15 Times The Vampire Diaries Made Us Ugly Cry

The Vampire Diaries is a great supernatural show that is known for its killer plot twists and amazing cliffhangers. While those things were often the reasons why viewers kept tuning in each week, it was also the relationships on the show and the emotional moments that fans held onto. Yes, The Vampire Diaries has made us cry on one or two occasions. Okay, maybe fifteen occasions. We have put together a list of times that this amazing show left us reaching for the box of tissues. Just as a warning, you might wanna grab some before you start reading, because the memories of these moments might bring back all the feels you had when you watched them the first time. Are you ready? Let's go.

15 When Damon confessed his love for Elena

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In an episode early on in the series, there was a moment that literally left no one with a dry eye. This moment was when Damon confessed his love for Elena before giving her back her vervain necklace and wiping her memory of him telling her how he felt. This scene was so incredibly heartbreaking because Damon was able to confess his love for Elena without her remembering it, so no damage was done. However, the fact that Damon had to bury his feelings for her like that was so gut wrenching and left all of us in tears. Loving someone as much as Damon loved Elena and not being able to be with them is one of the most painful things in the world and the way Damon confessed his feelings to her was so utterly tragic.

14 When Elena saw her family in the series finale

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At the very end of the series finale, we get to see Damon and Elena live out their human lives together and eventually see them enter heaven, where Elena is reunited with her parents, her uncle John and aunt Jenna. This reunion was a long time coming, as Jenna hadn't been on the show for several seasons and Elena hadn't seen her parents since they died. It was a nice way to incorporate beloved characters in the series finale, even though it was incredibly brief. As soon as Elena ran up to give everyone a hug, we started weeping. Her voiceover is really what did us in. "That is the promise of peace. That one day, after a long life, we find each other again." Cue the tears.

13 When Bonnie faked her death during the decade dance

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When Bonnie went all BAMF on Klaus in Alaric's body, she used so much power trying to kill him, we, along with Klaus, believed Bonnie to be dead as blood streamed from her nose and she fell to the ground. We believed that using all that power killed her. What was so sad about this scene was the fact that Elena watched the whole thing go down and rushed to her best friend's side as soon as she fell to the ground. Elena cried over her friend's lifeless body as Stefan had to drag her away from her so that Damon could deal with her corpse. Nina Dobrev played Elena's grief so well that we couldn't help but cry right along with her. Ugly crying at its best!

12 Sheriff Forbes' funeral

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During Caroline's mother's funeral, Damon spoke about a message that Sheriff Forbes wanted him to tell her daughter. Damon said that Liz wanted her daughter to know that she was proud of her. Liz also wanted Caroline to know that she was kind, beautiful and a generous, extraordinary friend. Damon went on to say that Liz was also extraordinary and that she was a hero to the town and a hero to him, too. Caroline then stood up and sang a song for her mother and left us misty-eyed. She sang "Go in Peace" by Sam Baker, and did it beautifully. Out of all the parents deaths on The Vampire Diaries, this one seemed to hit us the hardest. Liz'a funeral was wonderfully done and was a great tribute to her character.

11 When Jenna dies

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Via: BuddyTV

Elena and Jeremy's aunt Jenna passed away when Klaus killed her towards the end of the second season. In order to break the curse set upon him by the moonstone, which kept his werewolf side dormant, he needed to sacrifice a werewolf and a vampire. Jenna was his vampire victim, as she had recently been turned. Just before Klaus kills Jenna, Elena tells her to turn her emotions off so that she will no longer be afraid. Cue the water works. As if that wasn't sad enough to watch, Klaus then takes a stake and drives it through Jenna's heart, leaving Elena screaming in agony as she watches her beloved aunt die. It was such an emotionally powerful scene and so incredibly sad to watch at the same time.

10 When Damon says bye to Elena

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In the season 5 finale when Damon is forced to stay on the other side because he is unable to pass through Bonnie back into the real world, he has to say goodbye to Elena, which nearly broke us completely. Damon and Elena loved each other so much and watching them say goodbye for what they thought was forever was so incredibly gut-wrenching. "You are by far the greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my 173 years on this earth." Damon said to her. "I get to die knowing that I was loved. Not just by anyone. By Elena Gilbert." Damon finishes his goodbye by saying that he loves her. Elena falls to the ground, sobbing, saying "please come back to me." Ugh, right in the feels!

9 When Damon recites his letter to Bonnie

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When Damon decided to knock himself out until Elena woke up, Bonnie was one pissed off witch. In the last few seasons of the show, Bonnie and Damon became each others best friend. She couldn't believe that Damon was leaving her and because of this, she refused to read the parting letter that Damon wrote her. Truth was, Damon was afraid to say goodbye to her to her face, because he knew she would convince him to not go ahead with his plans and face a future without Elena. He said Bonnie would have made him be a better man, just like Elena did, and that he was terrified of failing them both. He recites these words from his letter midway through the final season to Bonnie's face in an emotional and poignant scene. He said he would rather let her down once then let her down for the rest of her life. Damon concludes his letter by saying that he hopes she has the happiest life because she's an amazing woman and his best friend. Tears begin streaming down Bonnie's face as she says "that's one hell of a letter." Agreed.

8 When Bonnie and Damon are reunited

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After Bonnie let Damon leave the prison world of 1994 without her, Damon missed the heck out of Bonnie. During their time together in that world, they had become good friends who relied on each other. When Bonnie was finally able to make her way out of the prison world and back to present day, she surprised Damon by whipping up a bunch of pancakes in his kitchen. In the prison world, they made pancakes every morning, which was the reason she surprised him with them when she returned. Damon walks into the room and says in disbelief, "Bonnie?" She replies "one and only." Damon slowly lets a grin spread across his face as he stretches his arms out wide. Bonnie runs to him and leaps into his arms for the greatest reunion hug of all time. Where are the tissues?

7 When Grams died

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One of the first scenes on The Vampire Diaries that completely wrecked us was when Bonnie's grandmother died. Bonnie and her Grams used their magic to open the tomb where Katherine was supposedly resting. She wasn't there, much to Damon's dismay. However, opening the tomb required so much magical power, Bonnie's beloved grandmother became weak and later passed away in her sleep. Bonnie goes to wake up her Grams and discovers that she's not breathing. Leona Lewis' hauntingly beautiful cover of Snow Patrol's "Run" swells over the scene as Bonnie frantically starts looking through her book of spells, saying she can fix this. She cannot. Elena hugs her from behind as Bonnie grieves the death of her grandmother. The scene was played out so well and the music choice was perfect. It definitely gave us all the feels.

6 When Alaric died

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Towards the end of the third season, Alaric almost dies until Bonnie makes him drink her blood and turns him into a vampire. Alaric goes into a tomb to die peacefully and alone and Damon decides to join him. Considering Alaric his best bud, Damon didn't want him dying alone. He brings some alcohol with him into the tomb and shares some swigs with his pal. The two were always such good drinking buddies, so it seemed fitting that this would be their final moment together. Even though Bonnie saved Alaric in the end and turned him into a vampire, that scene with the two guys in the tomb was so incredibly heartbreaking. The two share a heart to heart and Damon apologized for killing Alaric twice. Alaric jokes about the fact that he has to die to get a real apology out of Damon as a single tear streams down his face.

5 When Elena dies before becoming a vampire

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When Elena and Matt are in a car that goes over a bridge and submerges into water, Stefan comes in to rescue them, but Elena insists that he save Matt first as he has already gone unconscious. Stefan does as Elena asks and rescues Matt. By the time Stefan rescues Elena and brings her to the hospital, she is nearly dead. As Damon rushes into the hospital, Meredith Fell tells him that Elena had a cerebral hemorrhage, which meant that she was bleeding in her brain. Meredith said Elena needed her help and then we see Elena waking up as a vampire. During this time, Alaric's life was tied to Elena's thanks to Esther, Klaus' mother. Because Elena was killed and turned into a vampire, Alaric officially died. He shows up as a ghost in Jeremy's room to say goodbye and we all shed tears.

4 When Elena and Stefan broke up

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In season 2, Stefan and Elena pretended that they were putting a pause on their relationship, but really they were sneaking around. In episode 6, Jenna wound up in the hospital because they were found out by the one and only Katherine. In a very emotional scene, Elena tells Stefan that she has been selfish by staying with him because she loves him so much and she knows how much he loves her. She tells him that their relationship is over because it has to be. With tears in their eyes, their lips lock for one final kiss. Kudos to Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev for acting out this scene so perfectly. Paul definitely does a great job crying onscreen and it's so hard not to cry along with him.

3 When Stefan told Caroline about her mother

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As "Winter Song" by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson plays over the scene, Stefan tells Caroline that there is no way to cure her mother's brain cancer and she comes to the heartbreaking realization that her mom is going to die. The song choice is absolutely perfect and adds so much emotion to the scene. Caroline tells Stefan that she can heal her mother using her vampire blood and Stefan tells her that if vampire blood could cure cancer, they would have heard about it already. Stefan says that they can't operate on her and chemo also won't work because the tumor is growing too rapidly. Caroline insists that her mom is strong and will make it through. Stefan sits there in silence as Caroline comes to terms with her mother's fate and she starts sobbing as Stefan holds her in his arms. Where are the tissues?

2 When Stefan died

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Damon set out to kill Katherine in the series finale of the show while in a cave with her that would soon be consumed with fire. While ready to take his own life to save everyone from the evil that is Katherine Pierce, Stefan had other plans for him. Stefan gave Damon the cure and took his place in the cave with Katherine and killed her himself while taking his life with her. When he dies, he comes across Elena who is still under the sleeping curse and tells her that he did what he had to do. He believed that Damon was a better man now and that Elena deserved to know that version of him. Stefan Salvatore, always the hero doing good for others. The ending was a fitting one for him and he got to live in peace with his best friend Lexi.

1 When Stefan calls Elena on her birthday

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In the season 3 premiere episode, Stefan is on the road with Klaus, killing innocent people as a ripper. Stefan made a deal with Klaus because he needed Klaus' hybrid blood to heal Damon's werewolf bite so that he wouldn't die. The deal was that Stefan would do anything Klaus asked him to do. Klaus had heard rumors about Stefan as a ripper. Whenever Stefan gave into his urges to drink human blood, he easily lost control. Klaus brought a girl to Stefan and bit into her, teasing him. Stefan went after the girl, drank her blood and killed her. At the end of the season 3 premiere, Stefan calls Elena on her cell and she answers before going to bed. Stefan doesn't say anything on the call but Elena says "Stefan if this is you, you'll be okay." Stefan remains silent as Elena adds "I love you. Hold onto that. Never let that go." Stefan is seen crying on the other end of the phone.

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