15 Trashed Photos That Are The Most Messed Up Things You’ll See All Day

The grand old country of the United States of America features a diverse group of people. That doesn't mean, though, that this group isn't easily stereotyped. It's no secret that Americans love their apple pie, baseball, violence and flags. So there are some things that are just so American that other countries can't help but scratch their heads. However, Americans will recognize these symbols and things as part of their culture, as much a part of who they are as where they were born.

We scoured the Internet for the most American photos we could find to share them with you. It's likely that other countries will scratch their heads at these pictures, but most Americans will just think "same." Enjoy this patriotic salute to all things U.S.A.

15 Donut birthday

Via: coed.com

It's no secret that other countries make fun of Americans for their obsession with junk food. And one of the junkiest and most sugar-filled concoctions that Americans love are their donuts. It's only in America where someone would celebrate big occasions, such as weddings and birthdays, not with a cake, but with a tower of donuts. Don't believe us? Check out this photo. This woman is blowing out her birthday candle, which sits atop a stack of donuts (and if we had to guess, it's highly likely that those are Krispy Kreme donuts). It doesn't get any more American than a cake made of donuts, with beverages consisting of something poured into a red solo cup and Mountain Dew. This is America at her finest, y'all.

14 Mile high hamburger

Via: funnymeme.com

When it comes to food, the hamburger is probably one of the most iconic food items on the American menu. It's no secret that we love our burgers, whether they come from Burger King, McDonald's or any other of the millions of fast food burger establishments that litter the country's landscape in small towns and cities. That's why this photo is so very America, because it's the burger of all burgers: a monstrous thing with a lot of patties, a lot of cheese, and of course, that wonderful thing known as American bacon (which is the best bacon in the world, obviously). This is a burger worthy of patriotism and when we aren't saluting the flag, we will salute this wonderful heart attack on a bun.

13 Monster trucks and bacon

Via: coed.com

In America, we have a saying, "Go big or go home." That's why we like everything big, including our pick-up trucks. But these are just regular trucks that we've made bigger with gigantic tires because that's the way we do things here in America. Something else that we love is meat, particularly bacon. American bacon is probably one of the best things in the world (and bacon in many other countries just can't compete). But what's better than greasy bacon? Greasy bacon dipped in sugary chocolate. Even better? Greasy bacon dipped in chocolate on a stick. That's why this photo is so very U.S.A. It's a monster truck selling chocolate-dipped bacon on a stick while crushing a smaller car. It doesn't get any more American than that.

12 Captain 'Murica

Via: memecenter.com

The bald eagle is a proud symbol of America, representing all that is holy: apple pie, freedom and the red, white and blue. That's why this photo is probably the most American thing you'll see all day because it's a bald eagle dressed up like a superhero with an American flag for a cape. Move over, Chris Evans, because this is our new Captain 'Murica, come in to save us from anything that would threaten our freedom to do what we want when we want. This is certainly the most American action figure to ever exist and it's probably sitting on the shelves of a lot of people in Texas (the most 'Murican state in the Union). So be sure to check those convenience store souvenir shelves, because every good American needs one of these.

11 Bacon gun

Via: coed.com

There are two things you don't mess with when it comes to America: guns and bacon. These are two things that Americans take great pride in. And there's a reason for that: it's no secret that Americans have an obsession with guns, and unfortunately, that's often a problem. But America's obsession with bacon isn't much healthier because American bacon is the fattest and greasiest part of the pig, which gets fried in more grease and eaten with great abandon. But the thing is: American bacon is the best in the world. Anyone who has traveled to Europe and asked for bacon will know that whatever they save over there called bacon is not, in fact, real bacon. So what's more American than that? A gun made entirely out of bacon. Yay, 'Murica.

10 Flags and guns

Via: coed.com

Reportedly, this photo comes right before a hurricane. Because nothing can fight off a hurricane like good old-fashioned American patriotism. Hurricane, shmuricane, this guy is going to war with a storm armed with nothing but an American flag and his rifle. Also, is that a Texas flag in the background? That would explain so much. But this is Americans at their finest: they will stare down the grim reaper himself and threaten to go out in a big blaze of gunfire and glory rather than move because something like a pansy hurricane is coming at them. If this photo doesn't sum up the country, we don't know what does. The only problem is that there is no follow-up photo of this guy after the hurricane.

9 Don't mess with Texas

Via: memecenter.com

The most American state in the U.S. is probably Texas, at least in terms of the stereotypes that other countries have of us. Texas is known for its cowboy mentality, its love of guns and its love of beef and BBQ. So this photo comes courtesy of that state, summing up a lot of what other countries think we're obsessed with: guns and shooting. On the one hand, it's funny because it fits the stereotype of a typical gun-happy American. On the other, it shows what little respect for life Americans generally have for each other. The bottom bumper sticker is probably the most concerning and we're guessing that this guy is a card-carrying member of the NRA and proud of it. It's funny but sad.

8 Maybe the most American photo ever taken

Via: facebook.com

There is only one thing that America loves more than its symbols: its fast food. And when Americans want fast food, they mean fast: fast enough that they can drive through, order it and be out of there in minutes. Sure, there are such places all over the world, but we still take fast food seriously in our country because we can still get a Big Mac, a large fries and a drink and eat enough calories in one meal to feed a small nation. And we're proud of it. So this photo is the most American thing we've seen on the Internet: a bald eagle in front of a McDonald's drive-through placing its order for a hamburger and fries. That's how we do it here.


Via: knowyourmeme.com

There's another thing Americans take very seriously: barbecue. There are barbecue competitions all over the country, complete with prizes that range from loads of cash to bragging rights of having the best barbecue in the nation. Many bar brawls start over which city in the U.S. has the best barbecue (we would argue for Memphis) and Americans consume more barbecue than probably any other country in the world. Whether its ribs or brisket, barbecue is big business here in the states. So this photo is probably just one guy of many who rolls around his grill on the weekends selling meat right off of it in various neighborhoods. And we bet he makes pretty good money doing that, too: because once that smell starts drifting through the streets, people will want to buy.

6 Who needs a wheelchair when you can have a tank?

Via: memecenter.com

Okay, so we're not entirely sure if this photo came from Texas, but the likelihood of this photo coming from that state is very high. First, check out those cowboy hats: very Texas. Also, the men in the photo are wearing cowboy boots: very Texas. With Texas being what most other countries think of as being American and part of the American stereotype, this is a very American photo. But even better? This guy doesn't need a wheelchair. Wheelchairs are for foreign pansies. He's got a tank to carry him around from place to place: his very own tank. He's also got a mustache that small children can get lost in, sort of a Colonel Sanders gone out of control. But this photo screams America.

5 She said yes

Via: memecenter.com

Some men take their girlfriends to the top of the Eiffel Tower to propose to them. Others pay for an extravagant meal and drop engagement rings in glasses of champagne. Still others plan romantic proposals on the beach, on carriage rides and at the top of mountains. But this guy proposed in what is probably the most American thing imaginable. He took his girlfriend to McDonald's, bought her a chicken sandwich (not even a hamburger or chicken Mcnuggets) and then shoved the engagement ring into that to surprise her. What's most surprising is that she posted that photo on Facebook with the caption that she said yes. This is one woman who is probably in for a lifetime of disappointment, but hey, whatever works, right?

4 Bring your own soap

Via: memecenter.com

It's no secret that the American public education system is seriously lacking. One need only look at some of those in charge of our country to know that our education system, in general, needs a serious overhaul because it's failing us. The fact that people needed a sign for a few minutes of silence in the middle of a Star Wars sign is a great indicator of that. Americans just aren't that smart. But a lot of that has to do with the fact that we don't properly fund education, and this photo is an indication of that. This isn't just something made up for a funny meme. There are probably some schools where kids have to bring their own soap because the school couldn't afford it.

3 The most American ambulance you'll ever see

Via: knowyourmeme.com

Did we mention America's obsession with big things, specifically with monster trucks? Americans love to take regular trucks and put massive tires on them for some reason or another (a reason we still can't really understand). So here's an ambulance that's gone ultra-American. This is the most American ambulance you will ever see. Maybe those tires help it climb over other cars so that it can get to an emergency scene faster. Maybe someone just wanted to have a laugh. Whatever the case, this photo is so American that we can practically see those sirens flashing the red, white and blue. Imagine this thing rushing down the street: it's likely cars would get out of its way fast, so we have to give it that.

2 Pizza burger

Via: memecenter.com

The American obsession with fast food continues. But Americans also have an obsession with putting foods inside other foods. Take Taco Bell: they put Doritos inside tacos and tacos inside burritos. Then there is the very American creation of turducken: which is a duck stuffed inside a turkey. We also created the donut burger and the Monte Cristo, two foods bound to give pretty much anyone a serious case of diabetes and/or heartburn. So this photo is very American because it takes a whole order of hamburger and fries and wraps an entire pizza around it. Why? Because that's the American way: wrap foods around other foods and make a super food that will probably guarantee an early death to anyone who eats it.

1 I came here to celebrate 'Murica and take names

Via: knowyourmeme.com

Yeah, this photo is Photoshopped like crazy, but whoever did it had a very clear image of what they wanted and that makes it brilliant. Because this is the most U.S.A. photo you will see on the Internet. Let's take a photo of a white dude and put him on top of a flying eagle. Of course, he must have a gun and an American flag, because that's our way. But let's also include Mount Rushmore, which has the faces of Presidents sculpted on it, with fiery explosions on either side of it. This photo screams America so loud that we're afraid it might give us a case of the red, white and blues for decades to come. But we love it because it really does go there.

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