15 Times Tumblr Got Too Deep For Words

Tumblr is that rare place on the internet where anything, literally, can happen. Sometimes, it's all about the latest Harry Potter and Supernatural fandom and who ships who. Sometimes, it's a place where users go to vent and talk about their frustrations in their personal lives. Sometimes, it's where cosplayers and fan artists share their latest creations. Sometimes it's full of funny memes that make us all laugh or at least say, "same." Tumblr is where we go when we need entertainment or at least assurance that everything will turn out okay. Sometimes, though, Tumblr can get really deep, and its users post things that really make you think. Here are some of the deepest posts we found on Tumblr for you to try and wrap your mind around.

15 The empty room

Via Just Shower Thoughts, Tumblr

It is often the most simplest of thoughts that ends up being the deepest, and that's certainly the case with this Tumblr post. This one comes from the Just Shower Thoughts Tumblr, which takes those thoughts that always come to us when we're in the shower and puts them out there on the internet. This one, in particular, though, makes our head hurt when we think about it. If you're sitting in an empty room, it's not empty, is it? Of course, that makes you wonder exactly what the word "empty" means. In this context, if that room also has furniture, it's not empty. But that room also has air, the oxygen that we breathe, which also means that it's not empty. So is there even such a thing as an empty room?

14 Smoking angels

Via White Smoke, Black Ash, Tumblr

Smokers know the struggle, especially if they are younger smokers trying to keep their bad habit from getting spotted by their parents. And if you think about it, in the grand scheme of all things that are holy, the parent of the angels is God, who probably would also frown upon the habit if He caught his kids in the act. So this Tumblr post makes you reconsider what actually happens when we see shooting stars streaking across the sky. And this thought is so deep that it almost makes sense. What if shooting stars are the cigarettes getting thrown to Earth from angels who are trying not to get caught smoking? Whoa. Mind blown. This is the first time we've ever heard this theory, and it's almost too deep for words.

13 When there are no more memes to see

Via Meme Thief, Tumblr

For those on social media, it seems that our friends keep posting the same memes. You've probably seen the same Grumpy Cat meme a million times, but it still pops up in tweets and on your Facebook timeline over and over, getting shared by different friends. And although we often think of memes as infinite things and that they may never end, this Tumblr thought makes us reconsider that. What if we keep seeing the same memes over and over because there are no new memes to see? What if we've come to the end of the memes and there will never be a new meme to see ever again? The thought is chilling, especially if we keep having to see the "cash me ousside, howbowdah" meme every five minutes.

12 What if anxiety is something else?

Via SRS Funny, Tumblr

We go to great lengths to explain why some people seem to handle the world and the situations it throws at them better than others. But this deep thought tries to get to the heart of the problem by posing a metaphysical question about reincarnation. What if reincarnation is real? And what if those who handle things confidently do so because they've lived before, they've experienced this before and they know how to handle all the horrible things that life throws at us? And what if those who have problems with anxiety are new souls and those souls who have not yet learned how to deal with this thing we call life? It's a thought that makes us question what we know, although it's likely that any psychologist would cry foul at such a theory.

11 Adulting sucks

Via Just Shower Thoughts, Tumblr

One of the things that sucks the most about life is adulting. Adulting means that you have to give up the wonderful parts of childhood and learn to cope with the real world, which means putting on pants, going to a job, paying bills and doing all those completely and utterly mundane tasks that are simply not fun. Becoming an adult can make us sad, and this Tumblr post pretty much sums up what it's all about. Not only do we begin enjoying the bitter taste of things, such as coffee and alcohol (something we never craved as children), but we also get used to disappointment way too easily. Yes, adulting sucks, and there's no blanket fort where we can hide from the real world.

10 Why books keep us up late

Via Book Addict, Tumblr

For those of us who must get up early in the morning to go to jobs, meetings, doctor's appointments and school, we try to go to bed at a decent hour the night before. But there is something that will almost always keep us up way past our normal bedtimes: a good story inside a book. Many of us read before bed, which is probably the worst time to do so, because if it's a really good book, putting it down is incredibly hard: we must find out what happens next. So we're up a lot later than we intended, because we want to stay inside the world of that book that allows us to live a life that's probably better than the one we ended up with. This post says a lot about our "real" lives and how we feel about them.

9 When songs come true

Via Just Shower Thoughts, Tumblr

In 2011, it seems that we were all screaming the lyrics to Gotye's "Someone That I Used To Know," a song that captured and kept us obsessed with it and the musician who played and sang it. The song told the story of lost love, with lyrics that stayed ingrained in our heads that entire year: "But you didn't have to cut me off. Make it like it never happened and that we were nothing. And that feels so rough." But now, six years later, that song, and Gotye himself, literally have become someone that we used to know. Because it seems that Gotye was a one-hit wonder. But it's ironic to think that he became the very thing that he sang about. Deep.

8 It's not just talk about the weather

Via Ming D. Liu, Tumblr

Small talk is so difficult for most of us, but one subject that everyone will seem to want to talk about is the weather. And sometimes, it's just that: small talk about the weather. Maybe it's bright and sunny and you comment on that. Maybe it's raining and you're complaining about it. Maybe it's hot. Maybe it's cold. But this Tumblr post reminds us that even this meaningless kind of small talk can sometimes become something much more, maybe even meaningful conversation. Because weather isn't just something physical, it's also something that can get to the very heart of who we are as people: we've all had storms in our lives and we've all had rain. We've also all had sunshine and cold, bitter days.

7 Samwise was perfect

Via Space Ace, Tumblr

You hear it all the time, everytime you make a mistake: "No one is perfect." Or someone even tells you that we're all human and that means that we all make mistakes. We're often told that there has never been anyone ever who did not make a mistake, but this Tumblr post reminds us of one perfect person, a little Hobbit named Samwise Gamgee. Anyone familiar with the Lord of the Rings movies and books will get this, although we never really thought about it. Samwise was a perfect creature. He never made a mistake in his entire life. And although Frodo often gets called the hero of those stories, it was Samwise's perfection that made sure that the ring got thrown into the volcano at Mordor.

6 We are all beautiful

Via Friendliness, Tumblr

We spend a lot of time insulting ourselves and cutting ourselves down, thinking that we're ugly and unattractive without a hint of understanding that this is probably not the way that other people even see us. Our view of ourselves is often skewed. This Tumblr post is a deep one, because it makes a very valid point: butterflies cannot see their wings, but they still flit around like the beautiful creatures that they are. In comparison, we also cannot see the things that make us beautiful, but that does not mean that we are not, in fact, beautiful ourselves. And if that thought doesn't give you a little joy in your heart, perhaps you don't have a heart. You are beautiful. We are beautiful. Everyone is beautiful.

5 Thank you for your thank you

Via Shower Thoughts, Tumblr

Language and words are often weird, especially the way we use them in conversations. Obviously, at some point, mankind felt that we needed a way to verbalize gratefulness and someone came up with the phrase, "Thank you." And it's something that every language has a phrase for. But what's even weirder is that someone also came up with a follow-up response, "You're welcome," which is basically a way for us to tell people that we're thanking them for thanking us. It's kind of weird when you think of it that way, but we never thought of it that way until we read this Tumblr post. And that thought makes our mind twist in a lot of different and weird ways and we wonder why we ever bothered with coming up with "You're welcome" in the first place.

4 All hail the moon

Via Dig My Earth, Tumblr

We like this thought because it should appeal to people who often feel unworthy or overwhelmed. Let's face it, life can often get rough and make us feel like we're all alone, which makes us feel helpless in a world that seems crazy more often than not. But this post reminds us that the beautiful moon sits bright in the sky every night, all alone, and yet that doesn't stop her from serving her purpose: lighting up the dark. And although, there are clouds that often cover her, and she goes through many phases, she always eventually returns, brighter than ever. And she does it all by herself. Whoa. If the moon can do that on her own, then again, so can we. Never forget that.

3 The perfect weight loss drug

Via ChibiDragons, Tumblr

This is one of those funny deep thoughts that actually makes a lot of sense. There's a lot of talk about drug use on Tumblr (which is actually kind of scary), and if you search for "LSD," you get all kinds of interesting posts. This is a favorite, though, because it also makes sense. LSD makes you see all kinds of crazy stuff, so a rainbow dragon with a unicorn horn isn't such a stretch of the imagination when you're floating around the world in a drug-induced haze. So if you're trying to lose weight, just take some LSD (no, we don't really recommend this) and every time you go to the fridge, that dragon will appear there and you won't think about eating anything ever again.

2 Winter is coming

Via Prince of Hounds, Tumblr

We love this deep thought found on Tumblr, because it's also very poetic. The seasons are kind of odd, in that they bring with them different images, different personalities. Winter, though, is interesting because it means that we spend most of our days wrapped in a blanket with a cup of something warm, such as hot chocolate, held firmly in our hands. That doesn't sound as poetic, though, as this Tumblr post suggests that wearing the blanket over your shoulders makes you more closely resemble an aging King who looks out over his frozen kingdom with a malaise. Wow. That's not just deep, that's beautiful. Now you will never see yourself the same again when you're curled up on the couch trying to stay warm in January.

1 Villains don't run

Via Oh Dionne, Tumblr

Think of every movie or TV show where there's a good guy, a hero, and a bad guy, the villain. And think about what you often see in action scenes. This Tumblr post points out something we've seen a million times, but never really noticed: heroes run like crazy, everywhere. They're always running. But villains never break a sweat, because, usually, they don't run. Maybe it's because they don't feel like they have to. Guys like Darth Vader can force choke you from across the room. So we love this Tumblr post because it states a very valid case for not running. This is also a good argument for those fitness nuts who get up at 4 a.m. to go running every morning. Why run when you can just casually saunter across a room in an evil fashion?

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