15 TV Sidekicks We Loved More Than The Show's Heroes

The main characters of our favorite shows typically get all the credit for saving the day, but most of the time, they'd be useless if not for their trusty sidekicks. While the central heroes are traditionally intended to be our favorites of the bunch, often, we viewers just can't help but prefer their funny, smart and dependable best friends. Sorry TV show writers, but if your lead characters left their shows and these sidekicks ended up getting all the screen time, we definitely wouldn't mind! Here are our 15 favorite righthand men and women who deserve way more love.

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15 Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Via: tumblr.com

There's a reason Salem was the only character other than Sabrina herself to appear in every single episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch—all of the show's fans loved him! This hilarious feline was actually a 500-year-old witch who was turned into a talking cat by the Witches Council after his failed attempt to take over the world. Despite his decade-long punishment, he never really learned his lesson and frequently struggled with his thirst for world domination. But underneath his hardened top layer was a sweet sidekick who really loved and cared for Sabrina and her aunts. We all adored Salem so much that we grew up to become him; sassy, power-hungry, occasionally wise beyond our years and super addicted to food.

14 Brock from Pokémon

Via: tumblr.com

Let's be real: Ash Ketchum is the worst character on Pokémon. He wants to be "the very best that no one ever was," yet half of his badges were given to him instead of earned and he fails to catch more than a quarter of the Pokémon he comes across in the wild. His best friend Brock is way more likable—Brock cooks the food for his friends and all of their Pokémon, he knows way more about Pokémon than his supposed "Pokémon master" leader and he's absolutely hilarious. Brock can't come across a pretty girl without turning into a complete weirdo and getting hearts in his eyes, which is something we can all relate to. Oh, and he was a gym leader, and totally could have kicked Ash's butt in battle if he actually tried (and Ash didn't cheat). Can we please just get a spinoff starring Brock already?!

13 Fez from That '70s Show

Via: tumblr.com

Eric, Hyde and Kelso were super close friends in high school, but when a horny and clueless foreign exchange student wanted to join their group, the trio let him in for laughs. Despite starting out as the mere comic relief sidekick, Fez developed into one of the best parts of That '70s Show. We all loved how ridiculously obsessed he was with girls (or in particular, their boobs) and how oblivious he could be when it came to social norms and basic English. He drooled over the hot, rich and openly shallow Jackie for the first several seasons, and when the show's writers realized that fans actually started to ship the pair together, Fez got his dream girl and the duo went from being sidekicks to two of the show's leads.

12 Skeeter Valentine from Doug

Via: tumblr.com

Doug's last name may have been Funnie, but no one on Doug was even close to being as funny as Skeeter Valentine. This green-skinned goofball always knew what to do or say to cheer his best buddy up, and was so lovable that even school bully Roger Klotz considered him a friend. He was that sidekick and wingman everyone wishes they had—Skeeter was always there to help Doug try to land his dream girl Patti, and his eccentricity helped him fit into virtually any crowd. In one episode, viewers learned that Skeeter was also crazy smart and could have gotten into college with only a sixth grade education, but he was such a good friend, he turned down that amazing opportunity so his peers wouldn't have to suffer through a high school experience without him.

11 Cisco from The Flash

Via: cwtv.com

Barry Allen is a great guy and a pretty spectacular hero, which is why The Flash has surpassed Arrow to become the CW's most popular DC Comics show. Despite our fondness for Barry, he wouldn't be half the hero that he is now were it not for Cisco's help. The STAR Labs wizkid helped design The Flash's suit and always comes up with the tech needed to take down the hero's biggest villains. This season, he's become potentially more powerful than The Flash himself thanks to his ability to teleport and travel between universes, but he's cool taking the sidekick role and letting Barry take all the credit. While we'd be distraught if he left The Flash because he provides the bulk of the show's comedy and genius, we definitely would tune into a Vibe spinoff if the network ever wanted to expand the DCTV universe.

10 Daryl from The Walking Dead

Via: amc.com

It'd be hard to imagine The Walking Dead without its hero Rick Grimes, but if we had to choose between losing Rick in the war against the Saviors or losing Daryl, we'd pick Rick to die every time. People prefer his sidekick and righthand man Daryl so much, in fact, that every time the crossbow-wielding badass finds himself in any sort of life-threatening danger, they write or email AMC to state that they'll stop watching the show if he dies. Daryl is everything we hope we'd be in a zombie apocalypse...fearless, selfless, tough and universally loved. He hasn't gotten to experience much happiness in the last seven seasons, and if things don't turn around for him soon, fans are probably going to start protesting.

9 Fitz & Simmons from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Via: abc.go.com

Since Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons can't hold their own in a fight the way agents Daisy, May, Mack and Coulson can, they've always been considered the nerdy sidekicks on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and do most of their work behind the scenes. Those other, combat-oriented operatives would be lost without their help, though. Fitz and Simmons are insanely brilliant, and their brains have been just as vital to S.H.I.E.L.D.'s success as their peers' brawn. When we weren't sitting around being super impressed with their genius (both intellectual and comedic), us fans were busy begging the show's writers to fulfill Fitz's dream of being with his counterpart. Now that they're together, we couldn't be happier. Do what you must to the other agents, just don't touch our FitzSimmons!

8 Brittany S. Pierce from Glee 

Via: fox.com

Brittany went from being one of Quinn Fabray's subservient and silent cheerleader lackeys, to being Santana's clueless sidekick, to being our absolute favorite Glee cast member. She may not have been the smartest student at McKinley High, but her innocent stupidity made her impossibly endearing. Brittany was convinced that dolphins are just gay sharks, she never lost her belief in Santa Clause, and she hosted an internet talk show with her cat Lord Tubbington. Brittany may not have had Rachel's voice, Mercedes' belting power, or Santana's sex appeal, but she stole the show any time she was given a chance to show off her dancing skills or comedic prowess. We know Heather Morris has been busy with Dancing with the Stars right now (even though she's already a professional dancer), but once she gets some free time, us fans would all flip out if she hopped online and recorded a new episode of "Fondue for Two," for old time's sake!

7 Hodor from Game of Thrones 

Via: hbo.com

Bran Stark is going to end up playing a important heroic role on Game of Thrones, we all know that. He's got "the Sight," which allows him to receive prophetic visions and influence past events, and he's a warg, which means he can send his consciousness into the mind of an animal. That all being said, Bran has done nothing of importance so far and has thus never been as likable as his sidekick Hodor, who was basically a giant Pokémon only capable of speaking his own name. Hodor carried around his young master without complaint, and when the time came for him to sacrifice his life to save Bran's, he did so without hesitation...even though Bran's powers were what caused him to say nothing but "Hodor" for most of his life.

6 Ron Stoppable from Kim Possible 

Via: disneychannel.disney.com

Some sidekicks are quietly smarter or more skilled than the main hero... but that definitely wasn't the case when it came to Kim Possible and her sidekick Ron Stoppable. While Kim was somehow amazing at pretty much everything, Ron was barely competent at anything and it's a miracle he made it out of the show's four seasons alive. He couldn't fight, he was a complete spaz and his naked mole rat Rufus was often more of a help to Kim than he was. We still loved Ron, though! His goofiness always made us laugh, and we could all relate to his insane obsession with nacho cheese. We also admired him for always going into battle with his best friend and soulmate, despite being fairly useless on her many adventures.

5 Patrick Star from SpongeBob SquarePants 

Via: nick.com

Patrick Star may be the village idiot of Bikini Bottom, but his stupidity bizarrely makes him our favorite character on SpongeBob SquarePants. While SpongeBob himself can get quite annoying quite fast, Patrick's antics always have fans laughing out loud, and his unfailing enthusiasm and unwavering loyalty make him the ideal best friend. Peter Keepnews of The New York Times even went so far as to call Patrick "a role model for idiots everywhere." Sometimes his best friend struggles with his attempts to grow up and act more mature, but Patrick is always there to teach SpongeBob to embrace his inner child and keep him from taking life too seriously. If only we could all have someone like that in our lives to keep us in the right head space!

4 Shawn Hunter from Boy Meets World

Via: tumblr.com

Shawn Hunter was the TV character every boy wanted to be and every girl wanted to be with back in the '90s. He was the coolest kid we'd all ever seen—Shawn had perfect hair, a great sense of style and that effortless bad boy charm which made him basically irresistible. We'll never be sure how a goober like Cory Matthews managed to land someone like Shawn as a sidekick, but the duo became inseparable and demonstrated best friend goals time and again as the series went on. Shawn's advice and friendship was instrumental in Cory's development as a character throughout grade school and college, and it's thanks in huge part to Shawn that Cory grew up to be a mature, thoughtful and humble father and husband.

3 Maya Hart from Girl Meets World

Via: disneychannel.disney.com

Maya was basically the Shawn Hunter of Girl Meets World, and like Shawn, she ended up being way cooler and more likable than the show's main character. Maya grew up poor and rebellious, and her exposure to the darker parts of life helped her keep her space-case, oblivious BFF Riley from flying too close to the sun. Shawn had a lot of emotional complexity as Boy Meets World went into later seasons and things got more serious, and Maya received the same treatment—us viewers had our hearts broken as we started to notice that growing up without a father figure seriously messed Maya up, and we all cared more about her happiness than we cared about the messes Riley kept creating for herself. Luckily for us, the writers gave us an amazing ending for both Maya and Shawn before the show was canceled: Shawn married Maya's mom, giving them both the family and sense of belonging they needed and deserved.

2 Stiles from Teen Wolf

Via: mtv.com

There's a reason Dylan O'Brien is a bigger name and has had more success outside of Teen Wolf than the show's star Tyler Posey...we all love us some Stiles! Mieczyslaw "Stiles" Stilinski is Scott McCall's best friend and loyal sidekick, and even though he didn't have any supernatural powers in the first few seasons, he frequently put his life on the line to save his friends. All of the biggest fan ships from the show involve the nerdy goofball—there's "Skittles" for people who love Stiles and Scott together, "Stydia" for Stiles and Lydia lovers, "Sterek" for people who wanted Derek and Stiles to be a thing and a variety of others. We all started watching the hit MTV show for the werewolves, but we stuck around to have more Stiles in our lives!

1 Dwight Schrute from The Office 

Via: nbc.com

Michael Scott always pretended that co-workers Jim Halpert and Ryan Howard were his sidekicks, but Dwight Schrute was the only person who always had his back no matter what on The Office. Dwight was ready and willing to do anything and everything Michael wanted, and he took his made-up position of "Assistant (to the) Regional Manager" incredibly seriously. However, it wasn't really his loyalty and dedication to his job that made us love Dwight... it was his gullible and socially awkward personality. Dwight was super easy to prank, he was oblivious to what his co-workers thought about him and he had a completely unwarranted, incredibly high opinion of himself and his power. Michael Scott was a great character and Steve Carell played him perfectly, but Dwight definitely made the show.

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