15 Tumblr Posts That Make Us All Wish We Had A Friendship Like Barack & Biden

It's over. Barack & Biden together as President and Vice Prez, that era is over. We're left with the remnants of a happier time and we need to cherish those remnants. They had a friendship we all want. We wish we could have a bestie friendship that everyone made memes out of. It's true blue. We kind of wish we could infiltrate their friend group and wiggle in to include ourselves. It wouldn't be the same, though, we'd mess things up. So we are happy to watch from afar. Valentine's Day is coming up soon and let's not forget that friendship is just as important as romantic love. So print out some Barack & Biden V-Day cards and hand them out to your best pals.

Let's remember these two and their beautiful bond with these 15 Tumblr posts.

15 Bromance

Literally, the cutest friendship ever witnessed. They need their own Disney movie. It would be an immediate hit. Whatever your feelings about politics, you can't deny that these two have a special bond. The way they joke with each other is just perfect. Their smiles are infectious. You just can't help but crack a smile watching this gif set. Don't lie. It's impossible to imagine anyone having anything bad to say about this friendship. It's too pure. Look at Joe shaking his head while laughing and Barack smiling mischievously. C'mon. You can't not love these two! The Internet won't forget about this bromance. The Internet will make sure this friendship lives on in memes and gifs. Getting glimpses of these two around the Interwebz will always be charming.

14 BFFing From Across The Room

First the finger gun. Then the wink. The wink is the best part. It's the perfect across the room acknowledgment. If you take a closer look at Obama, it looks like he's getting a bit emotional. There's a throat gulp and maybe even a bit of glassy eyedness. It's like a high school talent show or assembly where awards are given. You're proud to be up on stage in the limelight and then you see your BFF from across the room. The two of you immediately smile at one another. They're proud of you and you're proud of them. Moments with BFFs are the best. You can never take that away from these two. They'll forever be winking and finger gunning across the room. Best friends forever.

13 Hugz n' Kisses

This set of photos is sure to bring a tear or two to your eye. These photos were taken at the funeral of Joe Biden's son, Beau Biden. He passed away in 2015 after battling brain cancer for several years. He was only 46 years old. Parents never expect their children to die before them. And it's tragic when it does happen. When bad things happen we only hope that our loved ones are there by our side to comfort us. Our friends are part of that group. It's touching to see Obama being there for his friend. The photo where the two are hugging and Obama is giving Biden a kiss is heartwrenching. You can see the powerful bond these two have. We only hope that we have a friends like these two to comfort us in our darkest moments.

12 Friendship Bracelet

Remember when you were younger and you and your friends were obsessed with friendship bracelets, necklaces and the like? What a time! Those friendship necklaces with the two pieces of a broken heart were classic. Getting a friendship token like that was the best. It meant someone had your back and you had theirs. Obama starred in a video in June last year that was aiming to show people that voting is easy. In the video he does through several tasks that are harder than going to vote. One of those tasks was making friendship bracelets for him and Biden. We're pretty sure those bracelets are either permanently worn around their ankles or tucked delicately away in a drawer. Let's be honest, we all hope it's the first one.

11 You're My World

These memes can't stop and won't stop. And we welcome them with open arms. Obviously, being memes, they're not really real conversations but we're guessing they're quite accurate. Why do we think that? Because it's so easy to imagine the two of them speaking these words to each other. And this is probably one of our favs. Of course they're each other's worlds! Look at these two. They're the best of friends. We want their secret sauce. How do you manage to create such an iconic friendship? How do you have time for friendship when you're both in such important positions. They've got it figured out. We're sad to see them leave the White House (devastated, really) but we hope they have more time for friendship now.

10 Good Biden, Bad Biden

Oh, poor Joe! You don't need to tell Barack you're pregnant, although if you did I'm sure he'd welcome you with open arms. All you have to do is ask and I'm sure you could get your own room in their house. Alternately, you could just become neighbors. We can picture these two having the best BBQs and enjoying pool parties together. They'd invite their other friends (who are clearly not in the BFF zone) and they'd delight the crowd with cute stories of one another. "Remember the time when?" Yeah. We do. We really do. Become neighbors and start a 'Barack & Biden Neighbors' Instagram account. Fill it with pictures of Joe asking to borrow butter and Barack asking to borrow milk. You'll get more followers than President Trump.

9 Biden Talking About The Obamas

Okay. If you did not bat an eyelash reading through this gif set, you are a monster with blood that's cold as ice. It's so touching to read. You can really understand the love and bond between the two families. There is so much respect and compassion there. It's absolutely beautiful. They're truly just one big family and it's amazing. The way he talks about Michelle Obama is just as beautiful. Sorry, we're busy crying right now. This is just too much. Barack Obama freaking offered to pay for his house in his time of need. Dude. That's just too much to handle. You can feel the absolute connection and support these two have for one another and it's beautiful and emotional and *loud sobs*

8 I Can't Even

This is perfection. Obviously, it's not a Best Friends Forever necklace. We all want it to be and surely they have those stowed away next to their friendship bracelets, so don't worry. In reality, this is a photoshopped photo of Obama placing the presidential Medal of Freedom around Biden's neck. Obama actually surprised his colleague and friend with the Medal of Freedom. Naturally, there were tears. Biden was super emotional (we would be too). He actually went on to say he didn't deserve the honor. Ummm... quiet Biden. Of course, you do you beautiful human. Just the fact that he was so humble about it speaks volumes. It's super fun to surprise friends and Obama definitely gave his BFF the surprise of a lifetime. What a pair of cuties.

7 L-O-V-E

Damn straight! We don't just like our best friends. We love them. We're not afraid to say it. Our hearts are open and full of love for our BFFs. We would do anything for them and ask for nothing in return. We are their shoulder to cry on and we are there with ice cream when they might feel bad about a tough work week or shitty breakup. Best friends are important. Even if you don't see each other all the time, you still instinctually get back to where you were the last time you talked. A best friend is the only person you can spend months away from and then act like no time has passed when you see each other again. You know each other so well and best of all you each see each other's strengths and remind each other of them time and time again.

6 This Will Forever Be The Most Precious

Here's another presidential Medal of Freedom related post. This gif set captures Joe Biden's surprise as Obama springs this honor on him. You can see the range of emotions from both these two and it's precious. Biden's first reaction is "oh my god, no way, why tho" and then it just tumbles into "cannot handle this, please no. I'm crying". It's hard not to get emotional just going through the gif set. He's absolutely flabbergasted and he gets emotional immediately. It's like a surprise birthday party that you really have no idea about. You are amazed that people actually took the time to plan and surprise you. You feel so loved that you can't even handle it. Guess who throws parties like that? Your BFF. The person that loves you and wants you to know how awesome you are.

5 Buddies

Listen, seeing these two be buddy buddy like this is too hard to watch. Especially now. They've left the White House and the next 4 years will be unpredictable and unfortunate for many people. There won't be any lighthearted gif sets of Trump & Pence, let's be real. So it's nice to look back at these moments and for even a millisecond forget the current climate. Those are the same glasses, yeah. And that's too funny. And let's get down to the real nitty gritty. Joe Biden looks damn good in both those pairs of identical glasses. You can't even deny it. He's a damn handsome older man and he can pull off those shades like nobody else. So yeah, maybe they're the same but maybe Obama is jealous. Probably not, they both look fabulous in sunglasses.

4 Pride Flags

The poster noticed what we didn't immediately notice. The two photos seem to have been taken on two different occasions. Take a close look at their ties. Different colors! So it looks like they did this little pride flag run on two separate occasions. That's the best thing ever. We love that these two are so alike and have such similar ideologies. That's why they work so well together and it's why their friendship is so strong. We love that they give a shit about LGBTQ rights and they're not afraid to show it. They look so happy and carefree. They truly are celebrating and once again we witness a moment between these two that demonstrates the greatest friendship ever. A better love story than Twilight, for sure.

3 Cuties

Hehehe. Don't worry Joe. No one is leaving you behind. Least of all Barack. He wouldn't leave you anywhere. We bet the two of you do everything together. We're a little upset there's not more documentation of your friendship activities. We require a Tumblr (for all your clever convos), Instagram (for pics of your on the go fun, BBQs and pool parties), Pinterest (of all the crafts you're doing together) and Twitter (for all the cute thoughts you have about each other). Get on that. We all want more Biden and Obama because we all wish we could have a friendship like this. Without drama and gossip and full of respect and love for one another. And lots of hand holding and hugs pretty please.

2 They Both Feel The Same Thing

This is a shot of Biden and Obama at Trump's inauguration. Biden and Obama are all of us, mourning the impending death of American values. Little do they know how quickly things will go downhill. It's such a tragedy to go from Barack and Joe, who have respect and love for one another to Trump and Pence who are throwing disrespecting every which way and being the opposite of loving to millions of Americans. Where's the love? It left the White House with Barack and Joe. We bet they were squirming in their seats throughout the whole thing. What's worse? Is watching Barack be so upstanding, polite and respectful towards Trump. He's full of class. We'll miss these two. We think we're not the only ones who feel the same way.

1 We Want A Netflix Revival <3

It really is. Worst season finale EVER. But now that you mention it, we would greatly enjoy  a Netflix series following these two in their post-White House lives. What are Biden and Obama up to after being President and Vice President? We want to know and we think Netflix is definitely the perfect platform to give us a looksie into their lives. We want to see the serious and good things they're doing for the American people but we also want a bit of comedy in the mix. We love when the two of them joke around. We want some emotional moments, but not too many, we can't handle it. We definitely want them to try out paintball together or ride a rollercoaster ensemble. Wheeee!

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