Hollow. Can I please move there? I promise to attend every town meeting and help Kirk walk Petal.

3. Paris Is Still Cutting & Hilarious


Via EOnline

I forgot what a gem of a character Paris Gellar was until her blunt bob and power blazer bounced back onto the screen. Of course she is at the head of a huge surogacy and fertility corporation. Paris would have found a way to combine her love for medicine and law while being a total boss the whole time. It’s really no surprise that Paris kicked butt when it came to her career. The only upset was that she and Doyle were no longer together. And while that hurt, it did provide a few great moments like Paris’ meltdown in the Chilton bathroom and hilarious one-liners about Doyle’s new LA lifestyle. And can we talk about Paris at Chilton? How much did we love seeing her terrify a room full of students and continually call out Headmaster Charleston on his spending habits? Classic Paris.

2. All The Parenthood & Bunheads Cameos


Via EOnline

So while I am the first one to admit that the guest-stars took too much screen time away from the characters we came to the revival for, there were a few good ones. Namely, we loved watching characters from both Bunheads and Parenthood pop up out of no where. Mae Whitman, who played Lauren Graham’s daughter on Parenthood, showed up as one of the line waiters in New York (Lorelai snuck her a pastry, in the ultimate cool mom move). Peter Krause and Jason Ritter, other co-stars from Parenthood, appeared as Park Rangers during Lorelai’s “Wild” moment. And then from Bunheads we had Julia Goldani Telles as Sandy from SandeeSays. And of course, Sutton Foster came in for the world’s longest and most pointless musical segment. It was painful, but nice to see Sutton again.

1. Emily Mic Dropping at the DAR


Via Romper

This was one of the best scenes of the entire revival: Emily dropping the mic on the DAR and moving on without them. First of all, how great was it to hear Emily Gilmore say “bullshit” so many times? And then there was her long monologue where she revealed all of the DAR secrets, calling out her former friends and the new housewife who was looking to gain membership. And lastly, we had her chomping down on that cookie mid-meeting because the lady clearly did not give a crap anymore. It was amazing to watch it all unfold. I’m sure the old Emily would’ve been mortified. But the new empowered Emily was a woman all of her own. She told the DAR exactly where they could stick it and she did it with the ruthless and witty Emily Gilmore flair we all know and love.

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