15 Tragic Faces You've Made When Things Hit The Fan

I am over it. I am stressed. I just need a long, warm bath and a big, big glass of wine. Or maybe I just need to curl up in the fetal position and cry for a bit...but I won’t - I’m strong! Right…? Ugh, I don’t know. I’m tired of thinking and working and really just annoyed by everyone and everything. I think I’ll use all my vacation days this week and just plant myself in front of the TV...But my boss could get upset, and my parents might worry, and I do have that conference next week…

These thoughts and feelings are universally relatable, as we all have moments - big and small - where we are tired, stressed and just need to hide away, like the 15 people below, who totally understand pain.

15 Ugh, really?!

Brit gets it. She has been through it all, and look at her now! She understands bad days, disgusting rumors, dating drama, motherhood struggles and Starbucks addictions. In her lowest moment, the world saw her shave her head and use an umbrella to break through a car window. Since then, she has risen up from the ashes, bringing amazing music and moments. Therefore, when she sees people stress over trivial things or when she hears people gripe about petty problems, she can’t help but make this face - one I am all too familiar with! It may not be the nicest or the prettiest look, but how can people be so dumb? Why is everything so stupid? How can I actually still be putting up with this nonsense? I really just need my Ugg boots, sweatpants and three drinks from Starbucks now.

14 Who IS going to check Andy?

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Next time I feel stressed, I am just going to think about what Andy Cohen goes through; in 2006, Andy’s brainchild was introduced to the world, as The Real Housewives franchise began with The Real Housewives of Orange County. Fans fell in love, numerous new cities were added as series, and it was all fun and games until Andy started getting literally pushed around! He hosts different wives on his talk show, Watch What Happens Live, and hosts the reunions that happen at the end of every Real Housewives season. During these dramatic moments, he asks the questions everyone wonders, and, in return, he receives dirty looks, good ol’ cuss outs and shoves, as these ladies sometimes try to go at each other. He brushes it off, though, because he is the real Queen of Bravo.

13 The best part of being sick?

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There are not a lot of positive aspects to being sick, but Lorelai Gilmore admitted that it at least can lead to watching lots of television, and, as mentioned above. I love getting caught up in a great and loveable show (like Gilmore Girls)! Lorelai was a super independent character, always on the go, running a business and going on adventures with her daughter and the men in her life (#TeamLuke FTW). A cold just slowed her down. Physical injuries and ailments were torturous for her, as she had to depend on doctors and caring friends. I, too, am not a fan of having to pay for meds, remember to take said meds, feel hungry and nauseous at the same time/constantly...but I do love rewatching Lorelai’s and Rory’s best episodes...

12 What’s the last thing I binge watched?

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...and before I know it, I have rewatched the entire series AND all four episodes of the new Netflix revival. Before I know it, the weekend has flown by. I haven’t moved from my couch once (except to apparently pay the delivery guy, since I’m surrounded by pizza boxes). I have to go to work in five hours! I look and smell disgusting! But that bombshell...Is Rory really pregnant? Wasn’t that wedding setup gorgeous? When will there be more episodes? WILL there be more episodes? Hmm...Should I call in sick tomorrow? Wait, what all is in this “Because you watched Gilmore Girls” category? I hear Pretty Little Liars is good. I’ll just watch one episode...I need something to fill this void! This is my life on repeat.

11 Shut up!

Know someone who really knows pain? Snape. Yes, Severus Snape had one of the most heartbreaking stories in the world of Harry Potter, as fans learned that he had ALWAYS loved Lily Potter and watched him get murdered by Lord Voldemort after killing Professor Dumbledore, since he was constantly caught between the good and bad guys of the franchise. He was actually very loyal to Dumbledore, Harry and other lovable characters, caring for them all, deep beneath his tough exterior; he was always dressed in black, matching his long, dark, greasy hair. He was maybe seen smiling three times, ever. His words, even if they were meant to be positive, came out in harsh, deep tones. So if he screamed that he wanted silence, there would be silence. No one in his/her right mind would cross Snape, and I wish I had that kind of respect and power!

10 Eat the feels away.

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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again: Food is a fixer! Every feeling and emotion can be strengthened and/or reduced by eating. For instance, when people celebrate birthdays, holidays, graduations, promotions, marriages or random days, there is usually food involved, since dips, drinks and desserts make events more festive. On the other hand, I combat sadness, anger, stress, boredom and anxiety with cheesesticks, Pop-Tarts, sushi, pizza rolls and/or chocolate-covered gummy bears...and then I’m all better (and I know I’m not alone!), and it looks like that’s how Demi Lovato deals, too, as she is seriously chowing down in this accompanying GIF. Do you, Demi, and feel better, girl...or keep celebrating, since that eating could be happy or sad or just a normal lunch for this pop star.

9 Imagine being as tired as a cast away…

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The perfect depiction of being tired and distressed is any image of Tom Hanks as Chuck Noland in Cast Away (post-beard growth especially). In 2000, this dramatic movie followed a FedEx employee stranded on an island after a plane crash. Now, I may not have had to go through such an extreme disaster, but I know tired. As soon as my alarm goes off, my head fills with the grogginess of the morning. Even after that first cup of coffee or four, I still don’t feel ready to tackle the day or its work or any type of responsibilities. Then, the 2:00 p.m. slump happens, and even a double-shot venti latte doesn’t pep me up. When I finally arrive back home, the last thing I want to do is cook or do laundry or pay bills, so I eat takeout and watch my television until I fall asleep...and then my alarm is at it again. How will I ever survive parenthood?!

8 Over it.

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Whether she was dealing with drama in Laguna Beach or on The Hills, Lauren Conrad had many "over it" moments. From boy troubles and fashion emergencies to being lied to by so-called friends and splashed on the cover of tabloid magazines, the reality television personality understands limits. I (unfortunately?) don’t have to put up with other celebrities or paparazzi, but bad dates, lost earrings, friends I’ve outgrown and deciding which magazines to renew my yearly subscriptions to (if any) are all issues I struggle with, and at times, I just want to be over it! Numerous forms of pain, different types of difficult decisions and a variety of icky life events can cause these “over it” faces and phrases, and it’s nice to know that even fashionistas like Lauren can relate.

7 There’s no stress like college stress!

Students think high school is hard until they enter the world of college. It is true that college life comes with a plethora of pros...no curfew, co-ed dorms, frat parties, legal-aged friends, new cities, total freedom...but it also comes with a whole new batch of responsibility. People who coasted by in high school courses now have to figure out how to study in order to actually work for good grades at the university level. And those who were already studious are now competing against others just as book smart and then some, making for long nights and low self-esteem, on top of new pressures from new people, away from comfort and familiarity. It really is a good thing that college campuses come with mental health buildings and professionals!

6 I’m literally at a loss.

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Jim Halpert faces are the best faces - and this one may be the best ever. I can't count how many times I have made this face just today! A few things that produce this reaction are: 1. the realization that I haven’t brushed my teeth all weekend 2. the sound of the neighbors fighting...again. 3. the fact that I could actually get two large pizzas at one place for less than I could get one medium at another place 4. my friend telling me about a show I’ll love (which just happens to have 11 seasons on Netflix) and 5. any time Weird Wally from the office down the hall comes to my cubicle to chat. And what do all of these scenarios have in common? Pain...bittersweet pain.

5 Kick back and relax.

This list cannot be wrapped up without tying it back to the beginning, and I cannot finish without mentioning the comfort of being in front of a TV once again. Seriously, just look at Joey and Chandler. During the 10 seasons of Friends, these friends went through some tough stuff, yet they all came out okay in the end, and I think a big part of that was comfort. Rachel would go shopping, Monica would bake, Phoebe would write a new song, Ross had a son and a dino job to distract him, and these two had these recliners. Obviously, the girls’ apartment was way cooler, but the bachelor vibe given off by that dog statue and the foosball table said, “Come on in. Kick off those shoes. Forget about the girl/the crappy day/the bad audition/whatever just happened. It’s time to relax.”

4 I will NOT cry.

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Here are some facts: I enjoy being a girl. I like wearing makeup and buying dresses and the color pink, and I appreciate the fact that anyone can enjoy any of these things (I just REALLY love pink). I don’t appreciate the fact that many people associate crying with weakness, though. It is a proven fact that women cry more and/or more easily than men, but everyone needs to let it out, and that is not a sign of wimping out! Pain, whether physical, mental, psychological or emotional, causes a desire to cry at times, seen here through Emma Stone’s quote from Easy A. Her high school career hit a rough patch inspired by The Scarlet Letter, but she stayed strong. She grew from the trials and tribulations and pushed through the darkness to create and come out as something new, different and beautiful. #inspo

3 ...but it’s NOT fair!

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No, it’s not Anne Hathaway, another gorgeous, star-studded example of pain. What’s not fair? Unfathomable piles of debt from student loans after going to college. Famine. The discontinuation of Oreo O’s cereal. War. The fact that Ryan Reynolds and Ryan Gosling are in happy relationships (with women who are not me). Disease. Again, big and small, petty and serious matters cause pain and make life seem unfair. If I’ve learned anything from the images and stories posted here, though, it’s that perseverance, determination and a big ol’ smile (even if it is faked and forced) can go a long way and make it all worthwhile (eventually). Life is all about the ebbs and flows and the ups and downs, and pain is part of that, for better or for worse.

2 This e-card is what dreams are made of.

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This e-card singles out the best of the best: My bed. My favorite show on Netflix. And boxes of the yummiest Girl Scout cookies. There really are memes and e-cards for every situation out there, but this lady is ME. Seriously, what could be better? Bad day? Jump in bed! Worried about an upcoming test, party or decision? Use TV as a distraction! Sad about a breakup, a loss, a bad grade or life in general? Caramel deLites fix everything! Any type of pain experienced by any person at any time can probably be lightened through a good nap, show and pig-out session. However, the cherry on top really would be that I wake up from this cookie-induced nap looking better than ever; despite all the caramel and chocolate and coconut, I need to somehow not gain weight or break out in pimples...Let’s not make this situation worse, okay?

1 Her face says it all…

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Who thinks Hillary Clinton felt a little anger, sadness, stress, bitterness and pain during and after this past presidential election? The woman definitely knows pain, and she definitely didn’t feel like hiding her feelings during this exact moment. I roll my eyes when someone says something ridiculous. I shake my head when I can’t believe what I’m witnessing. I get annoyed and fed up with situations and people. I literally shake from exasperation, growing more irritable by the second. And this could just be my reaction while waiting in a drive-through window - so I can’t imagine having to put up with a political competitor at a live national event. Mrs. Clinton’s face says it all - says what this entire post is trying to get across: There are at least 15 other people who understand pain.

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