15 Tumblr Posts About Being Dramatic That Will Make You Say "Yup, That's Me"

Okay, I have something to admit. I'm kind of dramatic. I mean, just a tiny bit. I try to be pretty chill and cool, but it's not always easy. Sometimes, something really serious happens and I just can't keep it together. Like, you know, being ignored for a few minutes. Or having to work on a group project with a bunch of people who refuse to do their part in it - stuff that, and I just can't keep my chill during the whole thing. Okay, maybe I'm more than a little dramatic. Maybe it's more like I'm dramatic and only occasionally know how to be chill. Okay, the cat's out of the bag - I'm dramatic! Luckily, there's a whole bunch of people on Tumblr who are just like me. If you're also just a tiny bit melodramatic, check out this list of 15 hilarious Tumblr posts that will make you say, "Same."

15 When You're Always Tense

Whenever my friends talk about how glad they are that it's the weekend or their day off so they can kick back and relax, I feel like this Tumblr post. You can what? What is this "relax" thing you speak of? I'm not familiar with that feeling. You just lay around and watch Netflix and don't overthink every stupid thing you've ever done in your life? You don't worry about that time you said, "You too!" when your waiter told you to enjoy your meal last week? You don't Facebook stalk all your friends and get mad they didn't invite you to that party you wouldn't have gone to anyway? That's nice, but I gotta say, it sounds pretty fake to me. I won't lie, I'm a little jealous of people who can just relax and not worry about anything. Someone should teach a class on that.

14  Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Okay, this Tumblr post is speaking to me on so many levels. The funniest part about how dramatic I am, is how often I tell people to chill. Me, of all people. The least chill of anyone on the entire planet. And I have the audacity to tell my friends to just "chill out" a little bit? I'll be over here acting like I'm gonna die because my throat hurts a tiny bit and I have a runny nose, but I tell people they need to calm down. Like good friends though, they never call me out on it. But if I were them, I would. Like, "Don't tell me to calm down, you're never calm. Take your own advice." If this sounds like a little bit of a dramatic reaction, that's because this post is dedicated to being dramatic! But hey, I just wouldn't be me if I was chill all the time. So, #YOLO.

13 All The Time

Honestly, this is how I feel whenever I meet someone new. You know, when you just met someone and you want to come across like you're cool and normal. Then, once you've been friends for a while, you can let the 'real you' free and they can see the weirdo that lurks underneath the surface. I don't lie to people when I meet them. It's more like I'm just kind of selective about what I tell or show them about myself. I don't want to come across too intense and melodramatic and scare them off, obviously.

So, while they think I'm super chill all the time, this is what's actually going on in my brain. Some people have a voice in their head that narrates their thoughts, some people have a voice inside their head that just screeches all the time. Guess which group I'm in.

12 There She Goes

Yep, there she goes. Oh, no, not her. I meant me. No matter what I'm doing, I can assure you that I'm definitely being over the top about it. Whether I'm texting someone and deleting words and picking new, better sounding ones or making dinner and pretending I'm on a cooking show, I don't know how to do anything casually. Also, don't pretend you don't do the second one. Unless you don't, in which case you must get really bored while you're cooking. I highly recommend starting to just narrate it while you go and pretend you're the next Alton Brown or something. It makes it a lot more fun than just standing in the kitchen stirring. I've expanded this theory to everything I do, even if I go out and I'm grocery shopping or something. In my head, I'm narrating everything I do and pretending that I'm talking to a camera about it. It gets a little awkward sometimes if I accidentally start mouthing words and someone notices.

11 The Whole Squad

Everything on this list needs to just calm down. Also, let me expand on it by combining two of them: me around automatic toilets. It doesn't matter if I'm just washing my hands and hear one flush or I'm on a toilet scrolling through Instagram while I pee. For some reason, the flush always scares me. I've even stopped going to the bathroom at one gas station because the flush was just too much for me. I will leave and go somewhere else if I have to pee while I'm there getting a slushie or something. Yeah, gas stations are the worst ones ever. Well, probably. I haven't compared them to others or done an official poll or anything, but the point is that they flush too fast and too loud. I would tell them to chill, but then again, maybe I need to chill...

10 If People Had Reviews

Okay, but can we talk about people reviews for a second? That would be the best way to weed out who your real friends are. Your real friends would leave you a good review, but they'd be honest and make sure to mention some of the messed up stuff you've done or some of your flaws because that's what real friends do. Fake friends would five star you and leave like, four paragraphs about how nice you are and be really vague about it. No specifics, just repeating that you're really nice and funny and your car always smells good. And you know they're leaving that just so you'll go give them a nice review back or so that they'll seem like they're a good friend. Enough with the small talk, people! Let's get real!

9 The Motto

This is actually a really good point. If you love to be dramatic and overthink things as a hobby, you would never want to miss out on a chance to have a crisis. Why let it be labeled by your age like a "midlife" or "quarter life" crisis? Why not just have an ongoing  crisis and adjust it to having different causes as necessary? One day it can be because your phone charger died and you need to either go out and buy a new one or order one online and wait for it. The next day, it can be because your favorite character might be dead on your favorite TV show and you have to wait a week to find out. I think that sounds like quite a plan to me.

8 When People Ask You To Do Something

This is how I'm going to start replying to people who ask me to do things that minorly inconvenience me. "Too many events in this decade," is a perfect response. That way, you're always busy! It's the perfect solution. It doesn't matter what day, month, or year an event is; you'll probably be busy or have some kind of ongoing crisis happening. I also love that it ends so politely with Artemus here saying, "Thank you for your time." Not only does this get you out of doing anything people want you to do, but it's also polite so it's not like you're just being rude when you say no. This is a win-win for everyone and I think everyone should start turning people down this way. You're welcome, universe.

7 Congratulating Yourself

I feel like Leslie Knope is always relatable. No matter what she's doing, there's probably a situation in life you can apply it to. If there's anyone in the world I aspire to be more like, it's absolutely Leslie Knope. I feel like she's a good role model for everyone. Whenever I watch Parks and Recreation, I just find myself nodding and agreeing with Leslie. Yes, even if she's being a little over the top with what she's doing. That just makes me side with her more.

This is seriously me whenever I have to do a group project. Somehow, I always either get stuck with people who do nothing or people who try to do way too much. Personally, I would prefer the first. I have no problem taking over and doing everything, but I hate working with people like the second situation who refuse to let anyone else help them.

6 This Normal Statement

Oh, absolutely. I'll be shocked when there's a day that I'm not overreacting to something.

Also, is there a worse feeling in the world than overreacting to something you didn't need to overreact to? Like, you act all crazy about something and totally overreact only to realize that you were wrong about whatever it was? But by then, it's too late and you've already been all crazy and dramatic so you can't just take that back. That's probably the one and only time that I regret how dramatic and over the top I can be. Otherwise I don't care at all and I  just own it. Which is probably what gets me into those situations anyway, so I need to dial it back probably—I can't make any promises.

5 When You Change Your Mind

Whenever I say I'm staying out of drama, what I actually mean is that I'm not gonna have any drama myself. If someone else has drama, feel free to send me all the screencaps and tell me all the details. But don't try to come start a fight or start any kind of drama with me because I'm NOT having it. I'm gonna stay in my lane, mind my own business, and not have any drama. That doesn't mean I can't live vicariously through everyone else's and read all the receipts and screencaps and take sides, though. Drama is a lot more fun when it belongs to someone else and you're just a bystander. Reading all the intense conversations and hearing the backstory is fun. Being in some sort of drama yourself? Not so much.

4 This Understandable Annoyance

You know you're dramatic when you go from telling people to "just be cool" one minute to losing it over something small the next. But hey, red lights are annoying. I don't think it's that bad to get a little bit annoyed over being stuck at them, even if it's a short one. If you have places to go, you have places to go. Even if you're not actually trying to go somewhere particular and you're just out for a cruise, you have places to go. You don't need a red light to be slowing you down when you're trying to be on your way. And the worst is if you get stuck behind someone who doesn't move once the light changes. Wake up and watch the road, people!

3 This Mantra

Everyone knows the more times you repeat something, the more true it is. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves. One of the key pieces to being a little melodramatic is that you just have to insist all the time that you're fine. Even if no one asks, sometimes you should just start insisting that you're fine. No matter how visibly different you're acting. You're fine. Just say you're fine are over and over. If it doesn't start to make you feel better, you can just turn around and change your mind and start to talk about what's bothering you. Because at least you tried not to and to just put it in the back of your mind.

The probable with repeating "I'm fine" over and over is that everybody knows that's the gateway phrase for "Everything is wrong and I'm not ready to talk about it."

2 Dear Me

Being dramatic is all fun and games until it goes too far. Then, you have to sit down with yourself and have a talk about the kind of behavior you've been having lately. It is just unacceptable. You need to figure out how to chill out for a little while because it's just been too much.

But let's be real. It doesn't really work because as soon as you're done telling yourself to find some chill and just be cool for a few days, you're back at it again with overthinking and overreacting. Not that anyone should be shocked. You can't help being you, let's be honest here. The key is to just find people who appreciate you, no matter how melodramatic you might be. If someone doesn't like you for you, then who cares about them?

1 When You Feel Ignored

Texting someone and not getting a reply when you're expecting it or being ignored by your friends for any length of time is the actual worst feeling. There's never a better time to show off how truly dramatic you are than when you're not getting enough attention. And there's never a better time to truly hone your acting skills, like in this Oscar-worthy performance, for example. This is honestly how I feel whenever my friends are ignoring my snaps or my texts. Especially if I see that they're out doing stuff and posting about it without me. I mean, I probably wouldn't have gone with them anyway, but they still shouldn't ignore me! It's even worse if they read it and take a long time to reply. At least if they just ignore it entirely, I can assume they didn't see it.

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