15 Times Tyrion Was The Most Relatable Character On 'Game Of Thrones'

Along with Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister is easily one of the fan favourites from HBO’s Game of Thrones. And why wouldn’t he be? The guy is hilarious, has one of the best bromances ever with Bronn, his sellsword, he’s charming and intelligent, and he’s the only likeable Lannister throughout. (To be fair, Jamie has gotten better since he lost his hand.) Another thing that makes Tyrion such a universal fave? He’s so. Damn. Relatable. The guy says what we’re all thinking, and does what we all want to do, including slapping Joffrey on more than one occasion.

As the underdog, Tyrion is all of us. He’s not the apple of his father’s eye, he’s not the most athletic, or the best looking, or the one that will further the Lannister line. He’s had to deal with being considered the “ugly Lannister” or “the imp” for his entire life, and if that doesn’t bring in the viewer sympathy, then I don’t know what will. We’ve got two more seasons with Tyrion, so we’ll definitely be getting some more memorable moments, but here are 15 times so far where Tyrion was all of us.

15 When he insisted on a drinking game.

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Be honest: wouldn’t you want to play a drinking game with Tyrion Lannister? Sure, you’d probably lose, because that man knows how to hold his liquor better than anyone else on Game of Thrones, but wouldn’t it still be a good time? In this scene, he’s with Shae and Bronn at his father, Tywin’s, camp, and proposes a game to get to know each other better. The premise is simple, and really sounds like a version of the college classic ‘Never Have I Ever’: Tyrion states a fact about one of them; if he’s right, they drink, if he’s wrong, he drinks. Simple, yes. Dangerous, too! Too bad he didn’t know Shae as well as he thought he did, or else he might have saved himself some pain down the road. *sad face*

14 When he embraced his inner nerd.

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Unlike his brother of the Night’s Watch, Sam Tarly, Jon Snow’s talents are more physical rather than book-related, which is why he asks Tyrion why he’s reading while on their journey to The Wall. Tyrion, being of a smaller size and not nearly as talented in battle and sword fighting as his brother, Jamie, responds with this simple gem. To keep his mind sharp – and continue to produce the clever retorts for which he’s known – Tyrion must keep reading. His pride in his intelligence comes up later, when he quips to Cersei that he is still cleverer than her, despite not being as clever as he thinks he is. His cleverness and combination of book smarts and street smarts have saved him this far, so clearly Tyrion’s total embracing of his inner nerd is working!

13 When he had major aspirations.

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Okay, this may not be everyone’s cup of tea (especially if your anatomy prevents this from being a real possibility), but you can’t deny that there’s something majestic about such an ambition, strange as it is. The Wall is considered the edge of the civilized world in Game of Thrones, so Tyrion’s geography is right, but it’s also a point of pride for him, since he will be travelling further than his brother, father, or sister ever have. He’ll see things that they’ve never seen, and after a lifetime of being considered less than them (literally and figuratively), there has to be some appeal in that. Here, at the edge of the world, Tyrion is all of us, climbing out from under someone else’s shadow, while still managing to maintain a healthy sense of humour.

12 When he never got to the punchline.

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You know that feeling when you’re trying to get a word into a conversation, but no one’s really listening, so you just stand there and pretend you didn’t say anything to begin with? Or when you want to tell a joke, but the conversation has already moved on, so your joke would seem out of place now? That’s kind of like Tyrion here, when he keeps trying to get to the punchline of a dirty joke – once while standing trial at the Eyrie, and another time in Mereen with Missandei and Grey Worm – and he never gets to it! I want to know the punchline! What happens to the jacka** and the honeycomb in the brothel? Beyond the mysterious disappearance of Gendry, this is one question GoT had better answer before the series ends!

11 When he reflected on his past.

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This is a bit of a sad moment, but one that still works very well when we’re looking at how Tyrion is every single one of us. We were all young and stupid once. (Some of us still are, we just don’t know that we are until later on.) When Tyrion is telling the sad story of how he fell in love with a girl who was later revealed to be a prostitute paid for by his father, you can see why he fell so easily for Shae. The prostitute – and Shae – treats him like a man, not like an “imp” or a disappointment or a monster. Tyrion had a rough go of it growing up (not that things have really gotten any easier), but this quote, full of nostalgia as it is, is definitely one of the most relatable things he’s ever said.

10 When he was the kind of person we all aspire to be.

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Drunk Tyrion is the best Tyrion, which is why there are so many instances of drunk Tyrion on this list, including this one! This isn’t the last time Tyrion mentions wanting this type of god, either. In a conversation with Varys, he asks why all the gods are “vicious c*nts” and muses, “Where is the god of t*ts and wine?” Clearly, he should nominate himself for the job! Now, if he were of this world rather than in Westeros, Tyrion would have an answer: Bacchus, or Dionysus, the Greek deity of wine, winemaking, fertility, and theatre. Sounds like Tyrion would’ve fit right in in Ancient Greece! At least in Westeros, he has no one to test his claim to the being the only one who is the god of t*ts and wine – now that’s ambition!

9 When he told Cersei what he really thought of her.

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There’s no denying that Cersei is pretty much the definition of a tiger mom. She’s fierce as hell and willing to do whatever – and I mean whatever – necessary in order to protect them from harm. However, she also uses her children to her own advantage, playing them for pawns as best she can to ensure a Lannister sits on the Iron Throne. (Something she definitely learned from her ambitious father.) Despite everything she’s done to Tyrion (although this scene was before Joffrey’s death and Tyrion's subsequent arrest), he can still manages to acknowledge her strengths, like her extreme devotion and love of the children she created. Oh, and that reference to her cheekbones? That’s pretty much the only reason Cersei was able to rock that sheared head of hair as well as she did!

8 When he did this dance.

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Speaking of Tyrion’s arrest for the murder of Joffrey, here is he doing a cute little jig on his way up to the podium as he stood trial. While this scene obviously isn’t from the show, and is actually a deleted prank, it did help to cut some of the crazy tension that was happening with a scene that saw Tyrion deliver one of the best speeches of the entire series (at least so far). In truth, when Peter Dinklage and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau decided to lighten the mood with this dance entrance prank – which the extras totally loved – the crew were actually not very happy. Once they finished, there was dead silence, and then a request to reset. Hey, at least we have this little gem to enjoy! (You can watch the whole dance here.)

7 When he made this face.

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Not a blooper, but this moment is definitely funny enough to be considered one! Once I’ve had a few, I know for a fact that I make this face while pouring another (although I don’t think I look quite as adorable as Tyrion does here), especially if I probably shouldn’t be over-indulging. As anyone who’s watched even one episode of Game of Thrones knows, Tyrion is a big fan of wine. It must run in the family, because Cersei’s love of the good stuff is also well documented. Tyrion being a little bit silly and playful while giving himself another glass is totally relatable, and I dare you to try and see if you don’t make at least a face that looks somewhat similar when you’re popping open another bottle.

6 When he gave an important lesson on partying.

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Another instance of popping bottles and drinking (hey, I warned you that there’d be a lot of that on here!), here’s Tyrion giving Podrick Payne some insight on how he lives his life, and that it’s not the type of thing that works for everyone. Kudos to Podrick for trying his best to keep up with the master, though!

I’m sure Tyrion isn’t the only one who’s said this quote ever (or at least thought it). When you’re out at the bar with your friends, and you’re taking that extra shot, or three, and someone asks how you do it, you reply with this line of Tyrion wisdom, with just a sprinkling of sass. Because if anyone knows how to party hard, it’s Tyrion (and maybe you, too).

5 When he described what he does best.

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Can I start putting this on my resumé? I too drink and know things, and these both sound like the kind of skills that are worth bragging about. They’re realistic and relatable, and a true show of honesty and integrity, right? Also, if Tyrion were submitting himself for consideration to be on a bar trivia team and said this, I can almost guarantee that people would be lining up to have him join them.

Perhaps Tyrion’s skills don’t sound quite so impressive when compared to Missandei’s knowledge of 19 languages, or Grey Worm’s position of the head of the Unsullied, or Daenerys’ ability to hatch dragons, but these are the things that Tyrion does best: he drinks, and he knows things. So do you, and so do I, but he probably does it better than anyone.

4 When he served up some grade-A sarcasm.

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Once Tyrion is taken to the Eyrie as a prisoner of Catelyn Stark, because she believes him to have been the one who sent the man to kill Bran in his bed, he's forced to go on trial in front of the nutty Lysa Arryn. While there, Lysa accuses Tyrion of killing her husband, Jon Arryn, to which Tyrion delivers this savage reply. Basically, this is the best response when anyone accuses you of anything you obviously did not, or were unable to, do. Although Tyrion probably would’ve fared better if he had kept his mouth shut, you can’t blame him for giving Lysa a bit of sass, especially now that we know she orchestrated Jon’s death in order to have Lord Petyr Baelish in her arms. Ugh!

3 When he did what all of us wanted to do.

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How sweet is this, though? I don’t blame you if you watched it more than a few times. Even though we had Ramsay Bolton to hate for the past couple seasons, it’s impossible to forget how terrible, evil, and sadistic Joffrey was, even as a young boy.

After Bran is pushed from the tower, Joffrey is discussing how he can’t stand the wailing of women and that Bran meant nothing to him, which gives him slap #1. He earns the second slap from Tyrion after threatening to tell Cersei (because, despite being a cruel boy, he was still a boy who hid in his mother’s skirts before being named king). Then, after Tyrion tells him to behave as any normal person would, and give his sympathies to the Starks, Joffrey objects, earning him the third slap. Well, third time’s the charm!

2 When he told Joffrey what he really was.

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This truly is the most succinct description of Joffrey. After getting attacked by an angry mob following the Battle of Blackwater, Joffrey takes the Trump approach to dealing with the people – by calling them all traitors and threatening to have their heads, completely blind to their own suffering or issues. While on the Iron Throne, Joffrey got even worse than he already was, but fortunately we had Tyrion to do what we wanted to and put him in his place, calling him a “vicious idiot king”.

With zero discipline from Cersei and endless opportunities to run wild, Joffrey was insufferable and totally worthy of our collective hatred – Tyrion’s included. A big cheer definitely went up when this scene happened, and it goes down as one of Peter Dinklage’s best.

1 When he got to do what we all wanted to do – again.

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Immediately following the above remark in the same episode, we were lucky enough to get another Joffrey slap, courtesy of Tyrion. Joffrey really did love hiding behind his cries of, “But I’m the king!” which makes anyone seem ineffectual if they have to repeatedly state who and what they are. (You might remember Tommen trying the same thing when facing the High Sparrow.) Joffrey does it in this scene again – right before Tyrion slaps the hell out of him! While Joffrey could have had Tyrion imprisoned or killed for his regular defiance of his royal status, he never did, and it was the best thing Joffrey ever did! (Aside from dying, of course.) Thank you, Tyrion, for delivering so many moments that we can relate to, but this one is definitely the winner!

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