15 Totally Inappropriate Scenes In Marvel Movies

Over the last couple of decades, many movies based on Marvel comics characters and storylines have absolutely dominated at the box office. One of the major reasons why that is the case is that most Marvel movies have been embraced by both young and old viewers alike.

Despite the fact that many Marvel movies have been fun for members of the whole family to watch, that doesn’t mean that everything contained in them is squeaky clean entertainment. In fact, some of the Marvel films have actually featured moments that when you really think about it, probably shouldn’t be seen by younger viewers. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 totally inappropriate scenes in Marvel movies.

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15 Streaking Selvig

Via bplusmovieblog.com

Back when fans first got to know Dr. Erik Selvig in the original Thor movie, he was a brilliant and highly respectable scientist. However, after Selvig’s mind was taken over by Loki, it affected him so deeply that he was later seen on the news running around Stonehenge without a stitch of clothing on.

14 Happy Steals a Peak

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When the woman who came to be known as The Black Widow made her big-screen debut in Iron Man 2, at first we are led to believe that she is nothing more than Tony Stark’s assistant. However, once her incredible fighting skills were needed, she suited up. Unfortunately, she changed into her super suit in the back of a car driven by Happy Hogan who is creepy enough to briefly take a look in his rear view window.

13 Adult Establishment

Via cbr.com

Over the years, fans have gotten to see Professor X recruit several young mutants into the X-Men on the big screen. Typically seeing those interactions play out is really cool to see but when he and Magneto sought out a mutant named Angel, things got weird as they found her taking off her clothes in an adult establishment.

12 Not Your Typical Media Coverage

Via comicbookmovie.com

During Iron Man 2, audiences were introduced to Justin Hammer, a character who badly wanted to be Tony Stark but couldn’t measure up. For example, at one point Hammer brags about a reporter writing a story about him, to which Pepper reveals she’d previously done a “spread” about Tony. Never to be outdone, Stark then quips “and she wrote a story as well.”

11 Strange Messages

Via screengeek.net

Early on in Guardians of the Galaxy, it is made clear that Star-Lord isn’t a big deal and the beings that are aware of him have low opinions of him. For that reason, he reveals that he sent the Nova Corps a message expressly to let them know that he is not a [d---]. Later on, he refers back to what he calls his “[d---] message” which certainly isn’t something you’d expect to hear in an MCU movie.

10 Why Her?

If you ask us, the greatest MCU romance has to be the one shared by Captain America and Agent Peggy Carter. That is why it was so heartbreaking when it seemed like they weren’t meant to be for so many years. With that in mind, we can understand why Cap looked for another woman to connect with. However, it is gross that he chose to kiss the love of his life’s niece.

9 Iron Man Relieves Himself

Via YouTube.com

Among Marvel Comics’ most passionate fans, Tony Stark’s history of addiction is considered to be one of the most interesting parts of the character. For that reason, it should have been cool when Iron Man 2 hinted at that part of Stark’s history. Instead, all we got was some over the top antics and the revelation that Iron Man peed in his armor.

8 Early Introduction

Via cbr.com

Even though people don’t talk about the original X-Men movie very often anymore, there is no doubt that most of us still remember how much chemistry Wolverine and Jean Grey shared in it. Perhaps that is why the people who made X-Men: Apocalypse had the two characters share a brief moment. However, the moment is pretty gross given the huge difference in the character’s ages at that time.

7 Unwelcome Present

Via comicbook.com

At the end of Guardians of the Galaxy, it certainly seems like the film’s heroes have become a cohesive team but during that movie’s sequel, they fight with one another an awful lot. For example, at one point Rocket threatens to have Drax go number two in Star-Lord’s pillow. If that weren’t over the top enough, Drax then brags he has “huge turds”.

6 Prima Nocta

Via news.avclub.com

Far from the most celebrated Marvel movie, Age of Ultron still has some pretty great moments, including when most of the Avengers try to prove they are worthy enough to lift Thor’s Hammer. However, during that scene, Tony Stark makes an inappropriate joke. After making sure that lifting Mjölnir means he will get to rule Asgard, Stark claims he will reinstitute prima nocta, which would mean he gets to sleep with brides to be on their wedding nights.

5 Hiding His Zucchini?

Via YouTube.com

As we’re sure every Marvel movie fan remembers, for some reason the decision was made to have Black Widow and the Hulk have a romantic relationship during Age of Ultron. That led to a moment in which Tony Stark remarked: “Romanoff, you and Banner better not be playing hide the zucchini” which is a reference to a less than PG part of the big green guy’s anatomy

4 Bruce Banner Just Can’t

Via bustle.com

Even though The Incredible Hulk has largely been forgotten, it is astonishing that so few people seem to remember a certain sequence from the film. Throughout the movie, Bruce Banner and Betty Ross’ chemistry is palpable so it makes sense when they almost get physical. Instead, the movie deemed it necessary to reveal that Banner has to avoid that kind of excitement in order to avoid becoming the big green guy. We really didn’t need to know about Banner's life between the sheets.

3 Black Widow Defines Herself

Via syfy.com

Definitely among the most important characters in MCU history, it has almost always been awesome to see the Black Widow on the big screen. However, when she defined herself as a monster due to her inability to give birth it was all kinds of bad. As for the main reason why that line of dialogue is wrong, saying something like that clearly is offensive to real-life women who also can’t give birth to a baby.

2 Jackson Pollack

Via gamesradar.com

Prior to welcoming the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy onto his ship, Peter Quill had allowed the Milano to get pretty gross. Actually proud of some of his filth, when Gamora called his living space “disgusting”, Quill boasted “If I had a blacklight, this would look like a Jackson Pollock painting.” Anyone who knows about Pollack’s work would know how inappropriate that line is.

1 Shakespearean Insult

Via reddit.com

As an ages-old character it makes perfect sense when Loki insulted the Black Widow he did so in an old-timey way. However, when he called her a mewling quim it is a lot more offensive than most viewers likely realize. After all, those words can be translated into today’s English as meaning whining and then an extremely offensive word that starts with the letter c.

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