15 Hilarious Times YouTube Comments Had The Internet In Tears

When a video gets uploaded to YouTube, it can go viral without any warning. Even with more than 4 billion videos viewed every single day, one that ignites a controversy, piques people's interest or cracks them up is bound to blow up. Over the years, as YouTube (along with all of social media) has evolved, something else has apparently transitioned from being simply overlooked to the main focus of attention: video comments that are hysterical, sarcastic or spot on. With comments coming in the hundreds, if not the thousands, from all sources and directions at all times, it is hard to spot the best and most fitting comment there is. But here are 15 YouTube comments that are so hilariously witty and funny, they broke the internet.

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15 'Game of Thrones' book soundtrack?

Via: imgur.com

Game of Thrones. These may be among the greatest three words in pop and movie culture. The popularity of the book series—and even more so, the TV adaptation—has reached magnanimous proportions. To this day, fans from all over the world can’t get enough of GOT books, GOT actors and GOT merchandise. People are even trying to get their hands on copies of the official soundtrack, which is partly accessible on YouTube. But perhaps some of the show's avid fans have been so engrossed in the show that they’re disconnected from reality. Take the case of this fellow who might have things confused about how a soundtrack works. How is one supposed to answer a stupid question on whether a soundtrack is from the book or the series?

14 Delivering movie lines

Via: imgur.com

In the 2007 action thriller movie The Box, seasoned actor Giancarlo Esposito played Detective Dwayne Burkhalter, which he played excellently according to his fans. The movie scene of Esposito delivering his line in an extremely convincing manner was soon uploaded to YouTube. Many agreed, as shown by the number of upvotes, that the video is a must-watch. But a YouTube viewer had a funny idea and reminded everyone that Esposito was just as excellent in his Breaking Bad role as Gus Fring. He gathered all the other popular Breaking Bad characters in a made-up scene and came up with funny lines for them, causing the comments section to explode. Talk about fanatics who know every character by heart and speak for the character as if they were them.

13 Come forth

Via: imgur.com

These days, it's not uncommon for people to debate over biblical verses, as they have for perhaps thousands of years. Regardless of the fact that billions of people have nothing but the highest esteem for the Holy Bible, it is definitely not insusceptible to silly interpretations. In fact, in this era where people seem to be completely convinced that freedom of expression is their birthright, they say whatever they want on the internet without holding back. While some can be taken as downright insulting, the others are simply humorous, such as pronunciation arguments and homophones that have permeated biblical contexts. In this biblical verse, for example, it's easy to see how Peter could have easily missed out on eternal glory: he failed to come forth.

12 Watching N'Sync in 1286 B.C.

Via: izismile.com

Unless you've been living in a cave, you’re totally aware of how the "Thumbs up if you're watching this in xxxx year" comments have been flooding YouTube's comment boxes. This is an annoying way to test if the video is still relevant as time zooms forward and if it's still being watched by the older generation, or to simply drive "likes" to their comment to make it to the top of the list. Sometimes, people post future years as a sarcastic joke that successfully gets people's attention. This comment, however, is simply in a league of its own. If serious comments suggest nostalgia and funny ones with sarcastic future year references crack people up, why not take viewers back to an age regression therapy session, particularly 1286 B.C. in Egypt?

11 What am I doing with my life?

Via: piximus.net

Notice how a lot of individuals complain about having to squeeze a couple of days' worth of duties into one day? That is how busy people are these days. But some people just seem to have more time on their hands than others. This is definitely the case for people who spend hours and hours watching YouTube videos every day. But there’s a problem: a lot of viewers get lured into doing absolutely nothing but, say, listening to Darth Vader breathing for 10 hours non-stop. Therapeutic, maybe, but it does look more like a troll's masterpiece. The funniest part, however, is when this viewer came to their senses and asked what on earth the madness was all about—and why they actually fell for it.

10 Asthmatic Carolina

Via: imgur.com

Denver-based duo Breathe Carolina is best known for their electronic music genre. They have several songs that people continue to watch and upvote on YouTube. The duo's unique name is based on the dream that one of the members had when he was in 9th grade. He dreamed about helping a lady named Carolina calm down by telling her to breathe. Interestingly, Breath Carolina had a distinct ring to it and they decided to make it the band's official name. This YouTube comment from a fan, however, had a more interesting story of his own about Breathe Carolina. Whether or not his piece is legit, it is not exactly unrealistic for some random asthmatic girl named Carolina to be asked to calm down and breathe.

9 Underwater Apple Maps

Via: lifebuzz.net

In September 2012, Google got the world (and the underwater world) excited as it announced Google Maps' enhanced capacity to explore what lies beneath the vast waters. That was a promise Google Maps fulfilled, as it successfully showcased underwater and coastal street views. Amidst the breakthrough that had social media erupting, this comment found its way in the upper echelons of the YouTube world, as it threw a totally unsubtle shade on Apple. At the time, Google's fierce rival had just suffered a significant failure in its very own Apple Maps, which was meant to compete with Google's world navigation app. With Apple Maps reeling from its fiasco—from misnaming cities as hospitals to mislabeling farms as airports—it's hard not to laugh at this savage comment.

8 Winning a fight with girlfriend

Via: lovethispic.om

Self-help videos are everywhere. Most people are drawn toward those that are inspired or created by experts and icons who have made significant contributions to society. There are also random people who stand out with their strong convictions and no-nonsense opinions. This video of a football speech is a piece that's worth sharing on social media. The words strike a chord with lots of people because they speak of courage and determination. It's nothing short of inspiring, for sure, and extremely useful for daily life—just like in the life of this man whose hilarious comment earned hundreds of likes, perhaps for keeping it real. Because really, when’s a better time to think of oneself as a champion other than when trying to win a fight with your girlfriend?

7 Poor bridge

Via: izismile.com

Songs make it to our playlists because they speak to us. The lyrics are the story of our lives, and the melody is like our very own lullaby. And while people’s experiences do vary, there’s at least one part of the song that all of us can relate to. These songs make it to the list of greatest hits as compiled by music authorities, and they get wide viewership on YouTube. Musicians gain legions of fans, too. This music video of the iconic band Foo Fighters shows them performing a top hit called “Bridge Burning” which, to this day, continues to get tons of views and thumbs ups. But a keen observer posted a comment that would make anyone's day. Here’s hoping that bridge didn’t get a panic attack.

6 No toilet paper

Via: funkyjunk.com

There are workouts that truly deliver results as promised. However, some ridiculously difficult exercise routines and workout trainings are almost impossible to complete for the average person. But for the great few who dare accept the challenge, a gorgeously shaped body, boundless energy and a great, healthy overall outlook are just some of the biggest rewards for their hard work. YouTube videos of this kind usually get two kinds of comments: positive ones from those who reaped the results of their persistence, and negative feedback from those who think they're not cut out for the challenge. In this case, however, one comment stood out from the rest. It pointed out how ridiculously and awkwardly familiar the workout position looked from someone who does it in the toilet.

5 Almost ripped it off

Via: imgur.com

Here is a helpful warning while watching a horror flick: do not do something that might cause you any harm as a result of the suspenseful and gripping scenes. A good example is one scene from the horror masterpiece Insidious. Remember that part when the red demon suddenly popped up behind the clueless Patrick Wilson? That had people talking on the internet for days because it was a truly sinister scene. It was uploaded to YouTube, as well, which stirred significant discussion from viewers. And out of nowhere, this guy randomly shared a tragic situation that could have befallen on him. You see, he was scratching his balls while watching the movie—and almost ripped his precious manhood off when that scene appeared. That would have been more horrifying.

4 Prettier than my girlfriend

Via: imgur.com

The music industry would be quite different without the legend known as Queen. The rock band has some of the best songs ever recorded in history, with the popularity of their songs transcending generations. During the peak of their music career, they did a number of music videos, including for their massively successful song “I Want To Break Free.” With lead singer Freddie Mercury and the rest of the band dressed as drag queens, the music video stirred quite a controversy in 1984 but was a monster hit commercially nonetheless. Here's the fun part: on YouTube where the music video is immortalized, this guy commented in jest about Roger Taylor being "prettier than” his “girlfriend." In the end, he had to practically beg viewers to stop upvoting his comment to appease his enraged lady.

3 Boob tattoo

Via: smosh.com

Tattoos can be tricky. For a tattoo to be truly aesthetically appealing, high quality art and full coverage are necessary. And certainly, there are areas in the human body that require extra effort for a tattoo to be completely and artistically put on. This was reason enough for a random commenter to wonder if this was the case for rapper Rick Ross. The thick guy that he is, Ross has those man-boobs on full display in the music video of his “9 Piece” music collaboration with fellow artist Lil Wayne. The commenter sure had a hilarious way of trying to put his curiosity to rest: he asked if the man-boobs had to be lifted to complete the tattoo. The point he made was hilariously valid.

2 Crunch and fart

Via: smosh.com

What's with all the terribly difficult exercises these days? Do people really have to perform some acrobatics of sorts to get the body they want? Maybe not, but for those who understand the value of each tough workout, backing off is not an option. And so people try their best to perform each set as accurately as they can and stay motivated despite how nearly physically impossible the routines are. But let's get real; everyone has to start from somewhere. And for some people, that starting point is as hilarious and as embarrassing as it can get. This fellow fully admitted in a YouTube comment that there certainly was some effort involved in taking the first step to fitness—but a fart unfortunately got in the way.

1 Plant-looking hair

Via: imgur.com

Ever seen one of those video tutorials on YouTube? In many cases, these tutorials are lengthy amateurish videos filmed within the home by random people who want to share their know-how on just about anything. These days, beauty hack videos are just about everywhere. But truth be told, while how-to videos appear on people's social media feeds literally by the hundreds every single day, not all of them are worth checking out. A few are extremely helpful and others, barely useful. Some, however, are hilarious epic fails that drive the wildest comments. This lady may have been trying to show some tricks in achieving the perfect updo hairstyle, but this comment on how her locks resembled much of the spiky plant right behind her definitely stole the limelight.

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