15 Times The Kardashians (Surprisingly) Made Us Say, "Same"

The Kardashian clan consists of Kim, Kourtney, Khloé, Rob, and their half sisters Kendall and Kylie Jenner. This rowdy bunch is known as reality TV's version of royalty! And over the years we've really got a feel for who they are, because every little detail of their lives plays out on their hit reality show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Not everyone is a fan of the famous family, but whether you love them or hate them, there are at least a few times when you've looked at them and their antics and said to yourself, "Wow, same." Just because they're multi-millionaires and have been filmed for over 10 years doesn't mean we can't relate to them...

Don't believe us? Below are 15 times that the Kardashians were basically your spirit animal.

15 Their sibling rivalry moments

Anyone with siblings will know just how crazy life can get when you find yourself in the same room, and the Kardashian's are no exception. In fact, it's their sibling rivalry and constant catfights over the silliest things that make them so relatable — and so darn entertaining.

One of the best things about the Kardashian sisters is despite their wealth and fame, their relationships with each other remain very normal. We've seen them argue over Kim's wedding to Kris Humphries, as well as Kim's Bentley  (she was so angry she beat Khloé with her purse). But these sisters have also had fights about their parenting styles, pranks, and even borrowing each others clothes. What siblings haven't gotten into an argument over tangible objects or relationships?

14 The Revenge Body Concept

When you break up with a loved one, what usually follows is a lot of crying on the sofa, binge watching of all your favorite romantic comedies, and eating your body weight in chocolate. We've all been there and done that, but then we move on and decide that the best way to get over an ex is to get a revenge body. That means shedding those pounds, getting super toned, and just feeling great about yourself.

This is something that we've seen the Kardashians do on multiple occasions. Kourtney looked better than ever following news that she split from longtime partner, Scott Disick, and she decided to flaunt her curves in a naked photoshoot. And Khloé started working out after her divorce from husband Lamar Odom (and she transformed her figure completely). She even has a show called Revenge Body.

13 No One Looks Good When They Cry

Kim Kardashian is living proof that no one looks attractive when they cry!

Kim's crying face has gathered a significant amount of attention and has been made into countless memes and GIFs. We've seen her "ugly crying face" so many times throughout the show, but some of the more memorable moments include: the time when she shed tears over dropping a diamond earring into the ocean while on vacation, over her fear of heights when she was about to go ziplining, and, possibly the most famous moment of them all, when she claims she wasted everyone's time and money during an episode of Kourtney and Kim Take New York.

It doesn't matter how beautiful you are, when it comes to crying, no one looks amazing.

12 Their Obsession With Selfies

Kim Kardashian is the queen of selfies. She even has a book dedicated to them called Selfish. It's an art, and not one that all of us have perfected. Getting the angle and lighting just right can be hard work! We're not even being sarcastic, we're being honest. But does Kim manage to get a winning snap every time? Absolutely not! During an appearance on Andy Cohen's show, Watch What Happens Live, Kim tried to help the host take the perfect selfie as part of the Teach Me Your Talent segment. She also confessed that even she doesn't get the perfect selfie the first time around.

"It's really funny because every time a girl takes a selfie, there's definitely about 20 pictures that they took before they actually posted one," she told Cohen. It's nice to know we aren't the only ones who spend an abnormally long time trying to get the perfect shot to upload to social media!

11 Everyone Needs Their Beauty Sleep

If there was ever a moment when we could relate to Kim Kardashian, it was when she exploded at her sister Khloé for waking her up from her slumber. And, as every girl knows, you need a certain amount of beauty sleep or else you wake up as a very angry and unhappy person. Or as Kim calls Khloé, "a troll."

The infamous moment happened during an episode of Kourtney & Kim Take New York after Khloé walked into Kim's room to tell her that she and Kourtney were leaving the hotel. What followed was Kim completely losing it, even going so far as to send a series of incredibly mean messages to Khloé via Blackberry Messenger. She insulted her and called her an "evil, ugly little troll," even claiming that she was jealous of her life.

While some may think that this reaction was a complete overkill, when you're tired you can't exactly think straight and it's easy to go into a fit of rage.

10 They're Super Supportive

One of Kim's more controversial moves was marrying basketball player, Kris Humphries. The pair had a whirlwind romance and got engaged after just six months of dating. They then went on to get married, and the wedding itself was screened as part of an E! television special.

As for the marriage, well, it only lasted 72 days and Humphries was not happy with how things panned out, even reportedly suing Kim for an annulment based on the fact that she allegedly frauded him into marrying her for publicly. But it was Kourtney's reaction to this during an interview with David Letterman (which she did alongside her sister) that made us shout "Same."

Kourtney was quick to throw shade at Humphries saying, "But I think if she was gonna do it for publicity she'd pick someone that people knew." Burn!

Whether you agree with your siblings actions or not, you're always going to have their back, right?

9 No One Likes Dieting

The Kardashians have curves in all the right places, and while their super toned bodies are definitely enviable, they don't come naturally.

The sisters work out a lot and try to eat clean, but sometimes, even the members of this famous family are annoyed by having to control their calories. It was brilliant seeing Kim Kardashian say that she would start her diet the next day. We know the words "I'll start tomorrow" all too well.

We all have body issues, regardless of how famous you are. And most of us have struggled with weight loss at some point in our lives, so it's refreshing to know that Kim Kardashian (and her sisters) are right there with us! That said, we have to give the Kardashians a round of applause, because they're also role models for body positivity, and make no excuses for flaunting their curves and embracing their sexuality.

8 When Things Get Tough, They Need Their Mom

Kris Jenner is the momager of the Kardashian clan. And although at times we've seen her be super controlling and bossy (we've also witnessed her getting into more fights than we can count with her children), at the end of the day she is still their mom.

And every time something in the Kardashians' lives gets tough, they turn to their mom for support. Kris is always there to be a shoulder to cry on, or to offer up her advice and support (like when she called Scott a "piece of sh*t" after rumors emerged that he had cheated on baby mama Kourtney in 2015).

You've gotta love how focused on family the Kardashians are, and there is no love that's quite so unconditional as that of a mother's.

7 The Green Eyed Monster

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is all about the drama, and we've seen some of the siblings get a case of the green eyed monster.

Perhaps one of the most telling examples was when Kim Kardashian bought her dream car, a Bentley, during the second season of the reality TV show, and her sisters Khloé and Kourtney didn't react in the most supportive way.

To refresh your memory: Kim bought her car, and to celebrate, she brought her sisters Kourtney and Khloé with her to pick it up. But once at the dealership Kourtney and Khloé felt disrespected by one of the employees and were outraged that Kim did not defend them. This escalated into a massive feud with Kim calling her sisters "jealous" and saying that they were "trying to ruin this moment" for her.

Yes, we've all felt jealousy, and we've all been mad when our loved ones when they failed to stick up for us.

6 Sometimes They Get It Wrong

While the Kardashian siblings are mostly flawless in their style and beauty, sometimes they get it wrong! One of the most disastrous outfits that Kim wore was to the 2013 Met Gala (yes, you definitely didn't forget that hideous floral gown). The dress was designed by Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, and it really didn't look flattering on her, but hey, fashion is all about taking risks. But hey, everyone gets their style wrong sometimes. How many times have you looked back at old photographs and asked yourself what the heck were you thinking? That silly overdone perm, those gigantic hooped earrings, and that overly distressed denim with a top that should never have seen the light of day? We've all done it, and the Kardashians clearly do it too!

5 They're Obsessed With Food

It's not just the struggle of starting a diet that make the Kardashians so relatable, but also their love of food.

Whether it's a delicious salad from Health Nuts, an ice tea, or a wrap, the Kardashians always seem to be eating, and they really enjoy their food. Khloé has an enviable pantry, which is more organized than anything we've ever seen before. Kylie Jenner eats marshmellow only Lucky Charms cereal. And Kourtney is more than happy to share with the world the right way to indulge in a Kit Kat.

Plus the sisters don't mind having a cheat day every now and then (because what is life without fried dough and fried chicken on the odd occasion?). This is one thing about them that really speaks to our souls!

4 Heartbreak Is Never Easy

We hear about breakups in Hollywood all the time, but we seldom get a glimpse into the lives of our favorite celebrities and how they deal with their pain. It's different for the Kardashians, though, because they have made a habit of sharing everything with fans—the good and the bad—which is probably what's so endearing about them.

They've all gone through their fair share of heartache: Kim Kardashian got divorced from Kris Humphries, Khloé Kardashian got a divorce from Lamar Odom, and Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick split after more than a decade together (they also share three young children).

In 2015, Kourtney let her hurt be known after Scott's cheating rumors came to light. In an episode of the show, a visibly heartbroken Kourtney can be seen wiping away her tears and revealing just how hard she tried to make the relationship work and keep her family together. And anyone who has ever been through a bitter breakup can totally understand the range of emotions that she was going through.

3 They Are Brutally Honest

The Kardashian clan seem to say whatever is on their minds. They are forever calling each other out, insulting each other, and just telling it how it is.

Some of their most honest moments include Scott Disick calling Kim Kardashian out on her short marriages (this was before Kanye West's time), Kourtney laughing at Kim's crying face and the reasons for it (because they're sometimes ridiculous), and the fact that they mock each other's fashion choices and problems (because they're very first world problems). It might seem harsh, but it's this type of honesty that everyone needs in their life, and it's what we usually depend on our BFFs for.

Sound familiar? We're brutally honest with our fam squad as soon as we're born into it. That's what happens when your love runs deep and you care about the other person.

2 They Are Focused On Family

We've lost track of how many fights the Kardashian clan have been involved in, and while they can be selfish, immature, and petty, they also have their priorities straight (for the most part). And their number one priority is their relationship with their family.

Whatever happens, the Kardashians always have each other's backs and are there to support each other through it all. They show up at the premieres of their loved one's latest ventures, they're the first to defend them against vicious allegations and rumors, and they're always singing each other's praises. Sure, they're a controversial family and not everyone is a fan, but you cannot not be a fan of their relationship with each other — because it's total goals.

And, for us, our lives typically focus around our families, too.

1 They Can Be Silly And Completely Hilarious

No matter how old you are, there's always going to be some part of you that wants to act silly and do immature things, and when you get together with your siblings or your friends, this usually happens.

A refreshing thing about the Kardashian clan is that they're not afraid to have a little fun and embrace their playful side. We can totally relate to the times that they prank each other, make crazy jokes, and just find humor in the smallest things, because at the end of the day it's being able to enjoy simple moments like these that matter the most. Plus, despite their millions of followers, massive endorsement deals, and a very healthy bank balance, at their core, the Kardashian family are actually a lot like the rest of us.

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