15 Times TV Shows Failed At Hiding Actors' Pregnancies

From the outside looking in, it certainly seems like actors that are employed by major TV shows have their lives dominated by their jobs. While that is true to a certain degree, most performers still have a personal life that is really important to them. For example, over the years countless actors have gotten pregnant while they were starring in a popular TV series.

In some cases, when a TV actor has gotten pregnant when their character isn’t, the show’s producers have done a marvelous job hiding their baby bump. However, there also are some pretty notable examples of attempts to hide pregnancies that did not work in the slightest. With that in mind, it is time to take a look at this list of 15 times TV shows failed at hiding actor’s pregnancies.

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15 Will & Grace’s Debra Messing

Via zimbio.com

In a lot of ways the prototypical example of how most shows deal with an actor being pregnant during filming, Will & Grace had Debra Messing sit behind tables, wear baggy clothes, and hold large props. All of that may have been somewhat effective if it weren’t for the fact that Messing often was shot from angles that gave the ruse away.

14 Parks and Recreation’s Amy Poehler

Via viraluck.com & redbookmag.com

During some Parks and Recreation scenes that were shot during Amy Poehler’s pregnancy, everyone involved did a marvelous job keeping her baby bump invisible. That is why it was so remarkable that during other sequences, the actor’s belly was virtually on full display. For some reason, they didn’t even bother to put props in front of the actor or have her wear especially baggy clothes.

13 Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker

Via redbookmag.com

Due to the fact that Sex and the City put a great deal of importance on fashion, when Carrie Bradshaw began wearing loose-fitting dresses it was a giveaway that Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant. If that weren’t a good enough reason for this entry to be included on this list, in some cases those dresses weren’t baggy enough to make sure viewers couldn’t see her growing baby bump.

12 Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross

Via moms.com

During the filming of Desperate Housewives’ 3rd season, Marcia Cross was pregnant. As a result, the show eventually had her character fake a pregnancy. However, prior to that, it became really obvious that the actor was with child due to the massive purses, shelves, and tables they used to conceal her stomach. In fact, in some shots, she looked like little more than a floating head.

11 New Girl’s Zooey Deschanel

Via vox.com

Even though New Girl boasted an ensemble cast, there was no doubt that Jess played a central role in many of its most memorable storylines. Despite that, the show’s producers seemingly struggled to film Zooey Deschanel in ways that didn’t reveal that she was pregnant. Instead, they briefly wrote her character Jess out of the show in a ham-fisted way by giving her jury duty.

10 Friends’ Courteney Cox

Via worldation.com

As fans of Friends will remember, Monica Gellar couldn’t have biological children. That is why it was impossible for producers to write Courteney Cox’s real-life pregnancy into the storyline during the final season. Instead, they opted to go down the typical baggy clothes and props route. However, when she sat in the coffee shop and her clothes fell on her body all of that work was for naught.

9 Seinfeld’s Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Via IMDb.com

During the years that Seinfeld was filmed, Julia Louis-Dreyfus got pregnant twice and the first time around the show did a decent job concealing that fact. However, it seemed like everyone involved gave up the second time as all they bothered to do was dress her in baggy dresses during several notable scenes. By that point, she was showing enough that more effort needed to be put in.

8 30 Rock’s Jane Krakowski

Via popsugar.com & dvdbash.com

In order for a show to successfully conceal the fact that one of its actors were pregnant, it requires a large amount of ingenuity. Since the writing of 30 Rock usually was very clever, we expected the people involved with the series to come up with creative ways to keep Jane Krakowski’s pregnancy under wraps. Instead, they once put her in a dog suit that did little to hide her belly.

7 Mad Men’s January Jones

Via jezebel.com

When January Jones got pregnant during the production of the acclaimed series Mad Men, we expected the show to handle it better than just have her character gain a lot of weight. Sadly, the makeup the actor wore on her face was so unconvincing that it likely made many viewers look into what was going on and discover headlines about Jones’ real-life pregnancy.

6 How I Met Your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan

Via thebellyguide.home.blog

During How I Met Your Mother’s Alyson Hannigan pregnancy, people behind the scenes made a lot of the same choices that people from other shows have. However, after keeping her stomach off-screen for many episodes, all of that work was thrown away when it was shown in all of its glory with the feeble explanation that she’d eaten too much in one sitting.

5 Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Melissa Fumero

Via brooklyn99.fandom.com

During Melissa Fumero’s recent pregnancy, at one point Brooklyn Nine-Nine had her character go on a cruise so she could hide behind railings and wear tropical clothes. However, when the show featured a storyline in which her character was supposed to be wearing a fake belly it was so obvious the actor really was pregnant that a joke was included addressing it.

4 The Nanny’s Lauren Lane

Via zimbio.com & pinterest.com

When Lauren Lane got pregnant during the filming of The Nanny, it was far from the first time a show had dealt with an issue like that. Yet for some reason, one episode of the show gave away the truth of the situation. After all, during one scene her character held a poster that was emblazoned with the word baby in front of her stomach amazingly enough.

3 Frasier’s Jane Leeves

Via reddit.com

When Frasier’s Daphne Moon suddenly gained weight because the actor who portrayed her had gotten pregnant, it wasn’t handled too poorly at first as her character’s storyline at the time explained it well. However, since Jane Leeves’ character suddenly became so much bigger and then dropped weight just as swiftly, it was pretty clear that the actor had delivered a baby.

2 The King of Queens’ Leah Remini

Via redbookmag.com

As is the case with many sitcoms, The King of Queens focused on a couple that was made up of an overweight guy and his very beautiful wife that almost always wore form-fitting clothes. Despite the way Leah Remini’s character had dressed up until that point in the show, producers seemed to think viewers wouldn’t notice that she suddenly wore bathrobes and sweatpants all the time.

1 Scandal’s Kerry Washington

Via thewrap.com

When it comes to how the show Scandal dealt with the real-life pregnancy of actor Kerry Washington, we can only imagine what was going on in their minds. We write that because it was so strange when her baby bump was concealed by things like a ceramic eagle wing that took up most of the shot and another actor’s knee that it drew attention to the situation.

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