15 Tweets About Donald Trump That Will Actually Make You LOL

This year has been quite the doozy. From Brexit to Trump. it’s been one unexpected twist after another, leaving people feeling like there’s just no telling what to expect anymore. No one thought Donald Trump would ever get the nomination for the Republican party, let alone win the presidency, but he did, and he did. No one thought talking about penises in the presidential race or live-tweeting Cabinet picks would ever be a thing, but alas, in a world with Trump in politics, they are. Donald Trump is completely unprecedented, or 'unpresidented,' as he likes to say, and flies in the face of everything we ever associated with the term ‘presidential.’ Frankly, when contemplating what the next four years could look like, sometimes the only was to cope is to laugh about it. So for your (and our) mental health, we rounded up some of the funniest tweets about Donald Trump out there. Here are 15 tweets about Donald Trump that are guaranteed to make you LOL.

15 Baby It's Trump Outside

Everyone loves the many renditions of "Baby It's Cold Outside" that have hit YouTube, from Michael Bublé and Idina Menzel's version with children and soda pop in it to Lady Gaga and Joseph Gordon-Levitt's performance of the song with the roles reversed. In performances of this Christmas classic, there are usually common factors, such as classy settings, nice clothing, and a flirtatious chemistry between the singers. When watching them, the debates were as far from this kind of theme as you can get, but if you take this picture (far) out of context, you can just see the "Baby It's Cold Outside" potential. With Hillary's raised hand and the crooning expression on Trump's face, you can almost imagine them duetting this holiday classic, and that image is something we need bigly in the wake of this crazy election.

14 Just you wait

It seems incredible that two such unprecedented and consequential events could happen within the same year, but alas, they did. In fact, sometimes, it almost seems like America was just trying to one-up Britain's doozy with one of its own. So many common factors exist between the two votes, from worldwide shock to a lack of accurate polling in the days leading up to the votes. In both cases, no one truly believed that the worst could happen until it did, and one might've thought America would learn from Britain's mistake, but the craziness of Trump lulled the country into a false sense of security, believing Hillary was a shoe-in. But she wasn't, and now Britain is exiting the UK and America has a pumpkin as its President-elect. It's your time to shine, Canada.

13 Can Obama just stay?

Obama hasn’t been perfect, but few can deny that he’s been a consequential president with many legacies, from Obamacare to killer late night TV interviews. Even when it looked more likely that we’d have Hillary and four more years of similar policies to Obama, it was hard to face the prospect of saying goodbye to Obama. He’s been a calm, clear-headed leader during difficult times, with a quick-witted sense of humour that is rare to find in politicians. Even in the final months of his presidency, as we count down to Trump’s inauguration (when the fat lady will sing for our democracy), Obama has been a beacon of hope, clearly trying to remain positive about America’s future. So yes, it would be nice if hiding his shoes and phone were all it would take to keep him in the Oval Office.

12 Bigly

When Trump dropped what sounded like this word at the debate (what he actually said was "big league"), pretty much everyone did a double-take. I know I did. Then, we all wondered... Could bigly actually be a word? Are we the dumb ones? So we took to Google, and made "bigly" the most searched word on Google for awhile. And as it so happens, it actually is a word. Thus, in a matter of hours, the majority of the American electorate learned a new word and its meaning, even though that word wasn't actually said at the debate. Such is the power of Trump, and if only his power had stopped growing at Google trend-setting potential, but alas, the world is not so kind.

11 Presidents in emojis

The last decade has been an era of firsts in US politics. Eight years ago, America’s first African American president was elected, and now, America’s first devil is on its way to the White House. Ah, we kid, but even if Trump isn’t (outwardly) the first devil president, he certainly will be a lot of other firsts. The first president with no experience in politics or the military, the first candidate to discuss his penis length on the campaign trail, the first president to angrily Tweet at 4 a.m, and so many others. The fact is that America has never faced anything like what it’s facing in a Trump administration, so it’s very hard to tell how things will unfold. As with so many other things during this election, we'll just have to wait and see.

10  iTrump.

Ah, Stephen Colbert has a way of capturing all of our rage about the election in 140 characters. Just like Apple, Trump puts 'i' before everything he does, including, apparently, his country. No, I’m sure Trump doesn't see it that way, but he has effectively put his own ego and drive for power before the needs of the country, somehow believing that a man with no experience in public office would be able to lead the country better than candidates who have devoted a lifetime to public service. The one person who the next four years are guaranteed to be good for (aside from all the CEOs he’s appointed to his cabinet) is Trump, because no matter what he does in office, his name has become and will continue to grow as a worldwide sensation, which will be good for business.

9 "Finding Bigfoot" fans = Trump supporters

To be a fan of “Finding Bigfoot,” one must be easily convinced, quick to believe in unsupported facts, and a fan of conspiracy theories. Yeah, I know, it screams Trump supporter to me, too. I am trying to be a bit more understanding, so I will admit that not all Trump supporters would fall in this Venn diagram, but I wouldn’t be surprised if many did. It just takes a certain mindset to see Trump as a viable option, one that discards racist comments, sexism and complete lack of experience, all of which would have been a fatal blow to anyone else’s candidacy. But somehow, Trump’s supporters looked past all of these terrifying faults, much like Bigfoot believers look past the whole no legitimate evidence thing. So yes, I could see an overlap between belief in Bigfoot and an undying support for Trump (Tinyhands?).

8 Cabinet Cards Against Humanity

For those of you who don’t know (the non-terrible of us), Cards Against Humanity is a card game where people play card combinations in attempts to create hilarious juxtapositions that are usually as funny as they are horrible— which also describes Trump’s cabinet picks. But as these people will be shaping the future of America and the world, they err decidedly closer to the side of horrible than hilarious. Some picks are just so unorthodox that you have to laugh, though, like Trump’s decision to appoint a denier of climate change to the head of the EPA (hahaha “cries”). Incredibly ironic, pairing a climate change denier with the EPA would be a winning play in Cards Against Humanity any day, yet Trump has paired them in real life, which is considerably more frightening than funny, although laughing helps to keep the panic at bay.

7 Could rice fix it?

We all know this fix. If you get your phone (baby) wet, sometimes sticking in in a bag of rice can help and get it working again. The idea is that the grain sucks the moisture out of your phone, drying the electronics inside and allowing it to function once more. With everything that has happened this year, every, any solution is worth considering, from pouring funds into our journalistic institutions to ensure the survival of the free press to sticking the year in a bag of rice (hey, we didn’t think a Trump presidency was possible either). Leave it to America to make the impossible a terrifying reality, so maybe, just maybe, there’s some way to stick 2016 in a bag of rice to suck the, well, suck, out of it.

6 Poor Michelle

One of the hardest things to come in January will be saying goodbye to the Obamas. But if Melania Trump maintains her current record, we might not have to say goodbye to Michelle just yet. With parts of Michelle’s speech from the Democratic National Convention copied in Melanie’s speech at the Republican National Convention, we could see snippets of Michelle popping up again in future speeches from Melania. Michelle’s words are normally soothing, inspiring and a joy to listen to, but when plagiarized, they evoke every opposite emotion: anger, resentment and nostalgia for a time when we’d hear her words and feel hope, instead of indignation. Ah, Michelle 2020 can’t come fast enough.

5 Trump v Caterpillar

Donald Trump's hair has been compared to a lot of things throughout the course of the past year. Whether a nest, a ferret or as in this case, a venomous caterpillar, the analogies were rarely kind, but always hilarious. Trump's hair has been a focal point for the American public during the election, with Jimmy Fallon ruffling it to prove its realness and Trump even inviting a supporter onstage to tug on it and demonstrate that it wasn't a wig. Even if the hair is real, there's no denying it is strangeCaterpillar strange. Natural or not, it looks exactly like this Southern Flannel Moth Caterpillar, from its shape, to its texture, to its colouring. Enlarge it a bit and it could pass off as a decent Trump costume, especially if paired with a bad spray tan and a red power tie.

4 Literally The Hunger Games

There's no saying how Trump's presidency will go, but the sheer volume of Hunger Games comparisons means that there are a lot of Americans who are not entirely optimistic. Right now, we're still in shock from his mere election, but as the next four years commence and he takes the reins of the country, we may be forced to redefine what it means to be shocked. We can hope for the best, but we should definitely prepare for the potential things that could go wrong. He has to be kept accountable and never normalized, or things could build up over time without us even realizing what's happening, and we could find ourselves eating poisonous berries together to escape the Hunger Games and wondering when bright orange wigs became mandatory.

3 Grin and bear it

The amount of loathing that accompanied this election is unprecedented in recent history. People did not just support one side, but despised the other, almost as a rule. The country was divided and completely embroiled in politics throughout the year, with everyone paying attention, even people outside of America. There was astonishingly little policy discussed during the campaigns and a disturbing amount of character attacks, with the voters focussed on the personalities of the candidates rather than what they would do for the country. With Trump, there was, is and there will continue to be an incredible amount of anger, and this anger manifests in many ways, from vehement tweeting to apparently, Care Bear face masks. Well, whatever gets you through the day, I suppose.

2 Basically a YouTube comment section

Ah, so true. The defining qualities of YouTube comment sections are the uncensored vitriol and the comment cat fights that break out. Using the anonymity of the internet as a mask, people lash out, knowing they won't have to face the other commenters face to face, and it becomes much easier to say terrible things. Haters unleash their hatred, and feuds break out, with people fighting like it's life or death over a Justin Bieber video.

Trump's Twitter feed, and indeed, even the things he's said in real life, sometimes feel like a YouTube comment section, but in his case, he doesn't have the associated anonymity. He has the opposite: world fame! He speaks without thought of the consequences and he impulsively Tweets things that go against US diplomacy, yet he doesn't seem to care, and it seems that many Americans don't either.

1 The wig is definitely a Horcrux

Trump has been compared to a lot of villains in the last year, both real and fictional, from Hitler to Sauron. At least with the comparison to Voldemort, there's an associated path to victory: find and destroy the Horcruxes. Like Voldemort, it's likely that Trump would keep one close (like Nagini the snake), making nest on his head a likely candidate. If he's as smart as Voldemort (unlikely), he would probably stash some in different places around the globe to make finding them less likely, so we can help @TechnicallyRon out by searching Trump Hotel rooms in different parts of the world. Either way, it's an accomplishable goal, and the more we focus on finding imaginary Horcruxes, the less we'll notice as our mental health burns down around us. We can do this, guys. If Harry, Ron and Hermione made it, so can we.

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