15 Times We Questioned Kylie Jenner’s Parenting Methods

We aren't usually surprised by the news of celebrity pregnancies since we know that those happen all the time. But there is one star that we were surprised to learn was becoming a mom, and that's none other than Kylie Jenner. When news came out that she was having her first child, she was only 20 years old, and many people wondered if that was pretty young to start a family.

Whenever Kylie comes up in the news, it seems like she's spent a ton of money on something fabulous and envy-inducing (but sometimes ridiculous). Or perhaps people are talking about the way that she's bringing up her daughter, Stormi, and they're not so certain that it's the right thing to do.

Read on to find out 15 times we questioned Kylie Jenner's parenting methods.

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15 She Has Crazy Long Nails

via Allure and IG

Style Caster wrote about how Kylie Jenner has crazy long nails and how a lot of people wondered if this is alright since she has a baby.

People get really upset about this topic because they figure that if your nails are too sharp and lengthy, that wouldn't be good for your little one. It's a fair point... and when we see the photos of her nails, we can't help but think that they're definitely long.

14 She Got A Wildly Expensive, Impractical New Car

via Seventeen

We also questioned Kylie Jenner went she got this wildly pricey new car.

Romper says that people called Kylie's new car a "Batmobile" because that's the appearance that it has. Many people would wonder how you could even put a child in that car... and many of us would say that you definitely couldn't.

13 She Pierced Stormi's Ears At 5 Months Old

via Sky News

According to In Style, many wondered about Kylie's choice to get Stormi's ears pierced at only five months old. Doesn't this seem crazy young to do something like that?

It's a strange choice because it doesn't even seem necessary. Many of us would even say that five years old would be too young. Do babies really need jewelry?!

12 She Complains About Work/Life Balance

via Hello Magazine

Kylie Jenner often talks about how it's difficult to have a work/life balance and work while having kids. But... this is a tough thing to read about because, as we all know, she's so wealthy.

She's not exactly your average mother, so we have to question why she says things like this.

11 She Gave Stormi A Walker (Which Is Totally Unnecessary)

via People

Another time we questioned Kylie Jenner's parenting decisions is when she gave Stormi a walker. Babies should be learning to walk, at least as they turn into toddlers and get into that phase of their lives.

You're already going to be holding babies and cuddling them, so you want to give them the opportunities that they need to crawl and move and learn to walk.

10 Stormi Has A $25,000 Stuffed Animal Chair (Which Is Weird)

via People

Does anyone, an adult or a child, need a chair that costs $25,000? It doesn't seem like it... and yet, this is something that Stormi actually has.

It gets even stranger, though: this chair is comprised of stuffed animals. What?! Why?! This is a pretty ridiculous thing to own, and we can't really get on board with it.

9 She Still Kept Up Her Lifestyle Even After Just Having Stormi

via E online and Hollywood Life

Kylie is well-known for going to Coachella after having Stormi. Yes, even though she had just had a baby, she still kept up with the same lifestyle that she had enjoyed before.

Many wondered about this parenting decision, and we're right there with our eyebrows raised about this, too. Wouldn't a new mom be way too exhausted to party like that, anyway?!

8 People Say She Made Stormi Look Male In One Picture

via Celebrity Insider

According to Celebrity Insider, people though that Kylie made Stormi look "like a boy" because of the outfit in this photo.

Stormi is totally hard to recognize here, and we wouldn't even know that it was her. She's also wearing a pretty random, strange outfit. Her shirt is a bit too loud and colorful.

7 Stormi Actually Has A Birkin Bag (What?!)

via Metro

Metro.co.uk says that Stormi has a Birkin bag, which we can see from these photos.

We definitely have to question Kylie here because a baby and a Birkin bag don't really mix. Many of us (probably the majority of us) would say that we can't even afford one of these. Does a little kid need one?!

6 Stormi Has Not One But Two Designer OTT Strollers

via People

It's not a huge shock when a celebrity buys a designer stroller for their little one since we would assume that's what they would do.

When they have two OTT strollers, though, we have to wonder what's going on. And as it turns out, Stormi has two of these. It just seems so excessive.

5 She Had A Party With A Massive Stormi Face

via Us Weekly and W Magazine

Sure, it's common to order a cake with the birthday girl or guy's face on it... but even that can be kind of weird sometimes.

People found it super odd that Kylie had a party for her baby girl and had this massive Stormi face, which we can see in the photo on the left. No thank you...

4 Stormi's Shoes Cost $22,000 Total (Yikes)

via MetDaan and Top Indi News

For many of us, $200 is a lot to spend on a pair of shoes but if we truly want to splurge or got some extra hours in at work, we might go for it. Would our shoes cost $22,000 total? We would say no way.

We have to question the fact that Stormi's shoes cost a total of $22,000. She's a baby. What's happening here?!

3 She Says Her Baby Is Her "Bestie"

via The Blast

According to Us Weekly, Kylie calls Stormi her "bestie." We have to admit that we find this a little weird. It seems a little unhealthy because it would put a lot of pressure on them.

While it's great that Kylie loves being a mother and we're sure that they will have a close relationship, maybe she shouldn't say this.

2 Kylie And Travis Scott Got $7,000 Flowers For Stormi

via TMZ and Bravo TV

According to TMZ.com, Kylie and Travis had a "Welcome Stormi Party" and that included $7,000 flowers.

Is it ever necessary to spend that kind of dough on flowers? We would say that even $700 would be a lot for something like this. Now, $7 flowers on the other hand... That's a good deal.

1 Stormi's A Baby And She'll Have A Line Of Clothing

via E! News

According to Page Six story from July 2019, Stormi is going to have a clothing line.

She's a baby, so... we definitely have to question this parenting decision. Why can't Kylie have her own clothing line instead? Why does Stormi need this? Can't she just be a kid? Along with the other things on this list, this is pretty confusing and strange.

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