15 Times Tom Hardy Swept Us Off Our Feet

Isn't Tom Hardy just a treasure? He's not just a pretty face. He's a fantastic actor, he cares about his fans, he loves dogs and we're pretty sure he's likely a great husband. We could stare into those gorgeous green eyes forever. And please excuse us while we spend our time fantasizing about kissing those beautiful lips. But he's not just a hot bod and perfect face. He's way more than that. He's involved in charity work, he loves his dog (and all other dogs) and he's just an all around interesting person who seems genuinely compassionate. He's able to sweep us off our feet just by being himself. It's clear he's striving to be a good person.

Here are 15 times Tom Hardy proved he was better than us all.

15 The Time He Appeared In A PETA Ad


In 2015, Tom Hardy was part of a PETA ad campaign that was encouraging pet adoption (as an alternative to pet stores). He believes that pets are part of the family and that dogs are an integral part of making a home happy. He's definitely not wrong, dogs are so full of love and life that when you have one as part of your family it's hard to imagine life without them. Harry's dog Woodstock was a rescue and it's clear the two are big pals. Who doesn't love a guy who isn't afraid to get his face licked by a big cuddly dog? How can you not swoon over the fact that Hardy really cares about man's best friend? We think it's a great quality!

14 The Time He And His Wife Looked Elegant AF

Via: The Irish Sun

Charlotte Riley isn't just Tom Hardy's beautiful wife. She's also an actress just like her handsome husband. The two made quite the pair at the 2016 Oscars. Their coordinated black ensembles go perfectly together and can we just say that although Hardy is gorgeous, his wife clearly stole the show at the 2016 Oscars. That dress is amazing. We almost forget that Tom Hardy was standing next to her. We love the fact that these two look so good together. They had just welcomed a baby into their lives a few months earlier, just looking at them you can tell they're exuding happiness. It's adorable. A man that stands beside his wife looking at her like she's the most beautiful creature in the world? Yes please. He looks so proud and he damn well should be!

13 The Time He Was Involved In Youth Charity Work

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Tom Hardy isn't just a good looking guy. He's not just an amazing actor. He's also a philanthropist. One of the charities he's involved with is called 'The Prince's Trust'. It's an organization in the UK who's target population is troubled youths. The organization helps young people who have been struggling get back on their feet. They help those between the ages of 13 and 30. It's a great organization that focuses on educating and training young people in order to get them into the job market. Hardy has dealt with addiction issues in his past. The fact that he has overcome those problems to become such a successful person makes him the perfect ambassador for the Prince's Trust. He genuinely cares about people and wants to make a difference. What a guy!

12 When He Did Even More Charity Work

Via: Bowel Cancer UK

Tom Hardy doesn't limit himself to only one cause. He also works with other charities. You already know he's worked with PETA in the past. He also does work with Bowel Cancer UK. He helped out during a charity event for the organization. His work during the event helped to raise funds for the charity. In the UK, diagnoses of bowel cancer are high. People are diagnosed with the disease at a rate of every 15 minutes in the UK. Crazy and scary. Hardy's work with the charity helps to increase exposure and awareness about this type of cancer. As we all know, early detection is vital for increasing survival. Isn't Tom Hardy a treasure? He's basically helping to find a cure for cancer. Perfect guy.

11 The Time He Read A Poem In Support Of The Invictus Games

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Oh? Did you think we were done talking about Tom Hardy's charity work? You were wrong. Prepare to be dazzled by his wonderfulness once again. In 2014, Hardy joined Daniel Craig and Will.i.am to recite the poem titled 'Invictus' to show their support of the Invictus Games. The Invictus Games are an international sports event in which injured, wounded or sick servicemen and women compete in various multi-sports. The games were created by Prince Harry in 2014. Once again, Tom Hardy proves he has a really big heart. He's not afraid to lend his support for the causes he cares about. We're starting to think that he might be a robot. Can one human be this near perfect? He oozes compassion and he's so gosh darn humble about it.

10 When He Got Involved With PETA Again

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Hardy is back at it again this year in 2017. Hardy helped with a video made by PETA. The video encourages people to bring pets indoors. Dogs want to be part of the family, leaving them outdoors all day in all sorts of weather conditions is just cruel! We agree. We're not sure who in the world loves their dog and keeps them outside. We doubt they're spending time watching the video, but it's a nice gesture anyhow. The video is hard to watch if you have any bit of compassion for living creatures. The final message at the end of the video says: "Treat dogs like family. Keep them inside.' We couldn't agree more. Dogs belong indoors and cuddling with us on the sofa. We love that Hardy participated in the creation of this video, such a good guy.

9 The Time He Was Named One Of GQ's Best Dressed

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Are you surprised at all by this? We're not. He was named best dressed in 2014 and made number 33 on the list. In 2015 he was at number 45. Of course he's best dressed. How can you look like Tom Hardy and not be on this list. He can wear a paper bag and still look good. He can pull off casual or formal without a hitch. Although, seeing him with any clothes on is unfortunate. We'd rather they be off. He looks doubly good unclothed. Have you seen those abs!? But, we can definitely appreciate his style. He pulls everything off perfectly. He probably doesn't even think about what he's going to wear, we imagine it's effortless for him. Other men must be super jealous.

8 When He Was Honest About His Addiction Issues

In an interview with Esquire magazine, Tom Hardy opening up about his addiction issues. He didn't shy away and was open and honest about his past. We heard previously that he's the ambassador for the Prince's Trust so we know he's not secretive about his problems with addiction. It's refreshing to see someone so high profile be honest about addiction. He says that acting is what helped him stay sober. It was his savior and light at the end of the tunnel. It's not what saved him from addiction, but the dangling carrot was something to look towards. He's definitely made it through some dark patches and he's become a successful actor by all accounts. We love that he's honest about his troubles and we love that he's using his experiences to help others.

7 All The Times He Swears

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It's not everyone's cup of tea, but the fact that Tom Hardy is so unfiltered is kind of endearing. He swears like a trucker. He's not afraid to let out an f-bomb every few sentences and he's got a potty mouth you wouldn't believe. We see it as being a sign of his openness and honesty. If you're not afraid to swear it probably means you've got nothing to hide. You're an open book. People who swear somehow seem innately trustworthy. That's not to say that you should trust everyone who's cursing left and right. We're pretty sure there are serial killers who swear. But in general, we think swearing is a sign of goodness. That just our honest fucking opinion! We definitely like a man who can curse.

6 When He Used To Be A Model

Yep. Tom Hardy used to be a model. Once again, we know this is not very surprising. He's handsome AF and looks perfect with a shirt off. He's got the most symmetrical face in the universe and his skin looks so soft. Oh wait. Softness isn't a requirement for modelling. Oops. There's actually a video of him modelling in some kind of competition and it's super weird. He's wearing a shirt and slacks and looks pretty normal, aside from his beautiful angel face. It looks a bit like a game show and in the end it looks like he wins a toolbox. We're not sure why a toolbox is the prize in a male modelling competition, though. Maybe it's just a prop for the sexy hot calendar he's being invited to appear in. We're here for it.

5 When He Talks About His Feminist Views

Tom Hardy isn't afraid to talk about his feminist views. We love that he's a feminist and doesn't shy away from tough questions. During a press conference for Mad Max: Fury Road, someone asked him if he thought it was odd that so many women were in the script of the movie. Yeah, we think it's a stupid ass question too, Tom. He responded with incredulousness. He's not afraid to challenge gender stereotypes and make faces at the interviewers who ask dumb sexist questions. He's also super supportive of the women around him. He also wants to see women's roles in Hollywood become more diverse. He wants to see women paying typically male roles because women are always saddled into the role of girlfriend or wife in so many movies. We love feminist Tom Hardy. *swoon*

4 When He Stood Up For The LGBTQ Community

He's not just concerned about the rights of women out there. He also cares about LGBTQ rights. In 2015, at TIFF, an interviewer asked him probing questions about his sexuality that really had nothing to do with the film he was there promoting. He later commented on the whole thing saying that "there is a time and place for that". He also went on to say that he felt it was important that those in the LGBT community felt "safe about their sexuality and are able to speak freely and not be stigmatized or feel like they are being pointed out". We couldn't agree more, Tom. If you're there to talk about a movie, why does the question of sexuality have to come up at all?

3 When He Said This

Um. Yeah. This would be awesome. We'd love to see a crime thriller full of women in the lead roles. We're behind you Tom! Why not get started on that project on your own? Once again, Tom Hardy proves that he's all for equality and women's rights. We love him for it. We're also fixated on his beautiful face. This gif is mezmerizing. But when you pull yourself out of the trance for a second, it's easy to see why he's easy to crush on. He's not afraid of bending the rules and challenging the status quo. He's a surprising man. He can transform himself for all of his roles and he does it with ease. It seems that he also speaks his mind with ease.

2 When He Read A Bedtime Story On New Year's Eve

Via: BBC

This year, Tom Hardy broke the Internet when he read a bedtime story on BBC on New Year's Eve. We're used to seeing him in tough and rugged roles so this was a treat. He was on the BBC's children's network and appeared on the CBeebies Bedtime Stories show. It's like a British Reading Rainbow. We are way too loyal to Reading Rainbow to say that this was better, but it was definitely up there. Tom Hardy read a bedtime story for kids with his dog Woodstock. The book he read was 'You Must Bring a Hat'. The Internet loved it and we did too. We'd be lying if we said we didn't watch it a few times. He's just such a charming man. How can you not want to be lulled to sleep by Tom Hardy?

1 When He Did It Again On Valentine's Day

Via: The Sun

Um. Yeah. He did it again. This time, on Valentine's Day. If his goal was to demolish women's ovaries around the world, his mission has been completed. He appeared again on the BBCs children's network to read a bedtime story on CBeebies. Once again, the world welcomed Tom Hardy with open arms. Who needs sleep aids when you have his voice reading a nice bedtime story? Is this really meant for kids? Because as adults, we are very much enjoying this. Woodstock reappeared in this Valentine episode too. We love him just as much. What a cutie. Twitter exploded again, as to be expected and it was the best Vday gift ever. Here's a tip: find the video and record the audio. Play it before you go to sleep so you can doze off to Tom Hardy's storytelling.

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