15 Times Wendy's Twitter Clapbacks Made You Cry Laughing

Who would have ever thought that a fast food company would run one of the most popular social media accounts of 2017 so far? It's safe to say that Wendy's is starting the year off as fresh not frozen. Unlike their competitors, Wendy's is able to engage their fans by interacting with them in a pretty peculiar way online. While the insults officially started in 2016, they have picked up major steam in 2017 and show no signs of slowing down. Honestly, it's clear that there is only one question we should be asking: Who is the genius behind some of the best roasts we have heard since the last Comedy Central roast? Her name is Amy Brown and yes she is as cool as she seems. In addition to running her own social media accounts, she also runs an etsy shop and a Law and Order themed tumblr. Brown has breathed life into what it means to be a social media manager by making Wendy’s look fierce. If you haven’t already you should be following Wendy’s just for the giggles. In the meantime, here are a few of the exchanges you’ve missed so far.

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15 This EPIC roast

Luis could have never expected that when he woke up that day he would be so badly roasted by a restaurant chain. Realistically, no one does. However, Luis did ask for it and the clapbcak he received was very very real. So harsh, yet so spot on. At least 20 years from now he can brag to his grand kids that he was once part of a social media craze. After all, that is all any millennial truly wants right? Bragging rights and recognition. In a world dominated by social media, follower count is important. Especially if you want to have enough clout to go after people and businesses. Wendy's made the poor guy appear so insignificant in one short tweet and that's the beauty of a good clapback!

14 That Time They Encouraged A Move

Witty Wendy’s believes that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy their fresh never frozen food. Naturally, when they were challenged by a twitter follower about what they should do if there was no Wendy’s in their neighbourhood, they responded with a simple “move”. Not going to lie that is not a bad idea. For the cheese sauce alone why not move so you can have the luxury of having Wendy’s whenever you see fit? Besides what do you have to lose? Just  your friends, family, nice home, familiar surroundings you know, the basic stuff. Oh and of course you have the opportunity to gain a bunch of weight seeing as their version of the dollar menu has a few decent sandwiches to choose from.

13 The Time Wendy’s Gave Dating Advice

Wendy’s was recently asked by one of their loyal fans to play a parental role, or a cool mentor/role model whatever you prefer to call it. They had a chance to help a love struck follower and at the same time show off a pick up line that was actually quite clever. When Wendy’s was asked if they know any good pick up lines, they came back with a picture of Wendy herself on some pure sugar packets and a simple caption “you dropped your name tag”. Oh snap! Wendy's is dropping real game on Twitter. In addition to helping a socially awkward youth possibly get some, they are also showing throwing their hat in the ring for maybe one of the best pick up lines of 2017 so far.

12 That Time Geometry Mattered

Don’t ever make the mistake of asking Wendy’s about any of their funny shaped food, you may find yourself reading a snappy comeback. When a curious fan asked Wendy’s why their burgers were square shaped instead of circular, Wendy’s let them know with a simple response; “we don’t cut corners”. #shockedemojiface. Not only is that response beyond funny, it is clever AF. Besides the fact that we all probably want a real answer to that question, we can appreciate that Brown may be covering up with jokes because she herself has no idea. Honestly though, who cares never question a burger when they are as tasty as that pretzel bun concoction they had out last summer. Also, if you're just going to keep eating Wendy's don't pry, you may find out something you don't like.

11 That Time They Mapped Out Someone's Journey

Wendy’s is clearly not shy when it comes to stealing customers away from competitor chains. So when a fan asked what they should get from McDonalds, Wendy’s quickly replied with “directions to the nearest Wendy’s”. Honestly, Wendy’s does have some quality food and there is only so many times you can eat a double cheese burger before you start craving a square shaped burger on a circular bun. However, these outright burns are making many people question when other restaurant chains are going to start defending their name. There is only so long that one can sit on th sidelines right? Excuse me while I google map my nearest Wendy's. I mean if McDonalds, Sonics, or even Taco Bell are not going to defend their name then why would anyone eat there?

10 The Time They Had That Eminem Factor

via Lifebuzz

Wendy’s was challenged to a rap battle by what we can only assume is a very bored follower. They said that they would rap battle Wendy’s anytime and anywhere, hmmm sounds like a challenge to us. Wendy's took the liberty of volunteering to go first and boy were they ready to spit bars of fire. “We just filled up mom’s spaghetti and we’re ready to battle”. How can you not want to come back with something just as clever? Or even your own Eminem reference? It doesn't look like this Twitter follower was ready for Wendy's to clap back so quickly and cleverly. It was radio silence after that. Let that be a lesson to everyone; don't challenge Wendy's unless you are ready to go back and forth.

9 The Time They Were Asking For It

A desperate Twitter follower was feeling mighty brave the day the challenged Wendy's; “bet you won’t follow me Wendy’s” they taunted. However, the comeback was one that was least expect; “you won that bet” replied Wendy's with ease. Ahhh mic drop anyone? How embarrassing and dare we say sad for this young man who was probably too shy or too cocky to just straight up ask for a follow. You catch more bees with honeys right? More people should live by that motto especially when gearing up to challenge Wendy's. Needless to say, they definitely did not get that follow or much of any follows unfortunately. That exchange with Wendy's must have left him with a bruised ego. Can you blame him? We would probably hide after that public shaming.

8 The Time They Had A Soulja Boy Dig

via The Chive

With all the hype around Soulja Boy’s beef with Chris Brown it was only fitting to go to Wendy’s the number one truth teller to ask then the hard hitting questions. A curious follower wanted to know, “who’s got more beef Wendy’s or Soulja Boy”. Wendy’s clearly capitalizing off of their much appreciated shady attitude replied with; “well, our beef is fresh”. Hmmm truth be told no one can really fight that, for starters Soulja Boy is always fighting over the same thing just doing it with different people. Second, Wendy’s has proven that they know their rap trivia so who are we to not allow them to comment right? Hopefully Soulja Boy got the messsge and drops this old beef different people phase. It's run its course.

7 The Time They Wanted Free Food

A student boldly asked Wendy’s to help them out with a free lunch for them and their group of friends. You see, they were working on a group project and nothing makes anyone more hungry than school work; especially when you are close to completing the project. Unfortunately, they went barking up the wrong tree because Wendy’s wasn’t having any of that mess and to prove it the clapback was so real. Wendy's said,  “people out here calling lunch a “group project” now”. Wow, Wendy’s don’t play; not only did they refuse to believe the group was working on a project they also didn't really care. Well that will teach you to pay for your own food cause Wendy's ain't out here to reward you with food because you decided to work on a group project.

6 The Time They Gave Relationship Advice

A couple was in a horrific dilemma when they could not agree on a place to eat. So of course they turned to the most logical option ever, the Wendy’s Twitter account. Connor reached out asking Wendy’s what he should do because his girlfriend just didn’t want to go to Wendy’s. What would anyone do? According to Wendy’s you should seek couples therapy as soon as possible. Honestly, who would not want to go to Wendy's for lunch or dinner? That's just plain crazy. Maybe they don't need to seek couples therapy, his girlfriend should seek out her own therapy because she clearly has a few screws loose. Or Wendy's just thinks way too highly of those juicy square patties on a soft circular bun.

5 The Time Wendy’s Let ‘Em Know Who They Were

Warning to the wise, and not so wise, don’t try to come for Wendy’s any day of the week they will always let you know who they are. A not so clever follower pretended to “call” Wendy’s and ask if it was the Krusty Krab (low key burn by the way), Wendy’s had to take the upper hand and simply let them know; “no, this is Wendy’s”. Well, there you have it. You can’t say they didn’t let you know who they were. Next time you try to shade Wendy’s and pass it off as an inquiry you better think again, they are always on their toes waiting for the next fool to take their turn at bat. Always remember their burns will outshine yours a solid 90 percent of the time.

4 The Time Flattery Got You Nowhere

A young chap was brave enough to try flirting with Wendy's. Like a majority of the thirsty men on social media he was begging for a picture. Unfortunately for them Wendy was just too clever. She graced him with the most basic picture ever, you know the one we’re talking about, the one from all the advertisements oh and the logo. Damn if you can’t even get a fictional character to throw you them digits and a semi-sexy photo you are probably hopeless. For future reference maybe flirt correctly next time, start out with a simple compliment and work your way up. Wendy is a hot commodity you are not the only one vying for her attention, trust us just look at her timeline.

3 The Time They Brought McDonalds Into It

Wendy’s yet again was asked for advice about another restaurant and of course no one was surprise at their cheeky response. When asked by a follower where the nearest McDonalds was, Wendy’s let them know what they thought with a single picture. First, why would you ask Wendy’s for advice on where to go get McDonalds and second did you expect anything less than a snarky remark? Honestly though, poor McDs... they were dragged into a Twitter beef that they would prefer to stay out of. It's clear to us that they don't want to go anywhere near anything that Wendy's is serving up.

2 The Time They Used Mariah Carey

We all know that Mariah Carey can be one of the shadiest celebrities out there. She is not afraid to speak her mind and blame it on her diva status, as if it has a mind of its own. It was only natural for Wendy's to clapback at a follower in Mariah-like fashion when they attempted to challenge their popular 4 for $4 deal. The follower pointed out that the restaurant chain Rally’s had a 4 for $3 deal, yikes! This might have been the one time Wendy’s was stumped for their own comeback, instead opting to post a popular meme of Ms. diva Carey simply saying “I don’t know her”. That is a masterful deflection especially knowing that the origin of that meme came from the time Mariah Carey pretended like she didn't know who Jennifer Lopez was #shadybootz.

1 The Time They Checked Your Grammar

Wendy’s is not just here for the witty one liners they are also here to make sure that you are putting all that grammar learning to good use. A brave follower wanted to get in on the Wendy’s roasting game; they kept it simply but unfortunately, they did not realize that for Wendy’s this was easy game to clapback hard. The simple reply leaves no room for retort. The guy was just left to nurse that serious burn. Yikes, many people struggle with the difference between your and you’re and that's okay as long as you're not trying to roast someone. It makes you look ridiculous AF and it makes us twinge with embarrassment.

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