15 Trends From The 2000s We Still Regret Embracing Today

Ever look at your parents' old high school pictures and think to yourself, "Wow, my folks dressed like complete losers when they were teenagers..."?

Ever look at your parents' old high school pictures and think to yourself, "Wow, my folks dressed like complete losers when they were teenagers..."? Yeah, we've all been there, but before you cast judgement, you might want to look back at the trends you embraced just one decade ago! Chances are, if you tried any of these out in the 2000's, your kids are going to be looking back and thinking you were a bit of a fashion disaster, too!

15 Fishnet crop tops

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Fishnet clothes were, for whatever reason, pretty much everywhere in the 2000's. People wore the ugly fabric in leggings, sleeves and worst of all, crop tops. Those tops gave women a chance to show off their bras in public, so naturally, pervy dudes loved buying them for their girlfriends. Since fishnet crop tops are super thin and filled with holes, you could only really pull this look off on a hot, sunny day, but that was probably the worst time to wear it because of the ridiculous polka-dotted tan lines they'd leave behind. One day at the beach wearing one of these, and you'd look like you had some sort of plague that could only be cured with a dozen treatments at the local tanning salon.

14 Turtleneck sweaters

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Turtleneck sweaters make you look like a human turtle at best, and an uncircumcised penis or sausage coming out of its casing at worst. So why on earth were they so popular?! Sure, they helped keep your neck warm on cold, windy days. But that's exactly what scarves were made for, and scarves are infinitely more fashionable! Scarves can also be taken off when you go inside and warm up, whereas the ugly extra fabric of a turtleneck stays with you all day. Some girls could wear these and still look cute because of the way turtlenecks can hug your curves, but all guys looked better in a normal sweater than a turtleneck.

13 Cargo pants

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Cargo pants were considered super cool a decade ago, when the army look was almost always trending. If you couldn't pull off camouflaged clothes, you went the cargo route. They were far from flattering, because they were baggy, clunky and had more pockets than any person could possibly make use of. Unless, of course, you were a carpenter and wanted to carry around all your tools without ever buying a toolbox, or a gadget-loving superhero like Batman or Deadpool. Nowadays, these are only acceptable to wear if you're doing something which might result in their destruction, like painting, construction work or gardening. Even then, if you have virtually any other ugly pants to wear, wear those instead. No one ever looked good in cargo pants.

12 Studded belts and bracelets

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Thanks to Avril Lavigne, every teenage girl hoping to look gothic, punk or edgy had to own a studded black belt and a matching studded bracelet. Avril might not have been coveted the same way Britney or Beyoncé were during the '00s, but the "Sk8r Girl" look was far easier for the everyday girl to emulate. Hot Topic pretty much stayed in business during that decade because of the popularity of their studded items! The studs came in all shapes and sizes—if you were feeling particularly rebellious, you could buy belts with sharp, pointy metallic accessories, or if you were just trying to fit in, there were the square, dull studs. Every kind looked equally lame in retrospect.

11 That "worn jeans" look

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Nothing used to be more lame than going to school in a brand-new pair of jeans. If you wanted to look cool, your jeans had to be torn-up, filled with frays or holes, and white washed. It was a reality that everyone accepted, but no one could explain. What was most bizarre was how expensive it could be to buy jeans that looked like they'd been worn already compared to jeans which looked brand-new—stores like Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle charged you double if you wanted your pants to look all beat up! If you tried rocking this trend today, you'd get a whole lot of stares and offers from loved ones to buy you new pants.

10 Pants with words on the butt

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Nothing says "classy" like a pair of sweatpants that read "kiss my" on the butt, right? Yeah, wearing pants that had lame words or phrases written across your rear was all the rage ten years ago. These classic PINK sweats from Victoria's Secret and Juicy Couture were pretty tacky yet completely tame compared to some of the other options available. Other popular words you'd see on a girl's butt were "Juicy," "Enjoy," and "Sexy," even though those pants were anything but sexy. There's a reason you can only find these types of pants on clearance racks nowadays. Eventually, girls looked in a mirror and realized just how much they were embarrassing themselves by wearing them.

9 Hollister, Abercrombie, or Aeropostale

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If you were a middle school girl hoping to marry someone rich so you'd never have to work a day of your adult life, finding someone who came from money was easy—just look for the words "Hollister" or "Abercrombie" written across all of his T-shirts. Slightly less picky girls could settle for an "Aeropostale" guy, but if you didn't at least have that store name on your clothes, everyone assumed you could only afford Old Navy or Target and treated you like you were basically homeless. Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch and Aeropostale all felt some sort of need to declare their names all over every article of clothing they made, and teens wore those shirts like badges of honor.

8 Dozens of plastic bracelets

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If you weren't wearing a Livestrong bracelet during the 2000's, you were wearing a dozen plastic bracelets from a package at your local dollar store or made from that blue plastic found in soda bottle tops. Kids couldn't have enough of these, and would often cover both of their entire forearms with bracelets to match the top Disney Channel stars of the times. The once-cutesy trend got creepy with teens decided there was a rule that if someone broke a particular colored bracelet of yours, you owed them a corresponding sex act. If they snapped a yellow bracelet, you owed them a hug. Purple, a kiss. Red, a lap dance. Blue, oral sex. If they broke your black bracelet, you were obligated to give them intercourse. Um, what?!

7 Cropped pirate pants

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A whole bunch of celebrity stylists seemingly got together in the 2000's and decided to see if they could make the most ridiculous trend ever become fashionable, because out of nowhere, icons like Gwen Stefani, Beyoncé and Lil' Kim started showing up to red carpets wearing these atrocities that only Aladdin or characters from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies could pull off. These pirate pants were cropped right below the knee, and puffed out in a way that not even Queen Bey could look attractive wearing. They were "complemented" with similarly ridiculous belts and accessories, creating a swashbuckling look that would be better reserved for a bad homemade Halloween costume.

6 Dresses with jeans underneath

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This trend is sadly not completely extinct, but at least we've stopped seeing it all over the red carpet. Sometimes, you want to wear a dress, but it's too cold. If that's the case, see if leggings will be enough to keep you warm, and if not... just give up on the dress! After Miley Cyrus went to a Teen Choice Awards wearing a dress with a pair of jeans underneath, teenage girls everywhere thought they should do the same and turned this fashion faux pas into one of the most popular trends of the '00s. Dresses aren't meant to be worn with jeans. They just aren't. Comfort is important, but if you want to be comfortable, pair your jeans with a cute top and save the dress for a warmer day.

5 Ed Hardy shirts

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If you were on a blind date in the 2000's and you saw a guy wearing an Ed Hardy shirt sitting at your table, it was usually a pretty good sign that you should pretend you were sick and cancel. Ed Hardy was the choice brand of douchebags worldwide, and was basically the unofficial sponsor of the self-proclaimed "guidos" on MTV's Jersey Shore. Guys somehow though they looked tough wearing these bedazzled, sparkly, flower-filled T-shirts, but failed to recognize that they were alone in thinking so. The trend was typically accompanied with a super dark fake tan, biceps twice the size of the wearer's brain, and overly-gelled spiky hair. Thanks, Ed Hardy, for providing us with one of the easiest ways to spot a tool a decade ago.

4 Popped collar polos, or worse... double popped collar polos

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Frat bros today are all about button-down dress shirts or T-shirts with the sleeves cut off, but in the '00s, they all donned polo shirts with the collars popped up. If a frat bro was particularly cocky, he'd wear two polos with the collars popped at the same time! Polo shirts were originally designed for golfers, but a decade ago, they were embraced by every Hollister-loving, Jager bomb-drinking, teenage "ladies' man" in the country. They were basically the Ed Hardy shirt for upper-class white boys; you could tell just how much of a pig a guy was by how often he wore a polo with its collar popped. It didn't matter that popping the collar made guys look more like Dracula, that was the style and everyone tried it.

3 Frosted tips, like every male celebrity that decade

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Justin Timberlake, Aaron Carter, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonathan Taylor Thomas... every big name male celebrity dyed the tips of their brown hair blonde at some point during the late '90s/early '00s. So naturally, almost every guy in America did the same. Frosted tips don't exactly scream masculinity these days, but back then, everyone thought they were super cool if they had a bit of blonde dyed into their hair regardless of whether or not it made the top of their head look like the top of a pineapple. Unless you were the lead singer of a boyband or an A-list Hollywood actor, you should probably hide photos of your frosted tips from your future children because this is one trend that no one will ever find cool again.

2 Shutter shades you could barely see out of

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"Shutter shades" feature a series of thin, horizontal plastic bars which obscure your vision and fail to provide any sort of protection for the eye from UV light. Since they're so impractical and look completely ridiculous, why were these so popular a few years ago? Well, when Kanye West was at the peak of his popularity, he wore a pair in the music video for "Stronger." After that, nearly every store you could find was selling these monstrosities, and certain companies even offered prescription shutter shades. Teenagers still wear them as a joke at New Year's Eve parties, but don't even think about putting them on on any other night if you don't want people to laugh at you.

1 Denim on denim on denim

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Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were the OTP "It" couple of the decade, so when they showed up to the 2001 American Music Awards in an entirely denim matching outfit, everyone tried pairing denim with more denim regardless of how dumb that looks. Britney wore a strapless patchwork denim gown with a denim purse while Justin rocked a light-wash blazer, two-toned jeans and a horrid denim fedora... and people didn't even point at laugh at them! Considering how stylish Justin and Britney are these days, it's hard to believe they ever wore such cringeworthy outfits... but that was pretty much all of us in the 2000's. We thought we looked cool, but looking back... we most certainly did not!

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