15 Times We Loathed Dan Scott Down To Our Very Core

Dan Scott was a despicable human being. He did spend years trying to redeem himself after killing his brother, Keith, but that didn't change what he had done in the past. He was a horrible father and husband and overall was a bad person who, for a long time, never seemed to care about anyone but himself.

It was only when the guilt from killing Keith ate away at him that he decided to turn around and become a better person. However, killing his brother was such a massive wrongdoing, he could never really come back from that.

We've compiled a list of times when we absolutely hated Dan Scott. We hope you'll nod your head in agreement at each one these as we take a stroll down memory lane.

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15 When Dan shot Keith

Via: The Main Damie

Dan Scott did a lot of bad things over his lifetime, but the one that is the most unforgivable and unforgettable is when he shot his own brother, Keith Scott. Keith was the uncle to both Lucas and Nathan and he was engaged to Karen, the love of his life. He was a good person who finally had everything going right in his life and his own brother shot him in cold blood.

The episode involved a troubled kid with a gun who threatened to shoot kids at the high school. He ended up not shooting anyone and instead, turned the gun on himself. After Keith tried to talk him out of it and told him that life will get better, he took his own life anyway. That is when Dan came in, took the gun and shot his brother.

14 When Dan yelled at Nathan in the locker room

Via: One Tree Hill screencaps

In the first season finale, Dan Scott takes over as coach for Whitey, who's out due to needing eye surgery. After a disappointing game, Dan yells at Nathan and tells him his season is over. Lucas shouldn't have been playing in the game due to his injury from a car wreck earlier in the season, but he played anyway. Dan yells at Lucas for missing the shot he took at the end of the game, but then Nathan tells Dan that at least Lucas took the shot, unlike Dan, who had a history of letting his team down when he played basketball himself. Nathan then tells Dan that they played and lost and they have nothing to be ashamed of because at least they tried instead of giving up like the coward Dan was. Dan was nothing but a hypocrite in this moment.

13 When Dan and Keith fought

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During a dinner for the parents of the high school basketball players, Keith and Karen are forced to sit at the same dining table as Dan and Deb. While at dinner, Keith ends up drinking a bit too much due to having to deal with Dan and his secret feelings for Karen. Dan makes comments about Karen being his date and how she's a good designated driver, as Keith often turns to drinking when he's going through stuff. Keith then tells Dan that maybe he should spend a little less time worrying about his relationships and start worrying about his own. Dan then tells Keith "if you call chasing after my leftovers a relationship..." which leads Keith to attempt to punch Dan in the face. Dan ends up dodging his punch and says casually "it was a joke." Yeah, it wasn't very funny.

12 When he told Karen to abort Lucas

Via: One Tree Hill screencaps

In the first season of the series, Lucas finds out that when his mom was pregnant with him, Dan suggested to her that she get an abortion. Dan got Karen pregnant before he headed off to college and abandoned her, leaving her alone to care for Lucas by herself. The fact of Dan wanting Lucas to be aborted is revealed to him when he thinks his girlfriend, Brooke is pregnant with his child. This is something no kid should ever learn from their parents. Dan told Lucas that he asked Karen to get an abortion but she said no, because she was "too emotional." Dan said that if Karen had been thinking clearly, she would have done what he had asked. Such a jerk.

11 When Dan got Jules to break Keith's heart

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Dan, the despicable human being that he was, hired a woman named Emily Chambers, who went by "Jules" as a cover-up, to break his brother Keith's heart. She dated Keith and got engaged to him and ended up leaving him at the altar and running out on their wedding, leaving Keith heartbroken. The really sad part of all of this was that Jules actually developed feelings for Keith and fell in love with him, but she had to leave him at the altar because Dan was paying her to do so. She considered going through with the wedding, but Karen found out the truth about her and Dan and she confronted Jules about it, which made her run. Dan Scott had sunk to a new low.

10 When Dan strangled Lucas

Via: One Tree Hill Wiki

In season 3, when Dan was trying to figure out who set the fire and drugged him in his car dealership, he suspects Lucas did it because he has flashbacks of seeing Lucas there when the building was on fire and Dan was slowly passing out from the drugs that were in the alcohol he drank. He showed up at the high school gym one night when Lucas and Peyton were there and he confronted Lucas and attempted to choke him to death for "trying to kill daddy." Luckily, Peyton was there to tell Dan the truth about what happened before he could actually kill Lucas. Peyton yells at Dan and says "he saved your life!" Thankfully, Dan lets go of his grip on Lucas' neck.

9 When he blackmailed Deb

Via: One Tree Hill screencaps

When Dan decides to run for mayor of Tree Hill in season 3, he blackmails Deb into supporting him instead of her friend Karen during the mayoral race. His deal for Deb was that if she supported him during his run for mayor, he would provide support for Nathan's well-being. Even though Deb agreed to these terms, that didn't stop her from embarrassing him and causing him all sorts of trouble. She went on a shopping spree for a new wardrobe, which she used his money to pay for. She also hired a hot personal trainer and tossed all of Dan's stuff out the window, while letting the sprinklers soak all of his belongings. She also ended up tasing him when he was in bed with her one night. Unfortunately, Dan ended up winning the Mayor position.

8 When Dan paid a couple to take their son off life support to get a new heart

Via: One Tree Hill screencaps

In season 7, we discovered that Dan had married Rachel, a woman who was the same age as both of his sons. We also found out that Dan got a new heart, as he was set to die of heart failure soon. He got the new heart because Rachel paid the parents of a son who was on life support to take him off of it. So horrible. Dan then got surgeons in the black market to perform the heart transplant in Mexico.

Prior to this, Dan was set to get a heart transplant in America, but as most One Tree Hill fans know, the heart was eaten by a dog in what is possibly one of the most outrageous scenes in television history. We can't say Dan didn't deserve it.

7 When he left Karen for Deb

Via: One Tree Hill screencaps

Dan Scott, boyfriend of the year. After getting Karen pregnant with Lucas right out of high school, Dan tried to convince her to get an abortion. When she told him no, he dumped her and went off to college, where he got Deb pregnant with Nathan. He ended up marrying Deb because of this pregnancy, but he confessed to Deb years later that he still had feelings for Karen when he did so. Ugh, Dan. You are the worst.

Even though Dan did once offer to be a part of Lucas' life, Karen turned him down because she knew Lucas would be better off without him and she was right. Dan was a horrible father and Nathan suffered because of it. Nathan ended up getting emancipated from his parents.

6 When Dan pressured Nathan so much that he took steroids

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Early on in the series, Dan was putting so much pressure on Nathan to perform well in his high school basketball games, Nathan ended up taking steroids. Haley began dating Nathan around this time and felt his heartbeat racing one day and asked him if he was okay. Nathan denied anything was wrong and did what he had to do to please his father. This resulted in Nathan passing out during a game and landing in the hospital. It is revealed at the hospital that Nathan was taking performance enhancing drugs and Dan told the doctor that he knew his son and if he said he was clean, then he believed him. He also threatened the doctor with a lawsuit if the news of Nathan's drug-taking got out because it would jeopardize his career in basketball. A real stand-up guy, that Dan.

5 He faked his car dealership's financial records

Via: One Tree Hill screencaps

During season 2, Dan puts a duffel bag of counterfeit money and a ledger in the ceiling of his dealership to test Lucas' loyalty. Luke fails this test by discovering the planted items and going behind Dan's back. Dan tells Lucas that because he failed the loyalty test, he will no longer be paying for his heart medication for his HCM and he also no longer agreed to pay for Lucas' college tuition. During this time, Lucas had been living with Dan because that was the only way Dan would pay for his HCM medication. Lucas kept his heart condition a secret, which is why he agreed to this deal with his father. So sad that Dan had to bribe his son to gain custody.

4 When he outed Karen and Andy's relationship

Via: One Tree Hill Wiki

In season 2, Karen decided to go to college and ended up dating one of her professors named Andy. Dan found out that Karen was dating her professor and decided to do what he does best and make life more miserable for others. He showed up to Andy's class one day and outed his relationship with Karen. Andy ends up leaving the college after this happens and tells Karen that there will always be other teaching positions, but he couldn't replace her.

Andy ended up having to go back to New Zealand, where he was from, to care for his sick mother. He asks Karen to go with him, but she refuses his offer. Dan ends up getting Andy's visa revoked because that's the kind of wonderful man he is.

3 He tried to ruin Nathan and Haley's marriage

Via: One Tree Hill Wiki

After Nathan and Haley get married and Haley goes on tour with Chris Keller, Dan convinces Nathan to sign annulment papers in order to end his marriage. Nathan ends up in the hospital from a horrific race car driving incident and when he gets out and comes home, he finds out that he's in a ton of debt and he has bills he cannot pay. Dan then tells him that he will pay off his debt for him if he signs the annulment papers. He then hand delivers the annulment papers to Haley, which Nathan has signed. Unfortunately, Dan just couldn't keep his nose out of their relationship like he should have. After all, his favorite thing to do was make everyone around him miserable.

2 He let Jimmy Edwards take the fall for Keith's death

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When Dan shot Keith, there were no witnesses around. No one knew that he did it because Jimmy Edwards was the one with the gun and everyone easily assumed that Jimmy killed Keith in that hallway, as Lucas had seen him there. Dan of course, didn't confess to his wrongdoing and the fact that he killed his brother ate away at him for an entire season. Keith would appear to him as a ghost and his evil deed haunted him. Dan eventually confessed to killing Keith at the police station at the end of the 4th season, but up until then, we couldn't wait for him to pay the price for his crime. Also, who didn't love the moment when Karen spat at him when he was behind bars? Priceless!

1 Dan's talk show

Via: Her Campus

Unfortunately, Dan Scott somehow got himself a talk show in season 7 with his new wife, Rachel. Dan lied to the audience of his TV show and said that he was a miracle, because he was still alive after he was supposed to die of heart failure 14 months prior. In reality, Dan got a heart transplant in Mexico from surgeons in the black market. Dan's television show basically made us roll our eyes a lot. Plus, his relationship with Rachel just made us loath him more.

One good thing that did come out of his show, however, was when he cleared Nathan of getting a woman named Renee Richardson pregnant. He made up a fake lie detector test and got her to confess on camera that she had been lying and that Nathan did not get her pregnant.

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