15 Tumblr Posts About 'Doctor Who' That Will Hit You Right In The Feels

Doctor Who has been around for over 50 years – we’ve followed the Time Lord as he traveled throughout time and space in his T.A.R.D.I.S. with a plethora of different companions. There are definitely copious amounts of moments throughout the series that generate some serious feels. There are 12 Doctors, all the same Time Lord; each new version of the character has a fair amount of baggage. After all, a lot happens on Earth itself, and it’s no wonder he encounters a lot of great tribulations across the galaxy. What makes Doctor Who so special is that there have been 12 different actors, 13 if you count John Hurt during the 50th Anniversary special, who have taken on the role of the Doctor. Despite the character still technically being the same, each actor has brought new story-lines and diversity to the beloved Time Lord – and an incredible amount of tears.

15 He will knock four times

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One of the most epic Doctor Who season finales concerned the return of the notorious Master during the 10th Doctor’s reign. For years we thought the Doctor was the last living Time Lord, after the great Time War; but it turns out, his arch enemy, the Master was still alive. The Master’s sole purpose was to destroy the Doctor’s beloved earth and everything else he loved. Previous to the finale, the Doctor heard a prophecy that his demise would be when he knocks four times. He wasn’t sure what or who that would be, as the sound of knocking followed him all season, but it turned out to be related to the Master himself. We Whovians will have the sound of the knocking ingrained in our memories forever.

14 Mickey is always stuck in the friend zone, even when he's in danger

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Everyone knows that Mickey was head over heels for Rose. For all you non-Whovians (what the heck are you doing on this article then?!), Rose was the Doctor’s first companion during the new revamp of Doctor Who. Rose was there for both the 9th and 10th Doctors, helping them through some of their toughest times. But it was Mickey who was always cast aside and left in the friend zone, even though it was obvious Rose and Mickey were in a relationship at the start of the new series. Rose chose the Doctor and his adventures over a normal life with Mickey. It’s always sad for us fans because Mickey was such a fantastic character and companion. The fact that Mickey was always left back in London made us all shed many, many tears.

13 The Doctor's long, tragic past

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The Doctor is 2,000+ years old. He has seen a lot of horrible things that he wishes he could forget, but it’s basically impossible. Despite the fact that the Doctor can travel throughout time and space, there is no way for him to reverse what’s happened in the past. What happened 1,000 years ago feels like yesterday to the Time Lord, and because of that, he carries the weight from the past heavily on his shoulders. With each new companion, the Doctor reveals something new to the audience – something that adds more to the overall character and what he has learned while watching planets die. The most tragic aspect is the fact that he is the last Time Lord – he is the last of his species, and he's the one responsible for the Time Lords apparent deaths. As a Whovian, who doesn’t want to reach through the TV to give him a hug and let him know it’ll be OK?

12 A Time Lord without friends

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As a general, depressing continuation from the last point is that no matter whom the Doctor meets during his travels through time – he always ends up alone. Yes, the fact that he is the last Time Lord is sad enough – but almost every companion who joins him for his travels ends up dead, lost, or abandons him. You would think that traveling to different planets and different moments in time would be fun, but there is always danger at every turn. The Doctor has enemies everywhere, even in the Elizabethan age. Time is not what it seems, and almost every major event in history is caused from some alien life form that wants to harm the people of Earth. Despite the Doctor not wanting to harm his friends, there is always a sense of loneliness around him; he would always like a constant companion.

11 The Doctor’s adventures put viewers in risk of a heart attack

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OK, way before the Red Wedding on Game of Thrones, there was just a normal episode of Doctor Who. This show has caused fans all over the world to shed tears together for over 50 years – from unexpected companion deaths, horrible monsters that made you want to sleep with the lights on, to beloved Doctor’s regenerating at the end of their run; the series is unpredictable, ruthless, and full of tears. It’s always exciting watching a new episode because there are unlimited possibilities for where the writers can take the characters. If you haven’t cried during at least ONE episode of Doctor Who, then you might want to make sure you’re not a Cyberman.

10 The 50th Anniversary Special

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This Tumblr post highlights all of the emotional aspects of the 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor – which premiered in 2013. As any Doctor Who fan would know, the series is wibbily wobbily, timey wimey when it comes to explaining how anything works regarding time travel and making sense of all the actions taking place throughout space. At this point, anything is possible, even the Doctor meeting up with his past selves (hard to explain, but something happens regarding his time line where it’s as easy as jumping into the center of the T.A.R.D.I.S. to have suddenly impacted the Doctor’s past – whew!). The Doctor is always so haunted from his past that the fact he gets closure during this episode, finds out that his home planet of Gallifrey isn’t lost, and is reunited with his old lives is beyond satisfying. So yes, that is the ultimate selfie.

9 You can't translate everything

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This post shoves the knife deeper into our hearts because it proves that the Doctor will forever be isolated. Even if it is a fan theory on Tumblr, it makes sense since it pertains to the Doctor’s relation in the universe and his vast knowledge. Due to the fact that he travels to planets in different time periods, his T.A.R.D.I.S. allows for him to speak in other languages; it basically acts like one big Google translator. Though not even the best technology in the universe could help translate what’s going on in the Doctor’s mind or what he has to share to other’s willing to listen. The Doctor has so much good to share that sometimes it’s just not easy to translate – especially to the people of Earth.

8 Two beating hearts

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Even though the Doctor looks like a normal inhabitant of Earth, he couldn’t be more different. He can relate to us on the outside with our looks and feelings, but on the inside he’s a completely different life form. Despite him being a fictional character, its earth-shattering thinking about how out of place he must feel all the time – this Tumblr post proves just that. He must’ve felt most at home when he was battling the Master, since he too was a Time Lord. Almost every companion who has been lucky enough to travel with the Doctor has noticed his two beating hearts – whether it’s during an embrace or by accident, that aspect alone startles them (and us). Yes, he travels in a Police Call Box that’s bigger on the inside, but his anatomy is more mind blowing.

7 Don't blink

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Almost all of the villains throughout the long, long history of Doctor Who have some back story. That’s what makes them so terrifying and relatable. Even the most obscure villains, such as The Silence or the Weeping Angels, have a purpose in their lives and a mean to carry on living. This Tumblr post tries to humanize the Weeping Angels, among other villains, and give us an insight into what could make them tick. Despite poking fun at them, it’s also depressing, because we as a fandom don’t really know much about them. The Doctor has mentioned that the Weeping Angels “are as old as the universe” and that “no one really knows where they come from.” It makes us sad to think about a) how did they end up the way they are during the Blink episode and b) why must they be so malevolent?

6 The Doctor's daughter

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The Doctor is one of the oldest beings in the universe, and throughout his time traveling he hasn’t had any children… until he travels to the planet Messaline. There, his DNA is taken unwillingly from a progenation machine, and thus reproduces another female soldier. Voila, the Doctor’s first daughter. In typical Doctor Who fashion – the Doctor takes a paternal liking to her and sees himself perhaps traveling the universe with her at his side, until she sacrifices herself to keep him safe. Also, TBH in real life, the actress who played the Doctor’s daughter in his episode, Georgia Moffett, is actually the Doctor’s daughter IRL. Her father is Peter Davison, who played the 5th version of the Doctor back in the ‘80s. So – she is married to the Doctor, and her father is the Doctor – how mind blowing and hilarious can that be? Would that technically make her children half-time lords?

5 That awkward moment on the beach

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In true wibbily, wobbily fashion, the later seasons of Doctor Who have been ALL over the place when it comes to time streams and paradoxes. A whole season of the 11th Doctor’s run was focused on his death at Lake Silencio in Utah with the date, 22/04/2011 – it turns out his "death" was caused by his wife, River Song, who was brain washed to kill the Doctor. Though, how could that be, when River Song was watching with Amy Pond (her mother and the Doctors best friend/companion) on the beach as the Doctor was shot. It also happens that Amy was pregnant with River Song at that exact moment. How in the world is that possible? The Doctor didn't even know and we’re still crying thinking about it – but this is Doctor Who and they have been flying all over time and space, so anything could happen.

4 River Song's past

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The first time we’re introduced to River Song, the Doctor’s inevitable wife, is also her last – as the Tumblr post points out, is true to show runner Steven Moffat’s style of writing. It doesn’t really make sense and it might be pretentious in the end, but the feels are still there. In the Doctor’s time line, he first meets River Song in "Silence in the Library". River Song realizes that she must sacrifice herself (a usual theme) to save the Doctor and his companion. If she doesn’t, then none of the events that happen with them in the future will take place. It’s also our first time as an audience meeting River Song, and we have no idea who she really is or what purpose she has in store for the Doctor later on. Her character always carried around a journal with detailed information about her and the Doctor’s relationship when she was alive – though the events just never happened in order.

3 The 11th Doctor's Regeneration

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Tumblr users really like to mess around with our emotions, and in this case, they make a good point. This post points out the fact that the 11th Doctor knows that his time is coming to an end, as a new regeneration is in the midst – but he’s hopeful for what will come in the future for his friends and he’s at peace with his past. The 50th Anniversary special points out that during the Time War, Gallifrey – the Doctor’s home planet – was not destroyed, but merely kept safe in a secret location. So that means, the Doctor is no longer the last Time Lord and he hasn’t been alone this whole time. It’s a bittersweet moment in the fandom, as the Doctor is standing there with his previous incarnations, and looking forward to finally going back home to Gallifrey.

2 A Rose left on a beach

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The Doctor has seen a lot of companions come and go, but none of them were like Rose; and none of them made an exit quite like Rose either. Rose ended up getting separated from the 10th Doctor when she tried to save her planet from a Dalek invasion. If she had listened to the Doctor, none of this would have happened. Instead she took a risk and in turn, she saved her planet – but she was stranded in another dimension. She was luckily stranded in the same dimension as her family and our beloved Mickey, but it was impossible for her to see the Doctor again. It all happened so fast and the last scene with them together was a holographic version of the Doctor speaking to Rose on a beach. Before the Doctor could tell Rose he loved her, he was cut off. What a way to go…

1 I don't want to go

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When the 10th Doctor regenerated, it was quite possibly the most depressing moment in Doctor Who history. As this Tumblr post is so kind to point out, “I don’t want to go” are the last words we will ever hear the 10th Doctor say.

As a Whovian, we invest a lot of time into these episodes and characters. We had gone through a plethora of different adventures with the 10th Doctor. We watched him lose Rose, gain two other companions, and watch as he had to say goodbye to them too. We watched him save Earth time after time, battle Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and the Master; we also laughed and cried with him. But when he regenerated, it was heartbreaking to see the distraught in his face. Since then, Doctor Who has never been the same.

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