15 Times Tumblr Had Us Sherlocked

Searching for a British crime drama with lots of episodes to binge-watch? Cool! Don't look at Sherlock. BBC's original series, about Arthur Conan Doyle's quirky, quick-witted detective, only has (as of yet) fourteen episodes. But having an insufficient number of episodes doesn't mean this series isn't worth watching. There may be very few episodes, but they're high quality ones. You should definitely add Sherlock to your watch list.

But, be forewarned. Once you watch Sherlock, you will never be the same. You'll start out as the semi-functioning normal adult that you are now, but after that first episode, you will transform into something unrecognizable. You'll become what we in the fandom (and Sherlock himself) refer to as a "high-functioning sociopath." Wave goodbye to your sanity, and check out these 15 times Tumblr had us Sherlocked.

15 When they made this career swap

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Sherlock excels at just about everything he does. He's highly intelligent and unbelievably clever, so things come naturally to him. The only thing that Sherlock hasn't quite gotten a handle on is manners. He has a tendency to be rude and inconsiderate and aloof. Of course, that's why we love him so much, because of his eccentricities.

But that's all beside the point, right now. The point is that a guy like Sherlock, who knows how thieves might get into a house, who knows how to pick a lock, who can quickly deduce how to disarm an alarm, would be perfect for installing home security systems. So, not only do we have a great pun here, we also have a wonderful career opportunity for Sherlock and John, should they ever need work.

14 When they brought a Disney movie into the mix

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When we look at this picture, we can almost forget that we've had to wait two years at a time between seasons, and that we've done it on more than one occasion. Do you know what a hiatus like that does to a fandom? Especially a fandom as volatile as the Sherlock one?! Let's just say it's really hard. And part of the reason why it's difficult is because of the epic cliffhangers that the writers leave us with.

The mental fatigue and madness that Tumblr witnesses during a Sherlock hiatus is frightening. And, when you consider that the Sherlock fandom is almost always in hiatus? It makes Tumblr seem like a formidable place—which it is. But, then again, Tumblr gives us little mashups like this, and they instantly have us Sherlocked when they do.

13 When they knew exactly who "Jim" was

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Hm. Jim, eh? Right. "Jim." We know who you are, pal. We know you're not really "Jim." You're actually Jim, as in Jim Moriarty, and this is exactly the sort of thing you would do, you incredibly adorable homicidal maniac. Look, we're not mad that you ran into this person's car. We've come to expect this sort of damaging behavior from you. We're not going to call the police or anything. But, if you could sign copy of "Stayin' Alive" by the Bee Gees, that would be awesome.

Honestly, if Jim Moriarty did leave us this note, we would just be glad that he didn't give Sherlock Holmes a chance to investigate our murder scene. It's a good thing that you are so damn cute, Jim Moriarty, or nobody would put up with your sh*t.

12 When they gave us Sherlock in a nutshell

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Oh, hey. Would you look at that. It's Sherlock... in a... nutshell. Right. We don't know what we expected. At least this funny picture gives us another opportunity to illustrate to you good people just how irrational and erratic the Sherlockians are.

Did you ever see Tim Burton's version of Alice in Wonderland? Remember the Mad Tea Party scene, with the Mad Hatter and the March Hare? And remember how out of their damn minds they were? Picture that level of insanity every time you log onto Tumblr, and you'll have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Sherlock fandom. And don't go thinking you can hide from the Sherlock fandom when you get on Tumblr. There is no escape. They're everywhere, and they will find you.

11 When they perfectly summarized the show

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The previous Tumblr post was Sherlock in a nutshell. This Tumblr post is Sherlock in a nutshell. And, as people who have seen every single episode of the show an unreasonable number of times, we believe that this Tumblr user picked a good pair of images to describe the series.

Here's what usually happens in an episode: Sherlock gets bored and flips out because there are no good mysteries to solve. John sits by and watches in bemused irritation. Then, suddenly, MURDER! The crime fighting duo hit the scene, where Sherlock makes a bunch of clever deductions as John stands by offering advice from a doctor's perspective. Then they investigate, which means they both mostly just make these faces at each other for an hour. Then they stop the baddie. Yeah. This is definitely Sherlock in a nutshell.

10 When one hedgehog with an injured leg reminded them of another hedgehog with an injured leg

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We like to believe that you readers have seen Sherlock multiple times, that you know all of the inside jokes we have in the fandom, and that you perfectly understand what's going on in this Tumblr post. But, if you don't understand what's going on here, we'll give you a quick rundown so you can share in the hilarity.

See, awhile back, there was this photo series that compared Sherlock's expressions with the expressions of an otter. And, yes, it was every bit as awesome as it sounds. However, it became necessary to compare Dr. John Watson to an equally adorable animal, so the fandom chose the hedgehog. John has a bad leg from an injury in the war, and he sometimes grows impatient with it. Hence, this very funny and appropriate Tumblr post.

9 When the AU was real

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Whether you're adamantly Johnlock or not, there's no denying that the fandom is obsessed with this ship. And it's easy to see why. There's a ton of tension between the two. Besides, we know that Sherlock love John love each other. But determining the type of love they share causes a lot of debate between fans. Is it friendship? Yes. Is it the type of soulmate style love that might be found in a Brontë novel? We don't know. Still, we can dream.

Because they only have, like, fifteen actors in Britain, nobody was really surprised to learn that Sherlock costars, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, had been cast in The Hobbit trilogy. Martin played Bilbo Baggins. Benedict played Smaug, the desolated dragon. Therefore, a more perfect AU post, there could not be.

8 When the fandom had a meltdown because of a toothbrush

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Here's another bit of information about the Sherlock fandom that you should stick in your pocket before you venture into Tumblr: we are not okay. Did we mention that earlier? Well, whatever. You really can't say it enough, to be honest. Because the fact is that as not okay as we were just a few minutes ago, we are even more not okay now. With every passing second, the Sherlock fandom collectively dives further into madness. And as time continues to go by, the likelihood that we might ever be okay again becomes less and less.

Other fandoms are normal. Other fandoms wouldn't pause their TV screen to get a shot of themselves brushing the teeth of a cute yet crazy criminal. But we're not like other fandoms. We're oh, so much better/worse.

7 When they kicked Sherlock out of the kitchen

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221B Baker Street. The comfortable and efficient apartment shared by title character Sherlock Holmes and his flatmate Dr. John Watson. There are books and papers scattered about the living room, with makeshift evidence boards on the walls. The kitchen is similar. Except, instead of books and papers, there are microscopes and test tubes. And, instead of makeshift evidence boards on the walls, there are body parts in the freezer.

Sherlock likes to experiment. So, he gets body parts from the morgue, courtesy of Molly Hooper, and he runs his own series of tests on them. Sherlock Holmes has been known to keep a human head or two in his refrigerator. That's why we don't blame this Tumblr user for forbidding science from their microwave. Sorry, Sherlock, but you left them with no other choice.

6 When this wonderful thing happened

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The Holmes brothers. Sherlock and Mycroft. Both exceptionally intelligent. Both impatient with the mundane ways of ordinary people. Both determined to embarrass each other no matter the cost. Maybe that was why Mycroft told John that Sherlock originally wanted to be a pirate. Whatever his motives were, we're just glad that Mycroft felt the need to share that piece of Sherlock's backstory with us, because it led to the fandom creating this image.

Why are mashups so much fun? When we saw this, we squealed like that little piggy that goes "wee, weee, wee!" all the way home for two minutes straight, and we aren't even in the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom! It just doesn't make sense! And yet... we don't mind. 'Cause Sherlock Holmes looks like a damn good pirate.

5 When two Jims died of boredom

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Jim Halpert, we love you man. you were the shining star in a beautiful galaxy that was The Office. You were the jewel in the crown. However, you don't have a monopoly on dying of boredom. Moriarty is another Jim who couldn't take the monotony. That's why he stuck the barrel of a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. But, is he really dead? We can't say.

This mashup gets even more hilarious when you realize that Jim Halpert's character is actually portrayed by Martin Freeman in the British version of The Office. There's a lot to chew on with this image. We're going to need awhile to think about the depth of it. Fortunately, the next season of Sherlock isn't going to be here until forever, so we've got plenty of time.

4 When nothing is ever Lestrade's division

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There was a break in at a the Tower of London? That's not Lestrade's division. Moriarty has the Crown Jewels and wants to speak to Sherlock? Not his division. Actual mathematical division? Not his division. In other words, nothing in the history of ever has been Greg Lestrade's division. So, don't even think about disturbing him with your silly "criminal" dilemmas, because it is not his problem.

Okay, okay. So Greg Lestrade works for New Scotland Yard. He's a detective inspector, he has a division. He may not acknowledge his division, but he has one all the same. Still, we in the Sherlock fandom like to pretend that Lestrade absolutely refuses to have a division. It's a lot more fun this way, because we get to see fun little jokes like this one.


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ARGH! Dammit, Ronald Weasley! Hermione freaking told you that you were doing it wrong. You're supposed to swish and flick, okay? Geez! If you would pay more attention in your charms classes, your stupid ginger head would know that it's levi-OH-sa, not levio-SA. Now look what you've done. Thanks to your inability to do anything right, you couldn't save Sherlock when he jumped off of that building. And now he's dead. Way to go, Weasley.

Well. We guess it's okay. We can forgive Ron, because, as it turns out, Sherlock isn't actually dead. Still, our feelings are hurt. To make ourselves feel better, we're going to go binge-watch the entire Sherlock series! On second thought, maybe we won't. It's not exactly the best way to make yourself feel better.

2 When Moriarty loved killing people

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This poor Tumblr user thought they were just making a nice post. Maybe they even thought they would get some notes out of it. LOL. Nope! Not today. Not while the Sherlock fandom is around.

This post is right. People are way more adorable when they're talking about the things they love. That's the thing about Moriarty as he's portrayed by Andrew Scott. He's fun. The guy is delightful. He's so likable to viewers because he is incredibly enthusiastic in his work. He indulgently enjoys his misdealings, the same way we might enjoy a pint of Ben & Jerry's that we didn't know we had because it was hidden in the back of the freezer. He is Sherlock's match made in villain heaven. He is the king of criminals and, honey, you should see him in a crown.

1 When the Sherlock fandom reminded us that they own Tumblr

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You might think Tumblr belongs to everyone. You might think that it's one of those "safe spaces" that you hear so much about these days, where aesthetic bloggers and hipsters alike can come to post. But you'd be wrong. You may very well find a ton of aesthetic bloggers on Tumblr, and you probably will find some posts from hipsters. But the only reason why you'll see them at all is because the Sherlock fandom allows them to be there.

Tumblr belongs to the Sherlock fandom. Period. End of discussion. And if you don't believe us, if you have even a shadow of a doubt as to the severity of this situation, then we invite you to direct your gaze upward. The Sherlock fandom is holding Tumblr hostage. And there's nothing we can do about it.

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