15 Times Tina From 'Bob's Burgers' Was Your Spirit Animal

There are a lot of strong and relatable female characters on television today. Some are admired for their work ethic and witticisms while others are commended for their style, bad ass attitude and humorous antics. Tina Belcher from the incredibly funny comedy Bob's Burgers is one of these ladies and judging from her famous quotes and stellar dance moves, it's easy to see why. Even at the ripe age of 13, Tina is throwing down wisdom we would expect to hear from a well-seasoned 40-year-old and has us saying "same" to pretty much all of her antics. Whether she's dropping amazing pickup lines or picking herself up from the floor after a rough day, there are so many reasons to love this girl. Here are 15 times Tina was totally our spirit animal.

15 When she was confident AF

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Life is hard. You have to motivate yourself to be productive, build and protect a sense of respect and confidence within yourself, and of course, survive. It can take people years upon years to get their lives together, but nothing compares to the feeling when you have it. It's like the world is no longer fighting against you as it is flowing alongside your self-carved path. For some, this means getting dressed without inhibition or fear of being judged. For others, it's simply walking down the street with your head held high, ready to network the crap out of whatever situation you're put into it. Whatever it means for you, if you're familiar with this feeling, you know Tina is the poster child for it. She's confident and ready to take on the world. You go, sistah!

14 When she experimented with her style

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Nowadays, there seems to be no limit on the variety of ways you can change your look. You can dye your hair virtually any color of the rainbow. You can curate your wardrobe to present yourself in a multitude of ways. You can even contour yourself into a whole new person! Changing something up about your appearance can be an exciting (and anxiety-inducing) task, especially if you're taking the DIY route. Instead of going to a makeup artist at MAC or getting your hair done by a professional, you're taking matters into your own hands! Who needs to pay people money when you can teach yourself from the Book of Google and the School of YouTube, right? It's no surprise that Tina glammed herself out in this way, she's a self-starter. Sure, it's not as polished as it could be, but hey, at least it's something!

13 When she had a rough day

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As nice as it would be, life isn't all champagne and roses. In fact, there are days that downright suck. These are the days when you get to work 15 minutes late because of train traffic, spill coffee on your cream-colored skirt, try to blot it out with water only to make it worse, forget a task that your boss asked you for, forgot your umbrella, found out you're getting paid less than your coworker, and have about ten other infuriating moments happen to you. These are the days that can only be described as life sucker punching the air out of you. The days when the only reasonable response is to lay your beaten body on the floor and simply tell anyone around you that if needed, you'll be on the floor... dying. Yeah, we've all been there.

12 When she had killer pickup lines

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When people think of pickup lines, they tend to think of males. Guys at bars walking up to girls and trying to buy them drinks with their smooth-talking or Tinder matches trying to woo chicks with their witty one-liners. Despite the fact that women have proved time and time again that they can do anything a man can do, there is still only a few role models on TV and movies showing that women can spit as much game as guys can in the dating world. Just look at Tina! She's not afraid to let Jimmy Jr. know that she's on the prowl and he's her target. Whether you're still mustering up the confidence to be as forward or crossed that threshold a while ago, we could all take a page out of Tina's book.

11 When she was a total sucker for romance

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As voracious and fierce as Tina is in the dating game, she isn't immune to being swept off her feet. We've all been there. Just when we were patting ourselves on the back for being strong, independent women, our phones go off with a text so sweet you can't help it when the corners of your mouth start to rise, no matter where you are. Maybe the text is from a crush, confirming the feelings you hoped weren't all just in your head. Or maybe, it's from a boyfriend who decided to brighten your day with a cute and unexpected message. Whoever the romantic gesture was from, we've all had the subsequent feeling of melting into a puddle from the sheer cuteness of it all. Or as Tina would put it—our heart pooped its pants.

10 When she realized caffeine can be a slippery slope

There are few moments as beautiful as when someone discovers the wonders of caffeine for the first time. It usually happens at some point during a person's school career when an all-night is required. First, you're worried that time is slipping by and your droopy eyes will betray you and close before you are able to complete the assignment. Then, caffeine enters the picture and everything changes. One cup of coffee later and you're revitalized, ready to take on any and all tasks at hand. What a transformation! On the other side of the spectrum, there are few things as heartbreaking as the first time caffeine betrays you. You know how it goes—you have a sh*t ton of work so naturally, you head over to your fave coffee shop to get the largest cup of coffee possible. The only problem is, you're so amped to get workin' that you chug it, and end up with jittery hands, sweaty palms, a darting mind and a stomach that wants to murder you. Whoops.

9 When she challenged societal norms

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Despite all of the advances there have been in modern society in regards to destructing gender roles, there is still much work left to do. Men are still expected to bottle up their emotions and women are still expected to dress up like vixens and prance around to impress the opposite sex. Sure, there are women who flatly reject this societal pressure, but let's get real—most women still feel the need to get rid of most of the hair on their body, dress fashionably and put on makeup. That is, unless you're Tina. Tina marches to the beat of her own drum with most issues, but we're particularly taken aback by her maturity with gender roles and society norms. Why should you have to put on a whole dance routine to get the attention of a man anyway? We're with you, Tina!

8 When she stayed humble

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Considering Tina is such a badass lady with strong opinions, a sassy attitude, and out-of-this-world confidence, it wouldn't be that surprising if she was full of herself. The astonishing part is that she's not. Tina is always commendably considerate to her peers, incredibly patient with Louise and Gene, and is surprisingly grounded and wise for her age. Yep, Tina has a level of modesty we should all strive for. People who are like this have come up with plenty of ways to say that they are no better or worse than anyone else. There are quotes about going to the grave without any of the riches you accumulated in life, winning the birth lottery by being born in a developed country, and simply knowing that you are part of the Universe and will return to that state eventually. However, our favorite is from Tina, who points out that she's not special, she puts her bra on like everyone else... one boob at a time. Way to put it in perspective.

7 When she came up with perfect responses

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There's no doubt about it: Tina has a razor sharp wit and isn't afraid to use it. Whether she's telling off one of her rivals, pulling out the best one-liners with Jimmy Jr, or sassing her parents, her material is gold, and we should all seriously have a pen and paper out to jot all of her gems down. The best part about Tina's rapport with others is that she doesn't have to resort to name-calling or bottom-of-the-barrel insults. Nope, her comebacks are much more clever than that and are only doled out when others are questioning her abilities or coolness. Like that time Tina was babysitting Louise and Gene and her mom kept harping on. When the inevitable "are you listening?" question came, Tina was lightning fast in reminding her mother that it's her eyes that give her trouble not her ears. Boom.

6 When she wasn't afraid to show off her dance moves

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If there's one action that should become synonymous with Tina Belcher, it's dancing. When Tina is not busy being a total femme fatale in the dating scene, she's killing it dance-wise. And lucky for us, she doesn't limit her moves to dance floors. We all have this friend. The one that only needs to hear a few beats of a song before they're up and jiving. The type who will dance literally everywhere, from the privacy of a bedroom to the middle of a restaurant. You may even be this person in the group! If so, you know how liberating this can be. After all, dance like no one's watching didn't become a popular phrase for no reason. The only difference is Tina knows people are watching—and she likes it... a lot.

5 When she proved she don't need no man

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When you're young and impressionable, it's so easy to get caught up in how others perceive you. You want to fit into a group of friends, look cool to your other classmates and peers, and of course, get some attention from your crush. These things are extremely important to young people. Without affirmation from the people around us, it is all too easy to fall into a pit of despair and loneliness. After all, what could be worse than the guy you like not paying any attention to you?! In the moment, it could feel like the answer is nothing. That is, until you take the Tina approach. Tina knows that she does not need validation from some guy. She's awesome and can pay attention to herself! Preach!!

4 When she tried too hard

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Making friends is hard. When you're in school, you have to weave through a sea of faces to seek out people you connect with and let's not even get started with the annoying task of making friends when you're an adult. While dating is typically considered a much harder task than making friends, sometimes the two can overlap in terms of awkwardness, especially if you're really gunning for the friendship to work out. Suddenly, you're carefully crafting text messages and anxiously waiting for responses the same way you would with a crush. You may even start to say things that you wouldn't normally say, simply to appear cool. As Tina demonstrates, things can get overly spicy pretty fast. Whoops.

3 When she got her heart broken and was way too relatable

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Getting your heart broken has got to be one of the toughest situations to get through. Maybe you were denied by a crush and had to witness all 20 of the fantasies you had about your future together shatter simultaneously. Or maybe, you and a long-term boyfriend finally called it quits after months of arguing. Whatever the situation is, there's nothing pleasant about going from talking to a person everyday to living with an impenetrable silence between you. There are plenty of methods people take to get through a trauma like this from eating their weight in carbs, throwing themselves into a new hobby, or getting a radical makeover to mark the beginning of a new era. However, as Tina showcases, sometimes it all gets too overwhelming and the only solution is to lay down on the ground and wail at the Universe. Oh, to be in love.

2 When she asked the important questions

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If there's one thing Tina never runs out of, it's curiosity. Whether it's wanting to know what every boy's butt in her school feels like, writing up erotic friend fiction to live out all of her desires, or simply wondering about the ever-changing world around her, Tina isn't afraid to ask the tough questions and goodness knows we all need that one person in the group. These people look at life in a different way and ask the questions most people would never think of. Tina has asked such gems such as where are mermaid vaginas? We're wondering, too. And of course, do horses get songs stuck in their heads? Valid question. It's clear that Tina's thought process works in a different way than Louise and Gene's and we couldn't applaud her more for it.

1 When she taught her dad the practice of self-love

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Self-love is a practice that requires effort, self-awareness, bravery and a good deal of patience. It's figuring out what you value and what you don't, what you want to accomplish, where you draw the line on issues, and what you want to get out of life. It's accepting yourself, flaws and all, and looking at the journey of self-improvement as a fun adventure. It's about a change in attitude and being your own biggest fan. Considering how comfortable Tina is in her own skin, how much time and effort she puts into her hobbies and other things that make her happy, and how she is always looking to grow, we'd say that Tina is definitely on the right track with this self-love thing. And the best part is, she teaches others, like her dad, how to do it, too. Yeah, we're proud to call her our spirit animal.

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