15 Tweets About Animals (That Will Make Your Cold Dead Heart Melt)

No matter what we are struggling with in life, animals are always sure to make us smile. Sure, there are some animals (like those vicious sharks we see on Shark Week) that are anything but cute and cuddly, but for the most part, animals are associated with positivity.

When everything seems to be going wrong, animals serve as a good reminder that the world isn't that bad. And thankfully, the Twitter universe agrees and has posted some epic tweets that prove just how sweet these animals truly are. No matter what the animal (dogs, sloths, cats — you name it), these tweets are bound to melt your heart a little bit while smiling from ear to ear.

I should also probably warn you that you're going to feel a strong urge to adopt a fur ball after reading this. Stay strong my fellow readers, stay strong.

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15 Dew The Explorer

“Not all who wander are lost” is a hipster-esque quote said by hikers and daydreamers alike, but now it can also apply to dogs, more specifically, Dew the dog. Dew became a viral sensation when Tyler, an average gas station patron, spotted him wandering around when he was pumping gas. Among closer inspection, he spotted the words engraved on his tag. “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.” Dew wasn’t simply a lost dog wandering around a gas station, he is what many dubbed a dog simply exploring. The tweet by Tyler blew up, making Dew the roaming dog going viral. The owners of Dew later said that he is popular around town, and is a frequent guest at the local fire house.

14 Have Backpack Will Travel

We all get anxious sometimes, it's just an inescapable part of life. When it does happen, it's nice to have supportive people who will help you through it. Layza the miniature schnauzer, has a support group that some of us humans could really use. According to Mari (one of her owners), Layza gets bad anxiety when she stays home alone. To help her feel more comfortable, her family took her to a friend's house. To prepare her for her stay, Mari's mom packed her a little backpack, which apparently held mini dog bones, a leash, and her sweater. The little dog wearing a backpack that was the same size as her quickly went viral. People were overcome with emotions at how cute this little backpacker is.

13 Fresh Water

Much like toddlers, animals tend to get into things they shouldn't, mostly because we didn't realize they could. This cat proved exactly that, scaling the fridge to get what his owner Jenna dubbed as "fresh, crispy water." The photo captured of his escapades went viral and received a mixed reaction from the Twitter universe. Some called it unsanitary, to which Jenna responded via Twitter that it was just hilarious. Others responded with similar stories of the antics their own cats get into. With the help from the Internet, this tweet (and its comments) only furthers our belief that cat's get themselves into the strangest predicaments. Come to think of it, they seem almost perfectly capable of taking over the world. Mice would probably get less rights than others, but cats will be cats.

12 Reflection

The idea of looking yourself in the mirror is the root of a plethora of metaphorical sayings. There's even a Michael Jackson song revolved around this notion! This tweet, however, proves that it's not just humans who need a hard look at themselves from time to time, it's animals, too. The Bald Eagle is the national bird of the United States, chosen after Ben Franklin's suggestion of the Turkey was rejected (can you imagine having a turkey as your nation's animal?). This tweet, tweeted just a few days after the last president was sworn in, makes us both smile and sigh. The author of it, a design editor for Guardian US, poked fun at the eagle staring at his reflection, suggesting that his solemn stare back at himself represents how America has been looking at itself in recent times.

11 When You Meet Your Hero

Meeting your hero is a big deal. For most people, it's a popular baseball player or an actor from a favorite movie. Heroes are a little different for those in the animal kingdom, though. So it makes sense that this dog's hero looks to be Pluto the dog. Pluto is the only four legged dog in the original Mickey Mouse cartoon universe — so no wonder this bandana-clad dog looks so excited to meet him!

However, let's get back to this Pluto thing for a moment. Did you ever notice that he was the only animal who actually acted like an animal? He was a dog on four legs, so what was Goofy's excuse? He was also a dog, but he was anthropomorphic. Some say it's because Pluto was just a pet, while others argue that Goofy evolved from a dog into a more human-like creature while Pluto stayed the same.

10 Fancy Bird Town

Zoos have conflicting views. Animal lovers either love them or hate them; they love seeing animals they never usually see, but at the same time, they're praying these animals live their fullest lives and are being treated with care. But what about the random birds we see strolling around outside of cages — how come we never thought about this before!? Most zoos are outside, so it's no surprise that birds not part of an exhibit tend to walk and fly around the grounds. The irony of it all is funny. Most zoos have some sort of bird exhibit, usually housing exotic birds like colorful parrots and toucans. The birds at zoos that are actually housed in exhibits are on a much fancier caliber than your everyday average pigeon. Though these average birds shouldn't be forced out, this tweet stills serves as a funny perspective on the outsider birds hanging around the food courts when you go to the zoo.

9 He Who Must Not Be Named

Voldemort is an infamous name in the Harry Potter world, many characters simply choosing to call him ‘He Who Must Not Be Named.’ This tortoise whose name is a play on Voldemort's name, isn't as evil as Voldy was, but the whole 'He Who Must Not Be Named' thing is still quite evident. 

This turtle went under a pseudonym at the vet simply because its caretaker was too embarrassed to tell the vet what his real name was. Instead, they opted for the name Susan, which means "graceful lily," something one can’t compare Voldemort or Voldetort to.

Although this mom couldn't say Voldetort's name out loud, his name is pretty amazing and needs to be admired. Then again, the name Susan for a tortoise is also pretty original.

8 Reflexes

Sloths tend to be dubbed as the laziest species in the animal kingdom, and it’s not hard to see why. (They're also one of the cutest.) These tropical forest residing animals sleep for up to 20 hours a day! When they are awake, they’re not in any sort of hurry and move so slowly that algae can actually grow on their fur. While someone with cat-like reflexes is fast and nimble, someone with sloth-like reflexes is the polar opposite. Next time you're making fun of your slow poke friend for taking their sweet time with something, tell them they have sloth-like reflexes. Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll think it's funny enough to let the insult slide. If they don't, use your cat-like reflexes to get away!

7 The Best Girl Group

When you think of girl groups, the chances are that your mind thinks back to iconic pop music groups like the Spice Girls or The Pussycat Dolls. After seeing this tweet, this is now what I associate the word with. The cats spotted by this photographer seem to be tight pals, and they have their sass down pat. Sass is a vital part of every popular girl group out there, and the look these cats are giving their makeshift paparazzi is, by all means, nailing that.

Cats are known to be sassy animals in general, frequently turning up their noses at things they detest and hiss at just about everything. Cats also tend to be the animal companion of choice for movie and TV villains, as their personalities are more alike to the pessimistic sassy character than they are the sweet hero.

6 Clawing On Hard Times

This posed photo of a crab holding a cigarette between its claws is amusing as is, but the caption adds to the laugh factor. This play on the words to "Mr.Brightside" (a popular song by The Killers), pokes fun at the thought of a crab smoking something that we're pretty sure we'd never stumble upon on our next trip to the shore. Even though you most likely won’t find a smoking crab this summer, there’s a fairly large chance you will be luxky enough to spot a crab general. If you have your heart set on sighting one, go to the beach after dark, since this is when they tend to come out of their sand burrows to scurry around, and try your best not to get pinched! (You might also want to bring a flashlight, just in case.)

5 Welcome Home!

Nothing is cuter than a baby animal, and zoos tend to take advantage of this on their social media accounts. Most commemorating the arrival of a new animal with a heart melting photo. This gray seal pup was welcomed to the National Zoo in DC, one of the oldest zoos in the United States. Gray seals are found outside of captivity on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, on rocky coasts with small islands and reefs. Though this seal pup is tiny for now, adult sized gray seals can grow up to 7.5 feet in length, over a foot taller than the average adult man. They are a social species, often seen in their natural habitat hanging out in clusters. Those clusters only get bigger during molting, breeding, and pupping seasons.

4 Walk By

This comical tweet about a German Shepherd pokes fun at the breeds association with the police force, as they are the most common breed of dog among K-9 units. K-9 dogs are dogs trained to assist police with things like drug searches, finding missing people, detecting bombs, and self-defense. In most countries, intentionally killing or injuring a police dog is considered a felony punishable by jail time. German Shepherds working in the field have been known to excel at protecting their police handlers, locating human remains, sniff out drugs, locate IEDs, and discover crime evidence. As cute as they may be, it’s best to stick with what this Twitter user does and nod at them instead of running over to pet them. They are trained to attack anyone they perceive as a threat, after all. 

3 Taste The Rainbow

This adorable dog took the Skittles jingle they overheard from its owner's TV to heart, and is seen here attempting to eat the rainbow projecting itself on the wall. The caption to the tweet is something you can’t help but think whenever you see a dog. Especially with this silly pup. Though the rainbow will never be physically obtained by this pooch, their valiant efforts to devour it are admirable. Maybe when they finally retreat from their mission to eat the rainbow wall, their owner can drop by Petco to splurge on a rainbow chew toy! Sure, it may not be the same thing, but it certainly beats trying to chew on the wall. Upwards and onwards! One thing is for certain, though, we really don't deserve the silliness and adorableness that IS dogs.

2 Why?

This deep thought into what goes on in the mind of caterpillars made us laugh at first, but after we were done laughing, it actually made us think. It would definitely be extremely weird to just randomly start developing an enclosure around yourself without really knowing why you’re doing it. We know this process as metamorphosis, and out of comes a beautiful butterfly. But what do these pre-butterflies think is going to happen before they transform? As confused as they may be, they sure do look pretty. So maybe, a little confusion is worth it in the end. Next time you're out and see a butterfly, try not to overthink its feelings about its state of being. Because it will just lead to more and more questions that we're never going to have the answer to. 

1 A+ For Effort

Panoramic picture fails are funny even without animals, but the addition of a deformed looking cat makes this one hysterical. To take a panoramic photo, an iPhone user has to hold their phone as still as possible as they pan over the area they want a photo of. Most of these photos turn out great, but if something is moving across the frame, it's a setup for a distorted looking photo. A panoramic photo taken with a person walking through it may make the person look like they're missing limbs. Or they'll end up looking like a cat that's transformed into a centipede. Next time you get ready to take a panoramic, try to move all animals out of the area for a better outcome. But if you’re looking for a laugh, just let them walk through.

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