15 Times Tumblr Made Marvel Superheroes THAT Much Better

When it started in 1939, Marvel Comics was originally known as Timely Comics. That makes the Marvel fandom one of the oldest of them all. It's not surprising it's so popular since there is something for everyone in the Marvel comic book universe. There are Deadpool diehards and X-Men obsessives. There's Captain America who always stands for freedom, democracy, and the light side of the force. Except for that one time (now) that he was actually a Nazi. (Don't even get us started.)

These - and many others - are all characters that each have their own passionately vocal following. At last count, there were 7000 characters in the Marvel comic book universe. Ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe took over the film industry (and Netflix), it's become a widely accepted obsession. Collecting the comics and following their very complex storylines from beginning to present day is challenging, but there will always be a group of fans willing to help you figure it out.

You'll find them on Tumblr, where they're analyzing every detail of every comic panel, screenshot, and press release. We've found 15 of the funniest of their Tumblr posts.

16 Just put Sebastian Stan in everything

We first met Sebastian Stan when he appeared in Captain America: The First Avenger as Bucky Barnes - Steve Rogers' bestie who would eventually become The Winter Soldier in the second film. And he was exceptional. Not to mention beautiful. Which is why he's got such a big following on Tumblr. Just look at that face... that jawline could cut through adamantium.

This idea behind this post isn't impossible - Bucky Barnes does act as Captain America in the comics. The reason he takes up the shield hasn't happened in the MCU yet (and we're not going to spoil it for you), but if the movie plot follows that of the comics - we might get to see just how great Sebastian Stan would look in Captain America's blue and red spandex. And we're not complaining.

15 Tony Stark wears Louboutins (maybe)

Chris Hemsworth is 1.9m (6 ft 2) tall. Chris Evans is slightly shorter at 1.83m (6 ft). Robert Downey Jr is basically toy-sized next to them at 1.74 (5 ft 7) tall. And yet it never looks that way in the movies. Fishy? Totally. To make up for the height difference, he's wearing heels lifts which are actually a common thing for actors. It's not all about Tony Stark's ego and superhero antics though, because height differences make filming certain scenes challenging for the production crew. Not to mention that Iron Man would look really silly standing next to Cap and Thor. That's like trying to film the Rock in a scene with Tom Cruise. You'd need a ladder. Or a pair of those 90s Spice Girl shoes.

14 Phil Coulson = the ultimate fanboy

Is there an actor more dedicated to their role than Clark Gregg is to playing S.H.I.E.L.D Agent Phil Coulson? Is there a bigger Captain America fan than Phil Coulson? Remember that time he told Cap he knew him because he'd been watching him sleep? That happened. But that's not all Coulson is known for. He's the (cheesy) heart of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. His death in the first Avengers movie is what motivates the team to ... ahem ... Assemble. He seems like a small character next to the likes of Loki and Iron Man, but he's a pivotal force in the MCU. Plus, he's funny and he drives an amazing flying car so we're glad Marvel found a way to bring him back to life. Incidentally, none of the Avengers know he's alive.

13 Does anyone ever claim they've "got this?"

Oh, you know what this feels like. You know, when you have less than zero percent of successful adulting behind you but are still expected to act like a grown up? Of course, Tony Stark doesn't have that whole cash flow issue that makes it really difficult to "get" this life thing. Frankly, if Iron Man can't get his shit together, then a) what chance do those of us mere mortals have? and b) we have a great excuse to never get it together. Hey, even as a (slightly) childish man-boy, he managed to save the world a few times. He also nearly destroyed it by creating a terrorist artificial intelligence. Actually, with that in mind, you're doing good. Even if you don't 'got this,' at least you didn't make Ultron.


11 Bro, like, Hulk is just a ripped Shrek

After the Thor: Ragnarok trailer dropped, fans were quick to notice the similarities between this scene from Shrek and one in the teaser. This will be familiar to anyone who is a fan of the Shrek movies. The other thing the trailer did was make everyone wish we could see Ragnarok sooner. Actually, just seeing Cate Blanchett go all Rita Repulsa is enough for us to plan our October around the film's release. This will be an important one for the MCU - many of the missing pieces for Infinity War will inevitably make their way into the film. We're still waiting to see the final Infinity stone - the soul stone - and all the smart bets are on it being in the possession of Heimdall. For now. Cue Thanos!

10 Dr. Benedict Cumberlock

Oh, Tumblr. Thank you for finding a way to make a fandom mashup like this one. Step aside Superwholock, welcome Strangelock - the fandom where the lead actor plays all the parts. Benedict Cumberbatch has actually managed to fit into most of the major nerd-doms out there: He's Doctor Strange and Sherlock. He's also been the voice of Smaug the dragon in The Hobbit and Khan in Star Trek. This screenshot is from one of the trippiest scenes in Doctor Strange. The incredible effects from this scene are part of the reason why the movie - featuring one of the lesser known Marvel characters - was such a success at the box office grossing over $85 million in its opening weekend. Introducing the realm of magic to the MCU is essential for Infinity War.

9 The MCU - home of really bad guyliner

Unless you're one of the wonderfully talented people who apply makeup perfectly or a YouTube makeup tutorial fan, you know how badly it can go with eyeliner. You're going for subtle cat eye but you can't get it to look even on both eyes. So you make it a little thicker on the one side and then it's too thick. So you try even it out on the other side. And it becomes a vicious circle where you end up looking like a raccoon after a week of binge drinking and bar fights. We can't really blame Bucky for his guyliner fail - the guy has a metal arm after all. Ronan has no excuse. He lives in a steel ship - it's basically a world-destroying, flying mirror. Get it together, Blue Dude.

8 The rhythm is going to get you - even if you're a god

Loki is always a fun character. But Loki in a sombrero is the best thing we've seen since he first sassed Thor. He's one of the most popular Marvel characters (post film release) - even though he's (technically) a villain. He's been a consistent thorn in Thor's and, for that matter, humanity's side and apparently will play a pivotal role in Avengers: Infinity War. We'll see him (inevitably) get up to some mischief in this year's Thor: Ragnarok. As far as we know, Loki is currently pretending to be Odin - having usurped the throne of Asgard from his father. Supposedly, it's his failure as a king that releases Hela, the big bad in Ragnarok, from her prison. Who knows which side of the fight Loki will fall on. But if he does it while impersonating Ricky Martin, we don't care if he destroys the world. #worthit

7 Only the worthy... and Magneto

So Tumblr isn't just for laughs. It's also a place of serious philosophical discussion. Like this debate: Since Magneto has the power to move metal, would he be able to move Mjolnir? Thor's hammer has only one rule: If you're worthy, you'll be able to lift it. And if you can lift it, you'll wield the power of Thor. In the MCU, we've only seen two people lift the hammer - Thor and Vision - making them the only two worthy of its power. (Although Vision doesn't actually become Thor.) Steve Rogers is, of course, the only human even close enough to being worthy of Mjolnir. There's a moment in Avengers: Age of Ultron where he nearly proves it, much to Thor's clear irritation. In the comic books, Jane Foster has been wielding the hammer after Thor was deemed no longer worthy enough. (By the hammer itself.)

6 Will it always be #TooSoon?

How do you spot a true Marvel nerd/fan in a crowd of moviegoers? Wait for their reaction when a seemingly irrelevant old dude appears on the screen. If they point him out to everyone else (smugly, of course), it's because they've spotted Stan Lee - the father of most of Marvel's most well-known characters. Like everything else in the MCU, his appearances are actually connected, something that Marvel recently confirmed. Batman isn't a Marvel character, but he and Spiderman have one thing in common (other than their choice to spend their adult lives cosplaying as animals) - they're both orphans. Batman is still cranky about it. Batman is cranky about everything. Speaking of Spiderman, we'll see him on screen soon in Spiderman: Homecoming which is out this month.

5 When will the adulting stop?

This is exactly what life feels like. You're (mostly) successfully navigating Netflix life when BAM! you're hit with all the worst symptoms of adulthood: Chores, decisions, and all those other icky responsibilities that take you away from your beloved couch. We only saw Spiderman for a few epic scenes in Captain America: Civil War but this moment with Cap is one of the best. Spiderman has been one of Marvel's most popular characters since his introduction in 1962. Outside of the comic book world, Peter Parker is the most well-known Spiderman, but there have been others who have taken on the role of Spidey, including Miles Morales who was the replacement web-slinger after Peter Parker was killed in the Amazing Spider-Man's 700th issue.

4 Marvel vs. DC - always a showdown

It's one the original fandom wars: Marvel vs. DC. Back when comic book lovers were labeled as nerds, it was something that only collectors knew about. But when Marvel and DC expanded into the realm of the silver screen, it's become an argument in the public domain. There are pros and cons to each studio's approach to film, but there's one thing that DC fans can claim that Marvel groupies can't: They own the rights to all their own characters. It's why you've never seen the Avengers in an X-Men film or why you never hear anyone call Scarlet Witch a mutant - Marvel doesn't own the rights to the X-Men. Fox does. And considering how successful those movies have been, it's unlikely they'll ever give the rights back. Sony owns the rights to Spiderman but negotiated a deal with Marvel for the Spiderman: Homecoming movie.

3 Tale as old as time

Keep this post handy for whenever you're having a bad day. Because it's hilarious. Deadpool, like The Beast, is a mutant but he's not one of the X-Men. At least not on screen and not yet. In the comics, he's worked with the X-Men and the Avengers - with all the necessary snark, sass and fourth wall breaking shenanigans, of course. Falling in love with the Beast wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for Wade Wilson since he considers himself pansexual. But it also wouldn't be the craziest thing he's done. He once fed parts of himself to Archangel. The next time we see Deadpool on screen (since it's unlikely he'll be in Avengers: Infinity War) will be in 2018 when Deadpool 2 is released. Speaking of which, the trailer is hilarious.

2 Remember that time Bucky missed the train?

Before he becomes the Winter Soldier, Bucky dies. No, really. Nobody stays dead in the Marvel world. Except for Uncle Ben. He's eternal toast. Bucky is not from South Detroit, he's from Brooklyn, but the rest of this post is accurate. In Captain America: The First Avenger, he is supposedly killed when he falls from a train while helping Cap. He falls from a really high point so he must have had a few seconds of freefall. Probably not a fun freefall because, you know, death and all. We learn in The Winter Soldier that he's not actually dead and appears in the film as a brainwashed Soviet assassin. It wasn't difficult to like Bucky - just look at him! - so we're glad he came back as a crazy, Red Skull following serial killer.

1 Here, kitty!

Aw, Bucky just wants some love. And this is exactly what it's like to own a cat - when you want its attention, it will run away, scratch, and hiss at you. When you don't, it will run away, scratch and hiss at you. This particular cat will forego those three behaviors in favor of maiming, punching, and beating the crap out of you. Because he's Black Panther and he's deadly. While he's a non-superpowered hero, T'Challa, leader of the Wakanda people, is loaded AF, trained to peak physical condition and is an expert in martial arts. He's also a genius; something we'll get to observe really soon when the Black Panther movie is released later on this year. And we can't wait.

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